Rags To Riches Chapter 303-304

 Chapter 303

Feng Yanbing's smile stiffened, the female manager actually listened to Qin Ming and called him boss, how was this possible?

                Qin Ming had been outside for three years and had built such a hotel, it was impossible!

                The China Hotel in Guangzhou has a history of nearly a hundred years, how could Qin Ming own such a hotel?

                How could Qin Ming own such a restaurant? But the manager had listened to his words and offered a 30% discount to all customers.

                This was an iron-clad fact that she could not afford not to believe.

                Feng Yanbing could only feel her mouth going dry, why was this poor boy Qin Ming so capable? When did he have this ability?

                If so, Wang Xiu's two sons, one earning 30,000 a month as a manager and the other living in a villa and owning a high-spending restaurant as a boss, would their Qin family be turning over a new leaf?

                Qin Ming, in particular, has found a 10 billionaire's daughter as his girlfriend, who is much prettier than Yang Wei's Fang Xiaoya, and is the owner of such a high-end hotel?

                And the whole place has a 30% discount, only their table doesn't have a discount?

                Isn't this intentional?

                Feng Yan Bing's chest was clogged with panic as she felt her face was nowhere to be found and her pride was shattered to the ground.

                "What's going on?" Pushing past the security guards, Hou Qing came to the front, he saw Qin Ming being angrily disliked by an older woman and was so eager to protect his master that he rushed over.

                Yang Qiangjian was a little surprised to see that Hou Qing had come with Boss Xiao.

                Wasn't this Hou Qing the person who had visited the villa at noon? So he knew Mr. Xiao.

                Yang Qiangjian naturally did not know Hou Qing, a powerful celebrity in Guangzhou, but he did not dare to offend Boss Xiao.

                He hurriedly said, "Boss Xiao, nothing is wrong, please go back and have a seat first, the food will be served soon."

                Feng Yanbing didn't want to offend Boss Xiao, and she didn't want him to see her arguing with someone, so she hurriedly said, "Boss Xiao, it's nothing. It's just that someone has made a fortune and is showing off his power."

                At this time, Feng Yan Bing was still on acid.

                Hou Qing frowned, a wave of majesty of someone who had been in a position of authority for a long time naturally flowed out, he had seen what had just happened, these two people disliked their master and were actually Boss Xiao's guests.

                He glanced at Boss Xiao in disgust, which made Boss Xiao on the side feel innocent, he felt Hou Qing's anger, but he didn't know why.

                Hou Qing hurriedly stepped forward and came up to Qin Ming's side, whispering, "Young master, do you need me to do something about it?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and instructed, "Are you treating yourself to dinner? Just do your thing, I can take care of mine myself."

                Hou Qing added, "Wouldn't that be beneath your status, young master? This kind of trivial matter, we subordinates will just do it, don't worry young master, I know your style young master, I won't make a big deal out of it."

                Qin Ming thought about it and it made sense, he was having dinner with his eldest uncle's family and didn't want to get involved in all this crap and spoil the fun.

                He then patted Hou Qing and said, "Alright, you take care of it, don't make too much noise and affect the reputation of the restaurant."

                The two men exchanged words, muttering, and onlookers could not hear what else was being said, but it was obvious that Hou Qing belonged to the listener, nodding his head one after another, and that Qin Ming was giving orders.

                This relationship, master and servant immediately judge.

                Seeing this scene, Feng Yan Bing was even more jealous, wasn't this Hou Qing the big boss who drove a luxury car at noon and came to visit and was rejected?

                That rich wife of the Nie family even treated him with respect.

                This man's man was so humble in front of Qin Ming?

                Qin Ming left and returned to the private room with good cigarettes and wine, he didn't need to explain anything, why should he explain to Feng Yan Bing? Did he have nothing better to do? There was already an insurmountable gulf between them, Qin Ming was not that small-minded to be bothered with a shrew.

                But Hou Qing was furious, what kind of person would dare to shit and piss on his young master's head? What would happen if Song Ying put a hat on his head for not doing a good job and transferred him out of the circle of power at the top of the Huan Yu Century Group in Guangzhou?

                Hou Qing was still hoping that, during the years when Qin Ming was still in Guangzhou, he would perform well, so that when Qin Ming needed someone one day, he would think of him, and then he would get a promotion and a pay rise, and become the head of the Asia region.

                Therefore, he could not tolerate anything that would make Qin Ming unhappy, for the future of his Hou Qing, the descendants of the Hou family, was at stake.

                He turned back in annoyance and scolded, "Boss Xiao, the cooperation is off the table. I was thinking that the engineering department was short of goods again recently and asked purchasing to go to your company to pull a few batches of goods. It looks like I'll have to find someone else to do this order."

                Boss Xiao was stunned, that was over a million dollar order, just like that it was gone? Moreover, Hou Qing's company had a huge demand for his spare parts for a long period of time, which would amount to at least ten million sales a year.

                Mr Xiao was scared out of his wits and said, "No, Mr Hou ...... I'm innocent."

                Hou Qing hummed: "What kind of people do you eat with, what kind of friends do you make. You guys know each other, right? And the whole family brought together, friendships, right? But your friend created rumors and insulted people, did not know how to respect people at all, and even made a fuss in this public place, asking for famous tea and wine, is there any king's law left? Mr Xiao, how good is your character when you dine with such people? Sorry, I don't like to work with people of poor character."

                The sound of "king's law" scared Feng Yan Bing and she hurriedly put down the tea she had just grabbed.

                Boss Xiao made an immediate decision, pointed at Yang Qiangjian and immediately said, "Mr. Hou, you misunderstood me. I don't know them, we're just sharing a table for dinner. They were dead set on getting close, and I ignored them."

                "Oh? Don't know them?" Hou Qing deliberately stretched out his tone and said, "Aren't you business partners?"

                Thinking back to the whispering between Hou Qing and Qin Ming, Boss Xiao understood that someone was bound to be unlucky today, but it was definitely not him!

                Boss Xiao immediately said, "It used to be, it won't be, it won't be anymore."

                "!!!" Now it was Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing's turn to be shocked, Boss Xiao was their big patron, 60% of their sincerity had to rely on Boss Xiao's support, this was going to be the end.

                Hou Qing smiled lightly, patted Boss Xiao's shoulder and said, "Is that so? I'll listen for the time being, Boss Xiao, when you've skimmed the love relationship, when you'll come back to me."

                When Boss Xiao heard this, he was relieved that the business had been saved.

                In fact, Mr. Xiao understood very well that what was saved was not simply a business, but the attitude of Hou Qing, who did not know Mr. Hou when doing business in Guangcheng? Who doesn't know that Mr. Hou is capable and has first-class influence?

                As long as someone knows that Hou Qing doesn't like him, many people will deliberately fix him in order to curry favor with Hou Qing.

                If Hou Qing was angry with him to please the young man just now, then many people are also angry with him to please Hou Qing.

                Boss Xiao did not want to be the unlucky one, and he knew very well that the two idiots who really annoyed people were Yang Qiangjian and his wife, so he decided to abandon them.

                Hou Qing grunted coldly and said to the security guards, "If they want to make trouble again, just blow them out."

                After Hou Qing finished speaking, he was about to leave, and Boss Xiao also immediately took his wife and son and left to make his position clear.

                But Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing were even more flustered and their expressions stiffened. This was originally a good meal invitation, but they ended up making a fool of Boss Xiao's family and angered him.

                The spare parts for their factory were not a technical patent, many factories also made them, but after so many years of getting used to them, Boss Xiao could still find another factory to make them at any time.

                This Xiao boss to cut off business dealings with him, then their factory impact is very big, it is not good to have to close down, or even do back to small workshops.

                "Boss Xiao ......" Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing immediately chased him out the door: "All things are negotiable, good discussion."

                Boss Xiao chided in annoyance, "What else to discuss? You two turds, you still brought me to the China Hotel for dinner? Do you know how humiliated I am today? Do you know who Mr. Hou is? Do you know who Hou is? If he sneezes, my whole family will have to beg for food. You two turds, you've lost your wits by offending someone that Hou wouldn't even dare to offend."

                Yang Qiangjian stood frozen in place, that Qin Ming, how could he be so powerful? How come Yang Wei didn't tell him anything?

                Feng Yan Bing even sat on the ground in despair, crying out in grief, "Ah hum ...... ooo ...... how could this happen?"

Chapter 304

Inside the private room of the hotel, Qin Zhiguo couldn't help but ask, "Son, how did you become the owner of this hotel?"

                Qin Ming explained, "This hotel is my boss's, but my boss sold me some of his shares and gave me full authority to take care of it, so I am half a small shareholder and half a small boss. Where else would the private rooms come from? Where else would I get so many expensive teas and drinks?"

                Qin Zhiguo suddenly understood that many large companies nowadays were popular to let their employees hold shares, so that the employees would be loyal to the company and would not leave easily, Qin Ming turned out to be this situation.

                Qin Zhiguo gave an excited thumbs up and said, "Son, good job, Dad is really proud of you. Your boss thinks highly of you, so you must do well."

                Qin Ming smiled, "That's for sure, but my boss is the one who makes the big money. I earn a small amount of money, but this small amount of money is enough to pay for your old age, Mom and Dad, and now that my brother has money, you guys should do something you like to do in the future and stop working for people and working in the fields."

                Qin Zhiguo was also a bit moved and said, "I can stop working part-time, but I still need to plant the fields, the land is so good, if I don't plant something, it's not good to waste it."

                Qin Ming laughed, his father's thinking was not easy to correct.

                Wang Xiu pulled Qin Ming again and asked, "So, what happened to that female secretary this morning? You're not really pretending to be together in order to hide the mistress for your boss, are you?"

                Qin Ming said, "Mom, it's not true, don't you see our Haitang is more beautiful? Am I the kind of person who eats from the bowl and still thinks about the pot? She and I are colleagues, Auntie Feng is making wild guesses and disrespecting people, do you believe her or me? I haven't seen them for three years, and they think I've never made it in my life, and when they see me make it, they think everything comes irregularly and illegally for me."

                Wang Xiu looked at Nie Haitang, thinking, "Why should I believe Feng Yanbing's unfounded words? Feng Yan Bing couldn't see her two sons doing well, she was jealous.

                Wang Xiu said, "That's right, son, mother believes you."

                At the dinner table, the four members of eldest uncle Qin Zhijiang's family were having a good conversation with Qin Ming's family.

                The two families actually had a good relationship, and in the past, some of the old household appliances and household furniture that Qin Zhijiang's family had replaced would also be driven back home to be given to Qin Zhiguo.

                The first time Qin Ming just went to college, or Qin Zhijiang borrowed the tuition fees, and will also call Qin Ming over for dinner during the New Year holidays, but Qin Ming was busy earning triple wages for the holidays did not go just.

                Qin Zhijiang patted Qin Zhaoyang and said, "Oh, Zhaoyang, you've finally made a name for yourself as a manager of a big supermarket. Zhiguo, your two sons are both successful, you can enjoy your happiness in the future."

                Qin Zhiguo smiled, "I don't have such a good fortune as you, big brother, I'm just a bitter farmer, I have to farm even if I don't work.

                The eldest aunt was surprised at Qin Ming instead and said, "Qin Ming, I haven't seen you for a while, you're different, this one beside you is your girlfriend, right?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Yes, my girlfriend, Nie Haitang."

                The eldest aunt praised him and said, "Your little sister is really pretty, Qin Fang, when are you going to learn from your cousin and get a girlfriend for your mother?"

                His cousin, Qin Fang, was a working man, but he loved to play games and was not interested in women.

                Qin Fang smiled sarcastically, "Isn't brother Chaoyang still not married? What's my hurry."

                Qin Zhijiang scolded, "Look at this kid, all he knows how to do is play with his phone all day, either playing games or reading novels, all his money is rushing to read novels, and he even rewards a hundred or two hundred at every turn, I really don't understand the young people nowadays."

                Qin Zhiguo laughed: "Qin Fang is working in a big company, what is he worried about? There are plenty of good girls waiting for him to pick."

                The two elders bragged to each other and the meal was quite enjoyable.

                Both families got along very well and after the meal, everyone dispersed.

                After settling down with his parents, Qin Ming was about to send Nie Haitang back, but Nie Haitang said worriedly, "Qin Ming, did I behave okay today? Will your parents not like me?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "My mother likes you and wants me to hold on tight this time, so I can't make any more mistakes. Didn't you clip a piece of roast goose for my mum? In fact, my mum doesn't like roast goose, she thinks it's greasy, but she ate it anyway, so that means she's spoiling you. Not to mention my dad, he's an honest rural man who never minded anyone."

                Nie Haitang pursed her lips happily and said, "That's good, hehehe."

                Qin Ming said, "Let's go, I'll take you back."

                Nie Haitang said, "Eh, Qin Ming, I don't want to go back yet, why don't we go out for a stroll, my car is still parked at the nearby mall."

                Qin Ming looked at the time, it was only after eight o'clock, since the last incident, the two of them had seen each other less often, keeping such a beautiful girlfriend and not making out properly, Qin Ming was also itching to do so.

                The two of them went to the mall together to get their cars, intending to go shopping in the commercial street.

                But as soon as Nie Haitang's Maserati hit the road, an Audi sedan that had just gotten out of the garage immediately followed behind.

                A poker-faced man in the car immediately dialed a phone number: "Suspected target and a woman, getting into a pink Maserati with licence plate **8888, watch out for his personal bodyguards and the assassination squad's protection network."

                An even colder voice came from the other end of the line, "Take care of the bodyguards following in the shadows first, take the target down, remember, I want to catch him alive, I want to take a good look at my father's bastard son."

                The poker face in the car asked again, "What about the woman?"

                The caller said, "Do I need to teach you? Killed."

                At the exit of the mall garage, the Maserati drove out and then Lung followed behind in his Mercedes.

                But soon, the Audi sedan followed.

                Ah Long followed Qin Ming and Nie Haitang's car for some time, his sharp gaze looked into the reverse mirror and frowned, the Audi sedan's license plate behind him looked a bit familiar and had been on the same road for some time.

                "It seems like the young master went in when he went in the garage as well." Ah Long recalled a little and immediately thought of it.

                Ah Long immediately called Qin Ming and said, "Young master, give way and let the Audi sedan behind you go first."

                Upon hearing this, Qin Ming immediately told Nie Haitang to drive slower and immediately gave way to pass, but the Audi sedan behind him still followed the two cars closely and had no intention of speeding up.

                Ah Long frowned and said, "It's not good, Young Master, you're being followed."

                At the same time, in the Audi sedan behind, a poker face on the passenger side was talking on the phone, saying "Boss, the target should have found us, I can confirm that the Mercedes with the license plate **956a should be the bodyguard. Boss, we need to make a preemptive strike and have Big D ram the Mercedes."

                "Good, let's start the operation."

                Over there, Qin Ming had just heard Ah Long's analysis and secretly said no, when an unladen dump truck on the road in the opposite direction in front of him suddenly jerked the steering wheel, smashed the guardrail and crashed right towards Ah Long's Mercedes.

                Qin Ming's pupils suddenly shrank and he immediately climbed out of the car window and turned back to shout, "Ah Long, be careful!"


                Ah Long suddenly braked, pulled the handbrake, steered hard, and the whole car drifted sideways in a half-moon turn, perfectly avoiding the dump truck's impact.

                Ah Long caught up to Qin Ming's position and said, "Young master, follow me."

                Boom, Ah Long stepped on the accelerator and went ahead.

                But in the next second, an Audi sedan behind him disliked the Mercedes' buttocks at a faster speed, and the whole Mercedes sedan where Ah Long was flew up and flipped halfway in mid-air before landing and sliding out in a long spark.

                Qin Ming's face sank, how the hell did his whereabouts and identity get leaked?