Rags To Riches Chapter 29-30

 Chapter 29

When Qin Ming got down from the car, all the reception staff were stunned.

This ordinary young man in front of him was the young master that Secretary Song was so respectful of?

Are you kidding?

They've seen all the tycoons, rich kids, red kids, and foreign tycoons coming in and out of here. No private custom-made suits, at least also have a brand name, at least wrist fast watch ah.

Qin Ming also wears the back shoes it, dark blue jeans are washed white, the upper body is a cottage adidast shirt, looks more shabby on how shabby, than they do security are worse.

But Song Secretary is their boss, Song Secretary so respectfully standing beside the young man, which they dare to say anything?

Song Ying said, "Remember, this is your real boss, Qin Ming."

"Good day, boss." A group of workers have bowed and saluted, even if the heart doubts, most of them sigh Qin Ming the boss low-profile powerful, is the boss was kidnapped before? So there is a psychological shadow afraid to show their wealth?

Qin Ming was a bit caught off guard, he was thinking of breaking into the Century Building, something happened to spend money to amortize, the results of the building are his.

Qin Ming took out Nie Haitang's photo and asked, "How long has this girl been inside, and where is she?"

A manager saw, said "boss, is a customer, in the building eighty-eighth floor of the cafe."

Qin Ming nodded and said, "Song Ying, go and ask Hou Qing for the eleven percent of the He family's shareholding first, and inform me as soon as you get it."

Song Ying answered and went to do it.

Qin Ming was led by the manager and hurried to the eighty-eighth floor of Century Tower.

The eighty-eighth floor of the Century Tower, where there were not many people, but everyone who enjoyed their afternoon leisure time here would not have a bad status, and there was an open-air pool outside the floor, where some rich people were playing in the water with beautiful women.

Qin Ming's eyes quickly swept over, looking for Nie Haitang's back.

But Nie Haitang was not seen, but saw her brother, Nie Zhengming, Qin Ming hurriedly went forward.

Qin Ming while approaching heard Nie Zhengming talking on the phone "Dad, you ...... heart, I early ...... prepared ...... to them ...... private rooms, once the success ......, He family will certainly low price those ...... sell ...... us ...... Although ...... sacrificed, but she will ...... understand."

Because the distance is a bit far, Qin Ming can not hear Nie Zhengming's words too clearly, but he has a growing sense of bad.

But walking too fast at once did not see someone coming out of the corner, he directly touched, Qin Ming felt the other side slippery, hurriedly back two steps, the first time to apologize "that sorry, I walked too fast, uh? Li Meng?"

The person who was hit was none other than Li Meng.

Li Meng was also stunned, how could she possibly run into Qin Ming in such a place?

Century Building is not the usual high-class consumption occasions, ordinary tickets have to start from three hundred, a meal per capita consumption of about two thousand dollars, not to mention that this is the eighty-eighth floor of the elegant cafe, there is the same entertainment facilities, open-air pool, unbeatable city view, come in more than a thousand dollars, not to mention other services.

Li Meng was followed by a girl from the same class, as well as Yang Wei, Zhao Fugui, Ma Fei.

Qin Ming could see that these people were here to get high and entertained.

But the funny thing was that Zhao Fugui's hand was still in ointment, while he was still wearing a swimsuit.

"Yo, Qin Ming." Yang Wei smugly reached out and hugged Li Meng, said "you are really infatuated, last night pestered Meng Meng all day, and broke her phone, and today chased here. You ah, the heart does not miss Meng Meng then say, why pretend to be noble?"

Zhao Fugui said disgustedly "Are you brain-damaged? Li Meng is now my brother Yang Wei's woman, you toad want to eat swan meat? I've never seen a cheek as thick as yours."

Ma Fei said curiously, "Brother Fugui, Brother Wei, how did he get in? The tickets are quite expensive, right? He can afford it? Is it a secret entry?"

Qin Ming anxiously crossed these people, anxiously said "I am not looking for you, please get out of the way."

Yang Wei scoffed, "Not looking for us? Then you are looking for the manager just now? Oh, I see, you are here to seek employment, after all, working in such a place, part-time salary is not low, hahaha. Qin Ming, you've grown in ambition, you know how to pick a job. But even if you work here, you are still serving us."

Zhao Fugui said arrogantly "Well, you are also worthy of serving people."

Qin Ming was annoyed, directly pushed them away, to force through, and then later that Nie Zhengming people are gone.

But Qin Ming to go, Yang Wei and Zhao Fugui the more obstructive.

They are certain that Qin Ming is to apply for a job, otherwise how could be let in? And just now the manager also passed by here, Qin Ming afraid not to find the manager?

Yang Wei yanked Qin Ming's arm and said, "Where are you going? Qin Ming? We are a classmate, not chatting a few words? The work or something aside."

The company is also a loyal lapdog, and will not give Qin Ming a chance to go over.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Qin Ming is anxious to find Nie Zhengming, did not want to pay attention to them, the results of their obstruction, he looked up again, is missing Nie Zhengming.

"Grass mud horse, the tiger is not powerful you think I sick cat?"

Qin Ming completely fire, in vain force to break away from the two, grabbed Ma Fei's back strength on the side of the wall and ruthlessly smashed over.

Boom, Ma Fei head directly into the wall, through the blood flow, directly two eyes black, fell to the ground floppy can not stand up.

Yang Wei hit a cold shiver, he remembered his fellow countryman Qin Ming, since childhood from the village to the town, and then to the county, because he used to be a prick, Qin Ming before is not what good.

After his senior year, Qin Ming completely restrained, four years let Yang Wei thought, society has sharpened his sharpness and backbone, money crushed his dignity.

But when he saw Qin Ming wipe the blood splattered on his face and look back at him, Yang Wei's teeth chattered with fear.

Qin Ming flew straight up and kicked Yang Wei off the pool.

Li Meng and another girl were also scared to death, they knew Qin Ming for three years, but never saw such a ferocious side of Qin Ming ah.

Zhao Fugui hurriedly shouted "hit people, security, security! Qin Ming you crazy, dare to do it in the Century Building, you know do not want to be here ......"

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

Qin Ming another slap, said angrily "I hit you. The whole day nothing to do to find me trouble, you do not bother the old son also bothered."

Zhao Fugui was wildly scattered two slaps, only to feel the stars in the eyes, walking unsteadily, swayed a few times, followed by the fall into the pool.

Qin Ming did not care about these people, rushed to find Nie Zhengming.

But the eighteenth floor is very large, in addition to the open-air pool, there are Internet cafe game room, indoor golf, sauna, beauty spa, etc., to find Nie Zhengming is really not easy.

The more Qin Ming couldn't find the more anxious he was, he was worried about what had happened to Nie Haitang, he simply pushed the door of the meeting room from room to room and barged in.

The other side, Yang Wei and Zhao Fu Gui from the pool, see the security guards who rushed, angry teeth itch, cursing "over there, come with me, son of a b*tch Qin Ming, today I do not get you dead."

Chapter 30

Nie Haitang some panic, study room private room only she and the rich second generation He Kun two.

The layout of this room, the left side is a supply of lunch break simple large bed, the right side is attached to the high floor windows of the desk, aside from the bookcase and talks table and chairs.

She looked at He Kun about thirty, on the thin side, the forehead before the head fell, although dressed very civilized, but the eyes of that can not be hidden, Nie Haitang grew up to see more.

He Kun touched the Rolex watch in his hand, said "Miss Nie, we are not ambiguous, as long as you agree to marry me, then our He family owns eleven percent of your Nie's bathroom, will be sold to you."

Once you hear marry He Kun, Nie Haitang remembered the previous rumors about He Kun, this person's ex-wife is unable to stand his sexual violence and left, I heard that her ex-wife was bitten off a piece of flesh on the chest.

Nie Haitang collection under the table, nervously grasping the dress, she is very clear about the purpose of this visit, she did not have any choice, for Mom and Dad, for the family, for the Nie family three generations down the industry.

Nie Haitang nodded slightly and said, "I am willing to marry Mr. He, and I hope that Mr. He will sell us the equity tonight as a bride price."

He Kun leaned back and said, "No, that won't work, what if you guys go back on your word after selling your stake? You and I are both from a business family, don't pull any verbal promises."

Nie Haitang bit her lips and asked, "Then what do you want?"

He Kun said "immediately go to get a license, tonight I will sell the equity ......"

As he was saying, He Kun's cell phone rang, he picked up the phone while walking towards the door and said "Think about it, my He family is also a prestigious family in Guangzhou, your Nie family is also an emerging noble family, also considered a match. If you become my wife, I naturally will not watch my husband's family decline and do not care."

Nie Haitang saw He Kun go out to talk on the phone, helplessly put her head on the table, tears in her eyes.

She muttered under her breath "Tonight, I'm going to marry an uncle I'm not familiar with at all. Qin Ming, you want to know, for my heartache?"

Zizi zizi ......

The phone in Nie Haitang's bag rang again, she took a look at it, it was Qin Ming's call, Nie Haitang smiled sadly, tears could not stop gushing out again.

She once longed to have a true love, not a true love built on money or other interests, a pure love.

But the cruelty of reality broke her beautiful dream, and she finally had to sacrifice her heart's fantasy for the sake of her family's interests.

"Qin Ming ...... sorry, you can't help me." Nie Haitang looked at the ringing cell phone, cried a lot "grandparents are already old, if the Nie family crossed, they will not be able to withstand the blow. I can't leave them alone for my own good. My brother broke up with my sister-in-law in order to save the Nie family by marrying the Mu family, and then went on a blind date with the Mu family, and we all gave a lot to this family, but someone had to sacrifice to do it. I have been pampered for nineteen years, the rest of my life will be used to repay my family."


Qin Ming's call was hung up again, and he ran in the middle of the building's corridor, somewhat bewildered, while his heart fell empty and hollow.

"Haitang ......" Qin Ming looked at the screen wallpaper on his cell phone, which was specially taken by Nie Haitang in his own dormitory to give him.

A spring-like smile, a smile that warms his heart, a smile that he wants to protect from the inside.

Suddenly, Qin Ming understood, if a girl did not have a good feeling for him, why did she lie for him? Why wait for him to wake up drunk? Why turn around at the moment of getting into the car?

Qin Ming was still anxiously searching from room to room when he suddenly saw a semi-bald uncle on the phone by the glass window of the building.

"I got it dad, then this is it." He Kun had just finished talking on the phone and his face was quite sullen.

Qin Ming hurriedly went up, took out his phone, pointed to the photo of Nie Haitang and asked "Sir, excuse me, have you seen this girl?"

He Kun's eyes narrowed slightly, but he did not return and said "No, I'm alone, don't disturb my lunch break."

Qin Ming was so anxious that he ran to the front and knocked on other people's booths.

He Kun returned to the rest room, his face sank, just now his father called, told He Kun not to act rashly, because the Nie family has someone to cover.

"Damn, the stinking old man took matters into his own hands and suddenly gave away all his equity, won't all my plans be lost?"

He looked at Nie Haitang sitting demurely in front of him, and the evil desire inside He Kun was already hard to suppress.

He Kun touched the Rolex in his hand and thought, "How can a mysterious person like Hou Qing help the Nie family? The swan's meat has flown away. But a woman like Nie Haitang, who is well educated and has one of a kind figure and appearance, is too much of a loss to miss out on. Such a woman, than those star models have more taste. The key is still virgin, still young."

Nie Haitang has wiped away tears, sitting not dare to move, looking out the window of the high-rise landscape, as the landmark building in Guangzhou, eighty-eight-story building, there is really a kind of overview of the city, pointing out the feeling of rivers and mountains.

Under the table that tightly grasped the phone vibrates incessantly, Nie Haitang deliberately did not turn off the phone, turned to silent.

She was actually warm in her heart, she knew that Qin Ming could not enter the Century Building, a high-end consumer place, but he kept calling her, is another kind of effort, so she felt relieved.

He Kun came back, sat down and said "not to get a license can also be, we first room together. The same is true when you have the reality of being a couple."

He Kun crossed his legs, his eyes pierced through Nie Haitang's heart, he knew that at this time Nie Haitang had resigned herself to fate, there are many requirements only need a little guidance, can be reached.

"Hmph, in the end, it's just a college student who grew up under the ivory tower."

"You have seen the cruelty of this society?"

"When I take possession of your body, and then suddenly receive a phone call informing you that the Nie family is no longer in trouble, by then it will be too late even if you regret it."

"Oh, little sister, how many shrewd businesswomen, cautious and careful actresses, wealthy and illustrious rich white beauties have been gotten by me, He Kun, you? Still too young."

"Later, we have to take a video, then you know the truth, if you want to threaten me, hum, I also have a killer in hand."

"What about these days, a woman's reputation is still very important and the most powerful lethal weapon against you women."

He Kun had already calculated in his heart, softly and hardly coupled with the threat of not selling equity, Nie Haitang such a soft girl could easily not resist and obediently go to bed.

Nie Haitang was stared at by He Kun's cold eyes, her heart thumping plus beating, going to bed? Now?

She had never thought in all her life that her first time would be handed over under such circumstances.

She knew she was destined to marry this man she didn't like, but at least it felt like the first time was left for the night of the wedding.

"This, this is too sudden." Nie Haitang stood up excitedly and said, "Let's ......"

He Kun suddenly raised his voice and threatened, "If you want the Nie family to be saved, we are destined to be united together, a day earlier, a little later makes no difference. Miss Nie, if you do not agree, please go, I He Kun is a good law-abiding citizen, never stop you. But when the time comes that your Nie's Sanitary Group has been changed and your family's path has fallen, don't blame me for not coming to your aid."

Nie Haitang sat back down again in despair, her eyes empty and godless, her Nie family has no bottom card, everything is begging, everything is so passive.

"Oooh ......" Nie Haitang lowered her head and couldn't help but gush out tears again, she tried her best not to cry and choked out "Can I go take a shower?"

He Kun lewdly raised the corners of his mouth, licked his lips, said "Yes, but I will not wash."