Rags To Riches Chapter 309-310

Chapter 309

Qin Ming didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he had a dream that he was in a river and Nie Haitang was in a boat on the river, and they were looking at each other across the water.

                Qin Ming tried to catch up with the boat, he kept running and running and screaming, all in vain, but he could only watch Nie Haitang drifting away, then he jumped into the river and kept sinking, drowning and unable to breathe, in agony.

                In the end, he woke up alive and scared himself.

                "Haitang!" Qin Ming suddenly shouted from his hospital bed and sat up directly from his lying position.

                "Ah!" Suddenly, he heard a painful grunt from his position next to him.

                Qin Ming twisted his head and saw a hand that was peeling an apple, the knife had cut into a slender, lily-white catkin finger and blood gurgled out, he hurriedly reached over, put it in his mouth and sucked the blood away, and snapped, "Haitang, why are you so careless in peeling an apple?"

                "Young, young master ...... is me."

                Song Ying's cheeks were tinged with a blush, her hand didn't pull back, the feeling of Qin Ming's tongue licking lightly, tickling, Song Ying didn't know why she had a thumping sensation.

                Only then did Qin Ming realise that the person in front of him was not Nie Haitang, but Song Ying. His mind was still stuck in his dream world just now, and he took Song Ying for Nie Haitang without even seeing the person clearly.

                Song Ying's blood, fishy-sweet taste, not much that finger is full of thick layers of calluses, not the same as Nie Haitang's delicate fingers, after all, Song Ying's origin is also different.

                Qin Ming let go of his hand, looked at the sick clothes he was wearing, and the surroundings looked like he was in a hospital, so he asked, "How many days have I been in a coma?"

                Song Ying said, "Three days."

                "That long?" Qin Ming was quite surprised by this and at the same time regretted why he had approached Chang Huan alone at that time, when Chang Huan was not as rubbish as he thought and was also a ruthless character ah.

                He was still inexperienced and had been careless for a while.

                "Where is the man?" Qin Ming asked, "Has Chang Huan been captured?"

                Song Ying said, "He's captured and is being held in a secret prison on an isolated island in the South Pacific, with real-time network monitoring over here. Master said to keep his life as a bargaining chip, but he won't have a good time in the isolated island prison either."

                Qin Ming said, "I didn't want to kill him originally, he is after all the adopted son of his righteous father, years of affection, it's impossible to just say no. Besides, it was indeed a bargaining chip that could blackmail Zhao Turnip and her lover. He won't escape in the solitary prison, will he?"

                Song Ying said, "Young master, don't worry, that place is currently under the control of our people, it won't be escaped."

                Qin Ming nodded and asked again, "What about Haitang? She knows everything about me, right? Not shocked, is she?"

                Song Ying was silent as she looked at Qin Ming with complicated eyes and said, "Miss Nie has left Guang City."

                "Oh, went on a trip?" Qin Ming got up and got out of bed, saying without taking it seriously, "She actually went on a trip? Obviously I'm still in a coma, this girlfriend has such a big heart."

                Song Ying had to say truthfully, "Young Master, Miss Nie's family went bankrupt, they are leaving Guang City as a whole family and should not come back in the future."

                "What bankruptcy?" Qin Ming said in disbelief, "The Nie family's tens of billions of dollars in business, how could they go bankrupt so easily? Are you teasing me?"

                Song Ying had to take out some news reports, and Qin Ming took the tablet in disbelief, checking every piece of news information on it.

                "Nie Jianmin gambles on losing Nie's Sanitary Ware Group, loses all of his equity and the myth of the emerging magnate collapses."

                "Nie's Bathroom suffers fraudulent investment, technology investment needs to be careful, inventory of all kinds of fraudulent investment in the name of technology."

                "The Nie family's investments fail and they are left with nothing overnight, the national daughter Nie Haitang has nothing, her former poor boyfriend Qin Ming is not around, the fairy tale of the princess and the commoner is ultimately an empty one, the goddess is filmed washing her face in tears."

                "The down-and-out tycoon Nie Zhengming shows up at the airport, his family leaves Guangcheng in a low profile, the fall of a generation of tycoons."

                Looking at the content of the news, Qin Ming realised that Nie Jianmin had to diversify in order to change the monolithic industrial attributes of Nie's sanitary ware, but somehow made a radical and bold investment in a series of technological products.

                Investing in an intelligent robot experiment, it was revealed to be a scam and, moreover, the author of an illegal experiment. The Nie family was thus implicated and faced a huge fine in addition to their investment hitting the water scoop.

                The Nie family sells everything overnight, just to keep from getting caught in jail.

                And Nie Haitang also left Guang City with the Nie family.

                Qin Ming's first reaction was, "Is there any mistake? Is this such a bloody thing going to happen to him?

                Qin Ming asked suspiciously, "Did her mother Zhang Yao put on another good show?"

                Song Ying shook her head, "Young master, the Nie family is really bankrupt, one of the technology companies they invested in also had an accident and burned many people to death, the compensation alone was not enough, in order to avoid going to jail, they had to sell the company and ended up becoming destitute. At the moment it's just some agency that handles the follow-up for them, and the Nie family has already left Guang City."

                Qin Ming immediately called Nie Haitang, the phone didn't go through, prompting it to be switched off.

                Qin Ming huffed and questioned, "Although I was in a coma, why didn't you guys do something? You should know how important Nie Haitang is to me."

                Song Ying fell silent, unable to answer.

                "It was my order."

                Suddenly, an old voice came from the doorway of the ward, responding to Qin Ming's question.

                Qin Ming hurriedly walked forward and said, "Righteous Father? You're here."

                Qin Ming saw that the person who was pushing the cart for his righteous father, Chang Hongxi, was an imposing elder with half-white hair, but a strong aura.

                Chang Hongxi said indifferently, "Introducing, one of the four patriarchs, Feng Dongxiang, an old subordinate of mine for many years, who will also be your right hand man in the future."

                Qin Ming bowed slightly and said, "Elder Feng, I have heard a lot about you, I never thought we would meet so soon, I am deeply honoured to have your help."

                Feng Dongxiang gave a very direct big bow, his voice slightly hoarse and low, and said respectfully, "Young master, it is only my honour to receive recognition for you."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, this Feng Dongxiang was quite nice to talk to, and looking at his eyes and behaviour, he really treated Qin Ming like a little master.

                After finishing his greeting, Qin Ming asked urgently, "Righteous father, why don't you help the Nie family? How can I say that it is my girlfriend who is ...... in the picture?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "Hasn't she left? Left Guang City and left you. Forget about her, you deserve someone better."

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, and for half a second, he clenched his fist and said, "What does righteous father mean, did you let her go?"

                Chang Hongxi shook his head and said, "No, I only spoke out the implications of her staying with you, she left of her own accord, I didn't give her a choice, it was her own choice."

                "Righteous Father!" Qin Ming turned red with anger, but seeing Chang Hongxi coughing incessantly, that old look from cancer, he could not lay a hand on him.

                Qin Ming questioned coldly, "Why?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "For your own good, she doesn't suit you."

                "For my own good?" Qin Ming smiled coldly, "Righteous Father, do you know? Chang Huan hates me because he feels that you have left all the fatherly love left and right to me, so his hatred is still born out of jealousy. But I think that you don't know how to be a father."

                Chang Hongxi was silent, he could not refute Qin Ming's words, he had really failed in his life except for being a great businessman.

                Qin Ming said, "My father, although he was an honest warehouse manager, but I took the university entrance exam in my senior year and asked my father what would be a good major for me to enroll in, my father told me this 'Son, you have grown up, your future is your own choice, no matter what kind of job you choose, what kind of woman, it's all up to you, you make the decision of your life ', righteous father, in that moment, I cried."

                Qin Ming's eyes were red and he said angrily, "Although you have given me wealth, the most vast wealth in the world, you cannot and will not be able to dominate my life. If the price for me to accept your wealth is to lose my beloved, then I will give you back everything that I have received from you."

                After saying this, Qin Ming ripped the needle gag off his wrist and angrily walked out of the ward.

                Song Ying was anxious and said, "Master, this ......"

                Chang Hongxi coughed a few times and said, "It doesn't matter, it's easy to go from frugal to extravagant, but hard to go from extravagant to frugal, this kid won't be able to stand the poor days at the beginning in a few days."

Chapter 310

In Beijing, Nie Jianmin took his family into hiding in an old flat provided by his brother.

                The taps were still the same old knob switches, the whole house was covered in dust and cobwebs, but the flooring and wall tiles, and the layout of the d├ęcor, were still recognisable as a rather classy flat.

                Nie Haitang cleared an old sofa for Nie Jianmin to sit on and said, "Dad, are you sure you don't want to bring Mum back?"

                Nie Jianmin sighed, "I have nothing now, she should be very angry, it's obviously very unrealistic to ask her to start all over again with me, she might be more comfortable at her mother's house."

                Boom, aside, Nie Zhengming threw the surname Li and said in a cold voice: "Have you done any more wrong? Faking a medical test for your sister and tricking her into going to a rich foreign country for a blind date with cancer, you knew about it and you tacitly approved of it. Investing in so many technology industries that turned out to be mostly pitfalls, signing nine out of ten contracts after being drunk, and ending up in an accident with another one, I still have a stomach full of fire."

                Nie Haitang persuaded, "Brother, just cut the crap, Dad is also very upset right now."

                Nie Jianmin sighed despondently and said, "This is perhaps God's punishment for me. Daughter, I was wrong, I should not have agreed to your mother doing that in the first place, you are my good daughter, I just wanted you to live a rich life but neglected your own pursuits. Haitang, dad promises that in the future, you will choose your own life, it's your life, dad shouldn't choose for you."

                Nie Haitang pursed her lips as she nodded and said, "Dad, let's start all over again as a family."

                Nie Jianmin said, "Good, life must go on. I have a good friend in the capital, he has promised to help me start again from scratch, leave the earning to Dad and your brother, I'll let your second uncle help out and finish college."

                Nie Haitang nodded silently, accepting the arrangement to continue to finish university.

                Nie Zhengming suddenly said, "Sister, are you really not going to get in touch with Qin Ming?"

                Nie Haitang's movements, which were sweeping out the dust, froze as she bit her lip tightly, recalling what Chang Hongxi had said to her that night.

                Nie Haitang's eyes then welled up with tears, she wiped the teardrops from her eyes and said strongly, "If we are really meant to meet again, we will definitely meet again, I want to become better and more worthy of him before we meet again."

                Nie Zhengming sighed silently and said, "Do as you like, but remember, both times you owe it to someone else, Qin Ming. If Qin Ming falls for someone else, it's all your fault."

                Nie Haitang also felt badly in her heart, but she knew she had to do it, all for the sake of a better future for Qin Ming.

                She firmly believed in her heart that they were destined to meet again one day.

                Meanwhile, in the middle of the streets of Guangzhou at night, Qin Ming, who had recovered from his wounds, was walking like a man in the street.

                When Qin Ming thought that Chang Hongxi had asked Nie Haitang to leave him, just because Nie Haitang's family did not deserve it?

                In the past three years at university, Qin Ming had suffered a lot of blank stares, cold words and taunts, poor? Pan Jun 9 ri? Indo 7 title questionable family mirror curtain eight? The spring crisis? The moisture is quietly sternl neon coincidentally warned the arm to raise father haze for mine flat fiber? burberry outlet online The company is a member of the National Committee of the United Nations. The sodium is not a problem. The main reason for this is the fact that the company has been in the business for a long time. forgiveness

                Now he didn't know what Chang Hongxi had said to Nie Haitang and was surprised to be told to leave.

                He then became extremely annoyed: "Old man! Your own head is green, and you want me to be like you? I am used to being poor, it's not a big deal for me to start all over again, one is not young in vain. If I, Qin Ming, am worthless after leaving the wealth of the Huan Yu Century Group, then I don't deserve to inherit that wealth."

                Drip drip drip, just as Qin Ming finished his grand words, his phone rang.

                On the other end of the phone, Song Ying said, "Young master, that godly man Zhang Quan has really lost him, the person we sent to follow him closely was somehow tricked into the mental hospital."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, that Zhang Quanzhen was really something, not just any godly Taoist priest.

                But Qin Ming said, "Miss Song, I am no longer the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, you tell Lao Chang that you don't have to report anything to me in the future, I, Qin Ming, have a backbone despite having nothing. Unless he gives me an apology and changes his mind, I won't go back."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, his mind already made up, if he compromised, then Chang Hongxi would definitely arrange a woman to get married with him immediately.

                Because the power behind that woman could help Qin Ming consolidate his position and make it easier for him to take over the Huan Yu Century Group, which was a business alliance that Qin Ming very much rejected.

                Moreover, how do you know that woman won't green him?

                Even Mu Xiaoqiao was better than this woman who came out of nowhere, right?

                Suddenly, Qin Ming tapped his head and said, "Hey, right, why did I forget that I earned a lot of money when I was the Mu family's son-in-law before?"

                Qin Ming felt out his wallet, the card inside was still there and he was relieved.

                To be reasonable, Qin Ming still had the ten billion that Mu Shuyun had given him in return, which was also a huge fortune, Qin Ming was not destitute.

                Only then did Qin Ming remember that he was also a billionaire ah, he hurriedly took a taxi to a bar in the Eastern District.

                The bar where Boss Nian, the grey power in Dongcheng District, was located. Qin Ming planned to spend money to ask Boss Nian's people to find Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming had already cleaned up two of the grey forces in Guangcheng, but Boss Nian was smarter and kept his head in the sand, hiding his claws, instead sitting back and reaping the benefits of the fishermen and growing his power.

                Qin Ming arrived at the bar, it was really after nine o'clock at night, and it was lively.

                The dance floor was full of men and women gyrating wildly, and the basement of the bar was a chess room with gamblers yelling loudly.

                Qin Ming looked at these men and women with indulgent nightlife and felt a pang of envy; he too wanted to get drunk and indulge himself.

                "Get lost, I don't know you."

                Suddenly, a woman pushed a few men away and stumbled into Qin Ming's arms, Qin Ming reached out and hugged her, wasn't this Liao Qingxuan Liao, the teacher from the university of opera next door?

                Qin Ming didn't know why teacher Liao would be in a bar getting drunk, didn't she get the money to launch her career and get on top of her life?

                "Teacher Liao?" Qin Ming patted Liao Qingxuan's face and called out.

                When Liao Qingxuan opened her eyes and saw that it was Qin Ming, her jade arm directly hooked over her shoulder and said, "Classmate Qin Ming, long time no see. Oh ...... burp ...... drink with your teacher."

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher you have drunk too much, don't drink."

                Qin Ming was about to leave, but the two men on the side who were pulling with Liao Qingxuan immediately stopped, pushed Qin Ming and scolded, "Hey, hey, kid who are you? This beautiful woman is drinking with us, you go elsewhere to pick up girls."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "We know each other."

                The yellow hair on the left spat a mouthful of spittle and said, "Know each other? This girl is my girl, you are openly stealing my girl, can I stand it?"

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "You guys are looking for death, I'm not in a good mood today, so get lost now and I'll spare you."

                The redhead on his right clenched his fist and smiled fiercely, "Yah-drink, your grandfather is in a bad mood today too, I'm worried about having no grandson to clean up, since you've come to my door, then don't blame me."

                The two men, one on the left and one on the right, struck towards Qin Ming at the same time.

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Ah Long, scrap their hands and feet."

                The expected reply did not come out and Qin Ming jerked awake, he had forgotten that he had said he was leaving the Huan Yu Century Group and that Ah Long was an employee of the group.

                By definition, Ah Long was no longer his statement.

                "Shit!" Qin Ming looked at the fist that swung over, but his hands were holding the drunken Liao Qingxuan, this was not going to be easy to deal with ah.