Rags To Riches Chapter 293-294

 Chapter 293

It's just an ordinary meal, Qin Ming doesn't care that much, since Yang Qiangjian wants to treat a meal so much, Qin Ming doesn't care, anyway, this is his restaurant, he earns money ah.

                Besides, Qin Zhiguo has been working for Yang Qiangjian for so many years, it is only natural to treat him to a super luxurious lunch.

                Yang Qiangjian ordered quite a lot, but also ordered the special dishes, imported ingredients, the national wine Maotai, a meal down to spend more than 40,000.

                He was a little sore, but listening to the little song in front of him, looking at the decoration of the box, there was a feeling of being a man on top, he did not care, said smugly: "Look, it is not very expensive, only 40,000 full table, the price of this restaurant is still very fair."

                Qin Zhiguo bragged: "Still brother Yang is generous."

                Yang Qiangjian proudly said, "That's right, Zhiguo you follow me, I have a mouth of meat, you will have a mouth of soup. In the future, let Qin Ming also follow Ah Wei to do, will not treat him poorly."

                Qin Ming did not take the words seriously and ate by himself.

                Suddenly, he frowned and said to Song Ying, "The seafood meat is a little too much, my mother is not well, let the back kitchen bring a Wuyishan Da Hong Pao over, to warm my mother's stomach."

                Not long after, the tea making waiter came up to make tea, some authentic kung fu tea gestures, but also to see the crowd praised, this is the standard Chinese national essence, the tea ceremony.

                Yang Wei said, "Dad, Mom, now a lot of Kung Fu tea level is not home, you look at the waiter on the professional, this China Hotel tea ceremony is also won the award, this is the top service, the general official leaders of the city of Guangzhou may not be able to enjoy this treatment."

                Feng Yanbing surprised: "Is that so? This is really emperor-like enjoyment, go back to my sisters to blow a good, let them envy."

                Even Qin Zhiguo, who does not like to drink tea, smelled the taste and also tsked, said, "This tea is so fragrant, what tea?"

                The girl who made the tea said, "Wuyi Mountain robe, this is not the money can buy, this is our hotel specifically to entertain specific valuable guests with, a few please try."

                Yang Qiangjian marveled: "My God, authentic big red robe can no longer be measured simply with money. That Wuyi Mountain's mother tree Da Hong Pao is no longer in circulation in the tea market, many of the market is sold on the mother tree cuttings grafted, belonging to the offspring of the mother tree. But also the price is sky high."

                The tea steeping girl said with a smile: "You are valuable guests, we are not grafting this robe picking the shoots, the mother tree has long ceased to pick, but our boss has the ability to get a little bit every year, this is 350 years robe mother tree tea, only valuable guests will be served."

                Feng Yan Bing listened to the word "noble guest" two, heart no more than proud, here the noble guest, in addition to their family who else? It is not the opposite of that shabby poor guy?

                Yang Wei is actually the first time to such an expensive place to eat, also feel twice as dignified, said: "Although expensive, but good to enjoy ah."

                Yang Qiangjian proudly said, "Tomorrow bring a few business friends to come together, this kind of place to talk business, that's the name of the game."

                Wang Xiu looked at the tea handed to the front, some apprehension asked: "son, I heard people say Wuyishan big red robe is very expensive, this bite down how much money?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Priceless, this tea warms the stomach, good for your body. Mom, your health is priceless, drink it."

                Wang Xiu listened to her son coaxing her good words, smiled, took a sip, felt the taste of sweet, warm body, refreshing, said: "This tea is really good, son, mom can take some back?"

                "Yes." Qin Ming said, "Mom, you did not hear the hotel sent? Take it all back for you."

                Wang Xiu immediately hit Qin Ming lightly with one hand, laughing: "You child, such expensive tea, how can it be a gift? I mean later that little sister brewing tea left over, can I take away."

                Qin Ming said, "Mom, it really is a gift, I asked the hotel to send a box to you to take back."

                Song Ying listened and immediately went to arrange, soon someone sent a small box over, although less, but this sold out at least 400,000 to 500,000.

                Feng Yanbing also yelled that he wanted it, but the manager looked at Song Ying and immediately said that there was no more, which made Feng Yanbing so depressed, and embarrassed to ask for it from Wang Xiu.

                After a meal, the atmosphere of the two families is actually quite good, mainly Yang Qiangjian and Qin Zhiguo two people chatting with each other, others chatting and eating on their own.

                When it came time to settle the bill, Feng Yanbing saw that her husband wanted to brush more than 40,000, which takes them two months of profit of the parts factory.

                She was upset, Qin Ming family ate a lot, drank a lot, but also took a box of overpriced big red robe tea, that should have been her welfare, why not a penny out?

                She said condescendingly: "Tch, how someone ate also do not know to say a few good words, eat and drink for nothing, really shameless, and grab tea with me."

                "That Uncle Yang, we still have things to do, let's go first ha."

                Qin Ming knows Feng Yan Bing is relatively sharp, lazy to pay attention to her, pulling his parents out of the fish, directly knocked Feng Yan Bing to the side.

                Feng Yan Bing that depressed: "Eh eh eh, Qin Ming you bastard boy, really do not know the rules, deserves your lack of success."

                Yang Qiang Jian paid the money, then said: "Let's go, today spent a lot of money, the hotel will not go, book a hotel it. Eh? Where is Qin Ming and his family?"

                Feng Yan Bing hummed: "Back to the school dormitory, right? Now on summer vacation, they must be rubbing the school dormitory, their family is poor, where they can afford to spend money to live in a hotel?"

                Yang Wei said, "Dad, I rented a house in an upscale neighborhood near the university town, you guys come for a few days, go live in my place."

                Yang Qiangjian said, "An upscale neighborhood? It costs a lot of money a month, right?"

                Yang Wei proudly said, "It's only four thousand, you see I live with Xiaoya, can not live in the school dormitory like Qin Ming, right? How inconvenient."

                Yang Qiangjian frowned, this son can really spend money, since the university, a month of five thousand pocket money into 10,000, and then into 20,000, maybe next semester to 30,000 pocket money a month, his pension savings are going to be urgent.

                But Feng Yanbing did not think so, said: "That is certainly, our son's status and position can be that Qin Ming can compare? The light temperament is far worse."

                Yang Qiangjian coddled his child and agreed. The family drove to the city green island district next to the university city, where the environment is quiet, the place is big enough, there is enough greenery, and all kinds of supporting facilities are available.

                Yang Qiangjian drove the car to the city green island district, stopped under a commodity building.

                Feng Yan Bing looked at this mature supporting community, the air is fresh and pleasant, very satisfied said: "or my son good vision, here the house how much a flat ah?"

                Yang Wei said: "More than 40,000 a flat, a house basically five or six million, Mom, I also want to buy a house here in the future."

                Feng Yanbing nodded and said, "Of course, our son must have success. Can not be like the two brothers of the Qin family, a bachelor, one can not keep his girlfriend, can not earn big money, shame."

                Yang Qiangjian said, "Don't say that, in the future Qin Ming work for A Wei, is not also good? The son inherits his father's business. Their family is honest, they look after the warehouse for us the best, never lose anything."

                Feng Yan Bing proudly raised her chin and said, "Yes, they are honest people, they are only worthy to work for us, and this is useful. Hey, Ah Wei, why is the back enclosed? There seems to be a pool there, not open?"

                Yang Wei looked to the back and said enviously, "The back is a villa area, supporting private pools, courts, gardens, but there are only three or four villas, each of which costs tens of millions."

                Feng Yanbing narrowed her eyes and said, "No? How come Qin Ming's family went in?"

                Yang Qiang Jian did not say: "The villas inside can also be rented? How can it be Qin Ming's family, you are blind? Where do they have money? Qin Zhiguo can have how much money, I pay his salary every month, I still do not know?"

                Yang Wei also laughed, "Mom, your eyes are not good. How is it possible."

                Feng Yanbing pointed to the front and said, "That's right, look, it's that chicken cage, I'm not blind, that's right."

                Yang Qiangjian two father and son frown, follow the line of sight to see.

                The family is really Qin Ming family, is carrying the surname Li into the villa.

                Yang Qiangjian family coveted each other, what happened? How is this possible?

Chapter 294

After eating, Qin Ming took his parents to the villa Mu Hai Ran had sent him to.

                He originally wanted to take his parents to the Cloud Peak Villa Manor, but there are now Chang Huan's people there to keep an eye on him, he has to be very hidden and careful in and out, and he was afraid that his parents would therefore be watched.

                Later, he wanted to take his parents to the more than 100 square feet of commercial housing, but found that Qin Chaoyang took his secretary Xiaoli back to live, said Xiaoli just graduated, single girls are not good to rent a house, here is close to the site, not only convenient, but also do not have to pay rent, and He Menggu help cook.

                Qin Ming see big brother seems to be so enthusiastic about the secretary Xiaoli, that Xiaoli is also good natured, not opposed to Qin Chaoyang to make such a play, so bring Mu Hai Ran sent a large villa this bar.

                But this big villa of the real estate license has not been sent to Qin Ming, Qin Ming heart is also afraid of what happened accidentally, make Mom and Dad unpleasant.

                The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car, Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu, a face confused, looking at the wide doorway, large bronze doors, and two stone lions, next to a very beautiful garden.

                Which rich man's home is this?

                Such a magnificent villa, Wang Xiu and Qin Zhiguo that was dazzled, they only saw it in some film and television works, when they saw the real thing, two eyes could not move.

                Qin Zhiguo licked his lips and said, "Eh, Qin Ming, this is your boss's house, right? Do you want to report on your work? I'll wait outside with your mother, you go ahead and report your work."

                Qin Ming said, "No, Dad, you guys are staying here tonight, come in and I'll explain later."

                Qin Ming was already too lazy to explain, find an excuse to muddle through, no one else would come over anyway.

                He walked ahead to open the door, but the door opened first.

                With a creak, a man pounced out from inside, scaring Song Ying to quickly rush up, thinking there was a killer.

                But Qin Ming quickly raised his hand, signaling Song Ying not to move, because he had already recognized the person, the person who pounced out was Mu Si Chun, not some killer.

                "Brother-in-law!" Mu Sichen pounced on the meeting, hooked one hand around Qin Ming's neck and hugged him intimately, saying, "I knew it, brother-in-law is not going home, he must have come here."

                The strength of Mu Sichen's pounce was not small, Qin Ming was forced to take two steps back, and had to hold her small waist and rotate in place before stopping steadily.

                Qin Ming asked, "Mu Sichen, what are you doing here?"

                Mu Sichen said in a puffed up voice: "My sister said, want me to keep an eye on you, she is in the capital city during the business struggle, you are not allowed to cheat, looking for other girls."

                Qin Ming directly rolled his eyes, didn't he already leave the Mu family? Didn't Mu Hao make it public? What the hell is he up to? Do you have to ask Qin Ming to come to your door? How is it that Mu Sichen is completely unaware of the situation?

                "I ......" Qin Ming was about to say something when Wang Xiu came up behind him, sizing up Mu Sichen with a surprised face.

                Wang Xiu cheerfully measured Mu Sicun, thinking that this little sister can be really beautiful, so temperament, city girls are different, white, clean, clean, clothes are also particularly beautiful, the white long legs, face full of youthful breath, chest development so well, the future child milk, buttocks, the future production of mother and child peace.

                Wang Xiu is from a rural background, because of the constant comparison with the Yang family, she actually has a special inferiority complex, she hopes that Qin Ming can get rid of her poor fate, marry a girl from the city, work in the city, live in the city, live a decent life.

                So before Qin Ming made a girlfriend Li Meng, she was particularly happy, but also specially visited, back, often with the villagers said Qin Ming made a city girl, very proud. She later heard that the two broke up, that anxious.

                Today and listen to Qin Ming said and made a new girlfriend, but also a city girl, she was relieved.

                She saw Mu Sichun come out of the house today, meet a hug, so intimate behavior, not boyfriend and girlfriend, not likely, right?

                Wang Xiu asked, "Qin Ming, this is what you said ......"

                Qin Ming see old mother this expression she knows, she is afraid that she is not mistaken Mu Si Chun is his girlfriend?

                Qin Ming said urgently, "Mom, she is not."

                Wang Xiu a disappointed face, but thought to himself that his son is not lying to her? If you are not a girlfriend, why should people jump on girls? The advantage is not all taken advantage of?

                Wang Xiu asked curiously, "What's your name, girl?"

                Mu Sichen looked at these people suspiciously, blushing grin, voice loud and clear said, "Auntie, hello, my name is Mu Sichen."

                After that, she approached Qin Ming and asked in a low voice, "Brother-in-law, who are these people?"

                Qin Ming breathlessly propped up his forehead and said, "This is my father and my mother. Mu Sichen, what the hell are you doing here?"

                When Mu Sichen saw that Qin Ming seemed to be unhappy, she pitifully handed over a red book with the words "real estate right certificate" in big letters.

                She flattened her small mouth and said, "I've brought this for you."

                Qin Ming looked, it turned out to be a house transfer, Mu Si Chun to send him a real estate certificate.

                Wang Xiu immediately hit Qin Ming lightly, annoyed: "Qin Ming, you are so aggressive people a girl to do what? You're scaring people. Not girlfriend, then what is the relationship?"

                The latter question, Wang Xiu deliberately lowered his voice to Qin Ming's ear to ask, not let Mu Si Chun hear.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

                Qin Ming said, "Mom, nothing is."

                When Mu Sichen heard that it was Qin Ming's parents, she remembered that she hadn't even met Qin Ming's parents yet.

                When Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao got married, they were very secretive and did not advertise, they took a wedding photo and did not invite Qin Ming's relatives to be present.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                Now Qin Ming is different, deeply loved by the entire Mu family, Mu Sichen looked at Wang Xiu also very enthusiastic, took Wang Xiu's hand and went into the door, said: "So it is aunt, come to see Qin Ming ah, you please enter, I help you take the luggage."

                Qin Ming looked back at Qin Zhiguo and his sister, who were still standing at the bottom of the steps, and said, "Come on in, what are you waiting for?"

                Qin Susu didn't care so much, for the first time in her life she lived in a villa, and after a brief shock, she moved in with her bags beautifully.

                Qin Zhiguo is still very apprehensive, asked, "Son, you borrowed the boss's car even if, also borrowed the driver and secretary, now even the house borrowed, your boss is an older single female rich man?"

                Song Ying, who was listening on the side, couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Pfft, hey ......"

                "Heh." Even the driver Xu Donghu also can not help but laugh, the young master this rich hide, really hard.

                Qin Ming that depressed, Dad you are misunderstanding your son to people as a duck? The rich woman wire rub he can not afford.

                Qin Ming annoyed the property card a plug, feigning anger, said: "Dad, this house is your son my. Do not ask, ask is your son earned by breaking the law, you go to the police station to report me."

                Qin Zhiguo took the property deed and looked at it, it was really Qin Ming's name, there was a joint name "Mu Xiaoqiao", he muttered strangely: "Who is this Mu Xiaoqiao ah? How come you have so many secrets now?"

                But where was anyone to respond to him? Qin Zhiguo could only carry sweet potatoes and snakeskin bags inside.

                He always felt that this time he came to see his son, Qin Ming had changed so much, not only was he bolder, the people he knew were also very uncomplicated, but his son seemed a bit impatient, Qin Zhiguo could only hide these questions in his heart, he didn't want to upset Qin Ming.

                Finally, Qin Zhiguo walked in with his shoes and looked up at the high crystal chandelier, the onyx stone walls, and a dodo bird fossil, expensive famous paintings, and framed red diamond necklaces.

                All this had a rich atmosphere of a famous and luxurious family. Qin Zhiguo walked more and more slowly and finally shrank to the corner, not daring to move.

                Qin Ming asked, "Dad, put the things in the room first, right? Why don't you come over? No, why are you taking off your shoes?"

                Qin Zhiguo pointed to the luxurious red carpet on the floor and said, "I'm afraid of getting dirty, this chicken ...... better put it outside, they poop everywhere, tonight Dad will slaughter it for you to make soup and drink, save the outside also dirty."

                Qin Ming walked over and directly removed the chicken cage, two chickens free, cooing, jumping up and down so happy.

                Qin Ming pulled the dumbfounded Qin Zhiguo, directly to a master room, said: "Dad, you and Mom will sleep here, you go first to take a bath, I still have things to do."

                After saying that, Qin Ming hurriedly went to find Mu Si Chun, that little girl and his mother went in to talk for a long time, will not to will not make any misunderstanding, that would be bad.

                Tonight Nie Haitang still have to come over!