Rags To Riches Chapter 311-312

 Chapter 311

Bang, bang.

                Qin Ming took two hard punches because he was trying to protect Liao Qingxuan, his body took a few steps back and a line of blood dripped from his nostrils.

                "Damn it." Qin Ming was annoyed in his heart, he had forgotten that he had run out alone, Ah Long said he would follow him and ended up being scolded away by Qin Ming.

                And for the past month, although Qin Ming was more low-key, he had changed when things happened, becoming very arrogant and confident because he had someone to protect him, and now that he had lost everything, he was back to his original form.

                "Hahaha." The two men who started the fight laughed in triumph when they saw that Qin Ming was powerless to fight back, "Rubbish, do you know whose place this is? This is Boss Nian's territory, and we are under Boss Nian? We are the followers of Boss Nian's men."

                "Kid, whether you know this girl or not, this kind of superb girl is not for a man like you who wears ground-floor goods to enjoy."

                "Get your hands off this girl! You're only worthy of licking her feet."

                Yellow Hair took an angry step forward and threw a left hook again.

                Qin Ming was on guard this time, quick on his feet, and set the man free, his body scattered, Yellow Hair's fist brushed in front of his nostrils, then Qin Ming took Yellow Hair's hand and brought him with him, and Yellow Hair stumbled forward with his whole body and fell on his face.

                Qin Ming didn't stop there, he stomped on the back of Huang's head, as if to vent his frustration, as if to vent his discontent with Chang Hongxi, as if to recapture the feeling of being the "Little Bully of White Water Town".

                Qin Ming also stepped on Huang Mao's head and rolled it over a few times before wiping the blood from his nose and looking back at the redhead.

                Red Hair sneaked in with a sweep of his cross arm, Qin Ming was extremely quick to crouch down and a gust of wind swept across his face, he then its a flying knee kick that hit Red Hair square in the cock, causing him to wail in pain.

                Seeing that Qin Ming was so ruthless as to stomp his companion unconscious with a single kick, hurting his son's roots, Red Hair wailed, "Damn, someone's causing a disturbance."

                Hearing that someone was causing trouble, the bar side acted quickly, the electric sound was gone, the lights were on, and the people who were dancing were all looking over strangely, their eyes all falling on Qin Ming.

                How could such an ordinary kid in ordinary clothes dare to cause trouble in Nian Lao Liu's place?

                "Is this young man crazy? For a woman?"

                "Ever since Wang Youcai and Zhang Jundong were taken out by the mysterious big man, Boss Nian's power has grown with it and he is already a hegemon in Guang City."

                "Yes, Boss Nian has a lot of experts under him, a lot of money, and a low profile. But if he doesn't make a move, he will definitely take people down."

                "What's the line below "A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger" called?"

                "The result is still feeding the tiger, hahaha."

                "Red face, that girl just now I saw her keep drinking mulled wine, as if her money was cheated, it looks like a big fat fish, but usually Boss Nian's men, will dish it up and give it to Boss Nian to be cool."

                Qin Ming listened to the chatter around him and said, "Tell Nian Lao Liu to come out."


                A man with 'Piglet Peach' tattooed on his arm broke a beer bottle, holding a sharp glass, and walked up to Qin Ming, which was waved around in front of him.

                The red-haired boy hurriedly said, "? Brother Zi, this kid is not drinking a toast but drinking a penalty and injuring one of our men."

                ? Brother Zi nosed up, chin looking at the man, and said, "Who the fuck are you? Is our boss someone you can just see?"

                Qin Ming was not intimidated, he looked around him and apart from the watching guests, this ? There were seven or eight stragglers brought by the brother, each one with wide eyes and a shy mouth, as if this could scare Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming actually wanted to laugh in his heart, because when he was in middle school and had a fight with someone, in order to look fierce, he would also stare, nuzzle and grin like this, which was actually a sign of lack of confidence inside.

                Those who could really fight were very low-profile, and when they didn't say a word, they suddenly rose up and crippled and destroyed people.

                Qin Ming pointed at the drunken Liao Qingxuan and said, "This is our school teacher, I want to take her away, who are you to stop her? Be careful I call the police."

                "Hahaha." ? Brother Zi and his boys laughed, "Call the police? Kid, it's useless for you to call the police in this area. But if you want to take this girl away, I'll give you a chance, if you're a man, you can take her away. If you're a loser, the girl stays and you stay. Hey, hey, hey, the girl stays for our boss, you stay for us."

                "Hahahaha." A ticket of young brothers laughed hideously, fist pumping, Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this meant to use him as a sandbag to practice?

                ? Brother Zi snapped his fingers and the bartenders immediately set up a case of wine and two wine glasses.

                Qin Ming had seen the door at the bar before and cleaned it, but he had some knowledge of these wines, the bar was usually western wine and beer, beer was good to sell in volume, some white collar people who wanted to pretend was to drink mixed foreign wine.

                But only expensive foreign wine is brought out here, there is no mixer or bartender.

                "Boy, you're in luck. These are stored cognacs, big brands, and we don't sell fakes in the bar. It's a great honour for you to drink yourself to death here, huh ha ha ha ha."

                ? Zico picks up the melter and pours in the tequila, pours in the rum, pours in the whisky, pours in the vogart and finally? Zico shook and shook, put in a slice of mint, and finally poured out two shots of mixed drinks.

                At the sight of this scene, the drinkers around swallowed in fear.

                But? Although he looked as if he had a foreign object stuck in his throat, he swallowed it all down and let out a long breath, causing the crowd to gasp.

                "What a great way to swallow! Brother Zi is awesome."

                "Drink, drink, drink!"

                The drinkers around were all abuzz, waving their fists one after another, asking Qin Ming to drink.

                "Goon, drink up."

                "Drinking won't kill you, hahaha."

                "Dare to cause trouble here at Boss Nian's place? Brother Zi can't even pass this hurdle?"

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy, to be honest, he didn't drink much, naturally it wasn't that Qin Ming couldn't drink, it was that he used to be poor and really didn't have money to drink.

                But the amount of wine also had something to do with one's physique, nothing to do with guts.

                Qin Ming picked up his glass and was about to drink it when suddenly a hand reached out next to him and pulled him back, surprisingly it was Liao Qingxuan.

                Liao Qingxuan shook her head and sobered up a little, saying, "Qin Ming, what are you drinking? Do you still remember your surname after drinking this? You should go now and leave me alone."

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, from the beginning when I saved you, I couldn't have left you alone ah, these people won't let us go easily."

                Liao Qingxuan ruffled her hair and said very angrily, "I'm the teacher, I should be protecting you."

                Qin Ming said, "I am a man, I should be protecting you."

                Liao Qingxuan was silent as she looked at Qin Ming with enchanted eyes, Qin Ming's words were so domineering that they spoke to the softest part of her heart.

                Liao Qingxuan immediately had a feeling of a thumping heart, because she, Liao Qingxuan, had been a single dog for more than twenty years and had never tried the feeling of being protected by a man.

                Liao Qingxuan asked worriedly, "Are you okay?"

                Qin Ming gave her a glance and said, "Men, how can you say you can't?"

                Qin Ming lifted his glass of wine and took a sip.

                The crowd saw that Qin Ming also drank in one gulp and did not show that painful expression, behaving much better than ? Ziggy was much better.

                "It's not over yet, play the war song."

                Inside the bar, a handful of classic English songs were played.

                The crowd then saw ? Ziggy pulled out a small knife and placed his hand on the table, then the knife slowly sliced rhythmically down between the fingers, while the speed gradually increased with the wave of the music's beat, slashing between the fingers one by one.

                "Wow!" The people around were startled, this was the classic fast knife poking the finger slit, a careless one and the real one slicing down with the finger.

                The cold and shiny knife between the fingers, shaking around, the pressure alone is not small, not to mention also drink, a bad one will break a finger.

                Liao Qingxuan was so scared that she was half awake, she thought it was just a spell of drinking, but it turned out to be not that simple at all, she said, "No, Qin Ming, this game is too dangerous."

                But it was all too late.

                A kid took out a second knife and stuck it in front of Qin Ming.

Chapter 312

The beat of the music wasn't too fast, but it wasn't too slow either,? Ziggy took the knife and poked it between his own fingers 'dun dun dun dun', and as it got faster and faster, the people around him got hipper and hipper.

                "? Brother Zi,? Ziggy ......"

                "Good, good, good."

                Liao Qingxuan saw? Ziggy playing such a hand, was scared half awake, this is too dangerous, a finger will be broken in a minute.

                And isn't a broken finger the thrill these people crave the most? I'll break your finger, or you asked for it, and you still can't call the police, and I can still laugh at you with abandon.

                This is the most exciting part.

                A little brother of Qin Ming stuck a knife in front of him and said, "Kid, it's your turn."

                "Qin Ming, don't, you can't play with them, they're just a bunch of gangsters." Liao Qingxuan hurriedly yanked his hand, if Qin Ming was injured because of protecting her, she would not only blame herself, she would feel even more guilty.

                The redhead who had just been kicked in the chicken cursed, "Why don't you dare to play? Or are you dizzy already? Why were you so arrogant when you were beating people up?"

                "Punk, wimp out, right? Wimp out and drink all this bottle of wine, kneel down and give us? You can go now."

                "The first thing you need to do is to drink it all at once, and if you drink it all at once, you'll be in the hospital or in the funeral home.

                "Wimp, wimp, wimp."

                "Coward, coward, coward."

                There was a knife in front of him and a bottle of wine, leaving it up to Qin Ming to choose. The crowd saw Qin Ming being pulled by Liao Qingxuan and concluded that he did not dare to play and mocked him in unison.

                These people came to the bar for the thrill of it, and didn't care if Qin Ming lived or died, they just wanted to see the thrill of blood splattered all over the place.

                However, Liao Qingxuan kept advising, "Don't, Qin Ming, don't listen to them."

                Qin Ming picked up the Hennessy xo and poured a glass of wine.

                The crowd thought that Qin Ming had wimped out and laughed, "Afraid, huh?"

                "What a wimp, and what about it, no need to let yourself break your fingers for a woman."

                "Concede now and give? You can still walk out of here alive, if you can survive, you can live longer."

                "Tsk, this guy is not a man, leaving his teacher to run for his life? Just now he was so arrogant that he was a man and wanted to protect women, this man is not hanging, right?"

                "Asian pussy, fuck~you, go home and eat your milk." There was also a foreign devil in the crowd hugging an easygirl and laughing loudly towards it.

                "Pooh, if that woman hadn't made a fool of herself and come to the bar to have fun, would she have been targeted?"

                "Stop arguing, I bet this kid goes down in three drinks."

                "Wimp, wimp, wimp."

                With jeers and abuse all around her ears, Liao Qingxuan's hand loosened, although she knew that Qin Ming had made the right choice and there was no need to risk breaking her finger for her sake.

                But for some reason, Liao Qingxuan's chest clogged up, she had always quite liked Qin Ming, naturally not between a man and a woman, but the appreciation of a teacher for a student, the care of a big sister for a little brother, the liking of friendship between friends.

                She had always felt that Qin Ming was different from other men, but when faced with real trouble, she still found that Qin Ming was still always just an ordinary man.

                It wasn't like the heroes inside the story who could save her, a little woman in trouble.

                Liao Qingxuan laughed bitterly in her heart, "This is just wishful thinking on my part."

                Qin Ming finished his cup and the corners of his mouth lifted with a beastly smile, he then grabbed the small knife and placed his left hand on the table.

                "!!!" The entire bar, which had just been heckling, talking madly and mocking and hurling insults, fell silent the moment Qin Ming took the knife.

                Was Qin Ming having one more drink before he came to compete with? Was Brother Zi competing?

                Wasn't he afraid that halfway through he would suddenly get dizzy and have bad eyes and cut his finger with a knife?

                While the crowd was still guessing, Qin Ming's hand started to drop his knife and "dong dong dong dong" the knife sliced down towards the fingers of his left hand, following the rhythm and melody of the music, Qin Ming's speed was also getting faster and faster, even keeping up with? The rhythm of Brother Zi!

                The bar was so large, with almost a hundred people in the room, that the only sound was the sound of the two knives stabbing into the wood of the table, and the two sounds were synchronised, so if you didn't listen carefully, you would have thought there was only one sound.

                "Knock, Knock, Knock ......"

                Both were pretty fast, but not enough to dazzle the eye to the point where this seemed to end in a tie.

                "Wow, that kid, you can't beat a man."

                "Tsk, that speed, practiced with chopsticks, huh?"

                "Cut, silly, how can you practice your guts without using a real knife? Practising with chopsticks is enough to scare you to death when you use a real knife."

                "My god, the speed is the same as? Brother Zi, it's really a porcelain job only when you have that diamond of gold."

                Liao Qingxuan beside Qin Ming was also stunned, she thought Qin Ming was just a tiger's head and a snake's tail, but in the end, he still rose up with anger, and he wasn't being impetuous, but had real skills, this game of knife poking his finger crack, he could actually play it.

                Of course Qin Ming can play it, he has played it a lot, otherwise how could he have been a bully in White Water Town before?

                How else could he have been a bully in White Water Town? Brother Zi's expression, which had been arrogant and smug a moment ago, became discontented and grave.

                But the next thing he knew, he was even more uncomfortable.

                Because Qin Ming was no longer looking at his palm, the gaze of his eyes forced directly at ? Ziggy, at the same time Qin Ming shouted, "The music is off!"

                Qin Ming's roar somehow scared the big-boobed chick playing the music into turning off the cryptic.

                Once this music was turned off,? Ziggy's rhythm was greatly impaired and he gradually slowed down.

                "Knock ...... knock ...... knock ...... knock ......"

                ? Ziggy's slowdown was so pronounced that the spectators around him snapped and laughed, ? Brother Zi relied too much on the music, and in contrast, Qin Ming, who had a hand like a god, dong dong dong dong ......

                ? The first time I saw the music, I was able to see that the music was not only a good idea, but also a good idea. Ziggy knew that he was being seen through.

                knock knock knock ......

                The speed of Qin Ming was getting faster and faster, and he wasn't looking at his palms!

                The point is that this slut, actually sang a battle song.

                "oh, i have all my fingers,, the knife goes chop chop chop."

                "If i miss the spaces in between, my fingers will come off......"

                The faster Qin Ming's battle song is sung, after all, he is a school bully, English pronunciation according to a standard, pressure tune that charming, Qin Ming's series of operations, all make the bar quiet.

                ? The first of these is a series of actions to silence the bar.

                Qin Ming had an extra glass of wine, and that was a provocation from the king.

                Qin Ming turned off the music and sang by himself, that was the confidence of a school master.

                Qin Ming didn't even bring his eyes to the table, he just stared at ? Ziggy, that was the declaration of the victor.

                "Ah!" Suddenly? Brother Zi screamed in pain as he sliced into his own index finger at the knuckle bone after his rhythm was messed up!

                "Wow!" The spectators around let out an excited gasp as the white knife went in, the red knife went out, the knuckle bone was sliced open and blood flowed all over the table.

                The knife cut into the bone of the finger was a painful cut into the marrow of the finger, as the game requires a certain amount of force to make a "thud" sound.

                The cut into the bone of the finger was painful. He held his bleeding palm and looked across at Qin Ming in horror, whose hand was still poking frantically between his fingers, and whose eyes were still fixed on him, making him panic.

                In this one moment, ? Ziggy was defeated, completely defeated.

                And all the guests in the room changed their minds about Qin Ming and cheered at him with amazing words, Qin Ming's left hand and right hand quick sword, catching all eyes.

                "Ahhhhh~!" The women let out squeals of adoration, as if Qin Ming was thrusting not into their finger slits but their flesh, thrusting them to orgasm.

                "Poke, poke, poke~!" The men waved their fists and roared, wanting to see more excitement, blood, violence, all the excitement that made them forget that they were tired of life.

                And Qin Ming's speed was still increasing!

                ? When Brother Zi saw that Qin Ming wasn't even looking at his palms and his speed continued to increase to the point where he was almost dazzled, he finally got scared and said to himself, "Is he crazy? This kid. With this speed and strength, isn't he afraid that he'll get drunk later and cut off his own fingers with a single slash?"