Rags To Riches Chapter 31-32

 Chapter 31

Qin Ming had searched most of the rooms on the eighty-eighth floor, but still couldn't find Nie Haitang.

At this time he phone response!

Qin Ming's heart was trembling, after dozens of consecutive calls, Nie Haitang finally answered the phone.

Qin Ming hurriedly asked, "Haitang, where are you?"

"Eh? Young master, it's me ......" but on the other end of the phone, it was Song Ying's voice.

Qin Ming rubbed his eyes and realized that he had been in a hurry and was sweating profusely, so he didn't distinguish whose phone he answered, but it was Song Ying's call.

Song Ying said "I've got the 11 percent of Nie's Sanitary Group's equity transfer contract, and I'm taking a helicopter back to Century Building."

Qin Ming said happily "Good, come directly to the eighty-eighth floor later."

Qin Ming hung up the phone and finally saw Nie Zhengming, who was talking to someone on the phone.

This time no one came to obstruct him, Qin Ming anxiously ran up, grabbed Nie Zhengming's lapel, and pressed him against the wall with a "bang".

Qin Ming directly interrogated "where is Haitang? In which room?"

Although Nie Zhengming is quite gentle-looking, but his body is quite tall, but directly by Qin Ming to lift up and pressed against the wall, his back pain, also angry, questioned "Who the hell are you?"

Qin Ming loudly questioned "My name is Qin Ming, Haitang's friend, are you a brother like this? You can use your sister's happiness as a bargaining chip for your own glory and fortune. Have you ever thought about how painful it is for Haitang?"

Nie Zhengming suddenly became furious and punched over "Stinky silk, I remember you, you were there at the badminton court. Ha, you are quite capable, chasing here. What? Secretly in love with my sister? Toad eating swan meat. What do you know about my family? Don't be smug here, you're not capable of saving Haitang, then be a good boy and disappear in her world."

Zap, Qin Ming squeezed Nie Zhengming's fist with one hand, then headbutted it, knocking Nie Zhengming's eyes out.

Qin Ming let go of his hand and said, "I don't have the power, you will know right away. Say, which room is Haitang in."

Nie Zhengming fell to the ground and covered his forehead, said painfully "you dream, this matter has been decided, want to save the big picture, someone must be sacrificed. Do you like my sister? Then you hate it, hate you have no money, no ability, no power, no money you pick up what girl?"

He grabbed Nie Zhengming's lapel and shouted "Which room is Haitang in?"

"There it is, security, catch him."

Suddenly, Zhao Fugui, Yang Wei and Li Meng, who were soaked to the skin on the other side of the corridor, came over with a team of security guards.

Zhao Fugui pointed angrily at Qin Ming with a swollen face and said, "That's him, grab him, don't let him get away."

Thump, immediately six uniformed security guards ran over, Qin Ming carefully identified, these security guards just did not meet him downstairs, that is to say, they are not much status.

"Damn, I should have known not to let that manager go about his business just now." Qin Ming's heart is secretly annoyed, looking at the six burly men who rushed over, they are not ordinary people, the moment you look at that stance, you know people who are good at fighting.

Qin Ming used to rely on street fighting is ruthless, no moves to speak of, head-on with a security guard fought three moves, feel the pressure is huge.

He hurriedly took three steps back and said loudly, "Wait, call your manager, this is a misunderstanding."

Suddenly, Li Meng shouted loudly "Misunderstanding my ass, catch him, see how my Wei was beaten? He must have sneaked in, maybe he wants to steal something here."

Yang Wei also shouted "Catch him."

Qin Ming was so angry that his body shook, "Yang Wei, you deserve a beating."

Li Meng arrogantly domineering said "Qin Ming recognize your identity, you are just a poor silk, how to sneak in? What did you sneak in for? And also beat people, hehe, you really think this society has no law? Just because you can fight, you are great?"

Qin Ming said angrily, "This building is my own, I can come in if I want to, no one fucking gets in the way."

The security guards were stunned, they had just heard that the real boss had come, and the security manager warned everyone that they had to work with a twelve-point spirit today and not make any mistakes.

A security guard asked suspiciously, "Then please show your pass card."

The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, he was the general manager directly brought up when he was given to him, can be in the building for all consumption and services, but he came in the spirit of looking for people, did not want?

The people look at Qin Ming this can not pull out something, also all clear, this guy bragging about it.

Li Meng laughing back and forth "hahaha, laughing dead, this building is your? Qin Ming look at your look now, like a madman looking for excuses, security, he must have stolen something valuable from the guests, so now want to escape. Wait and catch and send him to the police station."

Nie Zhengming stood up and said, "He's not stealing anything, he's trying to stop my sister from going on a blind date. Security, arrest him, we can't let him cause any more trouble."

"Qin Ming, you are still so silk." Yang Wei said mockingly "Before Nie Haitang posed as your girlfriend to help you, right? The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Qin Ming, the poorer you are, the crazier you are."

Zhao Fugui contemptuously said "silk does not deserve love, jerk off."

Li Meng said frantically "Qin Ming, see how down you are, how happy I am, because leaving you is the best decision I've made in my life, because I can follow Ah Wei to come in openly and honestly, and do not need to sneak in like you."

On the side Nie Zhengming eyes drifted, it turns out that the man in front of him has an unusual relationship with his sister, but it is useless to say more, if the Nie family wants to be saved, the marriage is a must.

Qin Ming was really angry with these people, but now is not the time to deal with them, he must find Nie Haitang.

Suddenly, Qin Ming saw a wall to the side, an escape alarm button, and he had a plan.

Qin Ming clenched his fist and punched that alarm button.

Bell bell bell~!

The whole building alarm sounded, those security guards one by one panicked, the people in the Century Building, non-wealthy people, this to all of them to noisy, the blame from above, they all feel that their jobs will not be saved.

Almost instantly, the people in the private room came out one by one, the corridor is not wide, a large number of people came in an instant, those security guards even powerful can not stop Qin Ming.

"What's going on? Is there a fire?"

"Run, where is the escape route?"

"It's on fire."

"Everyone, don't panic, it's not a real fire ......"

"There's a fire, everyone don't push, run."

The security guards tried desperately to maintain order, but nothing could be done, the fire alarm bell never stopped, the panic just kept going, and the security guards were all pushed away by the tide of people.

Li Meng and the others were even more frightened, facing the sudden rush of customers, they just blocked the way, Li Meng was immediately knocked to the ground by three men who had just finished sauna "Oops! Don't push me! Who is it? Where's my swimsuit cover? Ahhh!"

Li Meng fell to the ground and her swimsuit was accidentally ripped off, revealing her two white peaks, and she could only cover them with her arms in shame and anger. What? Who is touching? Shameless, scum. Ah, my swimming trunks ......"

But the sound of the fire alarm is too loud, the panicked guests are looking for fire lanes, Yang Wei was swept away by the tide of people in a moment "Meng Meng, come over here, grass, don't push, no alarm. Meng Meng where are you ah?"

Zhao Fugui the worst, he had broken his hand, ointment were squeezed, just a little hand, and sprained, pain he wailed "my hand, my hand ah ...... do not squeeze, uh-uh ...... "

Qin Ming was about to leave, but saw the head half bald He Kun, he saw Nie Zhengming also pulled him together to run "small Nie ah, the fire alarm, ah, run, what are you waiting for?"

Nie Zhengming hurriedly asked "No, He Shao, where is my sister?"

He Kun heard, the fire alarm, who cares about your sister ah? He immediately let go of his hand and fled for his life.

Qin Ming saw this scene, his heart trembled, that half-bald man is He Shao? Just now he showed that guy Nie Haitang's photo, but he said he had not seen? Obviously, he was lying.

The answer to the question of which room Nie Haitang is in is self-explanatory.

Qin Ming took advantage of the confusion and went around to the door of the private room where He Kun was sitting just now, and the door was blocked by a pair of slippers, just in time for him to enter smoothly.

After entering, the first thing Qin Ming did was to call Song Ying and said, "Song Ying, the fire alarm in the building is fake, I had no choice but to pull the alarm, you do not blame any staff, and immediately pacify the guests to minimize the damage. Finally, lock down the 88th floor immediately, no one is allowed to come in. Also, blow those few students of mine out and blacklist them."

After making the call, Qin Ming walked into the room and saw that the bed was still neat, and Qin Ming was inexplicably relieved.

Catch up.

The heart he had been hanging on to also let go, he did it, he wanted to protect Nie Haitang's smile, he did it.

He inexplicably cried, and his eyes were full of tears that he could not stop.

Chapter 32

"Grass, I should have known to pull the alarm at the beginning, how stupid." Qin Ming sat himself down, looked at Nie Haitang's bag on the chair, and made sure that Nie Haitang was here, so he spat to himself with some pleasure.

He looked towards the bathroom, which was a regular bathroom with concrete walls, and couldn't see inside.

But hearing the sound of running water inside, Qin Ming's mind couldn't help but remember the scene of Nie Haitang bathing, white and delicate skin, nurturing just the right body, her hands caressing every inch of skin.

Qin Ming hurriedly shook his head, not daring to think about it, physical reactions are coming.

A few moments later, the sound of running water in the bathroom is gone, Nie Haitang leaned against the bathroom door and said "He Shao, can you turn off the lights?"

Hearing Nie Haitang's voice and what she said, Qin Ming's heart trembled.

She was ready to give everything she had in order to save the Nie family, and Qin Ming could hear the fear and trembling in that voice.

He did not blame Nie Haitang, how many women in this world are willing to sacrifice themselves for their families?

Fortunately, he caught up.

Qin Ming got up to turn off the lights, he intended to give Nie Haitang a surprise.

The private room was dark, and Nie Haitang came out of the bathroom, she was barefoot, her shadow was vaguely visible in the darkness.

Nie Haitang put her long hair up into a bun, draped in a wide bath towel and walked to the edge of the bed, with her back to Qin Ming.

She said, "He Shao, I hope you can keep your promise and sell us the 11 percent of your shares tonight. From now on, I will also be your wife in an honest manner."

Pop, the light came on.

"Didn't we say to turn off the lights? Huh? Qin Ming?" Nie Haitang was in a big hurry, although she had promised to go to bed, she couldn't do it under the light to be ravaged by the man she loathed in her heart, but she suddenly realized that He Kun was gone from the room, and in his place was Qin Ming.

The last sound of her voice, obviously some of the surprise.

"Why are you here?" Nie Haitang is completely confused, Qin Ming what situation she knows very well, this high-end consumer places, is not so easy to enter, Qin Ming does not even have a suit, it is easy to be stopped by the staff with unkempt clothes.

Qin Ming said "How can I not come? You in the car that unwilling eyes, not again told me to come quickly?"

Nie Haitang's torso shook, she clenched her hands, turned her head and said, "You go, later He Kun back, you want to get into trouble. Moreover, this matter, is my own decision. You can not help me."

Qin Ming walked over and asked, "Haitang, do you like He Kun? Why do you want to do this? Because of the Nie family?"

Nie Haitang said sadly "I don't like it, I even hate it. But do you know, if I do not make sacrifices, the Nie family will be lost, grandparents are too old to bear the excitement of the Nie family three generations of family business destroyed, Mom and Dad have been helpless, brother in order to carry out a blind date with the Mu family opportunity, sister-in-law who has been in love for three years also broke up, the results of the Mu family Miss can not see him. So now no one can save the Nie family except me, ah. Even if I hate it more inside, I still have to come ah."

Qin Ming lips slightly open, inexplicably heartbroken, this girl desperately trying to hold back crying, she should smile, smile to look good.

Qin Ming said "believe me, you give your father a call, ask him if things have been resolved."

Nie Haitang froze, suspiciously looking at Qin Ming, feeling that Qin Ming was joking with her, the share price of Nie's bathroom group is not low, to buy eleven percent of the equity, but also a lot of money, generally rich people can not do.

What's more, the He family intends to leave this matter to He Kun, whose requirement is to marry Nie Haitang.

Qin Ming said this as if he had already done something.

But Nie Haitang saw Qin Ming's confident look, she will be doubtful to call home.

Nie Haitang asked, "Hey, Dad, how is the company doing?"

Nie's father said, "Good girl, our Nie family is really lucky, the He family gave away their shares to a very powerful person, Hou Qing, Boss Hou. Mr. Hou just talked to me on the phone, said he sold that eleven percent of the equity to the young master behind him, but he was not at liberty to disclose who the young master is. However, Mr. Hou said that the young master supports our Nie family, as long as the shareholders' meeting, his 11 percent of the equity in his hands will definitely be on the side of our Nie family. Then you can 100% guarantee that our Nie family three generations of industry is not lost."

Nie Haitang was first shocked, and then so excited that she lost control of her emotions, crying for a while and then laughing "Really, really? Too, too good, too good."

Nie's father also said, "Oh, you don't have to go on a blind date with that He Kun, my dear daughter, I'm sorry for you, I've wronged you. How you hate Dad, Dad did not complain, but now you can come back. By the way, my dear girl, you didn't suffer any loss, right? I heard that He Kun is very lustful and has sexual violence."

Nie Haitang suddenly looked up at Qin Ming and shyly pursed her lips, saying "Dad, I'm fine, He Kun is gone. I'm with my best friend now. By the way, you call brother first go back, do not wait for me."

Nie's father said happily, "Oh, it's good that you're okay, it's good that you didn't lose anything, my good daughter is so smart, hurry back, let your mother make you what you love."

Nie Haitang happily hung up the phone, because today too many times crying, eyes red, but can not hide her beauty, especially this just after the shower, just draped in a bath towel, leaving some gaps in the middle, Qin Ming high angle, see most of the white skin, the Yuk just the right jade peaks of exceptional beauty.

Qin Ming stole a few glances and feel the impact is not good, immediately remove the eyes, said "do not look, how can I take advantage of the danger?"

Nie Haitang raised her head, now Qin Ming eyes look elsewhere, look down a look at their own, only now the bath towel open, he did not want to peek before don't head.

She blushed shyly and looked at Qin Ming, in a better mood than ever.

Nie Haitang suddenly rushed up, the towel slipped to the ground, she hugged Qin Ming from behind, said "Qin Ming, our family was saved, someone saved our family."

"This is his favorite position, being embraced by a woman from behind, or without clothes, the soft touch stimulates his back, every nerve is excited.

Qin Ming never expected that all of a sudden, Nie Haitang would have this kind of operation.

Qin Ming forced himself to calm down and said "Then you don't have to go on a blind date with someone you don't like, Haitang, you can live your old life again."

Nie Haitang from behind Qin Ming, hugged him harder, said "Well, thanks to you. I heard the fire alarm, everyone would have run, but you came, and I was saved. However, you are really reckless, what if you are caught by the security guards?"

Qin Ming licked his lips, Nie Haitang's smooth arms at the moment, just hugging his chest, soft but from full strength, this skin a look to know to play a small abundance of clothes and food for the Lord.

Suddenly, Qin Ming turned around, he backhanded Nie Haitang, said "Haitang, I am not reckless, I am capable of helping you."

"Ah!" Nie Haitang suddenly exclaimed, did not expect Qin Ming suddenly turned around, she is naked, will not be seen naked?

Although Qin Ming is very upright, only looking at Nie Haitang's face only, did not even look at the chest, anyway, all rubbed, heart to feel it.

Nie Haitang immediately reached out to cover Qin Ming's eyes and said shyly "No, don't look at it. Qin Ming you learn bad, know that I am not wearing clothes, but also turn around."

Qin Ming really wronged, he really did not look.

But he now Nie Haitang and himself zero distance close, his hand around her small waist, more comfortable, smooth and delicate skin, Yuk just the right surge of the chest, so he was distracted.

But Qin Ming still honestly closed his eyes, said "good, good, I closed my eyes, not cut, I do not look. I ...... um?"

Qin Ming eyes tightly closed, is speaking when Nie Haitang suddenly hands hooked his neck, on tiptoe, cherry mouth directly kissed to Qin Ming lips.