Rags To Riches Chapter 301-302

 Chapter 301

Qin Ming defended Nie Haitang in an overbearing manner, slapping Feng Yanbing in the face in public, causing her to go on a rampage.

                Feng Yanbing screamed, "Fine, Qin Ming, you poor man! Pan Jun? What? Saying that? Hu? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The main focus is on the development of a new product. The head office is located in the heart of the city. The main reason for this is that you can't afford to be a part of the team. The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the car!

                The actual fact is that you are able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I am not afraid of the shadow. It's best if you fire my father."

                In fact, Qin Ming really wanted Qin Zhijia to work for Yang Qiangjian again and enjoy his happiness, but he didn't know how to convince his dad to be stubborn, so if Feng Yanbing took the initiative to fire him, it would save him the trouble.

                Feng Yanbing was about to say something, but Yang Qiangjian pulled her back and said, "Come on, put up with this for a while, Mr. Xiao and his family are here."

                Feng Yanbing looked back and saw that Mr. Xiao had brought his wife and son.

                Mr. Xiao was the main customer of Yang Qiangjian's accessories factory, up to 60% of the goods were bought by others, so this time he came to Guangcheng with a special invitation to have a meal and send a gift, he could not lose face.

                Feng Yan Bing covered her face in shame, unusually annoyed: "Don't think you're great just because you eat a soft meal, let you off first today, there's a good look for you."

                Song Ying mooned her eyebrows tightly and made a throat-slitting gesture to her neck, whispering, "Young master, do you need me to deal with them secretly?"

                Qin Ming glanced at Yang Qiangjian's family and said, "No, I'll handle it myself, don't meddle."

                Yang Qiangjian and his group welcomed Boss Xiao's family into the restaurant.

                Boss Xiao was a rich, middle-aged man with an amiable appearance and said, "Boss Yang, it's not easy to book a table at this Chinese restaurant, it's not easy for me to come for a meal normally, you actually have a way, hahaha, you are really capable."

                Yang Qiangjian smiled broadly, "To treat Boss Xiao to a meal, that's a must."

                The two families sat down and the waiter came to serve tea, Feng Yan Bing immediately said, "Eh, it's not right."

                Everyone looked at her strangely, what was wrong?

                The waiter was also puzzled and counted the dishes on the counter and said, "There is nothing wrong."

                Feng Yan Bing looked like you didn't understand and said, "It's not the bowls and chopsticks, where is the bird's nest."

                The waiter said amused, "You need to order this, we don't deliver bird's nests."

                Feng Yan Bing said, "You're new here, right? We are your valued customers, your manager said so at noon, and said that only valued customers like us are specially sent bird's nest before meals."

                For some reason, the atmosphere suddenly froze a little.

                Boss Xiao also asked strangely, "Boss Yang, are you the top vip of the Grand China Hotel? Only top vip would come up and give a bird's nest."

                Yang Qiangjian didn't know how to answer even though he was holding his face red.

                He said, "We came for lunch today, and we did get a gift."

                Feng Yan Bing said, "Boss Xiao, really, I am not lying to you. When we came to eat at noon, we really did. Their manager said it himself, we are valuable guests, special service. Eh, call your manager over."

                Feng Yan Bing's thick voice was born to scold people, and with this yell, that waitress was a little scared.

                She hurriedly called the manager over.

                The manager really recognized Feng Yanbing's family, wasn't it the same family that Secretary Song had named at noon and asked not to give them a discount?

                The manager said, "Sorry, there is no free bird's nest, our bird's nest is picked from our own bird farm, absolutely authentic, quality assurance, you can order one if you want."

                Yang Wei said, "That's not right, didn't you give us one at noon? Why is it gone at night?"

                Feng Yanbing also said, "That's right, and you said that we are only treated as VIPs."

                The manager tried to put on a smile and said, "Every guest who comes to our restaurant is a valued guest."

                Feng Yan Bing was annoyed, she had been slapped by Qin Ming when she came in and had nowhere to vent her anger, this manager had just touched her bad luck: "Hey, do you not understand human language? I said serve bird's nest, do you know that this is different treatment? Why are you serving bird's nest at noon today?"

                The manager still said, "Sorry, we really don't have no bird's nest for nothing, the bird's nests in our restaurant are all picked from our own bird farm, absolutely authentic and quality assured, you can order one if you need."

                Feng Yan Bing all but rolled her eyes, feeling that the two could not communicate.

                She clasped her hands together and said angrily, "Call your boss here."

                But their commotion was a bit loud and had already caused discontent among the surrounding customers, with people looking over.

                Someone questioned, "There's no bird's nest for nothing, is there?"

                "I'm a regular customer too, there's no free gift."

                "What's this table for? Want to eat for free? If you don't have the money, you can eat in the seafood town across the street."

                "Yes, it's noisy."

                The questioning of other customers made Feng Yan Bing's face hard to hold, and the family of Boss Xiao was even more fidgety, this is too embarrassing ah.

                You came to eat for a good reason, how can you ask the restaurant to give you such an expensive bird's nest for no reason at all? And you're not even a Supreme VIP member.

                Mrs. Xiao was a bit dissatisfied and said, "Husband, so many people are watching, how humiliating is this? Two country bumpkins, who thought they were so kind to invite us to dinner, turned out to be a brainy one."

                Boss Xiao's son also said, "That's right, I saw my classmate over there, I must be laughed at by him when I go back to school tomorrow?"

                Boss Xiao was also depressed, but there was nothing he could do even though he was already sitting down.

                When Yang Qiangjian saw that Boss Xiao's face was not friendly anymore, he couldn't care less and hurriedly pulled his wife and said, "You order, order first."

                Yang Qiangjian ordered some dishes casually, estimating that several tens of thousands of dollars were almost enough.

                But after ordering the dishes, he thought of drinking that Wuyishan Da Hong Pao at noon was quite good, so he said, "Eh, that tea you have at noon, that Da Hong Pao to a pot, nourish the stomach."

                The moment he said this, Mr. Xiao's family's face changed again.

                That was expensive and not something you could just drink, what was this Boss Yang up to?

                How can this restaurant give you a free Da Hong Pao? That is the authentic mother tree tea, not a special status, or have connections, can not drink.

                The manager showed a smile again and said, "Sorry sir, we don't send that tea, ordinary Pu'er, Tieguanyin, Chrysanthemum can be changed at will."

                Feng Yan Bing was dissatisfied again and said, "Eh, no, didn't you serve that Wuyishan Da Hong Pao tea at noon today? You even gave us a box."

                The manager asked rhetorically, "Are you sure? A small box of Big Red Robe from the mother tree, but our boss asked for connections to get it, how can it be 400,000 to 500,000, we are not doing a good deed in a restaurant."

                Feng Yanbing stood up in shock: "What? Four or five hundred thousand?"

                That village woman, Wang Xiu, hadn't robbed him of 400,000 to 500,000 at noon for nothing? Damn it, he had to get it back from her.

                The customer next to him was displeased again and said, "Eh, don't be so shocked, will you? Can you let people have a nice meal, do you have to speak at the top of your voice? Who do you think you are? This is the most expensive restaurant in Guangzhou, is that Big Red Robe something you can just drink? Only the real VIPs can drink it."

                Feng Yan Bing was dissatisfied: "I drank it, I'm a VIP. You ask her, "Eh, manager, where are you going? Huh? You come back."

                Seeing that the manager had gone far away, Feng Yan Bing turned her head to the customer next to her and said, "I tell you, we really drank it at noon, and we were given bird's nest."

                The customer next to her laughed out loud with a look of disbelief and said, "That's impossible, you people really love to brag, would it kill you to eat a person without bragging?"

                The people around them also burst into laughter, "Hahaha. These few bumpkins, probably, are eating here for the first time."

                Boss Xiao's family at the same table could no longer sit down, he felt the strong jeering eyes around him, and the disgusted eyes of those waiters, thinking that they were just here to cause trouble, shame on them.

                Mr. Xiao was also sitting uncomfortably, so he excused himself to go to the toilet and went out for some fresh air.

                When he reached the door, he ran into Hou Qing, a popular businessman in Guangzhou, who was a regular customer of Fortune magazine and a big customer of his company.

                Boss Xiao rushed forward and said enthusiastically, "Boss Hou! Hello, what a coincidence, you're here for dinner too."

                Hou Qing was stunned and said indifferently, "Oh, Boss Xiao. Sorry, I'm not talking business today."

                Hou Qing had come here today to look for Qin Ming, and he was a bit flustered when he didn't see him at noon. After he knew that Qin Ming had come here for dinner, he planned to behave well and leave a good impression in front of Qin Ming's family.

                At this time, Qin Ming happened to walk out with Nie Haitang and was discussing something with the manager at the front desk.

                Hou Qing carried a box of gifts and hurried up to them.

                Boss Xiao also followed closely behind him and said, "Boss Hou, it's only three minutes, it'll only take you a minute."

                Hou Qing looked at Qin Ming who was busy, so going over there would be waiting, so he said, "Okay, just one minute."

                Boss Xiao was overjoyed that he had one minute.

                "Uh, that Mr. Hou, about the spare parts ......"

                But before he could say a couple of words, he heard Feng Yanbing's loud voice again, "Good for you Qin Ming, I thought something was odd, what were you talking and laughing about with this manager? Are you playing a trick on me? I still haven't settled the score with you for slapping me at the door just now, and you're still giving me demons behind my back?"

Chapter 302

Qin Ming's eldest uncle loves to drink foreign wine, but Qin Ming's family is used to hardship and does not smoke or drink, and does not quite know whether any foreign wine is good or not, so he dragged Nie Haitang out to pick some good wine to go back and greet his eldest uncle's family.

                The manager naturally knew Qin Ming, the big boss, and was very enthusiastic in introducing a few expensive foreign wines that tasted good and were not easy to get drunk.

                And the friendly conversation between the two sides was seen by Feng Yan Bing.

                Feng Yan Bing was very annoyed, she was slapped by Qin Ming for mocking Nie Haitang when she entered the door and was forcefully defending the flower, and was ignored by the manager when she was seated, and she was clearly said to be a VIP at noon, but she didn't get the service she should have at night?

                It was her husband who paid the bill at noon!

                The thought of eating a meal for tens of thousands of dollars made Feng Yan Bing feel painful, she was angry, why was there such a big difference between the treatment at noon and in the evening, she also wondered if the so-called VIP at noon was actually the beautiful secretary who was following Qin Ming?

                After all, that secretary could still live in a big villa, wasn't she just the boss's mistress, her husband had analyzed it.

                This will see Qin Ming chatting happily with the hotel manager, taking out all kinds of famous wine, even that big red robe tea also brought out, as if Qin Ming picked at will.

                Feng Yan Bing was so angry that her lungs were about to explode and she said, "Good, it's true that you are using nepotism and collusion to deliberately embarrass me."

                She took three steps forward and two steps back, rushed up, grabbed the packet of Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao tea and said, "Good for you Qin Ming, I have long felt that there is something strange, you and this manager are laughing and talking about what? You're the one who's up to no good, and you're here to set me up? All these years, if I hadn't given your family a mouthful of food, you would have starved to death, you ungrateful thing."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, it was this Feng Yan Bing again, if it wasn't for the love of his hometown, he would have blown her out.

                Qin Ming said, "Return the things."

                That manager also said, "Big sister, it's illegal for you to rob us like this."

                The security guards also quickly gathered around, and all of a sudden the people in the large dining hall noticed the situation over here.

                Feng Yan Bing was not afraid, she was not afraid of Qin Ming, because she felt she was holding Qin Ming's "scandal".

                Feng Yan Bing pointed around and said, "Look at you, you still say you didn't collude with the restaurant to make me look bad? What? Afraid that I will shake out all your scandals?"

                "What scandal?" At this time, Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu, who had heard the noise, also came out.

                When Feng Yan Bing saw that Qin Zhiguo had arrived, she became even more lawless. She had a fire in her chest that was hard to quell, and the slap she received from Qin Ming on her face still hurt.

                She shouted, "Ask your son what kind of work he does. How humiliating, you don't want me to say it, do you? I'll say it, your son is hiding a mistress for his boss."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "Feng Yanbing, are you crazy? What is hiding a mistress? I don't even know what you're talking about?"

                Qin Zhiguo froze and said, "Qin Ming, you're keeping a mistress?"

                Yang Qiangjian also walked over at this time, instinctively choosing to take his wife's side.

                Seeing her husband coming, Feng Yanbing's bottom line got stronger and she said, "Isn't that pretty female secretary at noon your boss's mistress? Where else did you get the luxury car to ride in? Where else did you get the luxury car? It all belongs to that pretty female secretary, you're just a cheap little white boy."

                Feng Yan Bing looked at Qin Ming's annoyed look and was in a very comfortable mood, saying, "Nothing more to say, right? Your boss must be a strict wife manager, afraid that his wife will find out that he has kept his secretary as a mistress, so he shoved it down your throat, and you earn money by covering up for your boss and providing for your mistress as your own mother, rubbing up against luxury cars and mansions. How shameless are you?"

                "Aiyo, little beauty, you still don't know that your boyfriend is having an incestuous relationship with other women, do you? Using that beautiful secretary's nepotism today to put the wool over my eyes and embarrass me isn't it?"

                "Qin Zhiguo, our Yang family has provided you with work for decades, we sort of supported your family, and this is how your son repays us?"

                "And you, little sister, at noon your mother was right, this man Qin Ming just can't be relied on ......"


                Before Feng Yanbing could finish her sentence, she was slapped again, and the one who struck was no other than Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang was unusually angry, blush all over her face, she angrily scolded, "You are not allowed to insult Qin Ming."

                Feng Yan Bing was slapped again, both sides of her face hurt, and she shouted almost frantically, "Ahhh! You hit me? You bitch, the bitch who was sold backwards and still doesn't know it, I told you the true nature of Qin Ming, and you still hit me?"

                Feng Yan Bing tried to hit back, Nie Haitang was scared and shivered, and hastily hid behind Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming coldly and arrogantly held his head high, blocking the front, losing her mind Feng Yan Bing calmed down for a moment, she dared to make a move, Qin Ming would never stop.

                The reason for this is that Qin Ming used to be "famous" in the town of Baishui and was nicknamed the Little King of Baishui, so Feng Yanbing really didn't dare to make a move.

                Yang Qiangjian also said: "You woman, what's wrong? We are not wrong, otherwise how can Qin Ming explain the source of so many of his properties? How can you explain his connections? There are private rooms for lunch, there are bird's nests given away before meals, and big red roses given away for free, how poor Qin Ming's family is, we know clearly. Not relying on that big boss's secretary?"

                Qin Zhiguo listened and exchanged a look with Wang Xiu, there was such a thing?

                They recalled the Song Ying they had seen today, not much was said throughout, but the exchanges with Qin Ming seemed familiar, yet there was little evidence of a special relationship between the two, and most of all Song Ying didn't seem to have played any big games either, nothing like ah.

                Yang Qiangjian was annoyed to see his wife being beaten and said, "Zhiguo, how do you control your son? Did we say anything wrong? You usually pride yourself on being a down-to-earth person, but your son is an opportunist, cheating people out of young girls and hiding a mistress for his boss."

                Qin Zhiguo questioned loudly, "Qin Ming, is there such a thing?"

                Qin Ming said, "Dad, there is no such thing. Uncle Yang, Auntie Feng, you came up here and robbed the hotel of its expensive tea leaves and smear me, what evidence do you have? Do you believe them or do you believe me?"

                Qin Zhiguo was stunned, the traditional concept of him, in front of outsiders, rightly or wrongly, must have scolded the child first, not for his own face?

                But Qin Ming said it coldly, making him, as a father, a little short of breath, with a feeling that, his son had grown up.

                Qin Zhiguo said, "Dad believes you, so explain yourself clearly."

                As soon as the commotion started here, other people in the restaurant paid attention and spoke up, "Yes, where is the evidence? Where's the evidence?

                "This person was so annoying, she said she wanted bird's nest before dinner and Wuyishan Da Hong Pao, is that something ordinary people can drink?"

                "She's jealous, she's probably treating herself to a meal and doesn't want to pay for it."

                "Be reasonable, there's no evidence, why are you slandering people."

                "This person is a shrew, she's making a lot of noise, she wants to eat without paying, she's crazy if she doesn't want to get paid."

                "This person has been making a lot of noise since a while ago, are they still letting us eat? I came here because of the good environment of this restaurant."

                In the face of more and more opinionated customers, Qin Ming clapped his hands and signalled for the crowd to be quiet, and the group really quietened down.

                Qin Ming said in public, "I'm sorry for the disruption to everyone's meal, tonight every customer will get a 30% discount on their bill as compensation, and my side of things will be dealt with immediately."

                Once they heard that there was a 30% discount and that they could save a lot of money, the customers around them were quite satisfied and their grievances were immediately dispelled.

                Qin Ming pointed at Yang Qiangjian and his group again and said to the manager, saying, "There is no discount for their order."

                Feng Yan Bing listened and laughed loudly, "Hahahaha, who do you think you are? The owner of this China Grand Hotel doesn't?"

                But she saw the people around her looking at her like idiots, and Feng Yan Bing's smile stiffened.

                That female manager nodded her head and said, "I know boss."

                Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing were instantly dumbfounded, the boss?