Rags To Riches Chapter 319-320

 Chapter 319

Qin Ming followed beside Liao Qingxuan and said, "Teacher Liao, I have a friend, let her come directly to the second round interview class."

                Liao Qingxuan nodded and said, "Yes, let me see, your new girlfriend?"

                Qin Ming shook his head hurriedly, "Teacher, that would be a big misunderstanding. Besides, it would cause bad trouble for her, you see, you should know."

                Liao Qingxuan followed Qin Ming's finger, only to find out that it was actually Mu Sichen, the second miss of the Mu family.

                Anyone who had frequent contact with the rich and powerful circle in Guang City would know the second generation of the rich and powerful families of several big families, although Liao Qingxuan was not a noble lady of a powerful family, she had been in contact with the rich and powerful circle for quite a long time, so she naturally knew her.

                Liao Qingxuan asked suspiciously, "Last time at the charity party, you guys still had a fight, how come you became friends so quickly?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "Because she realised her mistake and sincerely apologised to me, hoping to gain my forgiveness. I don't have any merits, but I am tolerant and open-minded, so I forgave her and made a friend by the way."

                Liao Qingxuan said with amusement, "Hey, you're so oily, why didn't I notice it before?"

                Qin Ming sighed inwardly, "That's because you don't know me at all, teacher."

                The crowd saw that Qin Ming and Liao Qingxuan were talking and laughing, so it was obvious that they knew each other, so the judge was a nail in the coffin, there was no doubt about it, and the security guards also retreated, so everything came as it should.

                The face of that Guan Ning was gloomy, only two sentences of fierce, and then shriveled up, this nerve who can think ah?

                Liao Qingxuan was the boss, and he was only employed.

                Mu Sicun also skimmed her small mouth a little unhappily and muttered, "How come brother-in-law is so close to Teacher Liao? So intimate? Brother-in-law isn't going to cheat on her, is he? This Teacher Liao is so pretty and has such a good figure, brother-in-law can't really resist being lonely, can he?"

                The woman with the breast implants was equally upset, in the end, wasn't she still letting Mu Sichen into the next round? She didn't even have to go through the first round of interviews, this was too good, right?

                She walked towards Guan Ning and pouted, "Cousin, this, this poor? Pan Kang Ran Cui? Change the round of rounds of the Northwest Mount and the Northwest Mount? What's the point? The first time I saw her, she said, "I don't know.

                Guan Ning grunted: "Stupid, aren't you relying on my connections? If I were to scold him for relying on his connections, wouldn't he dislike you out? I'm still not a manager, am I? I'll blame you for being such a jerk and telling him about our relationship."

                The breast implant woman was speechless, it seemed that way, except that her relationship was not as powerful as Mu Si Chun's.

                She took her clothes again and said in a resigned voice, "Cousin, what, what about this dress of mine? Coffee is not good for cleaning."

                Guan Ning hummed, "Put up with it. I'll help you get into the dance troupe, sign a contract, and your monthly salary will break ten thousand, still worried about not having money to spend?"

                The girl with the breast implants was depressed, she was being bullied and had to put up with it.

                Mu Si Chun made a smug face at the side, she also provocatively squeezed her fist to show that she was not easy to bully either.

                Suddenly, a few girls next to her came over and said with a smile on their faces, "Miss, miss, we were threatened just now before we helped them speak, don't misunderstand."

                "Yes, let your boyfriend not misunderstand us."

                "Miss, we were all brought up to speed, in fact we also hate queue jumping, they are so unqualified."

                The girls who had just spoken up for the girl with the breast implants also regretted it, and hurriedly came up to flatter Mu Si Chun and apologize to her, hoping that she would not let Qin Ming remember them.

                Mu Si Chun's vanity was satisfied, you guys have a day too, silly, right? She said to herself, "I don't care about you guys, humph."

                After the group of judges sat down, the second round of interviews continued.

                Qin Ming looked at the beautiful women standing in front of him, each with their own characteristics, but it was Mu Sichen who stood out the most, like a flower in a lotus pond, easy to spot her despite the many beautiful women.

                One by one, they came up to show their more advanced dance moves and talents, as well as some difficult moves.

                The girls who spoke up for the breast implant girl just now were all dissed by Qin Ming, all kinds of pricks, and Liao Qingxuan wasn't too happy either, and all followed Qin Ming's words and eliminated those people.

                Only the girl with the breast implants was defended by Guan Ning.

                After one round, most of them were eliminated, and the remaining six were about to take the script of the stage play and start performing with their opponents.

                Qin Ming read the script, which was a story celebrating the soldiers of the Red Army.

                Before the liberation, the Eighth Army passed through the village, the handsome young man just married to go to join the army to fight the devils, his wife, a small beauty refused to new husband far away, but in the end, in front of the national hatred and family feud, the handsome young man chose the great righteousness, waved a tearful farewell to his new wife.

                After losing his wife, she was taken in by the local gentry in her hometown, who made life very difficult for her and suppressed her.

                Later, when the war is won and the country is liberated, the handsome young man returns home to find his wife dead as a result of oppression by the local gentry, and the angry young man defeats the gentry and upholds justice, liberating the whole village and giving the people a happy life.

                In the middle of this stage play, there are some soft dances and difficult movements to be inserted.

                Qin Ming rubbed his forehead, the script was too perfect and very positive, if Mu Sichen could act in it, it would definitely hit the spot.

                The judge, Guan Ning, was the first to take issue, saying, "Mu Sichen is still a bit young, although her basic dance skills are solid and her image is good, but she is too much on the side of the Netflix cute style. "

                Another female judge also said, "Indeed, this Miss Mu is too trendy and her image is too young, and her main complexion is too white. To be criticised for being too pompous, the leaders in the TV station will have a problem with it."

                Liao Qingxuan looked at Mu Sichen's profile, and then at Mu Sichen who was performing hard, and seemed unable to find a reason to refute it, which was indeed the case.

                Qin Ming became dissatisfied and said, "Isn't it just a matter of make-up? She has no make-up today, if she were that ordinary poor woman before the liberation, wouldn't it be enough for her to have good make-up on her face? It's not like our Xiaochun said she had to maintain such an image, she can manage multiple images."

                Mu Si Chun also nodded her head and said, "Teachers, I have also played women who were suppressed by the landed gentry before the liberation in school, I am quite experienced."

                Guan Ning scolded, "Superficial, where's the temperament? You can't do a good role if you just have the appearance but not the inner temperament. Do you think the audience is all stupid? Only looking at faces?"

                He then pointed at the fake breasted woman and said, "Xiao Na is good, she has experience and has performed some stage plays and some short video dramas, she can handle a variety of roles, this stage play is very important to us, choosing someone with experience is most important."

                Qin Ming also went out of his way for Mu Si Chun, saying, "No, Mr. Liao, you see that Xiao Na's boobs are too exaggerated, the image doesn't fit, even if she has experience, but it's too much experience, without that youthful impulse and shyness of a young woman in a new relationship, this is instead more suitable for Xiao Chun."

                Guan Ning slapped the table angrily and said, "Qin Ming, you are protecting the shortcomings, you know that?"

                Qin Ming also slapped the table angrily and said, "I'm being protective, what's wrong? So you don't protect your shortcomings? Your cousin, are her breasts fake? Do you think the audience is stupid? Can't you see the plastic surgery?"

                The judge, Guan Ning, was chastised by Qin Ming and used the same sentence he had just used to scold Qin Ming, he was so angry that he could not refute that her cousin did have breast implants.

                The other judges saw that the two were arguing and asked, "Teacher Liao, what do you think, what should we choose?"

                Liao Qingxuan ruffled her hair, showing off her style as much as she could, she looked at the two women and said, "I ......"

                Before she could say anything, the female assistant outside hurriedly came in and muttered in Liao Qingxuan's ear, "It's not good, Bo Xiu's agent is here again, and this time his attitude seems to be even worse than last time, and he wants to sue us for breaking the contract."

                Liao Qingxuan's brow furrowed, her fists clenched and a melancholy look appeared on her face.

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, he sat close enough to hear the female assistant's words clearly and thought, "Isn't this what Liao Qingxuan was worried about yesterday?

                What was going on?

Chapter 320

In fact, Liao Qingxuan had just heard Qin Ming's little report that a few people from the breast implant girl Xiao Na had cut in line, and she herself didn't like people with bad manners, if they mixed in, wouldn't it be a disaster for the whole group?

                After all, here in the ballroom, if many "inadvertent" actions or accidental "mistakes" will hurt others physically while the perpetrators will not be discovered and easily forgiven, so Liao Qingxuan prefers to choose pure-hearted participants.

                As the daughter of a wealthy family, Mu Sichen had come to register in a low profile and had patiently waited in a long queue, which showed her sincerity and character.

                Liao Qingxuan finally said, "Mu Sichen, congratulations, you've passed. And we only need one female lead, so Xiao Na, I'm sorry you can't stay."

                "Thank you, Miss Liao, and thank you to the judges and teachers." As soon as Mu Si Chun heard that she had passed, she clenched her fist in joy, a happy smile spreading across her face.

                Her sweet little eyes then looked towards Qin Ming, hinting, "Brother-in-law, you are awesome.

                Qin Ming also raised his eyebrows confidently at her, implying, Listen to me, right?

                The two of them were so cocky with this pair of eyes and raised eyebrows, that they were simply arrogant.

                Guan Ning, seeing this result, was so angry that he almost had a heart attack, he massaged his chest and said, "Hey, no ......"

                But not much gave him a chance to talk nonsense, Liao Qingxuan's female assistant came in and whispered a few words, and Liao Qingxuan walked out with a stony face.

                Guan Ning didn't even have a chance to make a new speech.

                Now everyone understood, Qin Ming this relationship with the boss, with Ms. Liao is not ordinary ah.

                Just now Qin Ming said to kick the people, Liao teacher all to kick.

                But when Qin Ming said he wanted Mu Sichen and gave the newcomer a chance, Mr. Liao kept Mu Sichen.

                The female judge at the side immediately got close: "Oh, Xiao Qin ah, have a drink, see your tea is getting cold, that Xiao Li, serve hot tea to Teacher Qin."

                "Teacher Qin, you are so discerning, the plastic surgery issue is grim, and this is all a problem for you to find."

                "Indeed then, although there is experience, experience is not absolute, the audience is the master, it is the audience that has to buy, nowadays the audience likes beautiful women, it's called the eyeball effect."

                These judges are actually experienced dance teachers, that is, they are working for Liao Qingxuan, who makes them not as famous or as good as Liao Qingxuan by a million percent?

                After they found out that Qin Ming's identity was not simple, they were no longer neutral and fell over each other.

                Qin Ming smiled, he was a new senior student, even 'Teacher Qin' was arranged, this ass-kissing, the master is very cool!

                Only that Guan Ning was so angry that his teeth itched, why did someone with such a strong connection suddenly appear today? His plans were all messed up.

                He was thinking of arranging a female lead role for his cousin, so that he could have the opportunity to go to the TV station and then give a glimpse to the director or deputy director, as well as the directors and deputy directors of various departments, and have a meal, and if he got a leader, then everything would be fine.

                Then he could take advantage of his cousin's fallen kaiju to work in the TV department, isn't that better than staying in a new company that is going to close down at any moment?

                Now Liao Qingxuan's new company, there are many problems, although he takes money for his work, he always feels that sooner or later it will close down, because he knows that Liao Qingxuan is being set up.

                Qin Ming looked at Guan Ning with a very defiant look and hummed, "What are you staring at? Retaliation you bite me, huh? That who, since you've been eliminated, please leave and next time remember to line up carefully and learn to behave before you do anything."

                This time it was the breast implant girl's turn to be driven away, and her cousin couldn't help her.

                She was among those who uncovered her breast implants and also endured all sorts of stares, some mocking, some despising, some disdainful, some gloating, after all, breast implants were not an uncommon thing, and being discovered with breast implants was sure to be met with all sorts of strange looks.

                Mu Si Chun instead hold her head high, her is not small, but also not big, with her body proportion is just right, very perfect, mainly because she is all-natural, have the capital to call the shots, is crazy.

                The breast enlargement woman was so angry that her fake tits were trembling, although her heart was furious, but there was nothing she could do: "You, you ...... hum!"

                Qin Ming took care of the breast enlargement woman's line and was curious about what had happened to Liao Qingxuan and followed him out.

                He had just walked to the office when he heard the angry scolding of an old woman, "Teacher Liao, it is clearly written in the contract, our Park Show appearance fee is 50 million, we did receive 20 million in advance, but when will the remaining 30 million arrive?"

                Ms. Liao Qingxuan said, "Ms. He, we agreed at the beginning that the final payment would be made after the show was finished. Please ask Yang Bo Xiu to come over to rehearse as soon as possible, we only have ten days and months, this is a chance I have fought hard to get."

                But the manager, Miss Yang, took out a document and said, "What's written in the contract, that's how it's going to be, twenty appearances in the show, fifty million dollars. It was verbally said that the final payment would be made after the show was staged, but the contract said that it would be paid in one lump sum. Teacher Liao, you don't think verbal promises work, do you?"

                Liao Qingxuan propped her head up speechlessly and said, "Miss He, aren't you deliberately making things difficult for me? Miss He, count me as begging you, as long as the show goes on smoothly, I will definitely pay the final payment. We all know that Yang Bo Xiu's current fame and flow, as well as his status in the circle, and I really need him for this show."

                The agent, Miss Yang, however, did not buy it at all and said, "Liao Qingxuan you are also a celebrity in this circle, and we at Park Show have come for your fame, but you can't just let people work and not pay, can you?"

                Qin Ming listened and secretly shook his head, Liao Qingxuan had received a total of fifty million dollars, after paying off the luxury goods bill, opening the company and recruiting staff, it was estimated that a lot more would be spent, the rest might have to maintain the daily expenses, then there was still money to pay the appearance fees to the big stars?

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Yang Bo Xiu, seems to be the current hotshot in the entertainment industry, back from his debut in Korea for more than a year, top flow, and a lot of fans, just not much good works, and frequent scandals, trying to use Mr. Liao to clean up his reputation, right?"

                But this situation is not so difficult for teacher Liao, right?

                Can't she borrow tens of millions of dollars? Since the show is a sure thing, the subsequent bonus income should also be profitable.

                Qin Ming was wondering this, the door suddenly came out of a middle-aged man in a suit, walking in a hurry, he pushed aside Qin Ming who was blocking the door and walked straight into the office.

                The man in glasses entered and asked, "Mr. Liao, what's going on with your show? The notice has already been given and you're still not coming to rehearsals? Has Yang Bo Xiu been invited back?"

                Liao Qingxuan hurriedly said, "Vice Director Luo, that I am negotiating with their agent, this ......"

                Vice President Luo interrupted discontentedly, saying, "How can you make such a hassle out of this? Don't you know that time is running out?"

                Miss Yang, the agent, crossed her legs and said, "In short, we will not go on stage without the final payment for the Park Show."

                When Liao Qingxuan saw how determined Miss Yang was, she was also annoyed in her heart, this person was outwardly one thing and behind the scenes another, but she had done her a disservice.

                She said dryly, "Vice President Luo, how about I change the male lead."

                When she heard that she wanted to change the man, the agent, Miss Yang, looked as if she didn't care.

                Sure enough, Vice Director Luo immediately vetoed it, saying, "When you signed with our station, you said that you would sign down Yang Bo Xiu as the star, and if he doesn't come on, you are in breach of contract, do you know that?"

                Liao Qingxuan was in a dilemma and said, "But Vice President Luo, Yang Boxiu just won't appear now."

                Ms. Yang, the agent, immediately denied it and said, "Ms. Liao, you can't say that, as long as you follow the contract and pay the final payment, our Bo Xiu will still be on stage."

                Liao Qingxuan's face turned blue, if she had that kind of money, would she still need to be so distressed?

                But she knew she was being set up, but there was nothing she could do about it, and she had to put on a good face, not daring to offend anyone.

                Vice President Luo waved his hand and said, "All right, I'm here today to remind you specifically, Miss Liao, that if you don't rehearse as scheduled, according to the contract, it's considered a breach of contract for you. If you want to change someone, then you have to change your contract. How about this, I have to be busy this afternoon, so let's make a date tonight and have a meal to discuss it in detail, how's that?"

                Hearing that there was room for manoeuvre, Liao Qingxuan immediately nodded and said, "That's fine, that's fine, I'll ask my assistant to contact your secretary at that time."

                Hearing Liao Qingxuan's promise, the corners of Luo Vice Director's mouth lifted, revealing a devious smile.

                Qin Ming, who was watching the whole scene from the sidelines, was able to see the clues that this guy was up to no good.