Rags To Riches Chapter 313-314

 Chapter 313

Generally people play with knives to poke finger slits, play with heartbeat, the mind must be clear.

                Just now Qin Ming and that? The first thing you need to do is to drink a lot of wine and mix it with a variety of foreign wines, who can stand it? If you are not a veteran of the drinking scene, you need to kneel down, the after effects of the wine will make you faint.

                A blink of an eye is about to cut his finger.

                But Qin Ming's performance exceeded everyone's expectation.

                Qin Ming also drank an extra glass of foreign wine, and his eyes were no longer looking at his finger, but were fixed on ? Ziggy, which was tantamount to blindfolded.

                The scariest part was still that he was singing a war song while speeding up.

                The whole bar was silent, only the sound of Qin Ming's knife stabbing the table was heard, the speed was already dazzling, each stab of the knife was on the tip of Brother Zi's heart. He was scared.

                "That's a tough guy." ? Brother Zi thought with a cold face, "I'm no match for him."

                Finally, Qin Ming finished singing his battle song, put away his knife and slowly raised his left hand, unscathed!

                Moreover, the tabletop of this competition was poked with six small holes of a depth of more than an inch by the small knife, which was more than? Ziggy's that wasn't even half an inch and still carried blood, but it was much stronger.


                In the bar, there was no telling who let out a gasp of surprise, and some even applauded.

                Even the foreign devil who was holding easygirl in his arms just now applauded wildly and howled, "realman, you are realman, Huaxia Hanzi bull."

                "Handsome man, do you want to date? She's 36d, other people have to pay 2,000 for a night out, but tonight it's free for you."

                "The young man can ah, really is not a fierce dragon but the river."

                "Turtle, today I missed it, this kid has something."

                "Haha,? That Zi guy got defeated, thought he was so bullish, this lad is good."

                Qin Ming's dominance won,? Zi's finger was still bleeding, and the two sides' auras had long since ceased to be in proportion.

                Qin Ming moved closer to? Brother Zi and whispered, "Tell Nian Lao Liu that a big deal is coming."

                ? Brother Zi covered his injured hand and walked towards the office at the back of the bar with his head down. Not long after, order was restored to the bar and Nian Lao Liu sent one of his inner circle over to invite Qin Ming.

                "Mr. Qin, I am Boss Nian's assistant, Lao Bai, you can just call me Xiao Bai. Our boss has an invitation."

                Qin Ming recognised him, this man had followed Old Six of the Year when he took care of Wang Youcai last time.

                Qin Ming pointed at Liao Qingxuan and said, "She's my teacher, get a few people to look after her."

                Lao Bai waved his hand and the two beer girls followed Qin Ming with the drunken Liao Qingxuan in tow, but when they reached Boss Nian's office, they did not let her in and waited outside through the glass.

                Qin Ming was more than satisfied with the arrangement, Liao Qingxuan was within his sight, apparently this old Bai was quite good at reading people's minds.

                Inside the office of Nian Lao Liu, ? Tzu was on his knees, his whole finger cut off, he clutched it in pain, his clothes came off and wrapped the bleeding finger, while next to him a bucket of chilli saline, soaked this leather whip.

                In the same situation were the two youngsters, Yellow Hair and Red Hair, who had pestered Qin Ming at the beginning, and they too had a finger cut off, stripped naked and kneeling on the ground.

                When Nian Lao Liu saw Qin Ming enter, he immediately rose happily to greet him and said, "Mr. Qin's visit has really made my small bar look great. Mr. Qin, it is my sin to make you unhappy, these three ungrateful things will be handed over to Mr. Qin, what would Mr. Qin like to do with them?"

                Nian Lao Liu was really afraid, the first time he saw Qin Ming, he knew that Qin Ming knew Hou Qing, and a person like Hou Qing was not something that Nian Lao Liu could offend.

                The second time he saw directly that Qin Ming even had his own private team, which took out his great wealthy master Wang Youcai in an instant, and later Zhang Jundong was also liquidated, for the same reason he investigated, that Zhang Jundong's good brother was harassing Qin Ming, and Zhang Jundong was terminated by the police at his home.

                Nian Lao Liu knew that anyone who offended Qin Ming was uprooted by Qin Ming and was not given the chance to turn around by the salty fish.

                When he learned that his men had provoked Qin Ming, he was so upset and regretful that he almost had a heart attack.

                That's why he made such a stunt, so that Qin Ming could vent his anger.

                Qin Ming looked at Nian Lao Liu, fat and full of yellow teeth, smiling clothes to flatter him, if he knew that he no longer had those powers, I wonder what would happen?

                Would he still have the coldness and calmness he had when they first met?

                However, Qin Ming would not dwell on such questions, he grabbed the leather whip in the bucket of chilli brine and lashed it at the ground? Ziggy gave a fierce whip.

                Don't underestimate this whip, the corroded chilli and brine whip, coupled with Qin Ming's strength, would split the skin and flesh with one whip, and then the stimulation of that chilli and brine would make the whole back hot and painful.

                The other one, Yellow Hair and Red Hair, however, received five lashes, causing them to wail and scream in agony, as both of them had punched Qin Ming, and Qin Ming naturally would not let them off easily.

                After Qin Ming was done whipping them, he threw the braid away and said, "All right, go to the hospital and get your fingers renewed."

                ? Brother Zi was in cold sweat from the pain, picked up his finger and put it in the ice bag, bowed towards Qin Ming: "Mr. Qin, I have offended you with my eyes, thank you Mr. Qin for your great kindness."

                Yellow hair and red hair directly knelt down and worshipped Qin Ming like a grandfather for a few times, and also hurriedly went to the hospital.

                These people were just small shrimps, since they had been taught a lesson, there was no need to be too ruthless, this was still Nian Lao Liu's territory and Qin Ming was here to talk business.

                Qin Ming sat down and his assistant, Old Bai, hurriedly handed over a cigar, Qin Ming waved his hand and dismissed it, and opened the door and said, "The Nie family is bankrupt, you should know that, right?"

                He didn't dare to sit back down, but stood directly in front of Qin Ming and said, "Yes, I don't get along with many people in the business world, but the Nie family has made quite a big deal out of it, so I've heard about it."

                Qin Ming said, "For certain reasons, I can't use my people, I'll let you go and do a job, find Nie Haitang of the Nie family, you name a price."

                When Nian Lao Liu heard that, his heart was slightly relieved, so it was to find someone, not to make him submit or merge into his banner that kind of annexation, and his hanging heart was put down.

                After thinking about it, he said, "Mr. Qin, I have many friends in the north and south of the country, but our country is large enough, so we have to have a direction to look for them, right? Otherwise it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack."

                Qin Ming naturally knew it was a needle in a haystack, and the Nie family might even have left the country, which would be even harder to find.

                Qin Ming said, "A needle in a haystack, a global search, make a price."

                Nian Lao Liu thought for half a second and said, "Ten million is about right."

                Qin Ming looked at Nian Lao Liu in surprise, so expensive? These days, it was the age of the Internet, as long as everyone would go online, there would be traces left behind, of course there were many people with the same name, send someone to check, it wouldn't cost much, right?

                Sensing Qin Ming's questioning gaze, Nian Lao Liu hurriedly wiped his sweat and explained, "Mr. Qin, sometimes it does cost a lot of money to make some connections, 10 million I really didn't overcharge you, and I wouldn't dare."

                Qin Ming said readily, "Fine, give me your card number, I'll give you ten million, you screen the investigation globally and find the person for me as soon as possible."

                Nian Lao Liu swallowed his saliva, so generous, 10 million directly.

                Although Nian Lao Liu had some strength and financial power, and had recently expanded, he could not earn ten million a year, he looked at Qin Ming at this moment like a great wealthy man, worthy of being the one who easily handled the grey forces in Guang City, his identity was mysterious and unpredictable, and he was also generous with his money.

                After the deal was done, Qin Ming got up to leave, but he saw Liao Qingxuan outside who was suffering from an attack of alcohol and was dozing off.

                The beer girls who were looking after her said with a smile, "Boss Qin, we have a hotel right behind us, do you need us to get a room for you?"

                Qin Ming knew what this implied, but his relationship with Qingxuan Liao was not what these people thought, so he said back, "No need."

                Qin Ming picked up Liao Qingxuan, hailed a taxi, returned to the Green Road district, and sent her home.

                Liao Qingxuan, half-drunk and half-dazed, rubbed up against Qin Ming, hooked her hands around Qin Ming's shoulders and said, "Well, classmate Qin Ming? You were so good just now ...... Teacher will give you her innocent body tonight, you have to protect her."

                Qin Ming was speechless and said, "What kind of words are you saying, teacher? It's easy to misunderstand when you hear it, I will make sure to send you back safely."

                Liao Qingxuan said, "Nonsense, there's no one around, they're all Sun Monkeys, they can split up, hehehehe."

                Qin Ming was tired enough after carrying Liao Qingxuan all the way, and said helplessly, "Okay, okay, okay, we're at the house, teacher, you take a good rest."

                Qin Ming threw the person onto the bed, he was about to leave when Liao Qingxuan suddenly grabbed his arm with one hand and tucked it into his soft chest, saying, "Mmm~ No leaving, sleep with teacher tonight."

Chapter 314

To be honest, the aftertaste of the foreign wine was indeed a bit strong and Qin Ming had been holding back, but now he was also in a bit of a trance and slightly drunk.

                It was not the first time that Liao Qingxuan had gotten drunk and appeared in front of Qin Ming unguarded.

                Today, he even pulled him directly and did not allow him to leave. Qin Ming felt his arm squeezing on the delicate chest of Liao Qingxuan, which was so elastic that it made his heart flutter with charm.

                But Qin Ming still drew his hand back and pressed Liao Qingxuan down, saying, "Teacher Liao, calm down, we are home, there is no more danger."

                Liao Qingxuan said in a daze, "I'll have nightmares, you can't leave yet."

                Qin Ming was stunned, so that was the reason why he said that he should stay with her, huh?

                Qin Ming laughed, "You are a teacher, why are you acting like a little woman."

                Liao Qingxuan flattened her mouth and said, "A teacher is also a woman, a little woman. You said it, you are a man, you have to protect me."

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Alright, teacher, lie down, I'll get you a towel to wash your face, it will be more comfortable."

                Qin Ming went to the bathroom to prepare a hot towel for Liao Qingxuan, but when he came back, he saw a scene that made his blood boil, how did this teacher Liao undress herself? Wearing only a pair of high-grade cotton trousers, her entire delicate and flat back was exposed, and her dark hair was long to her back waist.

                Qin Ming supervised a glance and only felt amazed, the dancing woman had a really good looking figure, her waistline had an indescribable beauty, he hurriedly averted his eyes and said, "Teacher Liao, aren't you going to sleep?"

                "Burp ......" Liao Qingxuan turned around with a burp and said, "You little brat, haven't you seen it twice? Haven't you seen enough?"

                Qin Ming said, "That was an accident, Miss Liao, don't look at it in a rude way. Nuo, here's a hot towel for you, cover it."

                Qin Ming possessed covered his eyes, moved closer over and handed the hot towel over.

                "Ah~! It's comfortable, thank you, Qin Ming." Liao Qingxuan hot towel on her forehead, let out a soothing sound, that soft voice, still with the charming environment, was undoubtedly a kind of stimulating eardrums heavenly music.

                Qin Ming's fingers quietly forked to reveal a slit and saw Liao Qingxuan's jade-white body, still wearing her underwear, no she was taking off her underwear, and the moment the underwear buttons were unbuttoned, the soft mass of flesh on her chest sank downwards.

                Liao Qingxuan suddenly threw her outer garment over and said, "Look at you, a half-grown child, still learning to peek."

                A shirt with the smell of Liao Qingxuan's body fragrance and sweat hung right over Qin Ming's head. Qin Ming was red in the face, having been caught peeking, and he walked out of Liao Qingxuan's room.

                He went to the bathroom and splashed his face frantically with cold water to calm him down emotionally.

                Qin Ming muttered to himself, "Damn, this is too tempting, Miss Liao is too pretty and her body is too good to be a dance student."

                He held the scented shirt in his hand and shook his head secretly, if he stayed any longer he was afraid that he would have to go bestial and become a beast?

                It's not a matter of being rational or irrational, sometimes when a woman is too beautiful, a man's self-control really plummets.

                After Qin Ming had calmed down, he said, "Teacher Liao, I am leaving, I will lock the door for you."

                In the room, Liao Qingxuan's weak cry was heard, "Don't go, don't leave me behind."

                Qin Ming looked closer to the room and saw that Liao Qingxuan had already changed into her pajamas and was sleeping, her purple bra was at Qin Ming's feet, picking it up and feeling the warmth and heat from her chest skin.

                Qin Ming saw that the room was air-conditioned, but Liao Qingxuan was not covered, so Qin Ming went over and helped Liao Qingxuan to cover up the blanket.

                But when covering the quilt, he saw that Liao Qingxuan's pajamas were squeezed out with a pair of rounded contours, that half of the milky white, young furrow, full of deadly temptation.

                He just this one more look, Liao Qingxuan suddenly reached out and groped the side of the bed, grabbed his hand, hugged it directly and stuffed it into his own arms, using Qin Ming's arm as a hug pillow ah.

                Qin Ming was quite speechless and said, "Teacher Liao, it's not allowed."

                Qin Ming still wanted to go over to his house next door and see his big brother later on.

                But Liao Qingxuan was hugging her to death, very tightly, and just wouldn't let go, so if Qin Ming forced his hand back, he was afraid that he would have to wake her up again.

                Especially last time, Qin Ming did not let go of Liao Qingxuan's hand even after an hour of tossing and turning, because Liao Qingxuan's hand was very strong after she fell asleep.

                Qin Ming looked at Liao Qingxuan like this and was also soft-hearted. She was the daughter of his benefactor, Principal Liao, who had helped him a lot in school, such as applying for scholarships, such as working and studying, and so on, and was even put in hospital by Wang Chenghu's car because of Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming's personality has always been to repay the kindness of a drop of water when it comes from a spring.

                Qin Ming sat down and said to himself, "Teacher Liao also trusted me enough to let me send her back, and had nightmares about wanting me to stay. If I abandoned her or did something beastly, I would be sorry for Teacher Liao's trust and for Principal Liao's cultivation of me. Forget it, if the beast is worse than the beast, let's leave it at that for tonight."

                Qin Ming found a low chair, sat on the edge of the bed and slept on his stomach for the rest of the night.

                The night was silent, and when Qin Ming woke up, he found that his was still sleeping on the bed, but his left hand was somehow so resourceful that it actually went into Liao Qingxuan's clothes, and was actually still in a gripping state.

                Qin Ming muttered, "No wonder I had a strange fierce last night, dreaming that I bought a decompression ball and kept squeezing it."

                Without thinking, Qin Ming grabbed a handful of it, the soft touch with the warmth and the blown out delicate skin was so cool that Qin Ming couldn't let go of it.

                "Uh~!" Liao Qingxuan also seemed to be more sensitive, her chest was stroked a few times, her body had a different sense of excitement, and there were vague signs of awakening.

                Qin Ming took advantage of the gap and hurriedly drew his hand back as he muttered in his mind, "Rub miles, what am I doing?"

                Qin Ming sinned and then regretted it very much, he felt he shouldn't have done it, he was too sorry for Miss Liao.

                But he couldn't blame Qin Ming, he had been forced to stay behind last night too, and how could he know his hand would slip in when he was asleep?

                "Qin Ming?" Liao Qingxuan yawned sleepily, opened her eyes and looked at him, asking, "How did you come to my house? No, what are you doing in my room? No, ah! Where are my clothes? Did you take them off? You, you, you ...... me, why am I bleeding? Qin Ming what did you do to me last night?"

                When Liao Qingxuan woke up, she was first shocked, then swindled, then lifted the covers to find her lower body bleeding and staining the white sheets red, and seemed to think of something, immediately clutching a scattered head of hair in horror.

                After a long time, Liao Qingxuan clutched her scattered hair and said in horror, "You, you took advantage of my drunkenness and slept with me?"

                Qin Ming's face was dark.

                He said, "Teacher Liao, have you forgotten that you are menstruating? The panties you took off last night still had tampons on them with blood on them, or I helped you throw them in the trash."

                "Er ...... seems to be ah." Liao Qingxuan was stunned, then remembered that she was indeed menstruating these days, so she made a harrumph: "Teacher misunderstood you, tsk, why didn't you remind teacher last night, so teacher could stick a nightwear, tsk, this bed sheet of mine is old and expensive, and it's not convenient to wash. Ah, no, how did you get into my house?"

                Qin Ming was quite speechless and put on a straightforward look of disgust.

                Qin Ming complained, "Teacher, how can you be like this? Last night you got drunk at the bar and almost got pulled into the back alley by some punks to give you a forced sleep, I was passing by to bring you back, then you said you had a nightmare and forbade me to leave, pulling my hand, twice, and it was you who pulled me to forbid me to leave."

                After hearing this, Liao Qingxuan said, "Right, right, I remember, you were the one who carried me back last night. Qin Ming, the teacher misunderstood you, thank you for staying behind to keep the teacher company."

                Qin Ming didn't really have much to do with it, he didn't lose out anyway.

                But Qin Ming asked curiously, "Teacher, aren't you supposed to be busy running a training course? Aren't you supposed to be pursuing your career and dreams? Why are you going to a bar to get drunk on a big night?"

                Hearing this, Liao Qingxuan's mood immediately sank, and what had been quite relaxed just now became unusually painful, clearly having something unspeakable to say.

                Liao Qingxuan fell onto the bed like a corpse, gloomy and sad, saying, "Career? Training classes? I've been cheated, everything is finished, it's all gone ...... Forget it, it's useless to talk to you, the teacher's business, he will solve it himself. But thank you for caring ......"