Rags To Riches Chapter 317-318

 Chapter 317

Mu Si Chun held out her ripe and full chest and cried out to Qin Ming, "Look, look."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this wet seduction? Half of the cups didn't cover the cleavage and outline, which was clearly visible because the clothes were wet, Mu Sichen, who was developing just right, was young and young Ai, and had a really good figure.

                Although it was impolite to stare at a girl's breasts, but people strongly requested it, so Qin Ming reluctantly agreed to her, to enjoy it for a little longer.

                Some of the male dancers around cast envious and jealous glances at Qin Ming, how could this guy be so lucky? How could he be so lucky to get such a beautiful girl?

                "It's really a flower in a cow dung. This guy is mediocre, not fashionable at all, a bumpkin."

                "Is that girl blind? What is he capable of? And the shoes have fucking holes in them?"

                "She's so cute, I could play with those legs for a year."

                Bang, the lad who just said legs to play with for a year was directly kicked to the ground by Qin Ming, who grabbed the moustache guy's collar and said angrily, "Watch what you say, I'm a regular at the police station and don't mind playing with you."

                A few boys who were watching Mu Si Chun were scared out of their wits when they saw how violent Qin Ming was, they were fine with their mouths but not with their hands, otherwise why would they not have dared to stand out even though they were watching three women cutting in line?

                After Qin Ming cleaned up these ungrateful people, he also found out that Mu Sichen had been cut in line and would not have the chance to attend the interview today.

                Qin Ming was annoyed, Mu Sichen had been queuing for a long time, how could she be hijacked by three queue jumpers? Wouldn't that be a waste of her time for the day?

                Moreover, he had even splashed Mu Si Chun's clothes with soda, which was even more unforgivable.

                Although Qin Ming had left the Mu family, he had gained a lot of benefits from the Mu family, so naturally he had to help in such matters if he could.

                Qin Ming pushed the door in, the room was crowded with many people waiting to perform their talents, there were two men and two women at the judges' table in front, a total of four judges were watching, and Liao Qingxuan was not there, she was a national level dancer, naturally she would only appear during the second round of audition.

                The assistant at the door immediately stopped the pair and said, "Hey, what are you doing? There are already enough audition slots for today, we have to rehearse in the afternoon, there's not that much time for auditions, you guys can come back tomorrow."

                Qin Ming said, "We've been queuing all morning and we don't get a chance, and three people who suddenly jumped the queue because they were late are the lucky ones instead? That's not to mention that they even deliberately soiled my friend's clothes, do you think it's appropriate for you guys to do that?"

                "What's going on, all the noise?" A man in a suit on the judging panel chided in dissatisfaction, "Get out, you are disqualified."

                Qin Ming looked at a sign placed in front of his position, the name was Guan Ning.

                Qin Ming said, "On what grounds? I'm trying to reason with you guys, someone obviously broke the rules and deliberately hurt someone. You guys can just deal with it a little bit, so why is it our fault?"

                The male judge, Guan Ning, said discontentedly, "Get lost. Here, I am the reason. Don't say I'm a bully, she wants to audition, right? Come on, audition right away, do a basic dance move and I'll see, then I'll immediately pass, so you understand, right?"

                Isn't that honestly disgusting? Disgusting?

                The woman with the breast implants on the side said smugly, "Don't waste your time, our time is precious, unlike you poor? Pan class Lagenaria? We're not like you poor people.

                The companion next to the busty woman also scoffed, "Yeah, get out of here. It's noon and we have to go eat later."

                Another woman also scoffed, "Sometimes it's just not fair, do you think you're a magnate? What do you think you are? What do you think? What's the point of being a leading man? What are you doing? The actual family is a lot more than just a family.

                Seeing how arrogant these people were, Mu Sichen was also disgusted and pulled Qin Ming with her, saying, "Brother-in-law, let's go. Forget it, there is no place for people to stay here."

                The busty girl held her chest out proudly and whispered, "Hmph, get lost, you hairless trash. I'm not afraid to tell you, that judge is my cousin, I'm guaranteed to be chosen, I'm 100% on the show, I'm on a straight path to stardom, you offend my cousin, don't come here in the future, it's useless to come here."

                "I was brushed off in the first round of auditions, I couldn't even meet Mr. Liao."

                Qin Ming frowned, still comparing relationship with master? I've even seen Teacher Liao's body.

                Qin Ming walked to the judges' table, several judges frowned, this is to do something?

                Guan Ning clasped his hands, forced himself to play it cool and threatened, "I'm warning you, if you dare to make a move, we will immediately call the police and eat a few days in jail to make you remember."

                The female judge next to him also persuaded, "Young man, don't get excited, you can come back tomorrow."

                Qin Ming took the cup of coffee in front of Guan Ning's desktop and said, "Do it? Is a scum like you worthy of my hands? I'm at least a scholar, and I don't usually beat people up. But I have one thing to tell you."

                Qin Ming said as he walked up to the breasted woman and poured the whole bottle of coffee down towards her, the breasted woman's clothes were all wet and stained with coffee.

                "Ah, what are you doing? Ah~!" Faced with the sudden coffee, the breasted woman screamed while dodging for a hundred years.

                Qin Ming said in a domineering manner, "I tell you, I, Qin Ming, am not a good bully. You poured coke all over my friend, I'll pay you back with coffee. If you want to call the police, feel free to do so, let the police say what is fair and just, eh?"

                After Qin Ming finished speaking, everyone could only stare in disbelief, but they did not dare to obstruct him.

                After walking out, Mu Sichen said in exasperation, "Brother-in-law, you're so cool. Especially the way you poured that bitch a coffee, it was so handsome, once you stepped out, they were all subdued and didn't dare to do anything."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "With me around, how can I still let you be bullied? You have clothes in your car, right? Go and change into a clean one."

                Mu Sichen brushed her lips and said, "What else is there to change? We don't have a chance, let's just go back today."

                "Qin Ming knocked Mu Sichen's forehead and said, "Change when you're told to, then go straight into dance room 3 and go to the second round of auditions."

                Mu Sichen was surprised and asked, "Ah? No way brother-in-law, why? I didn't even pass the first round."

                Qin Ming said, "Can I still screw you over? Come if you want to continue to participate, and I guarantee that no one will kick you out this time."

                Mu Si Chun bit her lips with her shell teeth and said, "Really? Don't lie to me, brother-in-law, how embarrassing it would be to be kicked out again later on."

                Out of her trust in Qin Ming, Mu Sichen still believed him.

                After changing into clean clothes, Qin Ming led him to Ballroom 3, which was where the second round of interviews would take place.

                This was where the final selection would be made for those who passed the first round of interviews, and one or two applicants might be selected in the end.

                However, there was no one in Ballroom 3 at the moment, so Qin Ming let Mu Sichen warm up in the ballroom first to get a feel for it, while Qin Ming sat directly at the judge's table.

                Seeing Qin Ming acting like no one was there, Mu Sichen panicked and asked, "Brother-in-law, are we making too much of a scene?"

                Qin Ming said, "Where is it too big? It's fine, don't worry about it."

                Mu Sichen spat her tongue out and smiled wryly, "Are you planning to make a big scene, brother-in-law? Hey hey, when did you become so bad, brother-in-law? I'm not afraid, I'm a crazy girl, I'll make a big fuss later and let my brother come and clean up my mess."

                Just as she finished speaking, the door to dance room number 3 was pushed open and the female assistant from earlier said as she entered, "Everyone who has passed the first round of interviews please wait here, hey, why haven't you two left yet?"

                "Tch, don't go too far, this is a private place, get the hell out of here right now."

Chapter 318

The handsome men and women who had passed the first round of auditions swarmed into dance room 3, but then they saw Mu Si Chun who was pressing her legs, and Qin Ming who was sitting at the judge's table by himself, and also sitting next to teacher Liao, simply not too abominable.

                The judge, Guan Ning, angrily scolded: "You two are really shameless, get out, this is a private place, Xiao Li, call the building security up. People like you who don't improve yourselves and just know how to stalk will not stand a chance."

                For a moment, room 3 was silent, the young dancers who came in all looked at each other with coveted faces, not expecting these two to be so rigid and to make trouble?

                The other three judges were calmer and came forward to persuade, "Young man, you're not doing the right thing."

                "If you really want to make a scene, it won't do you any good at all."

                "When the building security comes later, do you really want to fight your way into the police station? If this little sister is really capable, she'll come earlier tomorrow just the same."

                "Young man, I advise you to hurry up and get out, this is a society under the rule of law now, your nonsense is not going to serve any purpose."

                In the face of the judges' persuasion, Qin Ming just smiled lightly and said, "There's no rush, I'm here, so naturally I have my reasons."

                Mu Si Chun looked at such a calm Qin Ming, and was drumming in her heart, what reasoning did Qin Ming have? What was the law? She felt that Qin Ming was going to take it out on her, and of course she was happy in her heart, she loved it when people spoiled her.

                But Qin Ming didn't seem to have a solution, did he? Was there really going to be a fight?

                If Qin Ming got hurt, she thought her sister and parents would blame her.

                Qin Ming looked like he was a bully, plus he had a dominant aura, and these people were typical of those who would never do anything if they could beep.

                "You little bitch are really shameless, aren't you?" Someone turned the tables on Mu Si Chun.

                "Being kicked out and still licking your face to come to the interview, you really take yourself for a garlic?"

                "You still say that other people are shameless for cutting in line, you're forcibly disrupting our interview, do you want to be ashamed? What?"

                "I'm talking about you, do you hear me? Pretending to be deaf and dumb just to muddle through, bah."

                Mu Sichen naturally knew that these people were scolding her, but she didn't know how to say anything back, she just firmly believed in Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Si Chun being counted and said in a loud voice, "You few, don't let that fake breasted girl who cut in line and her accomplice bring the tempo haha, don't regret it later."

                Those few girls looked at each other, but they didn't think so, that breast implant girl had just bragged to them, saying that the judge was her cousin, this was having a backer, they naturally had to get closer, pull together and become a small group.

                Mr. Liao had a lot of shows, if they couldn't participate in this one, they could still participate in the next one. As long as they could stand firm in the company, they had a place and weren't afraid of being fired.

                "What do we regret? You two bitches are just being pretentious, using underhanded tactics when you can't get selected, robbing a dance studio? Thanks for thinking of it."

                "You even spilled coffee on our sister Na's dress and soiled it. You're finished, that dress is a big brand, it costs more than three thousand dollars a piece."

                "Today I've seen what it means to be shameless."

                "Film it, film them being rude, so that the general public can see what a bitch looks like?"

                "Why isn't the security guard coming?"

                Qin Ming saw that the fake breasted woman's companion was even trying to take pictures, how could this be tolerated? He walked straight up and picked up the phone, held it up so she couldn't reach it, and then threatened, "To say quality, you don't deserve it, and I'm telling you, I have absolutely no problem coming here."

                At that moment, four security guards came in outside the dance room and asked, "What's going on? Who's causing trouble?"

                That judge, Guan Ning, had waited for a long time and finally waited for the security guards, and his bottom line was instantly boosted. He pointed at Qin Ming in annoyance and said, "It's him, I don't know where the poor kid came from, blowing people out. You think you can get her to stay just like that? I'm in charge here, get out."

                A few of the women interviewing saw how domineering Guan Ning spoke and patted their horses on the back, "Judge Guan is really something."

                "Overbearing, this kind of rotten person deserves a strong hand."

                "We can just throw them out later, they look like poor bitches, they have thick skin and are very hard to beat up, feel free to do as you please, security brothers."

                These words were giving the security guards enough hints to beat Qin Ming up.

                The four security guards immediately surrounded Qin Ming, looking as if they were on guard against Qin Ming's resistance.

                Mu Si Chun was really anxious and immediately went forward to pull Qin Ming and said, "Brother-in-law, why don't we just forget about it, I'll put up with this."

                The woman who was not there just now, changed her clothes and came in, angrily pointed at Qin Ming's nose and cursed, "Forget it? How can this be forgotten?"

                She held up the clothes that Qin Ming had just soiled and said angrily, "My clothes are branded goods, they cost more than three thousand dollars each, and they are all dirty.

                Qin Ming said sarcastically, "It sounds as if you have soiled my friend's clothes and her clothes don't cost anything."

                The woman with the boobs said disdainfully, "You're a poor bastard, isn't she a poor bastard too? I'm wearing Taobao imitations, I'm wearing authentic branded goods, can you compare?"

                Mu Si Chun was annoyed, she would wear imitation clothes?

                But Qin Ming squeezed her hand, slowly took out the judge's tag given by Liao Qingxuan from his pocket, put it on his neck and said, "There is no hurry, take your time. That ...... security brother, I'm the special judge here, I'm not causing any trouble, you guys can go back."

                The crowd was stunned, it was really a judge's plate, and the judge's plate, not just any of them, was distributed down by the company to the hands of experienced dance teachers, and would not pass on to others.

                The four judges, who all had judges' badges, did not lose them, so where did Qin Ming's come from?

                This Qin Ming was actually a special judge?

                Mu Si Chun was all stunned, so that was what made Qin Ming so confident. Although she wondered how Qin Ming had become a judge, she didn't care anymore, she could now appear in name only anyway.

                The few girls who had just attacked Mu Si Chun were dumbfounded, what was going on here? There were still special judges?

                So they had just directly offended a special judge? Wouldn't that be moving a stone to smash their own feet? If Qin Ming were to give them a no pass later on, wouldn't it be the end?

                Qin Ming looked at the crowd's surprised faces and said, "I can't believe it, I'm also a judge."

                That Guan Ning was directly confused, what was this? He hadn't heard of it before, but was he going to let this kid be his equal? He was a veteran dance teacher, and once he saw Qin Ming's physique, he didn't look like a dancer, and didn't care to be with such a poor? He didn't care to talk to such a poor man. The fern

                He chided fiercely, "Fake, I've never even heard of it from Mr Liao, kid, where did you steal the judge's card? Do you think you can fool us like that?"

                The busty woman immediately chimed in, "Yeah, you're a thief."

                Her two companions followed suit, "Yes, this man is a thief, security, get them out, no, and call the police to catch the thief."

                "Do you look like a judge? Do you know how to dance? Press a leg to see?"

                "An amateur, stealing a sign and becoming a judge? What a joke! And you're posing as a judge to get this woman through the audition? What kind of brain is that? Are you crazy? Do you think we're all retarded?"

                "Hahahaha, he doesn't really think that a judge only needs a card, does he? Brain-dead."

                The two other three judges who had been silent also frowned, it was true that not just anyone could be a judge, one had to have a professional eye and level.

                Professional dance teachers like them, who didn't even need a brand name, would be respected just as much when they came in, as they could brush up their faces when their fame was established.

                They did not believe that Qin Ming was a normal owner of this judge's card.

                The security guards of the building, however, were in a difficult position, they couldn't ask all these people to prove the source of their judges' plates, could they?

                At that moment, Liao Qingxuan came in with a stack of information, and when she saw everyone in the dance room standing around arguing, she asked, "What's wrong? What's all the bickering about."

                That Guan Ning immediately snitched, "Teacher Liao, someone is pretending to be our judge, we were about to expel him, but this person is just thick-skinned and insists that he is ......"

                Liao Qingxuan supervised a glance at Qin Ming, not waiting for Guan Ning to finish, said, "Oh, his name is Qin Ming, he is the one I called to be a judge, it doesn't matter, he participated in this interview together."

                Shocked, everyone around was quiet, this ...... was really a judge.