Rags To Riches Chapter 291-292

 Chapter 291

Qin Zhiguo came up and grabbed Qin Ming's ear and cursed in grief and anger: "Are you doing something illegal? This car I have seen on TV, are those super rich big bosses exclusive cars, called Rolls Royce, right? There is a small golden flying man in the front, the old expensive. How can you afford to drive it? Is not doing illegal hooks, earn unclean money?"

                Wang Xiu persuaded: "Dad, you calm down, I believe that my son will not do illegal and disorderly things."

                Qin Ming's ears were pinched painfully and he hurriedly said, "Dad, listen to me, you misunderstood me."

                Qin Zhiguo let go of his hand, thin, dark and wrinkled, dyed with a lot of factory oil face but a face of righteousness, said, "Okay, you say. If you do not tell a reasonable explanation, I will personally send you to the police station. Our Qin family, even if we are not rich, we must be down to earth and honest."

                Qin Ming cried and laughed and said, "I'm honest. This is my boss's car, this is my boss's secretary, I'm just a wage earner. Originally I rented a cab to pick you up, my boss heard that I came to pick you up today, without saying a word, lend me his ...... unwanted car."

                Qin Zhiguo said, "What? This car is so new, so beautiful, your boss does not want it? Who are you fooling? Your dad is dumb, but not old and confused?"

                Qin Ming really speechless, Dad is still an old stubborn, the older the more stubborn, you are obsessed with a car source why? Why don't you just get in the car and go?

                The side of Song Ying saw Qin Ming so embarrassed, but also is unable to help, she went forward and said: "Uncle, Xiao Qin is right. Our boss doesn't take cars anymore, he takes helicopters instead."

                "Ah!" Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu heard, scared straight shivered, muttered: "Helicopter ah ...... this, this is to go to the sky ah ...... this is no wonder."

                Song Ying said, "Our boss values Xiao Qin very much and intends to train him to be an important cadre, so what Xiao Qin said is true."

                Only then did Qin Zhiguo breathe a long sigh of relief: "So that's how it is."

                Qin Susu was very happy and said, "Dad, look, I didn't lie to you, right? Brother just found a good job, his boss especially valued him, brother will definitely have future success."

                Qin Zhiguo was overjoyed, excited to pull Qin Ming's hand, said: "Good, my son has made a difference. Eh ...... Secretary ah, our son did not give you any trouble, right? He is stupid, still can't speak, please bear with him more."

                Song Ying looked at Qin Ming and smiled gently, "No it's not, Xiao Qin he is particularly conscientious, the tasks are completed very well."

                Qin Zhiguo said happily, "That's good, that's good."

                Qin Ming added: "Right, Dad, Mom, call Brother, I'll take you to dinner first, Dad, you know what? Brother has made a career, he's working at the construction site across the street."

                Qin Zhiguo said, "I know, I just saw your brother, he became the general manager, right? But he has to be busy with work, I didn't let him come, work is important."

                Qin Ming said with surprise, "Really? Then you have to call him too, right? Is work as important as our family reunion?"

                Qin Zhiguo pulled Qin Ming to his feet and scolded, "You bastard, what are you doing? How can a reunion be more important than work? How hard is it for your brother to get such a good job? A month more than 30,000, simply a pie from heaven, absolutely no mistakes, not to mention lazy, not to lose the job. We saw each other every day last month, no need to see."

                Qin Ming saw his dad getting angry, so he placated, "Okay okay, I'll take you guys to dinner first. Eh, put the stuff in the car."

                With that, Qin Ming threw the chicken cage into the trunk.

                Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu were scared out of their wits, and hurriedly went up and dragged Qin Ming, saying, "What are you doing? Qin Ming you brat, do you know the rules? Is this car yours? It's your boss's car, what if it gets dirty? What if it stinks? What if you lose your job?"

                Qin Susu also said, "That's right, second brother, when we came to take Uncle Yang's car, Aunt Feng has criticized us all the way, smelling too much, and also smelling dirty their car. Brother, your boss the car is more expensive, our things so dirty, really not appropriate ah."

                Wang Xiu also complained, "Yes, Xiaoming, you don't know the rules. No matter what, it's your boss's car, so you can't get it dirty. How about we walk to your school and put the stuff in your dormitory first."

                Qin Ming threw a look to Song Ying with a tired heart.

                Song Ying immediately went forward and put the dirty chicken cage, the woven bags full of mud, and all the things of the two old men in the car.

                "Ah!" Qin Zhiguo was so scared that he shouted, "No, no, ah beautiful secretary, dirty your clothes."

                Wang Xiu is even more anxious eyes are red: "Really can not ah, this car old expensive, wash a few thousand, right?"

                Song Ying clapped her hands, thinking that this is also called dirty? Compared to when she was in the cruel training camp, sleeping by the corpse, eating by the toilet, in order to sneak and hide, all kinds of dirty things to wipe body, this mud, chicken shit, can be called dirty?

                Song Ying said: "Uncle, aunt, you do not worry, such a car, our boss has dozens of units. And even if this car Xiao Qin crashed, our boss will not care, really do not lie to you."

                Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu were stunned, is this true? Then our son has made a big fortune!

                Song Ying also secretly said with Qin Ming: "Young master, it is really better not to say directly and explicitly, if explicitly said the current identity of the young master, I am afraid that the two old people will not be able to bear, direct blood pressure spike into the hospital."

                Qin Ming scratched his nose, said: "My parents have been poor all their lives, never believe in overnight riches, miracles and other things, just believe in down-to-earth, money to be earned one by one. So, to get them to accept it, you have to take your time."

                Qin Ming went forward and took his parents' hands, saying, "Come on, you two old people don't rub it in, brother now has more than 30,000 a month, I'm not as good, but I have a bonus, I earn no less than brother, you two old people can retire and enjoy the happiness."

                Wang Xiu said, "What happiness? Your father and I are poor and miserable, can not enjoy. Eh, you have to give mom a grandchild early, I will give you a child, then enjoy the blessing. Son, that Li Meng mother think there is still room for maneuvering, you bring out to let mom talk to her, see if we can get back together?"

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and said, "No need mom~! Li Meng dumped me for money, she disliked me poor, I still eat back grass? I found a new girlfriend, also a city girl, more beautiful, better for me. Called over tonight to eat together."

                Wang Xiu heard, hanging heart and settled down, rejoicing: "Really? Really? A girl from the city? That must be called over, my son is really good, looking for a city girl as a daughter-in-law. I'm afraid you're like your brother, 30 years old and still a bachelor, the town and countryside look at him as a joke."

                Qin Susu said, "Hey, second brother, you are good, this car is so comfortable, like a sofa."

                Qin Ming touched his sister's hair and said, "Do you like it? If you like it, brother tomorrow earn money to buy you a quantity."

                Qin Zhiguo scolded: "The car is a means of transportation, buy so expensive for what? You earn money easily? Buy a domestic forty to fifty thousand can be, now are popular domestic cars, national products when self-improvement."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Yes, yes, what your old man said is."

                Not long after, the car stopped at the most historical and famous Chinese restaurant in Guangcheng City, want to eat overpriced dishes, Guangcheng City Chinese restaurant dares to say first, no one dares to say second.

                The key price, although expensive, but also delicious, so every day business is very hot, both gimmick and taste, it can be said that the money is rolling in.

                Song Ying walked into the hall and said a few words to the lobby manager, who immediately went to prepare.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, dragged the two old men into the lobby, but coincidentally, just after entering, he ran into Yang Qiangjian's family, who was making a fuss with the waiters.

                Yang Qiangjian said with dissatisfaction: "How can there be no seats? Isn't there still a lot of empty seats here? Are you sincere? Tell your boss to come out."

                The female manager said, "Those are all reserved seats, because the business is really too hot, so many people have reserved in advance."

                Qin Ming frowned, he is the big boss behind this restaurant.

Chapter 292

Qin Susu's eyes were sharp and she pointed to the front and said, "Eh, isn't that Uncle Yang and his family? They also come to this restaurant to eat."

                Wang Xiu nodded and said, "Yes, what a coincidence. But we'd better not go over there, or else we'll let Xiao Ming get laughed at again."

                Qin Zhiguo said, "It seems to cause trouble, we have to help Yang, Yang is my boss."

                Qin Ming two eyes rolled, your son is still the owner of this restaurant.

                Yang Wei's new girlfriend Fang Xiaoya just passed by the crowd, looked at Qin Zhiguo and others, said, "Eh? It's you guys? How come you came with us too?"

                She said, "This place is very expensive, a meal at least 7,000 to 8,000, expensive would be no upper limit, can you afford to eat?"

                Qin Zhiguo was shocked and said, "Is this, so expensive?"

                Wang Xiu took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Son, how much do you earn a month now?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Uh, seven to eight thousand."

                Wang Xiu was anxious and said, "How can you do that? Even if you are now successful, you can not spend money so recklessly ah? Li Meng broke up because you spent money recklessly, right? Mom always told you to save money for future marriage. But you didn't listen. Now that you have a girl from the city, you can't spend money recklessly."

                Qin Zhiguo said, "Let's go, it's too expensive, we can go to the roadside restaurant, a meal of seven or eight thousand, how can we afford to eat?"

                Bi at this time, Song Ying came over and said, "Uncle and aunt, the private room is ready, you can go in."

                Qin Zhiguo hurriedly shook his head and said, "No, secretary, we're not eating, it's too expensive, we can't afford it, Qin Ming has that money, it's better to save it for his daughter-in-law."

                Song Ying said, "No, this restaurant is one of the industries under the name of our boss, our employees come to spend, there is a discount, well, a discount of 10%, super good value."

                Qin Zhiguo still hesitated, "ah? A 10% discount is really a good deal? That is also very expensive ah, a meal at least seven or eight hundred."

                Song Ying rolled her eyes, Qin Ming's parents are really difficult to deal with, a meal is a meal, and do not want you to pay, what are you struggling with ah?

                But this is also a test of her ability, she said with a smile: "No, seven or eight hundred is also very expensive, but your two old enjoy the service is not the same ah, drinking tea are first-class Wuyi Mountain Red Robe, Huangshan Mao Feng ...... drinking wine is also top, Xi wine, Maotai. "

                Qin Zhiguo frowned, said: "I do not drink tea, nor drink, I will drink plain water, how good these can not drink. The food also does not settle for, there is chicken and fish and vegetables is enough."

                The corners of Song Ying's mouth twitched, dare she play the piano to the cow?

                Song Ying heart cross, said: "Uncle look, I and Qin are internal staff, we have internal super staff discount price, a discount and then a discount, a meal of seventy to eighty dollars is enough."

                Qin Zhiguo face black, said: "Your restaurant is also too dark, right? Seventy to eighty dollars of cost, buy seven to eight thousand? What kind of food is this?"

                Song Ying's smile stiffened, she was completely speechless.

                The Fang Xiaoya heard Qin Ming side of a private room, immediately ran over, pulling Yang Wei family over, said: "Uncle Yang, they booked a private room, all the old folks together to a table."

                Yang Qiangjian was stunned and said, "Zhiguo, why are you here too?"

                Qin Zhiguo said, "Qin Ming brought me here, and said he had booked a private room early."

                Yang Qiangjian was delighted and said, "A private room, that's good, let's eat together, there are not many of you anyway, the private room is so big, let's eat together."

                Qin Ming was reluctant and asked Song Ying, "Is there no other seat? Old folks, spare one for them."

                Song Ying shook his head helplessly: "The restaurant is doing a lot of business every day, and reservations are lined up until five days later, so there are almost no customers who arrive to eat on the same day, except after two o'clock."

                After two o'clock? This group of people early hungry faint?

                Qin Zhiguo said, "It's okay to be together, then. The bill will just be divided equally then, and I'll be extravagant for once today."

                The two elders, the male head of the family, made the decision, and the others could only follow.

                Qin Ming knew that his dad had a good relationship with Yang Qiangjian, decades of master and servant friendship, he did not want to spoil his dad's mood, he could only let the two families go to the private room together.

                When entering the door, Yang Wei and Qin Ming looked at each other.

                Both are a bit melancholy and sentimental, the relationship between the two before the university is also very good, nothing to talk about, Qin Ming often invited to Yang Wei home to play games, Qin Ming also often protect Yang Wei from being bullied, the past is so intimate.

                But now the relationship between the two feels like it can't go back.

                Yang Wei remembered that Qin Ming had made a fool of him many times, and this time he also had a bit of a hunch, so he warned first, "The elders are here, so don't make any tricks, just leave each after dinner."

                Qin Ming said, "I thought so too."

                Into the private room, very large, as if it was a palace-style family feast, three walls, the top hanging lanterns, luxuriously decorated, gilded, the front is the Bi Liyu Mountain, attached to the two sides of the screen, behind there is a group of ancient style music playing team, clear music, pleasant to the soul.

                Yang Qiangjian said with emotion: "Wow, this pattern, this momentum, worthy of the most prestigious hotel in Guangzhou."

                Feng Yan Bing and that Fang Xiaoya are taking out their cell phones to shoot, take pictures to send friends to pretend.

                Feng Yan Bing also surprised: "Wow, this has not ordered food, and bird's nest? Do you want money?"

                Song Ying said coldly, "Sent."

                Only then did Yang Qiangjian and his party realize that Qin Ming had an extra Song Ying on his side. Song Ying was too pretty and dressed with a lot of grace, a hundred times prettier than Yang Wei's new girlfriend Fang Xiaoya.

                Yang Wei and Yang Qiangjian are looking straight, eyes can not move away.

                Feng Yan Bing heart annoyed, her husband so straight looking at other women, her heart can be comfortable?

                She was worried and asked, "Who are you? Qin Ming girlfriend?"

                Wang Xiu said, "No, this is Xiaoming's colleague, she is Xiaoming's boss's secretary, this is not noon dinner, so come together."

                Feng Yan Bing heard not Qin Ming girlfriend, the heart hanging boulder put down, really let Qin Ming find such a beautiful woman as a girlfriend, then the Qin family not greatly long face? She will be uncomfortable in her heart.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. If you want to talk about girlfriends, it's still our Ah Wei who is powerful. Xiaoya, come and sit down, I heard that your family does building materials, and your business is very big, right?"

                Fang Xiaoya said, "Not bad, a year on tens of millions of sales."

                Feng Yanbing exclaimed in surprise, saying, "Wow, so powerful."

                Qin Ming listened to some depression, need to be so exaggerated? Need to shout so loudly? I'm not a cage, with Yang Wei was dumped by his girlfriend's speed, next month it is estimated to have to find again.

                And the more you look, the more unreliable, this Fang Xiaoya look like a serious woman, dressing up extra sultry, revealing a lot of meat, this is the parents of the meal ah.

                After both sides were seated, Qin Ming wanted to order some good food to his parents.

                The home cooked food at the Canton China Hotel is actually too expensive, a pork knuckle with ginger is more than two hundred, a soy sauce elbow is more than three hundred, a Peking duck is more than four hundred, expensive is those rare things, and famous tea and wine only.

                He knew that his parents' appetite was for home-cooked food, so he thought he would order some home-cooked food.

                As a result, the menu was taken over to Dad and handed to Yang Qiangjian, saying: "You kid, what dish to order blindly? Your Uncle Yang has seen the world, let your Uncle Yang order it."

                Yang Qiangjian laughed: "All the same, just order a few home-cooked dishes, and then order one or two special dishes, after all, specially come here, have to eat something good."

                Song Ying could not stand it, said: "This is the box we ordered, we have to pay in the end, please give us the menu."

                Who pays and who orders, generally the relationship is not deep are this rule.

                When the appetites of the two families are not necessarily the same, and there is no place outside, it is very awkward.

                Feng Yan Bing hummed: "What? Beauty do you think we can't give money? You are dog-eyed, old Qin is still our family employee, what is a big meal to treat?"

                Yang Qiangjian was also a little upset, he was in charge of the boss, like to be the master, especially in front of years of employees Qin Zhiguo family, he can not afford to lose face.

                He said, "I'll pay for this meal, Zhiguo, don't rob me, okay?"

                Qin Zhiguo hurriedly smiled honestly, "Okay, okay, okay."

                Qin Ming gestured for Song Ying to sit down and let Yang Qiangjian order the food.

                Seeing that Song Ying did not speak, Feng Yan Bing said smugly, "Really, what does a woman have just to look pretty? Or to say the beauty of the heart."

                Song Ying's face sank, quietly picked up her cell phone, turned her head, and explained to the hall manager, "Cancel the consumption discount for this imperial private room for me."

                On the other end of the phone, the female manager responded, "Yes, Secretary Song."