Rags To Riches Chapter 297-298

 Chapter 297

At the gate of the villa, Feng Yan Bing was overjoyed: "Hahahaha, this is really a good show. It turns out that it was Qin Ming who was a soft-earner, and took his girlfriend's money to pretend to be a man, and thought he was so brilliant. If you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat, and now the woman's parents are looking for her."

                Zhang Yao pulled Nie Haitang to her death and said, "Listen, the neighbours are laughing at him, a loser is a loser, he is not treated well anywhere."

                Yang Qiangjian said, "We're his hometown, beautiful, what's going on with this Qin Ming in Guangcheng? How is he getting on?"

                Zhang Yao said proudly, "What can happen? His classmates have told him that for three years, he has been delivering food, cleaning dishes and watching the door at nightclubs and bars. The reason is because he is in the same club as my daughter, he wants to be close to the water and get the moon first. Since this Qin Ming is your hometown, how about their family?"

                Feng Yanbing became smug again and said, "What can they do? His father works for my factory as a warehouse keeper, earning only 2,500 a month in dead wages, and his family has a red brick two-storey house with an old-fashioned TV like a convex mirror. The oldest member of the family is 30 years old and still a bachelor, and no girl in town is willing to marry him. This Qin Ming hasn't been home for three years. I thought he was so successful, but it turns out he's a soft touch. Such a man? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                The two of you are Yang Wei's parents, right? What kind of good thing is Yang Wei? He's a waste of time, he's a woman who's dumped him.

                Yang Qiangjian's face darkened and he said, "You little girl, you're quite pretty, how can you defile someone's innocence out of thin air? At least our Ah Wei wouldn't have swollen his face and lied to his parents by renting a house that he bought. This integrity of character is a high and low judgment."

                Zhang Yao said bitterly, "Listen, now you know all about Qin Ming, don't you? These days, even in the countryside, ramshackle red brick houses are not common, how poor this family is, you just saw his mother? You didn't see his mother just now? Just a village woman from the fields, how old has she become? You're looking at your mother and I. It's all right to be her daughter, you could be her granddaughter."

                "Do you also want to become like her in the future? Follow Qin Ming every day to plough the fields? Picking vegetables? The one dress you buy is more than what his family earns in a year."

                Yang Qiangjian suddenly interjected, "Oh, you don't have to worry about ploughing the fields, Qin Ming's father has worked for me for most of his life, and his son is also my son, so I will definitely take care of him. When my son takes over my factory and develops in the future, it won't be a problem to give Qin Ming a supervisor."

                Feng Yanbing also smiled and said, "That's right."

                Zhang Yao rolled her eyes and waved her hand, "Humph, how much do you guys earn a year? Don't get close here and pretend to care about our business. My Nie family is worth tens of billions, and our business is all over the world, so what are you guys? Get out of here now, or I'll make one phone call and have you all out of Guangzhou tonight."

                When Yang Qiangjian and Feng Yanbing heard that this was a ten billion dollar family, they were so scared that they didn't dare to breathe a word.

                The two of them were just about to leave when another big Ben came behind them, and three people got out of the car, Hou Qing, Qi Minghui and Qi Miaoqiao.

                Qi Minghui said as he got out of the car, "Mr. Hou, don't say anything later and say that I brought you here. I also heard from the young master's elder brother that the young master wants to keep a low profile and doesn't want too many people to know."

                Hou Qing said, "I know, Young Master Qi, I'll just say I happened to talk business with you, a chance encounter, a chance encounter."

                Qi Miaohui carried a pile of gifts and said with some apprehension, "Young master his sister, will she hate me for buying so many cosmetics and clothes?"

                Qi Minghui laughed and said, "Don't worry sister, there is no woman in this world who can resist cosmetics and luxury brand clothes?"

                The young man's wrist watch is not the one you want to buy? The company's main business is the company's business. The company has a lot of experience in the field of business. And that's what I'm talking about. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. But he was not allowed to.

                Yang Qiangjian said, "This is the owner of the villa, isn't it?"

                Feng Yan Bing said, "I don't know, I'll just have a look. Haha, there might be some big reversal, Qin Ming's family will be kicked out, tsk tsk, that's really good to see, let them be so shameless. We can't even afford to live in a villa, so who are they?"

                Zhang Yao, who was about to convince Nie Haitang to go back, panicked when she saw who was there, wasn't that the second youngest of the Qi family and Miss Qi, as well as the number one popular businessman in Guang City, Hou Qing?

                If we were to talk about the two strongest powerful families in Guang City, it would be these two.

                Even the Mu family and the Cao family, which are old gentry with connections and relationships in both the political and military sectors, have done great business, but they are not as influential as these two, and they have to be courteous when they meet.

                Especially last time Nie's bathroom group because of a momentary failure to rub by other shareholders against the water, sold a lot of equity at a high price, Yang and the group has acquired 41%, the group belongs to the precarious. At the beginning, it was Hou Qing who helped out and took back the eleven percent of the equity from the He family, and the Nie family survived the crisis, and later it was Qi Minghui who pinched the eleven percent of the equity and taught Nie Zhengming a lesson.

                It can be said that both of them are the masters of the Nie family and cannot afford to offend them normally, and even more so now that the issue of equity is at stake.

                Zhang Yao greeted them with a smile, but was stopped by Hou Qing's driver-cum-bodyguard.

                Zhang Yao hurriedly said, "Mr. Hou, Mr. Qi and Miss Qi, what a coincidence, I am Zhang Yao."

                Hou Qing naturally recognised Zhang Yao, Nie Haitang's mother, and because of Nie Haitang, he should have treated her with courtesy, but his businessman's touch gave him a whiff.

                Zhang Yao's desperate attempts to separate Nie Haitang and Qin Ming were not new in the circle, they were all reported in Fortune Magazine, and the headline about the thousand-year-old girl falling in love with the poor boy was written about I don't know how many times.

                But Hou Qing knew that it was just his young master keeping a low profile and making a fortune by muffling his voice.

                Zhang Yao was not pleasing to the young master when she messed around like this, so he kept his distance for now.

                The water in the gentry can be very deep, especially when Qin Ming is so young, and within the group, there are many people who covet the position of Qin Ming's wife, and once they climb up, it is a flight of fancy.

                It is not easy for Nie Haitang's future to be the wife of the world's richest man.

                Qi Miao Miao directly does not look at Zhang Yao.

                Hou Qing said nonchalantly, "Oh, Mrs. Nie, are you here to see someone?"

                Zhang Yao hurriedly said yes and asked curiously, "Mr. Hou is a very busy man, what are you doing here?"

                Hou Qing said, "Nothing much, just visiting an important friend with Chi Shao."

                This was said in a very casual manner, but the atmosphere was extraordinarily different at this moment, which made Zhang Yao feel puzzled.

                In her perception, this villa belonged to the Mu family, and there were many houses in the Mu family, after all, the Mu family was also involved in real estate, and there were a lot of houses for rent every month, and this villa in the Green Island district of the city had never heard of Master Mu coming to live here.

                The villa in the city's Green Island district is not known to have been lived in by Master Mu.

                Then Hou Qing and Qi Minghui were here to visit Qin Ming? Qin Ming was an important friend of Hou Qing? Was this possible? How could they know each other, their circles couldn't even cross, people from two worlds at all.

                Had there been some mistake here?

                Hou Qing and the three of them wanted to go in, but they were still stopped at the door by Xu Donghu, a driver and bodyguard, saying, "Mr. Hou, Mr. Qi, please wait a moment, I'll contact the inside first."

                Xu Donghu pressed the intercom at the door and Qin Ming's voice came from inside, looking a little anxious and asking, "What is it?"

                "Mr. Hou and Mr. Qi, and Mr. Qi's sister are visiting."

                Qin Ming said, "Tell them to wait."

                Xu Donghu responded and said, "Eh."

                He hung up the intercom and looked back at Hou Qing and the others, meaning that the intercom was so loud that you had heard it, so wait honestly.

                There was nothing Hou Qing and the three of them could do, they seemed to have come at a bad time and stood aside.

                Zhang Yao looked at Hou Qing, Qi Minghui and Qi Miao Miao, who were standing honestly. This is outrageous, these three people are not the object of everyone's affection in Guangzhou, how come Qin Ming doesn't take them seriously?

                Who could tell her what was the strange reason for this? Zhang Yao couldn't figure it out.

Chapter 298

Inside the villa, Wang Xiu angrily grabbed a broomstick and chased after Qin Ming.

                "Yes, your mother and I are a rural woman, not highly educated, not capable, but your mother and I are down-to-earth people, never faking, not earning money against my conscience, even if how much more despised, your mother and I still have the face to raise our heads to face."

                "What about you? You're vain, you hate the poor, you love the rich, you abandoned Li Meng for a rich girl, didn't you? Where else did you get the money you sent back? You asked for it from other girls, didn't you? You are a big man, do you want to be shameless?"

                "If you dislike Li Meng today and abandon her, you will dislike my mother tomorrow and sweep me out of the house, and I still expect you to retire? Qin Ming, it's only been three years and you've been blinded by money to your conscience, tell the truth or not."

                Qin Ming said loudly, "Mom, I'm not lying to you, this villa is really mine."


                Wang Xiu smacked a broomstick at him and said angrily, "Nonsense, even if your mother is stupid and incompetent, she knows that a house in a big city costs at least ten thousand dollars a square foot, and this kind of luxury villa, look at the decoration inside, it must be three or four million dollars. How did you earn the three or four million to tell the truth, if you can't explain it clearly, you are lying."

                Qin Ming said quietly, "This villa is worth at least six or seventy million, and some of the decorations and furnishings inside are even more expensive, mum, you said less."

                Wang Xiu was furious and crossed her arms, saying, "Then tell me, how did you earn 60 to 70 million?

                "Uh ......" Why did Qin Ming feel like he was hitting his own feet with a rock?

                Qin Ming was at his wit's end, he had to be honest and say, "Okay, mum, I'll be honest with you, I'm not pretending anymore, it's not always good to hide such things from your own family. I admit that I saved a rich man before and even took care of his life for a month. Then he got cancer and was dying, and for some special reason, he gave me his entire inheritance, a fortune so large that it was unimaginable."

                She pointed at Qin Ming and scolded, "You brat, at this time, you still don't confess to your mother, and you still make up such excuses that no three-year-old child would believe to deceive me. You just made up that you spent 400,000 on a Dubai tycoon's ice cream, and now you're making up that you inherited a rich man's estate. You studied economics, not literature. If you're so good at making things up, why don't you write a novel?"

                He said, "I don't believe you, so Qin Ming is helpless.

                Qin Ming slightly embarrassed scratching his head, said, "Mom, I have written, but flopped, readers do not subscribe, I eclipsed, or delivery earn more."

                "You, you ......" Wang Xiu was so angry that she sat on the sofa, patting her chest and gasping for breath.

                Qin Susu walked out and hurriedly gave the old mother the first cup of water, saying, "Brother, at this time, you just tell the truth, right? Even if it's rented, mum and dad don't blame you ah. You're capable and earning money, it's reasonable to spend more."

                Wang Xiu was furious, "If you have that money, you might as well save it for your daughter-in-law, what's the point of renting a villa? What a loser! Soso, your brother has learnt a bad lesson, cheating on a girl's feelings and spending her money, isn't that eating soft rice? Is he going to lick his face and become a son-in-law later?"

                Qin Ming said, "I didn't go to the Nie family to be their son-in-law, mum, don't guess. Where is the property deed for this house? It has my name on it. I'll bring it to you here."

                Qin Ming searched around and found the property deed, but it turned out that it had been pooed on by two chickens and torn up with their claws, and his name was no longer visible on it, leaving Mu Xiaoqiao's name.

                Qin Ming's heart was crumbling at this point: "I ...... tsk, mum, this house is really mine, why don't you believe that your son has earned it?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly threw a look at Song Ying.

                Song Ying was suddenly stumped, all of a sudden, how could she give Qin Ming a round of lies?

                But it was not difficult for her, the all-rounded secretary, to take out her tablet computer and operate it.

                Within half a minute, Qin Ming's phone rang with a manual voice: "Paypal has arrived at 10,000 yuan."

                The voice was so pleasant, it would be nice to hear it a few more times.

                Immediately afterwards Qin Ming's phone rang again with a manual voice: "Paypal arrived at 50,000 yuan."

                "Alipay arrived at sixty thousand yuan ......"

                "Alipay arrived at 70,000 yuan ......"

                Qin Ming took his phone and bragged, "Mom, look, I've earned money again, how easy it is to earn money, I can earn money every night in my sleep, the flow of water is millions a month."

                Wang Xiu listened to the sound, it was the same as the sound of the old king's mobile phone that often boomed in the town buying fish and shrimp, but the old king's mobile phone boomed a dozen or twenty dollars, while Qin Ming's was ten thousand dollars, it was too scary, she could not believe it.

                Qin Susu asked curiously, "Brother, what are you selling here? It's so impressive."

                Qin Ming said, "Futures, gold, stocks, a little bit of everything. Mum, how easy it is to make money in finance nowadays, hundreds of billions of flowing water at every turn. I earned this by following the project our boss invested in together, compared to my boss, this is all a small amount. I really didn't lie to you, I didn't spend anyone else's money."

                Wang Xiu heard what finance and futures, she did not understand at all, she asked, "Do you tax this?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course it's taxable, can we do something illegal?"

                Only then did Wang Xiu feel a little more convinced, showing a hint of joy that her son had really made a difference, and she asked, "Hey, why did that girl's mother say that?"

                Qin Ming said, "Her mother doesn't like me and wants to break us up."

                Wang Xiu asked, "Then do you really like that girl? At the beginning, that little girl, the one surnamed Mu, wasn't also quite nice, Mom liked it."

                Qin Ming said tornly, "No, I want the one outside."

                Wang Xiu touched the clothes on her body and said, "Susu, bring mum's cleanest clothes over here."

                In a short while, Wang Xiu changed into a normal clean dress, similar to the one worn by the square dancers outside, which was the most expensive dress Wang Xiu had, costing fifty dollars a piece, and she usually wore it only when she saw people.

                Wang Xiu said, "I have to make it clear to her that my son is capable and will not blackmail her daughter."

                Qin Ming said, "Mom, it's not about money at all, their family is rich and doesn't care about the money. What matters is that I am not a rich family. She wants her daughter to marry into a hoi polloi, a top hoi polloi."

                Wang Xiu was stunned, which made things difficult, and said, "Son, why did you pick such a difficult daughter-in-law?"

                Qin Ming said, "The daughter-in-law is not difficult, but the mother-in-law is a bit difficult. Mum, you can sit down, I'll go out and talk, it's fine."

                Wang Xiu pulled Qin Ming back and said, "Won't you aggravate the conflict by going out? Can't you see that other people's mothers are especially targeting you? Let mum come, although mum is not capable, she can still handle this kind of thing, don't worry and sit tight, mum will make sure you are satisfied."

                By now, at the door, Hou Qing and the others had been waiting for more than twenty minutes, but they were still waiting honestly.

                It was a hot day and the temperature was high, so how big a person must be to let Hou Qing and Qi Minghui wait in the sun?

                Nie Haitang wanted to go in, but Xu Donghu, who was guarding the door, wouldn't let her in. This was his principle as a driver and bodyguard, even if she was the boss's girlfriend, she had to abide by the rules.

                This made Nie Haitang so depressed.

                Zhang Yao was apprehensive and went forward to ask, "Mr. Hou, is the person you are looking for Qin Ming?"

                Hou Qing just smiled and didn't answer directly, saying, "Mrs. Nie, don't you know who is living inside?"

                This statement made Zhang Yao so depressed, wasn't this the same as throwing back her doubts? What a mall veteran.

                At this time, Qin Susu came out with Wang Xiu in tow, while Qin Ming didn't come out.