Rags To Riches Chapter 3-4

 Chapter 3

"Xiao Ming, where are you working part time? High Maths class will start soon, Old He can't see people but he has to name them to fail the class, by the way, I've got your textbook for you, come directly to classroom 6o2."

Qin Ming had just gotten out of his Mercedes when he saw his dorm mate Zhao Liniu texting for him.

Qin Ming had no choice, so he ran wildly towards the school building.

But when he arrived at the classroom, he was still late, so he stood at the door and said loudly, "Report to the teacher, I'm late."

He continued to solve the problem for a full minute and finished explaining it before clapping his hands and glancing at Qin Ming, who was standing and sweating.

The atmosphere was so awkward that the other students were either pitiful, mocking or expressionless.

Old He said discontentedly, "Qin Ming, did you come to university to work or to study? If you prefer to work, you should take a break from school and work hard. It's glorious to work, and there's no shame in scrubbing plates in the dining hall."

"Look at you, you've even forgotten to change your part-time clothes."

"Look at you, you don't even bring your textbook to my senior maths class, geez, you prodigy, huh?"

Old He's series of angry questioning made the air nearly freeze, anyone could tell that Old He was angry.

How could Qin Ming dare to retort, he was late, he was in the wrong, he had done something wrong, he was scolded and stood well.

But at this time, two more people came outside the door, weren't they Yang Wei and Li Meng?

They were from the same class.

When Yang Wei and Li Meng saw Qin Ming, their hearts burst, and they wanted to taunt him about how he was still wearing the clothes he used to work in the lunchroom. But since this was a classroom, they shouted honestly, "Report, sorry teacher, we're late."

Old He frowned and waved his hand, saying, "Go in and pay attention next time."

He Qiu, as the older teacher, was particularly snobbish, seeing Yang Wei as a rich kid and giving him a break, because he had given him some gifts for failing his last class, and He Qiu had taken special care of him.

Qin Ming thought that Yang Wei and Li Meng would also be reprimanded, but they were not.

He said unconvincingly, "Report, Yang Wei and Li Meng are allowed in, can I go in now?"

Yang Wei, who had just sat down, seized the opportunity and scoffed, "What? Aren't you getting ready to go to work? You're all dressed up, we can make you a working activist."

"Hahahaha ......" Some of the people laughed out loud.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Where's the sour taste? Tsk, just like the smell from the rancid vegetable bucket in the dining hall, where did it come from?"

When she said that, someone really pinched her nose and said in disgust, "Tsk, Qin Ming, don't you wash up before coming to class? What a rat turd that stinks up a class."

Li Meng laughed with glee, she finally got her chance to retaliate, she had made a fool of herself at lunchtime in the dining hall by saying that it was 48 dollars and a bargain.

In her mind, Li Meng was thinking, "Why did I fall for this little white boy in the first place? You're just useful, but without money you're still useless? You want a beautiful woman like me to suffer with you? Look at you, you smell like rancid food, who doesn't mind you? Are you ashamed of yourself?"

He Qiu said discontentedly, "Look at you, you're making a good classroom unsettled. Come up to the blackboard and solve this problem linear algebra, then stay in class, otherwise go back and wash this sour smell of yours before you come back."

Qin Ming bit his lip, he was extremely depressed inside, on what grounds? Why was it that Yang Wei and Li Meng were also late yet they were not punished at all, and he still had to do the problem to get to class? Did he not pay his tuition fee?

Although I was poor, I had paid all my tuition fees, right?

But this is a school, what student would dare to challenge the authority of a teacher? A bad mark or dismissal would be no joke.

Qin Ming walked up to the podium and looked at a problem on the blackboard of linear algebra for range values.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good understanding of the subject.

At first, Yang Wei even bragged to Qin Ming, saying that in this society, there is nothing that money can't solve.

He Qiu was standing by the side, confident of his victory, and said, "Humph, this is today's new knowledge, you are a poor student who is addicted to working all day, it is strange that you will prep. Tsk, I can still smell this stench from so far away, it's really bad."

Some students at the back of the class were curious, "New knowledge, will Qin Ming be able to do it? Although he's usually quite good."

Yang Wei said disdainfully, "He doesn't know how to do it. Recently, in order to buy a mobile phone for Li Meng, he has been working three jobs a day, one in the canteen at noon, one in the takeaway in the evening, and one in the bar at night. Does he have time to study?"

Li Meng also sneered "Definitely can't solve it, teacher He expelled him on the right, really shameless said is his kind of people, he such a poor, qualified with people like us in the same classroom class?"

The first dormitory of Qin Ming, Zhao Li Niu dissatisfied said "Li Meng, what is wrong with you? Aren't you Xiao Ming's girlfriend? You're singing along with Yang Wei here."

Li Meng spiritedly replied, "We broke up, this stinky silk doesn't deserve me, he only deserves to be a watchdog and scrub the dishes."


Suddenly, the other students let out a gasp as, on the blackboard, Qin Ming took an oil-based pen and quickly wrote down the formula for the solution, drew the model, analyzed the geometry, expressed the linear algebra in numbers, and finally found the spatial values of the variables.

This solution was so detailed that He Qiu was dumbfounded.

Having been a teacher for so many years, he knew from a glance that Qin Ming usually worked very hard.

When Qin Ming finished solving the problem, he saw the shocked expression of He Qiu, the adoring eyes of his classmates, and Yang Wei's shit-eating expression, and the suppressed anger in his heart had been vented.

Qin Ming snorted coldly in his heart, "You want to make things difficult for me? Do you really think I've been studying for nothing?"

He Qiu had no choice, he had agreed to let Qin Ming stay in class if he could solve it, he impatiently waved his hand and said "Find your own seat, but next time you are late, deduct your credits."

Qin Ming naturally sat with the three brothers in his dormitory.

Zhao Li Niu gave a thumbs up and said, "Niu, brother, oh, this is your book, I brought it for you."

Liang Shaoyong also praised him, "I'm impressed that you have time to study even though you work so many jobs."

Sun Zhipeng also said, "But, Xiaoming, why haven't you changed your clothes? I haven't seen anyone since noon, and since when did you break up with Li Meng? You've been together for two years, haven't you?"

The three dormitory brothers all supported Qin Ming when he told them about the breakup at noon. Although Qin Ming was poor, he was working three jobs a day to buy the latest Apple phone for Li Meng.

But Li Meng was so lucky that she followed Yang Wei, a rich kid.

The first thing he did was to go to college with his brother, and he was in the economics class.

The three people in the dorm hummed at the same time, "What a dog and a man, Xiao Ming ah, you do not worry about it, the male ambition in the four directions, the end of the world where there is no grass? I'll introduce you to a better one later."

Qin Ming was grateful for his brothers' reassurance and said calmly "I know, life goes on, what's done is done, I won't stand still."

The afternoon session passed quickly, with He Qiu leaving straight after the lecture and the rest of the students having their own activities.

Zhao Liniu, Sun Zhipeng and Liang Shaoyong also went back to their dormitories to work on their live broadcasts.

Qin Ming was thinking about how to explain to the owner of the takeaway shop that he was going to quit, but he had agreed to work for at least two months, so it would be unkind to the takeaway shop if he suddenly left.

At this moment, Li Meng deliberately clung to Yang Wei and said loudly, "Honey, get up, where are we going to eat later? Really, I'm so sick of being stinky all afternoon."

Li Meng's voice was particularly loud and sweet, the same way she used to talk to Qin Ming.

Who told Yang Wei to be rich? A Burberry hipster, also wearing a gold watch, an Audi keychain just hanging roughly on his waist, lest others not see it as if it was a secret show of wealth.

Qin Ming looked gloomy, not bothering to deal with it, and got up to leave.

Li Meng has been watching this side, saw the opportunity, loudly mocked "Oh, Qin Ming stand up for what? Are you out of your mind? We've already broken up, I'm calling out for my darling, I'm calling out for Ah Wei, not you, what are you doing? Really, the sour smell of this rancid food has been smelling me all afternoon, it's disgusting."

Some of the students who hadn't left yet looked on with a burst of amusement, because in the past, Li Meng really pulled Qin Ming to call him darling after class, and then went to dinner together, like glue.

Now the person has changed and Qin Ming seems to have not come back to his senses and expressed his love wrongly.

Qin Ming saw Li Meng become this way, the more disgusting, she does not disgust us a day is not satisfied?

Qin Ming is not a soft persimmon to be rubbed, you provoke me, you can blame me for being merciless.

He said painfully, "Yang Wei, we are a hometown, I broke up with Li Meng, I hope you treat him better, after all, I have loved her."

The students heard, Qin Ming this how suddenly sad up? He was also so sad that he was so silky.

Some students said disdainfully "Heh, coward, dumped and still licking?"

Zhao Fugui sneered, "A real man should find a prettier girlfriend, what a loser."

Yang Wei was pleased with himself and said, "Nonsense, Li Meng made the right choice to follow me, what good would it be to be with a poor man like you?"

Qin Ming said sadly "Li Meng likes to sleep naked, she gets cold easily in the middle of the night, so you have to get used to covering her up. And do that time, you have to pay attention to her body, right oh, today is the 8th, her period came, physical inconvenience, before she is for me to use the mouth, if too hard throat discomfort, I usually buy him mint flavored throat lozenges, and ...... this car although the car condition is well maintained, but the lower exhaust dark, burning oil phenomenon serious, the peak of the motive, but pulling the cylinder serious, thirty minutes after the lower exhaust out of water, the cylinder direct injection."

Qin Ming gave a speech, and finally even used an online paragraph, but the person was dumbfounded.

"Fuck you!" Li Meng heard the trembling, grabbed a book and threw it over, this dead man Qin Ming, shaking out the two of them in the past, but also prefer to say to Yang Wei, Yang Wei then really dislike her broken shoes what to do?

When Qin Ming said this, the plot immediately reversed, and the students, who were supposed to be watching the joke, were happy.

"Haha, Li Meng didn't expect you to be such a person."

"Qin Ming you're so bad."

"Tsk, Yang Wei you bought this second hand car, it's too bad."

Yang Wei was depressed, for the second time today, he was on the verge of being labeled as a shoe picker, but he had just gotten together with Li Meng, it was impossible to break up immediately, after spending more than 10,000 and breaking up before a single shot?

Yang Wei threatened in shame "Shut up, Qin Ming, I'm warning you, I have plenty of money, if you mess with my girlfriend again, I won't let you off even if you're from the same town, we'll see."

Qin Ming snorted coldly "Who's messing with who? I'm not one to be messed with either."

Chapter 4

Qin Ming quit his part-time job and will no longer work part-time in the evenings delivering takeaways and watching the door at the bar.

At the same time, he also called a takeaway back, so he made do with this meal tonight.

Qin Ming had just finished paying the bill with his mobile phone when he happened to have a text message, which was actually a group text message from the badminton club he joined.

"Everyone, gather at Qin Lou immediately, someone is buying a big meal."

Qin Lou, is an independent restaurant inside the China Provincial University of Technology, consumption is relatively high-class, when receiving school leaders, they all go there to eat, general students will also occasionally go to Qin Lou to improve the food.

There are ten members in the group, all of them chanting words like "Long live the president".

Only Qin Ming replied directly, "President, I have something to do tonight, I won't come."

This kind of dinner he went very embarrassing, because Qin Ming is very poor, he is in the badminton club, no jersey, no racket, is responsible for picking up the ball, clean up the field, buy water the first person, the status is very low, before the club dinner he was the type of tea and water.

But in the past, the spirit of free food and drink, suffer a little aggravation, just go, save some money to buy lipstick for Li Meng.

But now it's different, he's rich and doesn't need to condescend to dawdle with food and drink anymore.

But in the club group, Zhang Qingqing immediately became angry "Qin Ming what do you mean? I ordered you to come, why don't you come? There are so many people and you have to take care of them? You're not satisfied with the food and drinks? You have five minutes to arrive, or you will be punished."

Qin Ming laughed disdainfully, not bothering to pay attention.

However, Qin Ming walked two steps, but very coincidentally ran into Zhang Qingqing and other girls from the badminton club.

Only then did Qin Ming realise that this road happened to be the way to Qin Building, what a coincidence.

Zhang Qingqing saw Qin Ming and said, "Oh, you've arrived so soon? Why are you still wearing the clothes of the dining hall? Tsk, it's dirty and smells like it."

Qin Ming was really helpless about this, he had classes all afternoon, how could he change his clothes?

He said, "I came here as soon as I heard your message, so I didn't have time to change."

When Zhang Qingqing heard that, she was not angry anymore and was satisfied, "Well, you are obedient. When did I, Zhang Qingqing, ever treat the members of the club badly? Every time you come out to eat and drink with us, have you ever asked for money? Here, help me hold my bag, this is a 1v bag, don't get it dirty for me."

Saying that, a few girls next to Zhang Qingqing followed suit and threw their carry-on bags to Qin Ming to carry.

Qin Ming is passive to take over, is about to make, he should not give you Zhang Qingqing carry bags in the future.

Suddenly a light fragrance came, badminton club inside, the only girl with him a good relationship, Nie Haitang, she fell behind smiling and looking at him.

Nie Haitang is a sophomore in the business school, pure and beautiful, the standard school flower, more beautiful than the TV actress quite a few, it is said that the boys pursuing her, even the other universities are many.

Nie Haitang giggled, a smile that could have charmed countless men, and said "Qin Ming, why don't you know how to refuse Qing Qing every time? Carrying her bag for her every time."

"I'm used to it." Qin Ming smiled helplessly, he used to dawdle with food and drinks, how dare he refuse, just now he wanted to refuse, but Zhang Qingqing was already far away.

Nie Haitang said, "What do you think is going on tonight? It's really important, I'll tell you about it, it's important."

The important thing tonight is of course doing homework! Damn old He, he had assigned a whole bunch of high maths exercises.

But when he saw Nie Haitang, Qin Ming was in an inexplicably happy mood, and the gloom of his lost love was much less, so he simply said "Seeing you makes me want to go again."

Nie Haitang's pretty face flushed and her small mouth hummed "Sweet mouth and slippery tongue, you have a girlfriend and you still come to tease me?"

Qin Ming blushed; "She dumped me and got together with a rich kid from my hometown. We broke up."

When he thought of Li Meng, Qin Ming's sadness of lost love was like that cracked great aunt again, he couldn't stop the wow.

He had been with Li Meng for two years, he did give his heart, but his heart was eaten by dogs, his eyes welled up with sadness.

Nie Haitang raised her eyebrows, she could see Qin Ming's sadness, she was about to ask a few more questions when suddenly Zhang Qingqing greeted "Xiaotang, why haven't you come over yet? Tsk, Qin Ming, don't pester our Xiaotang all the time, you don't even look at your status, you want to make things difficult for yourself, don't you? Come on, Xiaotang, give him the bag and let's go."

Zhang Qingqing was afraid of being late, so she dragged Nie Haitang away, and Qin Ming carried an extra bag.

He shook his head, it was better to hide his current fortune as he would participate in badminton club activities in the future, or have a bit of peace and convenience.

Qin Lou, the exclusive private room with two large tables, was very lively.

Zhang Qingqing arranged all the people, got up and pressed his hand, the surrounding members of the society are very cooperative and quiet.

Zhang Qingqing had a book of satisfaction on her face at this time, she enjoyed this feeling of being a human being very much.

However, she was surprised to see that Nie Haitang was sitting next to Qin Ming, and Qin Ming's clothes were an eyesore.

She frowned and said, "Xiaotang, sit here with me."

Nie Haitang said, "It doesn't matter where you sit, the one who's coming is a handsome guy, right? I won't steal your thunder either."

Zhang Qingqing thought to herself, "She likes the guy waiting for her, but Nie is so pretty, so she should keep a low profile.

The moment he entered, he was holding the keys to an Audi car, which attracted the attention of many people.

The young man said loudly "Hello everyone, I am Zhao Tuo of the Electrical Engineering College, because I lost to Zhang Qingqing in badminton, ah, men are willing to gamble to concede, invite everyone to dinner, today what dishes feel free to order, what wine feel free to drink, count on my account."

"Good!" Everyone was up in arms, expressing their gratitude, the food at Qin Lou was expensive and delicious, so of course everyone was happy that someone was treating them.

However, Zhang Qingqing immediately went forward and grabbed Zhao Tuo's hand, saying "Tsk, Zhao Tuo, what's that in your hand? Did you buy a car? An Audi?"

Zhao Tuo's heart was happy and he said lightly "Yes, the new Audi a6, I wanted to keep a low profile and buy an a4, but the sales shop said I had to wait a month for the a6 to be in stock, so there was no way I could keep a low profile. Hahaha."

Zhang Qingqing said, "Wow, you can take me for a ride later."

Zhao Tuo agreed a hundred times, he bought this Audi, isn't it just to act tough? He wanted to pick up Zhang Qingqing for a long time, but Zhang Qingqing has a high vision, not to be bored without blood money ah.

He deliberately lost the badminton game, so he could get a reason to treat himself, and then show off his new car to give Zhang Qingqing face, but also to satisfy his own vanity, but also to charm Zhang Qingqing in a fog?

Zhao Tuo had just sat down when he suddenly wrinkled his nose and wondered, "What's wrong? Why does this VIP room smell like rancid food?"

The people looked at Qin Ming in unison, because Qin Ming's clothes hadn't changed since noon, it really smelled a bit too much, didn't they see that except for Nie Haitang, everyone else was two body lengths away from Qin Ming?

The name was that he was there to serve the food, but in fact they were hiding from him.

"Who is he?" Zhao Tuo asked in wonder "A waiter? Is there a waiter in your club? So lowly?"

Zhang Qingqing blushed, she had lost face, she didn't expect Qin Ming's clothes to smell so bad, if she let Zhao Tuo think that everyone she knew was poor, she would be looked down upon, and if she had to establish a relationship with Zhao Tuo in the future, she would become vulnerable and even be looked down upon.

Zhang Qingqing was also angry and scolded, "Qin Ming, what's wrong with you? You stink of acid and you still have the nerve to dawdle with food and drink here, why don't you hurry up and wash up and come back?"

Qin Ming was speechless, he had said from the beginning that he was not coming, it was you who wanted me to carry your bag so that you could show your noble posture as an old Buddha, and now you dislike people.

He also remained silent, got up and left.

After Qin Ming went out, he cursed and said, "It's bad luck, I threw away the takeaway I had packed. It wasted 12 yuan of my money."

"Qin Ming ...... you wait for me."

Qin Ming had not taken a few steps when he heard someone call him from behind, but it was Nie Haitang, who came out after him with her bag.

Qin Ming was surprised and said "Haitang why aren't you eating?"

Nie Haitang nuzzled her lips angrily and said, "I'm not happy, if I'm not happy, I don't want to eat.

Qin Ming knew that Nie Haitang was angry with himself for being called and driven away, but he was used to it.

He said, "You don't have to be like this."

But Nie Haitang didn't want to talk about it and asked as she walked away, "Let's not talk about that. Qin Ming, did you really get dumped? I heard that you worked three jobs a day for your girlfriend, scrubbing dishes, looking after the door and delivering takeaways, just to buy her a new Apple phone, you were so sincere, how could she do this to you?"

Qin Ming said sadly, "People have their own aspirations, and it's useless to be sincere if you follow me through a hard life. I don't blame her, after all, the woman I loved, I'm just more angry with myself, why am I so slow to earn money, if I could earn more money, she would be happier, right?"

Nie Haitang looked at the side of Qin Ming's face and was touched by his words, what an infatuated man, he was actually not cynical after being dumped.

She reached out and patted Qin Ming's shoulder, smiled crookedly and said, "Don't be discouraged, tomorrow will be better. I think you look very handsome when you work hard to buy gifts for your girlfriend. In this society nowadays, you should keep your heart of gold. You will definitely be successful in the future."

Qin Ming felt better after listening to Nie Haitang's enlightenment, he let out a long breath and said, "Okay, Miss Nie enlightened me, I have to repay the favour. Let's go to the Dengfeng Restaurant outside the university city, it's a three Michelin star restaurant, it's excellent."

Nie Haitang crossed her arms in a naive, reprimanding manner and asked "Tsk, so willing to spend money on me? You've only just fallen out of love and you want to pick me up? Men are really big pig-hoofs."

Qin Ming thought she was angry and hastened to explain, "No, it's not that. I just want to have a good restaurant to match you, can't I take you to a roadside stall? Your clothes are worth a lot of money, won't the stalls take away your status?"

Nie Haitang looked at Qin Ming's nervous explanation and giggled, saying, "Come on, I'm teasing you. I don't care where I go, it's cheap and clean, ah! Let's go to ......"

The first time I saw a message on it, my face turned bad "Oh no, something happened to Qingqing and the girls."