Rags To Riches Chapter 299-300

 Chapter 299

Qin Ming did not come out, and the only person who accompanied Wang Xiu out was Qin Susu.

                Wang Xiu first exchanged a few words of courtesy with Hou Qing, Qi Minghui and Qi Miao Miao, saying that it was hot outside and inviting them in to sit.

                Hou Qing and the three of them shook their heads hastily, saying that there was no need.

                They didn't dare to go in without a word from Qin Ming.

                Wang Xiu said that she could not move them and then looked at Zhang Yao, who was full of doubts, and said, "Hello, I am Qin Ming's mother, my name is Wang Xiu. You said my son is pestering your daughter and he admits to liking your daughter."

                When Nie Haitang heard this, her heart thumped, the confession between the two mothers across the room made her heart beat like a deer in the headlights, and this was Qin Ming telling his mother about them?

                She was apprehensive, wondering what Wang Xiu thought of her, and whether her initial impression would be too bad.

                Nie Haitang remembered some Chinese mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dramas she had seen before and her heart went cold, feeling as if mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were a chop that she could never get through.

                Nie Haitang shook her head again and thought to herself, "No, no, I'm only in a relationship with Qin Ming now, hmm, he'll at least have to propose before I think about this."

                Wang Xiu didn't wait for Zhang Yao to speak and added, "I'm sorry for causing trouble to your family, I'm a rural woman and really can't discipline my son. But my son said that he didn't take your daughter's money."

                Zhang Yao frowned, how could she have any evidence? Who didn't know that Qin Ming was a poor? Pan Jun? MU blowing plotting to whirl around? Can Huang Qiangke????

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. But we Qin Ming feet on the ground to do people, our backbone is straight."

                Zhang Yao was annoyed, "You are a village woman who is making a fool out of me? Who is giving you face? Down-to-earth? What's the point? Do you have money? Look at your shabby face, how dare you say that? Don't you know that this society laughs at the poor but not at the prostitutes?

                But when she looked at Hou Qing and Qi Minghui, who were standing honestly next to her, she couldn't figure out if Hou Qing was here to see Qin Ming, so Zhang Yao felt weak.

                The identity of Qin Ming made her feel suspicious, but now she dared not yell at Wang Xiu.

                Wang Xiu pulled Nie Haitang over and said, "Child, family is the most important thing. Qin Ming he is also comfortable today, so you should go back with your mother first, to save her from worrying."

                Nie Haitang's face was dull, wasn't this an expulsion order before she even entered the door?

                But Nie Haitang noticed that Wang Xiu had slipped a note into her hand, she secretly put the note away and said, "I know Auntie Wang."

                As Nie Haitang left, Zhang Yao followed, but as she walked away, she didn't forget to take two more looks at the villa, she was still confused in her mind, who was this villa anyway?

                Who exactly did Hou Qing and Qi Minghui visit? That Qin Ming? She didn't believe it, how could she have looked away?

                And when Nie Haitang got into the car and looked at the note handed over by Wang Xiu, the three words 'See you later' were written on it, and a delighted smile immediately appeared on Nie Haitang's stony face.

                Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing, who were hiding outside the villa by a large tree and watching, were equally surprised and said, "What's going on? Why does that Wang Xiu look like the owner of the villa, so high and mighty and obnoxious? That kind of villa should be suitable for people of my status, what is Wang Xiu."

                Yang Qiangjian said, "Forget it, what's so strange, look, that beautiful secretary came out, the one who is Qin Ming's colleague, I heard Zhiguo say, that is Qin Ming's boss's secretary. The way I see it, the new ones are the three who must have come to visit that secretary, look, the gifts given are cosmetics and women's clothes."

                Feng Yanbing probed and watched, only to see Song Ying looking coldly at Hou Qing, Qi Minghui and Qi Miao Miao, his mouth saying something, looking impatient and waving his hand.

                Then Hou Qing and the three of them helplessly put their gifts down and drove back.

                Feng Yanbing said strangely, "I can't believe they won't let me in, this woman is such a big shot? She's not even allowed to enter even if she's sending a gift? The ten billionaire who drove a Maybach just now was still respectful to those three."

                Yang Qiangjian said, "That's the big boss's secretary junior, can it be simple?"

                Feng Yanbing still didn't understand and asked, "What does that have to do with Qin Ming?"

                Yang Qiangjian was now proud of himself and said, "You stupid bitch, you don't understand this, do you? Haven't you seen a big man in 'Empire of Money' who had a fierce wife but wanted to keep a young one, so he shoved his lover to his subordinate as a fake couple for fear that his wife would find out? The subordinate didn't dare to touch and couldn't object, so he could only take it and raise it as his own mother, and when the boss came and slept with his lover, his subordinate still had to watch the wind for the boss."

                Feng Yanbing nodded and said, "Husband, your analysis seems to have some truth to it."

                Yang Qiangjian added: "That secretary is so beautiful, a man would salivate, er ...... wife, you don't look at me with this eyes, I am giving you an analysis. How is it possible, you say, that no boss is going to move her? Qin Ming is obviously the one responsible for covering up for his boss while having to pretend to be a couple with that secretary. There is no need to ask about this villa, it must have been given to the secretary by the boss. Qin Ming's parents are coming, so they're bringing it along to use it and pretend to be a couple."

                When Yang Qiangjian finished, he even glanced at Song Ying from afar, that figure, that face, that temperament, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva, to be honest, during the lunch time, Yang Qiangjian's eyes didn't stop peeking at Song Ying, but due to the occasion, he kept hiding it.

                The two sons of the Qin family, how could they be successful? The two sons of the Qin family, how can they be successful? Hahahaha, it turns out that they earn money by doing this kind of shameless hook. If Qin Zhiguo, the honest man, knew that his sons were doing this kind of thing to get to the top, I'm afraid he would be furious."

                Yang Qiangjian shook his head and said, "Forget it, fishy smelling money, it's still money. Qin Ming has learnt something bad, we have to warn Wei, stay away from him, this person is not honest, in the future you can't help Wei look after the warehouse door. It's better for Qin Chaoyang to be honest, but unfortunately he can't count."

                Feng Yan Bing pooh-poohed and said disdainfully, "Who needs these two brothers? The whole family is a waste of time, isn't Qin Chaoyang dependent on Qin Ming's connections? Otherwise, what kind of manager could he be?"

                Yang Qiangjian said, "Forget it and go back, we still have to invite Mr. Xiao's family to dinner tonight, 60% of our business depends on Mr. Xiao, this meal is very important tonight, we can't make any mistakes, understand?"

                Feng Yan Bing said, "Where are we going to eat then?"

                Yang Qiangjian said, "Of course, it's still the Chinese restaurant at noon, although that place is a bit expensive, but it's really good, value for money, and also give bird's nest, and Wuyishan Da Hong Pao tea, we are valuable guests, when I checked out at noon, I asked if there was a place for the night, said someone temporarily backed out of the reservation, there is a place."

                Feng Yan Bing said, "Is that so? Then I have to prepare properly."

                Inside the villa, Song Ying brought in the things from Hou Qing and the others and said to Qin Ming, "Young master, I did as you instructed and didn't let Hou Qing and the others in, so they went back. But they insisted on bringing the gifts in."

                Qin Ming looked at it and said, "Give it to my sister. You get ready and have dinner with my eldest uncle's family tonight, also in the private room at noon, I think, and let my brother know later that he will come over when he gets off work. Ask the restaurant to reserve a parking space for my eldest uncle's family."

                Song Ying bowed slightly and said, "Yes, Young Master."

                After Qin Ming explained these things to Song Ying, he hurried out again, he had to get his girlfriend back ah.

Chapter 300

Nie Haitang drove around the neighborhood a few times, parked her car at a nearby mall, guarded her mother like a thief, and finally snuck back alone.

                Zhang Yao followed closely behind, carrying her bag.

                Nie Haitang was in such a hurry, there was no way to meet up with Qin Ming if she didn't get rid of her mother.

                Suddenly, a hand reached out from the alley and grabbed Nie Haitang in to hold her in place, pressing her against the alley's wall.

                "Ah!" Nie Haitang exclaimed, but when she saw that the person who had grabbed her was Qin Ming, she said in a pout, "You're scared."

                "Haitang? Haitang? Don't you run so fast." Zhang Yao's voice and the sound of footsteps gradually approached.

                Qin Ming walloped Nie Haitang against the wall, and the two of them locked eyes, forgetting everything around them for a moment, Nie Haitang closed her eyes as Qin Ming leaned in for a kiss.

                The sweetness of her lips was sweet, Qin Ming felt Nie Haitang's soft lips and reached out to hold her slender waist, this stunning woman belonged to him.

                Outside the alleyway, Zhang Yao was anxious, looking for someone as she shouted.

                "Haitang? You still have to go back to that poor Qin Ming? Pan Jun Ke Fang Pretty? The first thing you need to do is to find the right person. 

                "The actual fact is that you'll be able to find a lot of good men, a hundred times better than Qin Ming."

                "Mom can still harm you?"

                The two of them were covered by a pile of plastic clutter, and Qin Ming was entitled to pretend that he couldn't hear them, even though her mother was right outside the alley. I'll find your daughter cheap.

                Qin Ming kissed as his hands groped up and down, the thin clothing in this summer could not stop his big, pale hands.

                Zhang Yao's voice faded away, and Qin Ming and Nie Haitang's lips parted, a trace of saliva was pulled into a thread, so ashamed that Nie Haitang waved her hand to interrupt.

                Nie Haitang's cheeks were as red as blood as she excitedly hugged Qin Ming and laughed, "Big bad egg, my mother is still looking for me, making us sneak around."

                Qin Ming grinned, reached out and stroked her hair, saying, "Sneaking around is exciting. Hey, Haitang, I find that I still have to conquer your family one by one, I've only just taken care of your brother and your mother keeps coming out to make mischief."

                Nie Haitang crouched shyly on Qin Ming's chest and said, "Of course, you think it's so easy to abduct me home? I'm our little princess."

                Qin Ming added, "Yes, yes, yes, she will still be my little princess. However, your mother did go too far today."

                Nie Haitang was also annoyed, "There are many things she has gone too far. Last time, she falsified my medical report, tricked me into leaving the country, caused me to break up with you, and went to that rich man's blind date, and when she came back, she didn't apologize to me and complained about coming back first."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "Was she like that before?"

                Nie Haitang sighed, "My mother wasn't like this before, she spoiled me and did whatever she wanted for me. I don't know why she was so opinionated once I fell in love, and strongly opposed to us being together, she had to have me marry into a luxurious family."

                Qin Ming said, "The gentry have money and power, don't you like money."

                Nie Haitang smiled sweetly and said, "I know the importance of money, but money can't be relied on, you can."

                Hearing these words, Qin Ming's heart warmed as he intimately pinched the tip of Nie Haitang's nose and said, "Alright, if you don't fail me, I will not fail you."

                Nie Haitang's heart was blown away by Qin Ming's words, and she felt that she was the happiest woman in the world at this moment.

                The two of them went back hand in hand, but when they passed a greenway in the neighbourhood, they saw Yang Wei arguing with his new girlfriend, and it seemed to be very heated.

                Yang Wei grumpily questioned: "The initial agreement was for 10,000 to play my girlfriend for a few days, why did you suddenly raise the price? Do you have any integrity in this business?"

                Fang Xiaoya said, "I rented the house, you forced your parents to come over and pretend, why didn't you say so earlier? Who knows how many days they will stay? They have to share a room with you at night, so I'll lose a lot if I don't pay more?"

                Yang Wei pointed at Fang Xiaoya and made a gesture to hit her, but Fang Xiaoya held her face high and said arrogantly, "You hit, you hit your whole family and get out of here right now. I won't act for you anymore either. You bitch also don't need to be a superior student in front of your parents."

                Yang Wei held his hand down again and said, "Okay, I'll give. But I only have five thousand left now, so I'll give it to you when I ask my dad for my pocket money."

                Fang Xiaoya took the money, counted it, saw that there was enough money and smilingly changed her attitude, saying, "Come on, I'm doing this to match you, aren't I? If I act well, your parents will be happy and you will have more pocket money, right?"

                Yang Wei was troubled, he didn't know who had posted his history of picking up girls on the school website, and all his past black history had been exposed, and since then he had been disliked by the girls in the university town, and had to go around when he saw them.

                He could not find a girlfriend, he could only spend money to hire a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend, and then lie to his parents, rent a house and have a girlfriend, spend a lot of money, so that he can reach out to get some pocket money.

                Nie Haitang looked at him with contempt and said, "This man is a nibbler. His parents have the nerve to laugh at you."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "Xiao Wei was really a good boy in the past, and Uncle Yang had high expectations for him, but it's just that Yang Wei didn't learn to be good after he went to university and got involved in bad habits. In fact, if there is a chance, I still want to help him go back to the right path."

                Nie Haitang said, "He treated you like that, and you still helped him? Qin Ming, you can't be too nice, you'll easily suffer losses, some people are poorly bred white-eyed wolves."

                Qin Ming laughed, "I mean I had a chance, but he didn't give me a chance."

                Qin Ming didn't bother to expose Yang Wei's tricks and didn't bother to pay attention, taking Nie Haitang back to the villa.

                However, when he arrived he found that his parents were not there, and only after asking Qin Susu did he find out that his parents could not sit still and had to go to the construction site to see his elder brother Qin Chaoyang, asking Qin Ming to pick them up for dinner together during the afternoon meal.

                The company's main focus was on the development of a new product that would be used in the future.

                Qin Susu was a bit formal, as she looked so beautiful and fairy-like, she was an ugly duckling, and said timidly, "Hello, sister."

                Naturally, Nie Haitang didn't mind the little rustic girl Qin Susu, she treated her like her own sister and pulled her over for a chat. There were so many women's topics, from nail art to cosmetics to big stars, Qin Ming could hardly interrupt.

                In the evening, Qin Ming received a call that Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu had already gone to their eldest uncle's house and left for the hotel in his car, so Qin Ming took Qin Chaoyang with him to go over to the hotel again.

                The only thing is that when they drove to the hotel, they ran into Yang Qiangjian's family again.

                When Feng Yanbing saw Qin Ming, she said with great displeasure, "What? How come it's you guys again? Tsk, so it's this little beauty, she's being used as an ATM, but she's still not smart? Isn't she a bitch?"

                Nie Haitang was quite happy, but when she was suddenly scolded like this, her mood suddenly turned bad. She didn't even know this person, so how could she slander him?


                Fiercely, Feng Yan Bing's face was suddenly slapped by Qin Ming.

                Feng Yanbing screamed miserably and almost fell to the ground, while Qin Ming's slap also scared everyone.

                Yang Wei was furious and said, "Qin Ming, what are you doing hitting people?"

                Qin Ming said hideously, "If I hit, I hit. Auntie Feng, don't insult my girlfriend just because you think you are my half elder. Otherwise I won't be polite."

                Yang Qiangjian's family was terrified and angry.

                Feng Yan Bing was so angry that she looked like a shrew: "Fine, Qin Ming you dare to hit me? Fine, I will reveal your scandal today, so that your parents can give you a long face."

                Qin Ming was stunned, his scandal? What scandal could he have?