Rags To Riches Chapter 307-308

 Chapter 307

"Boss, we've lost contact with our snipers, and the retreat leaders from the air, land and sea can't be reached either ...... Don't move, you're finished too." Chang Huan heard two different voices on the phone, the first one was still one of his men, speaking English, and the next moment it changed to an authentic Chinese Mandarin.

                Chang Huan's face froze and a fiery sweat slipped from his temples as he felt that something big was wrong.

                And in Qin Ming's mobile phone, came Song Ying's concerned voice: "I'm very sorry, young master, I'm late, everything is in place for top-level support, all snipers and dark nets have been cleared, the scene is all ours, you can do whatever you want now."

                Not much time had actually passed, about five minutes, Song Ying had taken control of the situation, Qin Ming was okay with this speed.

                After all, Chang Huan had come prepared this time, with thousands of people, and had entered Guangcheng unnoticed, just to deal with him, and had also entangled the encircling net formed by Bi Yuan beforehand.

                As a former "Crown Prince", Chang Huan was naturally familiar with many departments of the Huan Yu Century Group, such as the assassination team, the number and speed of the highest level of support, which is why Chang Huan was so confident.

                However, there was one thing that Chang Huan did not know: the Chinese forces of the Huan Yu Century Group under Qin Ming's control had long been different.

                Qin Ming's safety became the most important issue to his subordinates, with a lot of money invested and swift support from all sides as a daily drill item.

                In addition to daily close protection, Ah Long was also responsible for the formation and training of Qin Ming's security team, all in accordance with the strictest standards of the military.

                Secondly, Huan Yu Century Group also has many business and cooperation dealings with the Guangzhou Military District.

                The highest level of support, the speed is first class and the power is also very strong.

                Qin Ming was sitting on a plastic stool, holding Nie Haitang in his arms. In such a depressing atmosphere and dangerous environment, he took a sniff of her virgin body fragrance, and felt relaxed and happy, not forgetting to sneakily touch Nie Haitang's buttocks.

                Nie Haitang felt a certain large hand pinching restlessly, but did not complain. She pursed her lips in shame and delight and whispered in his ear, "Big bad egg, what time is it?"

                Qin Ming waved his big hand and said, "Ah Long, get out of the way, I'll pretend to be a pussy."

                Ah Long turned around suspiciously, the young master came to play a pussy?

                Qin Ming slowly lifted his right hand and arranged his fingers in the shape of a pistol, then formed a real gun confrontation with Chang Huan.

                Is this not a joke?

                Can your fingers still send out qigong?

                One by one, Chang Huan's men laughed: "This young master really has a brain problem."

                "I heard he's a student... Chinese students all like to be middle-aged, so it's true."

                "Hm, his bodyguard is quite powerful, he seems to look familiar."

                "I remember, isn't that Blood Wolf? The former leader of the Wolf Teeth Spike Assault Team, that dead leftover bastard, the whole team of fifteen, he's the only one who survived."

                "Yes, I remember, the few times we fought before, we lost to their squad."

                "Impossible, hasn't Blood Wolf retired?"

                "No, if it's really Blood Wolf, we might have to lose this mission."

                "What are you afraid of, even if he is powerful, he is only one person, we can live if we grab and strafe indiscriminately? He can fire himself, and his master will have to die."

                Qin Ming said, "Chirping is really noisy, let's start with you, bang."


                With Qin Ming's hand gesture and direction, a bullet was fired in the dark night sky at a foreign mercenary who was disdainfully mocking Qin Ming, the bullet pierced his head through his forehead brow, splashing blood three times, the whole room was silent.

                Qin Ming raised his hand again and said, "Bounce!"


                Another foreign mercenary was knocked to the ground by a bullet that came from nowhere.

                In an instant, there were no more smiles or jeers from these foreign mercenaries, fear spread rapidly.

                Click, click, click, all the mercenaries took cover and raised their weapons to be on guard around the pedestrian street.

                "What's going on? Where are the snipers?"

                "Where's the perimeter net?"

                "Harry, have we been breached? Respond, respond! fuck."

                Naturally, these men knew that it couldn't be Qin Ming's finger shooting bullets, but someone sneaking in from afar.

                And with no response from any of the snipers they had deployed, and no reply from the extranet, everyone was in danger for a while.

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted, this was really cool.

                He looked at Chang Huan and said, "The moment you answered the phone just now, we should have split the difference."

                Chang Huan's expression stiffened, he had a thousand men, three hundred to deal with the protective network of Bi Yuan's assassination team, one hundred for the city retreat, one hundred to prepare the way for the helicopter retreat, and one hundred to prepare the escape route by boat.

                The remaining one hundred were in charge of the stakeout and intelligence network, while the three hundred men following him blocked off the entire street, all elites he had spent years raising at his expense.

                He had expected to solve Qin Ming in ten minutes and retreat in style, but it turned out that Qin Ming had turned the situation around in five minutes.

                The strength of Qin Ming's men was as terrifying as this.

                Rumbling, suddenly a row of military police SUVs rushed in, a large number of special police surrounded the scene and exchanged positions with Qin Ming's men forces, and it was only at this time that the whereabouts of Qin Ming's men were revealed, as well as those who were holding down the periphery of the street foreign mercenaries, had long since been taken care of.

                Only the group of people who were following Chang Huan were left.

                When Chang Huan saw this scene, his brain was shaking and his breathing had stopped abruptly.

                Qin Ming's men had come over early with support, and so silently that none of his men had noticed? This strength was unbelievable, and the most terrifying thing was that he had also entered into a partnership with the local official forces.

                A dozen military helicopters hovered in mid-air, snipers aiming down.

                Qin Ming walked up alone and went in front of Chang Huan. Even though Chang Huan was still holding a real gun, Qin Ming was not afraid in the slightest, his powerful banknote ability was his strongest card.

                Qin Ming said, "Do you dare to shoot?"

                Chang Huan did not expect to collapse so quickly, but he remained domineering, pointing his gun at Qin Ming and roaring, "Do you think I don't dare? If, you and I both die, the inheritance will fall to my brother Chang Jun Dong, which is better than you, a wild child."

                Qin Ming said confidently, "No, you can't take anything away from me, hand."


                A gunshot rang out from the helicopter, hitting Chang Huan's wrist and spilling blood all over the ground, Chang Huan also covered his wrist in pain, and the pistol fell to the ground with a snap.

                Qin Ming touched Chang Huan's fat face and said, "Actually, your plan was good, and if Ah Long hadn't pawned a bullet for me just now, you would have succeeded. But in life, how can there be so many ifs? If you were Old Chang's own son? It wouldn't be my turn to inherit his legacy, would it?"

                "Hahahahaha ......," Chang Huan suddenly threw back the sky and laughed, "Losing, very well, I did lose again. However, you have made a foolish mistake, that is, coming close to me!"

                Ho, Chang Huan's left hand suddenly grabbed and squeezed towards Qin Ming's neck.

                Qin Ming reacted extremely quickly and immediately reached out to block the grasp, this collision made Qin Ming feel like he was slapped by a sledgehammer, this Chang Huan looked fat, but his strength was surprisingly so strong.


                Another shot rang out, the bullet pierced Chang Huan's left arm, but he didn't let go, fighting for his last strength, he grabbed Qin Ming's wrist in a deadly grip.

                "Taste this together, the art of explosion." Chang Huan suddenly pulled it out of his pocket and a grenade fell to the ground.

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, this guy was actually trying to pull him to his back.

Chapter 308

Chang Huan saw that the assassination of Qin Ming had failed, that almost all the men he had brought with him had been dealt with, that there was no way out, and that the rest were being shot at by the military police who were coming in support.

                He knew that failure would inevitably lead to death and no burial place.

                With anger in his heart, Chang Huan simply went down with Qin Ming and a grenade was quietly thrown out.

                At that moment, Qin Ming was being squeezed by Chang Huan's arm in a deadly grip. He was horrified in his heart; he had indeed been careless, he had not yet disarmed, and he had rushed closer with the huge team behind him, and had indeed over-loaded.

                But Qin Ming's mind turned fast, he suddenly exploded and kicked at Chang Huan, who was also at the end of his rope after being shot in the arm, and was knocked to the ground by Qin Ming's violent kick.

                After being kicked to the ground, Chang Huan was still laughing wildly and awkwardly: "Hahahaha, you won't survive. I've killed his favourite bastard son, I really want to see his shocked expression, hahaha."

                Qin Ming quickly grabbed a hand grenade and threw it towards the mid-air where there was no helicopter.

                Qin Ming had read in some military magazines that a normal grenade explosion had a radius of seven to fifteen metres, so as long as it was thrown far away, he could still survive.


                Qin Ming had only thrown it out for a short time when the grenade exploded with a loud shockwave that sent Qin Ming, who had not yet had time to amble down, rushing to the sides of the street.

                The loud explosion made Qin Ming dizzy, his eyes filled with blood and his ears all buzzed.

                All Qin Ming saw before he passed out was Ah Long, who rushed to him, and Nie Haitang, who was so frightened that she cried out, and Song Ying, who was panicking.

                His body felt unusually uncomfortable, he saw the women saying something but he couldn't hear them, Qin Ming finally opened his mouth and murmured, "I'm fine, I can stand up."

                Qin Ming's eyes then went black and he fell into a coma.

                Song Ying, who had rushed to the scene, immediately turned around and shouted, "Medical squad, send someone here immediately."

                "Qin Ming, Qin Ming!" Nie Haitang turned pale with fright and hurriedly pulled the people to her left and right, "Save him, save him."

                Ah Long pressed his hand on Qin Ming's carotid artery and said, "Miss Nie, calm down, young master he should have fallen into a coma, it's not a big problem, his life won't be in danger again."

                Nie Haitang asked in a panic, "Really?"

                Ah Long assured, "Don't worry, I'm a soldier, I've seen this kind of situation a lot. But young master needs immediate treatment."

                The medical squad quickly arrived and carried Qin Ming away for medical treatment.

                Song Ying suddenly picked up a gun, loaded with bullets, and walked over to Chang Huan's fat body without saying a word.

                Chang Huan was not hurt much because he had been lying on the belt early, instead, but the right side of his face had been burnt by the gunpowder, plus his hands had been shot, and under the impact wave, blood was flowing from the pressure, his chest was heaving together, and he was trying to breathe every breath of air, trying to stay alive.

                When I was picking people in the training camp, I originally wanted to pick you, but the old man just wouldn't give you to me, so I ended up picking Corrie? Olsen. It turned out to be the best killing machine for him, and sure enough, he doesn't have me in his heart at all."

                Song Ying stomped on Chang Huan's wound, the cold muzzle of his gun pressed against his head, and said coldly: "Finished? You can go to hell."

                "Wait a minute."

                Suddenly, a faint, but absolutely commanding voice came from behind the crowd.

                Song Ying turned around in surprise, and the person who came was surprisingly Chang Hongxi.

                Chang Hongxi looked very frail, sitting in a wheelchair with half a dozen bottles of IV drips hanging from his arm, being pushed by an imposing old man as he slowly came over.

                Song Ying was very surprised, when did Chang Hongxi come to Guangzhou City? Usually when Chang Hongxi wanted to come to China, he would first contact people on Qin Ming's side, but this time Chang Hongxi had obviously concealed his whereabouts.

                Chang Hongxi walked up to Chang Huan's side and the two fathers looked at each other. Although they were not related by blood, how could they say that their father-son bond of decades had been lost? The two fathers and sons looked at each other with a certain amount of fondness for the past.

                Chang Hongxi coughed a few times and said, "I have already warned you that your talents are not as good as his, don't look for trouble with him, and the money I left you is enough for you to live a comfortable and luxurious life in this life."

                Chang Huan laughed hideously and questioned angrily, "Ho ho ho, on what basis? Am I not your son? On what grounds? Everything is his, and I am not. Kill me, or I will make him never have peace."

                Chang Hongxi waved his hand, and someone behind him immediately took Chang Huan away.

                Song Ying was in a great hurry and said, "Master, this ......"

                Chang Hongxi held up his hand, signaling for Song Ying to shut up as he explained, "Just now Qin Ming didn't directly have Chang Huan killed, his thoughts should be the same as mine. Chang Huan is a good bargaining chip, a dead person is only left with hatred, a living bargaining chip will allow him to take the initiative."

                Song Ying fell silent, she already had a hundred ways in her head to torture Chang Huan, to make his life worse than death.

                At that moment, a heavily armed junior ran over, he looked at Chang Hongxi, then said to Song Ying, "Secretary Song, all the enemies are under control, and the live ones are handed over to the police, please give instructions."

                Song Ying ordered, "All go and follow the young master's medical van, no more mistakes. Ah Long, if you can still move, follow immediately too."

                Ah Long followed in silence, despite the fact that he was bleeding and looked horrible, Ah Long's injuries were not serious.


                Nie Haitang was taken back to the Cloud Peak Villa.

                After arriving at the Cloud Peak Villa, Nie Haitang realised who the owner of the most mysterious hilltop villa at the top of Cloud Peak was, and it was Qin Ming.

                And this was Qin Ming's residence, much more luxurious and atmospheric than the villas in the Green Island district, and it was also very close to her home.

                "Little sister, I've given you a fright."

                Suddenly, there was a greeting next to her, and Chang Hongxi and the one pushing the wheelchair recognised it. Compared to the pale and frail Chang Hongxi, a majestic old man pushing Chang Hongxi's wheelchair, with a black robe, like the kind of coat Guo Dezang used to tell comic songs, combing a head of flying hair at the back of his head, and despite his age, a pair of tiger eyes shining, looked at Nie Haitang with panic in his heart.

                She hurriedly stood up and said, "Hello, old man."

                Chang Hongxi raised his arm and said, "Sit down, I have something to tell you."

                Nie Haitang shook her head, saying that standing would be fine.

                Chang Hongxi asked, "Do you love him?"

                "Well, love, I love Qin Ming." Although she didn't explicitly say who it was, Nie Haitang knew it was Qin Ming she was talking about, and she nodded earnestly.

                Chang Hongxi took a slow breath before saying, "If you really love him, then I want to ask you for one thing ......"

                In the middle of the living room, Nie Haitang listened to Chang Hongxi's words, her expression gradually became grave, she tried to argue with reason several times, but in the end she was silent, and finally her whole body was gloomy.

                An hour later, Nie Haitang walked out of the manor in a daze.

                Chang Hongxi looked at Nie Haitang's back at the gate and said slowly, "Are you satisfied with this?"

                The old man pushing the wheelchair, said, "No, old Chang, it is they who are satisfied. Let you be an evil man, what I owe you, I will make up for it all on the young master."

                Chang Hongxi nodded and said, "With the help of your four patriarchs, he will sit much more securely in his position."