Rags To Riches Chapter 305-306

 Chapter 305

"Ahhh, Qin Ming, Qin Ming ...... what to do, what to do?"

                Faced with this sudden car accident, Nie Haitang, who was driving well and thinking about where to go for fun later, was already scared and incoherent.

                Nie Haitang stopped the car, not daring to drive any further.

                Qin Ming immediately sent a message to Song Ying, "I'm exposed."

                Just after sending the message, Qin Ming saw two tall and imposing men coming down from that Audi sedan, both of whom were clearly holding a military knife in their hands.

                Qin Ming saw that the front road was no longer accessible and the back road was blocked, so sitting in the car was a rhythm of waiting for death. He made a split-second decision and immediately pulled Nie Haitang out of the car and ran towards the streets on both sides.

                As she ran, Nie Haitang asked, "Qin Ming, who are they?"

                Qin Ming said, "Bad people."

                Nie Haitang was quite speechless, this was not the same as saying nothing, but now she could only follow Qin Ming to run for her life.

                Although they ran first, Nie Haitang was still a girl and was wearing high heels, so she couldn't go fast at all.

                The pedestrians and traders on both sides of the street were scared to death, and those who were brave stood and watched, while those who were timid fled.

                A chase did not take long, the distance is getting closer and closer, see is about to be caught up, raised the arm of the holding knife, then towards Nie Haitang back heart stabbed.

                Qin Ming took a look at a roadside congee stall and he quickly grabbed a hot boiling congee scoop and threw it at the killers behind him.

                But the killers were quick to react, moving sideways left and right to avoid the hot congee, then with a fierce tiger pouncing on a goat, his legs exploded with muscle power, his whole body jumped as high as those dunking masters, and the military spike in his hand stabbed towards Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming pushed Nie Haitang away and raised his wrist against the assassin's wrist with his quick eyes.

                The foreign assassin stabbed down from a height, with such speed and strength that Qin Ming dropped to one knee before he could block it, and the bayonet narrowly missed his shoulder.

                "Huh? Impossible." The killer was surprised, his strength and speed, that was after twenty years of hard training day and night, the pursuit was to kill in one blow, not ordinary people could resist anymore.

                This stab should have taken off Qin Ming's whole arm, right?

                This Qin Ming looked so ordinary, what made him resist this thrust?

                Qin Ming looked back at Nie Haitang, who was terrified, but in order to save Qin Ming, she suppressed her fear and grabbed a bench from a roadside food stall and smashed it down on the killer's head with a bang.

                However, the killer was unharmed, twisted his head and grinned, "No need to rush, you'll die soon, just wait."

                "Ah!" Nie Haitang was so frightened by the killer's hideous cold smile that her legs went weak.

                Qin Ming shouted, "Haitang, don't mind me, go away!"

                Nie Haitang cried out in fear and shook her head desperately, "No, I don't want to leave you behind."

                At that moment, another killer stepped forward and said in a mouthful of English, "EASY, you will soon be reunited in hell."

                Qin Ming's heart tightened as he saw that Nie Haitang was in danger, but he was tangled up in a pester, his hands braced against the other killer's bayonet, unable to move because of his opponent's overwhelming strength.

                The assassin who was wrapped around Qin Ming smiled smugly, "Hey, our boss, Mr. Chang Huan, wants to treat you to a cup of tea, he doesn't want anyone else to interrupt."

                "Hey spit!"

                Qin Ming was in a hurry and spat out a mouthful of spit, which neatly hit the killer's mouth.

                "Cough cough ......" The killer felt a strange sensation in his throat, and the breath he had been holding was released, and Qin Ming felt his strength slacken.

                He rolled backwards with a lazy donkey roll, avoiding the bayonet.

                With a sudden forward lunge, he tackled the killer who had threatened Nie Haitang to the ground.

                Qin Ming was about to turn around and shout at Nie Haitang to hurry up and run when a large black shadow suddenly appeared behind him.


                A wooden stick struck his head, but Qin Ming felt no pain.

                He looked back and saw a bruised and bloodied Ah Long, who had opened the back of one of the killers' head.

                Ah Long's car had been knocked over by the two killers and Qin Ming thought he had lost the fight as a result, but to his surprise he had caught up with him.

                Ah Long wiped the blood from his face and said, "Young master, I'm sorry I'm late."


                Ah Long sprinted forward and gave a ferocious kick, stepping on the chest of the second killer, stomping the man to the ground with one foot. The killer's mouth and ears bled profusely and his body spasmed and jerked out wildly, looking like he would not be saved.

                Qin Ming let out a sigh of relief and said, "I thought you were going to die."

                Ah Long grinned, his face full of blood, just a row of white teeth showing in his mouth, and said, "I've been shot at in a plane, I've been overturned in a tank, a mere small car, it'll kill me. Young master, Bi Yuan and the others are surrounded by people, I guess his support won't be able to come for a while."

                Qin Ming said in surprise, "What? The assassination team is over fifty people, and they are all counter-encircled?"

                Ah Long said, "These assassins move so meticulously, I reckon that there are at least a hundred of them."

                Qin Ming's face was dull, a hundred people? A hundred assassins or foreign mercenaries, so many people to kill a college student, is too damn exaggerated?

                Ah Long said, "Young master, don't worry, since I am by your side, no one can threaten you anymore and harm you by a hair, not even the gods."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he inexplicably got goosebumps, his emotions were greatly infected; if Ah Long dared to say that, he dared to trust him that much.

                Qin Ming found a bench by the roadside and sat down, saying, "All right, I'll watch. Alas, it's quite tiring to run all the way."

                The corner of Ah Long's mouth twitched as he said, "But Young Master, if the other side has snipers, I can't protect you if you're a live target in such an open area. You still have to go to a safe place first."

                Qin Ming made a scene of embarrassment and immediately pulled Nie Haitang to run away again.

                But he hadn't run a few steps when suddenly a sea of heavily armed foreign mercenaries came out around the block, heads in black, a lot of them.

                These mercenaries had all the intersections under control, and those innocent people who had not had time to escape were all killed, and the screams were so horrifying to hear.

                In the crowd, a big man in a white suit came out leisurely, he said manically and arrogantly, "Wrong, not a hundred, the assassination team is so large, how can a hundred people stop them? I have a thousand men in reserve. These one thousand are also the last assassins I can mobilise. The old man got rid of all my resources and people for you, a wild bastard, huh huh, but I found you in the end."

                A thousand people? Just to catch an ordinary college student like Qin Ming?

                That was too damned much, wasn't it?

                All the shops along the street were closed in fear, every intersection was controlled by these people, and they were all armed.

                Qin Ming also saw Chang Hongxi's son, no, his eldest son, Chang Huan, for the first time.

                Chang Huan was of typical oriental origin, with a fat, square face and a physique that was obese to the point of being muscular, but his behaviour and taste in clothes were not too different from an authentic Magnesian, and he ate quite well, and the sinister look on his face was particularly obvious.

                If Chang Huan were to appear as the villain of a certain movie, it would probably be in his own right.

                Chang Huan said as he walked over, "You did a good job, evading several of my assassinations, and tricking my people into coming to the capital city, and later cleaning up my inner circle that I had placed in China at Century Mansion."

                The man clapped his hands in a gentlemanly applause, but underneath his "praise", there was a hidden agenda.

                Nie Haitang was shocked, she couldn't hear what Chang Huan was saying.

                Wasn't Qin Ming an ordinary university student? He had recently met a big financial boss, made a lot of money and even bought a villa.

                How could he be involved in this kind of vendetta?

                She looked strangely at Qin Ming, a man she was incredibly familiar with, who had suddenly become incredibly strange.

                The most powerful thing about you is that you had to turn the tables on Corrie Olsen, who I had trained for years. Olsen, she shook out all the ugly things I had done over the years and I almost didn't make it out of the Magnesium Justice Bureau."

                Snapping his fingers, Chang Huan applauded again.

                Slowly, he had walked up to Qin Ming five steps ahead.

                Under the street light, Chang Huan was unusually tall, about one meter nine, and with his fat and slightly muscular build, he was almost like a small mountain of meat, pulling out a huge shadow that was comparable to a tree.

                Chang Huan suddenly grinned "with pleasure" and said, "You didn't expect that, did you? I've been here in China for a long time."

                Qin Ming's face was grim, despite being surrounded by hundreds of people, he was not afraid and asked, "Are you confident that you can kill me?"

                Chang Huan suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Qin Ming, saying, "I have to kill even if I can't, only when you die will the position of the world's richest man return to my hands."

Chapter 306

"All, the richest man in the world?" Nie Haitang listened to what this Chang Huan was asking for, that it was wealth, or the richest man in the world?

                So, now Qin Ming was the richest man in the world? Was Qin Ming very rich? It didn't look like that at all.

                Nie Haitang felt like was the world going crazy?

                She said, "Have you misunderstood and found the wrong person? Qin Ming is just an ordinary person, he was working part-time last month, his family is very poor, his parents are both farmers and workers, how can he be the richest person in the world?"

                Chang Huan directly ignored Nie Haitang's words, treating her like air, and said, "Know how I found out about you?"

                Qin Ming was also curious as to how he had been exposed.

                Every day of his actions were carefully planned and arranged by Song Ying, using every means to prevent his identity from being revealed, even when he had previously eliminated two grey and black forces in Guang City, he had managed to conceal his whereabouts enough.

                Chang Huan was somewhat smug, proud of his gesture of victory as he said, "From the very beginning, I never put down this clue that you ordered Hou Qing to help the Nie family, it was an unexpected surprise. Because at that time, the information collection on the Chinese side, had not been cut off, and everything was exceptionally important."

                Nie Haitang's innocent pretty face was stunned, she had heard the unbelievable news, from the very beginning, the person who helped the Nie family, was actually Qin Ming?

                Wasn't it Qin Ming who had entrusted a friend with the relationship?

                At this moment, Nie Haitang was inwardly shocked, it turned out that there were not so many warm-hearted good people, just someone who carried the weight for her.

                It was so bad that Qin Ming didn't tell her the truth.

                Nie Haitang is not stupid, seeing that now Qin Ming is being chased, she also knows that Qin Ming's identity is really special and cannot be exposed casually, she does not blame Qin Ming for hiding it before, anyway, she feels admiration that Qin Ming is so rich and still so low profile.

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang exchanged a glance, the latter was full of emotion, her eyes filled with hot tears, to have a man like Qin Ming, she couldn't ask for anything more.

                The two of them clasped hands, and a thousand words were spoken. Both of them read each other's thoughts in each other's eyes, if you don't leave, I won't give up.

                Qin Ming looked at Chang Huan and asked, "So how did you find out my identity? The information on the Chinese side of the industry has long been sealed off, no one can just look at it except for me and my secretary's authorization."

                Chang Huan continued, "It's simple, you're in Guangzhou, there's no way out of this. I have been sending my men to ambush the China Hotel in Guangzhou, because the first time I sent my men to deal with you, my men were taken down by you inside the hotel, so that hotel must be one of the properties you are in charge of. For a month, my men have been secretly watching that hotel, until today, my men found out that you are the owner of that hotel."

                "How could a poor country boy be the owner of a high-spending restaurant? How can a poor boy have such a beautiful woman? How can a poor boy ride in a Rolls Royce?"

                Faced with Chang Huan's questioning, Nie Haitang became annoyed and said, "I like Qin Ming, it has nothing to do with whether he is poor or not."

                Chang Huan continued, "Shut up, you insignificant woman. By the way, the old man's favourite car is a Rolls Royce, that Rolls Royce should be his gift to you, right? Hey, hey, you've exposed too much, you bastard."

                Qin Ming never expected that Chang Huan would have sent someone to keep a close eye on the Grand China Hotel, and that he would be exposed by an inadvertent pretence, really a hundred secrets.

                Moreover, Chang Huan had also misunderstood that he was Chang Hongxi's illegitimate son, Qin Ming didn't bother to explain, at times like this, explanations would be superfluous.

                The black hole of the gun was pointed at Qin Ming's heart, while Ah Long was right behind Qin Ming, poised in a stance ready to fire.

                And Chang Huan's men, already surrounded the street.

                Chang Huan, who had no regard for Ah Long, happy that he was about to reap a victory, said, "I never understood since I was a kid why Dad didn't like us, he didn't see us all year round and didn't even come back for Christmas."

                Qin Ming spat, "Maybe old Chang he likes the Chinese New Year."

                "Shut up, you wild bastard." Chang Huan scolded in annoyance, "So, so it's because of the existence of you, a wild bastard, he has other women outside, he cares more about you, so since I was young, he won't be satisfied with anything I do, he won't even look at anything I achieve. He gave everything, everything to you, whether it was fatherly love, or property, all to you, and then took everything away from me, all of it, and I don't believe that, why?"

                Qin Ming really didn't know where to start, why was the misunderstanding about the "illegitimate son" so big?

                No, old Chang was not an old father, his son hated him so much.

                He hid you well and put you in an ordinary family. Twenty years have passed and no one knows you exist. However, I can also hide, so I concealed myself from his stalking in Magnesium again and quietly came to China, hahaha."

                Chang Huan loaded the bullet and asked, "You can't escape with your wings, is there anything you want to say before you die? My good brother, you have five seconds to say your last words"

                Qin Ming was very calm, he said, "I won't move or run, you can't hurt me a bit, do you believe me?"

                Snapping, Qin Ming found a plastic stool, sat down and said arrogantly, "I'll just stand here and see how you can arrest me."

                Chang Huan's men looked at each other and thought to themselves, "This man is too arrogant and has no common sense, right?

                No matter how many people you have, how can other support arrive in every twenty minutes when this suddenly happens and the assassination team's net is blocked by their men?

                Don't you know that distant water is not enough for a fire?

                After all, real life is not a movie, it would take quite a bit of time to receive orders and then to move out, and once the anomaly was discovered, Chang Huan's intelligence network would have been notified and Chang Huan would have had enough time to retreat.

                "Hahahaha ......" those foreign mercenaries burst into laughter, not taking Qin Ming's words at face value at all.

                Chang Huan stroked the scruff of his beard on his chin and laughed sarcastically, "Goodbye, you arrogant wild bastard."


                A gunshot rang out and Qin Ming found that there were already two people in front of him.

                Nie Haitang, who had been protected by him, suddenly twisted and rolled onto her back, hugging Qin Ming's chest and facing Chang Huan's pistol at the back.

                Qin Ming was startled, he didn't expect Nie Haitang to be so desperate for him.

                The second person in front of him was Ah Long, who was in the way of the strongest face, holding a roadside stall pan, which hit him impartially, right on the pan.

                "WHAT?" a crowd of foreigners let out a gasp, "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!"

                Qin Ming was also shocked, what kind of speed was Ah Long going at? In the blink of an eye, he had rushed in front of him? It was impossible.

                But the hard fact was right in front of him, Ah Long's speed was faster than a bullet?

                Ah Long raised his head confidently and said, "Young master, as I said, with me around, no one will be able to get the slightest bit on you. But I still suggest you hide away, the open position is dangerous and if there are snipers, it will be a problem."

                Off to the side, Qin Ming's and Chang Huan's mobile phones rang at the same time.