Rags To Riches Chapter 321-322

 Chapter 321

The deputy director, Luo, left the office immediately after giving his explanation, and the agent, Miss Yang, also found an excuse to leave.

                Qin Ming looked at the two of them one after the other and felt that something was odd, so he quietly followed Miss Yang to the underground garage of the building here.

                Qin Ming thought that he was not familiar with the road and lost him after a few steps.

                "Where did it go?" Qin Ming was chagrined when he heard a wave of laughter, he immediately hit the ground running, pulled out his mobile phone, turned on the video function, and then looked for someone while recording.

                As expected, he saw Vice President Luo and his manager, Ms Yang, hugging each other in a corner parking space.

                The vice president of the station, Luo, was still as virile as ever, hugging Miss Yang's water-snake waist and burying his face in her chest and licking her, taking off her trousers as he did so: "Baby, did you miss me? I miss you so much."

                Qin Ming frowned: "This Miss Yang is more than 30 years old, right? She's also average looking, this Vice President Luo is really interested."

                Miss Yang asked worriedly, "Will there be cameras here?"

                Vice President Luo laughed, "What kind of camera can there be in this corner? You wouldn't even be able to tell if you were naked and went in."

                "Uh~!" Miss Yang was pinned against the wall and made a lustful sound as she said, "Do you still rare me? That Liao Qingxuan is young and pretty, and now that she's in an economic crisis and her contract is pitched, she's pinched to death by your plan, so you'll have a good chance of possessing her tonight."

                Vice President Luo said as he did his exercises, "Of course she's superb, hey, I've been coveting her for a long time, and I'm really not good at taking her without your help, you take the first credit."

                The two men, who were excited, were completely unaware that a hand and a Huawei thousand-dollar phone were sticking out around the corner, the camera pulled in close and the photo was clearly visible to identify the two men.

                After five minutes of recording, Qin Ming saw Vice President Luo cave in and draw his trousers and tie his belt, and his agent, Miss Yang, redressed, and then Vice President Luo gave Miss Yang an envelope with two thick stacks of banknotes inside.

                Qin Ming sneered in his heart, "What a windfall, so you guys are colluding with each other to plot against Miss Liao, at least Miss Liao has cooked breakfast for me twice, this kindness of a meal cannot go unrewarded."

                Qin Ming put away his phone and returned to the office, only to see Liao Qingxuan sitting on the sofa, holding her head in her hands, a head of black hair scattered to cover her whole face, she was at her wits' end, the assistant lady at the side was also helpless.

                Now is being cheated, signed a very pit contract, in a dilemma.

                Yang Baixiu, a popular actress in the entertainment industry and a top flow artist, refused to participate in Mr. Liao's show because the money was not available.

                The contract that Mr. Liao signed with the TV station is that the star must appear in more than 20 stage productions, otherwise it is considered a breach of contract, and he will have to pay an exorbitant amount of liquidated damages.

                If it was feasible to borrow money, Liao Qingxuan would not have asked Ma Beiyang, an old pervert, to borrow money to start her company.

                Qin Ming remembered that when Liao Qingxuan was poor, her bank credit cards were maxed out and she was so intent on becoming a rich woman that she owed 200,000 to 300,000 in foreign debts, so I guess she was notorious for not being able to pay back her money, which is why it was so difficult to borrow money.

                And the 30 million that the big star Yang Bo Xiu asked for is not a small amount, for most people that is an astronomical figure.

                Qin Ming waved his hand and told his assistant to go out first.

                He poured a glass of water for Liao Qingxuan and said, "Teacher Liao, they are colluding to trap you."

                "I know." Liao Qingxuan said with chagrin, "But it's already too late, the contract has already been signed, we can only act according to the contract."

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, I can help you."

                Liao Qingxuan shook her head and said, "No, Qin Ming, you can't help me, behind Miss Yang is Star Emperor Entertainment, their company is notorious for their powerful water army, controlling public opinion, with a ridiculous number of self-publishers and big v-numbers under them, it's easy to bring a person's reputation into disrepute."

                "Vice President Luo is also very well connected, a relative of the mayor and a veteran cadre for many years, if he follows the contract, his position cannot be shaken at all."

                Qin Ming listened to what Liao Qingxuan said and realized how troubled Liao Qingxuan was, no wonder she went to the bar last night to get drunk, she must be under a lot of pressure.

                The so-called "evidence" in Qin Ming's hand did not seem to be able to make the two of them do anything, at most it was a scandal of cheating.

                Qin Ming's heart moved, should he use the power of the Universe Century Group?

                No, he quickly shook his head again.

                If he licked his face and went back to enjoy the supreme wealth and power after only two days, wouldn't he let Chang Hongxi underestimate him?

                He Qin Ming is not a coward, without the help of Huan Yu Century Group, he can do what he wants to do just the same.

                "Teacher Liao ......" Qin Ming was about to say something.

                The office door was pushed open and Guan Ning and a group of dance teachers walked in with an aggressive look.

                Liao Qingxuan asked wearily, "What's wrong?"

                A female judge asked, "Teacher Liao, is it that ...... Yang Bo Xiu still can't join?"

                Another male judge said, "If we can't join, then our contract to the TV station, that's a breach of contract and we have to pay an astronomical amount for breach of contract."

                Guan Ning asked worriedly, "No, Miss Liao, can you raise the money?"

                Liao Qingxuan said, "I will think of a way, please don't worry, the show will definitely be rehearsed as scheduled, we still have time, let's get the other people in place first, I will do my best about Yang Bo Xiu."

                Guan Ning said loudly, "What time is it now, and you're still lying to us? Liao Qingxuan, if you can't set this matter right, the company will have to close down just after it starts and lose a lot of money, right?"

                "I said from the beginning that we don't need to hire such a big-name traffic actor, it's too costly."

                "Yeah, a lot of old actors and actresses are good and not too expensive."

                "Come on, now the male lead is not available and the TV station won't give it a go, what are we working on?"

                Liao Qingxuan's face was ugly, that was true, but wasn't she thinking of a way out?

                But when the crowd saw Liao Qingxuan's silence, they all felt that the company couldn't go on, so weren't they all working for nothing?

                Qin Ming pacified the crowd, "Please don't worry, Miss Liao and I will definitely think of a solution, please trust us."

                Guan Ning was the first to get upset and scolded, "Trust you in what? You're a brat who came out of nowhere. What kind of solution do you have? Are you related to Teacher Liao? What? You really think you're an onion? How is my cousin not better than that Mu Sichen? What's wrong with fake boobs? People leaders like big breasts."

                With a cross attitude, Guan Ning said, "Come on, I'll quit, you guys can play with your own family here. I won't be working for long anyway, I want to settle this half month's salary."

                Liao Qingxuan frowned, although Guan Ning was a bit down and out, his dancing skills and level were still okay, the company needed talents like him.

                "I'm quitting too, this is all for nothing."

                "I'm quitting too, Mr Liao, we all thought we'd do a big job this time, but we ended up not even getting a chance to be on stage ......"

                These teachers and judges are all resigning one after another, Liao Qingxuan's heart is even more confused, she was hired back at the beginning with a high salary, planning to do a big job, and suddenly she finds it so difficult.

                The pressure was already immense, and now that even her companions who worked together were leaving, Liao Qingxuan could not repress her emotions and completely exploded: "I give you my word, we can definitely negotiate tonight, and if we can't, then we can leave, okay?"

                Guan Ning and his team looked at each other and said, "Okay, we'll wait for your news tonight, if the deal is done, we won't leave."

                A group of teachers and judges walked out after the negotiation, but Qin Ming had not yet left.

                Liao Qingxuan let out a long sigh and covered her face, saying, "Student Qin Ming, don't be a hero, this kind of thing is not for a little kid like you to do. The teacher is an adult, she will solve her own problems by herself. You don't have any reason to help me, so you should go too."

                Qin Ming's heart clogged up when he heard such cold words from Liao Qingxuan.

                He thought he knew Liao Qingxuan well, but she refused to help him when he needed help the most, why was that?

                Qin Ming sighed and walked out too.

                But as soon as he left, Liao Qingxuan was covering her face in pain, losing her voice and crying out in pain, choking on her own words, "Qin Ming, I can't do it, the more you help me, the more likely I am to get lost."

Chapter 322

"Yea yea yea, bringing brother-in-law finally succeeded in the audition for once, the previous auditions all failed, hehehe." Mu Si Chun came out of the building, very happy, twirling and twisting her feet, twirling her pleated skirt as if she was a little fairy.

                She nuzzled her lips in triumph and said, "Dad even laughed at me, saying that I wasn't as capable as my sister and that I couldn't do anything at all without the help of my family. I'm about to smack them in the face."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, thinking, "Aren't you still hanging without my help? But he wouldn't say that there was no need to be so harsh on her.

                Qin Ming petted Mu Si Chun's head and said, "Take me back to school, the department counsellor has something for me."

                Mu Sichen said enthusiastically, "Okay, brother-in-law."

                Qin Ming corrected, "I've already said that I'm not your brother-in-law."

                Mu Sichen's expression was stunned, but she suddenly exclaimed, "No, you are my brother-in-law. I, I have a vague feeling that my sister is rejecting you, right? It hasn't been long since she got married and she's gone to the capital to start her own business, there must be something wrong with that, I can see it any way. But, but sister calls me every now and then to ask if you've cheated on her."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, he was basically certain that Mu Hao must not have told anyone else about him and Mu Xiaoqiao ending this sham marriage a long time ago.

                What kind of thing was this? Trying to use this method to retain him?

                That was impossible, Qin Ming only had Nie Haitang in his heart, or at least that was what Qin Ming thought in his heart.

                Qin Ming no longer dwelt on such issues, he was afraid of hurting Mu Sichen, he felt that he had to find an excuse to talk to Mu Hao later, saying that he had nothing left and could not shout at the Qi and Hou families, I guess Mu Hao would think that Qin Ming was useless and give up on him.

                When Qin Ming returned to the university of technology, he received a message from the department's counselor on his mobile phone, asking him to come to school if he was free, as his scholarship had been awarded.

                The school was empty because of the summer holidays, and Qin Ming was walking along the school road when suddenly a slim woman in a black leather jacket jumped down from a big tree at the corner.

                But she had a knife in her hand!


                Qin Ming's brain flew around, he had unilaterally refused to inherit Chang Hongxi's estate because of Nie Haitang, but he hadn't thought that Chang Huan, Chang Jun Dong, Chang Jun Ye and the other heirs would not let him go.

                Qin Ming's heart was appalled: "Have I been exposed again?"

                This female assassin's skills were obviously very different from those of ordinary gangsters, she was particularly agile and fast, landing on the ground instantly without any delay and stabbing Qin Ming, who instinctively stepped back, trying to rely on the street lamp to ward off the attack.

                But the female assassin suddenly braced her left hand on the ground, and the pair of long, slender legs wrapped in that leather jacket came in a Thomas pirouette, directly taking Qin Ming down, which could be considered powerful.

                The female assassin then stormed up and jumped, sitting on Qin Ming's chest.

                "Ew!" Qin Ming let out a muffled grunt, this ass was so sexy, this hurt and felt good, no, now was not the time to think about that point.

                Qin Ming's eyes looked at the lady killer's hand holding the knife and made a gesture to resist.

                But the expressionless lady killer's hand staggered away, breaking Qin Ming's resistance, and with her left hand, she held Qin Ming's hands backwards and pressed backwards against his neck as the lady killer questioned loudly, "Why did you do that?"

                Qin Ming was controlled to death and asked in return, "What did I do? You should tell me clearly."


                A muffled bullet from a silenced gun sounded, and the pretty female assassin's head tilted and her whole body fell towards Qin Ming's right side, a puddle of blood flowing from her forehead.

                "Drip drip drip" the phone rang instantly, Qin Ming immediately picked up and heard Ah Long's voice: "Young master, leave the rest to me."

                Qin Ming looked back in silence, there were big buildings on both sides, but he didn't know where Ah Long was hiding.

                Even though he had refused to inherit everything from Chang Hongxi, Ah Long still had in the dark to protect him, Qin Ming was somewhat touched and disgruntled.

                Qin Ming hung up the phone without saying a word, got up to check on the woman and found that although her head was bleeding, it had not been pierced, she was only dazed, as the shot was a rubber bullet, not too powerful but unlikely to be fatal in one shot, and a little far away.

                But the blow was to the side of the forehead, and the woman still bled a lot.

                Qin Ming ruffled her blonde hair and saw the face clearly, and couldn't help but exclaim: "Isn't this the blonde he turned against Chang Huan's men earlier? It was also all because of turning her back that she gave up a lot of evidence of Chang Huan's crimes, making Chang Huan's situation in Magnesium very dangerous before he took the desperate step of coming back to China to snipe me and then only later was I able to defeat him."

                Qin Ming looked at the pretty face and muttered in his heart, "This chick should be the replacement for Song Ying that Chang Huan said, Corrie? Olsen."

                Qin Ming picked up Corrie Olsen. Olsen ran towards the nearest school infirmary.

                A few of the boys who were waiting for Qin Ming to leave to retrieve Corrie were in a quandary and immediately contacted Ah Long and said, "Chief, the young master has taken her away, what should we do?"

                Ah Long responded, "Activate the concealed personnel in the infirmary and be ready to protect Young Master, the others are on standby, I will follow Young Master."

                "Yes!" The little brothers answered in unison.

                Qin Ming arrived at the infirmary, a clean school nurse was swiping her palm cloud to read a novel, from time to time she let out a cockle-like laugh and said with gusto, "This Global Riches is so good, the male lead is really sultry."

                The school nurse was also confused when Qin Ming carried the person in and said, "Student, this is your girlfriend, huh? Wow, a foreigner, huh? Got talent."

                Qin Ming gave her a look and said, "Doctor, hurry up and save the person."

                The doctor cleaned the wound, examined it and said, "It should be a concussion caused by the impact of a hard object, it didn't hurt the skull, it won't be a big problem, he will wake up soon. Xiao Li, you bring the gauze over here."

                Soon a small nurse came over with a medical kit and bandaged Corrie's wound.

                Qin Ming thought it would be some time before she woke up, but as soon as the wound was dressed, she jumped up from the bed and looked around warily, like a lioness ready to fight.

                The little nurse took three steps back, holding a scalpel in the small hand at her back, with a stony face, she was one of the many secret sentries that had been placed in the school to secretly protect Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming, however, said loudly and soothingly, "Corrie you calm down, say something properly."

                Corrie? Olsen touched the gauze on her forehead, she remembered that she had suffered a sniper attack before she passed out, she didn't expect to wake up in a hospital and be saved by Qin Ming?

                She asked, "You saved me?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, how about we talk somewhere else?"

                Corrie nodded, and then turned back to the little nurse and said disdainfully, "The reflection of the glass behind you betrays your scalpel, just this level of yours, go back and practise again."

                That little nurse's heart trembled, she didn't expect that her first mission, or such an important mission as protecting the young master, would be recognized as such, she was ashamed.

                Qin Ming led Corrie to the edge of the unoccupied court, he asked, "I remember last time I offered help with personnel and money to get your sister back, I thought we would never cross paths again after that."

                Corrie chortled with an expressionless face, "Hmph, hypocrisy."

                Qin Ming nodded helplessly and said, "It seems we have quite a few misunderstandings, so well, let's start with how you know my true identity."