Rags To Riches Chapter 287-288

 Chapter 287

The crowd, who were really enjoying their meal, suddenly saw seven or eight big men surrounding them, cursing angrily: "I heard that you have bought out the Dubai tycoon's ice cream shop. Our sister-in-law wants to eat it, so we can't explain if we don't buy it back. Tell me, who bought it all?"

                The eyes of these people were rather fierce, and girls like Zhang Qingqing and Chen Mulin were scared.

                But the crowd was eating the same ice cream that Qin Ming had treated the Dubai tycoon to, so they couldn't give Qin Ming away, could they? That would be too unkind.

                The crowd looked at me, and I looked at you, holding the bowl of ice cream and shrinking back.

                The strong men were annoyed, and when they saw that Nie Haitang and Chen Mulin were pretty and attractive, they said, "Yo, there are a lot of girls here, so we are short of girlfriends.

                With that, he was about to reach out and grab Chen Mulin.

                Chen Mulin had no one else around her and she was single, so she was at a loss for words.

                Suddenly, a male voice on the side came out and blocked the villain, humming, "Brother, that's too much. This is the centre of downtown, how dare you mess around?"

                "Who are you?" The villain frowned.

                The boy said, "You don't care who I am, it's not okay for you to bully people like this. Chen Mulin, don't be afraid, I'll protect ......"


                Before the words left his mouth, the villain slapped him directly, causing the boy to fall directly to the ground.

                The vicious man cursed, "Damn, chirping, who is your brother? You want to save the girl? Don't you know what you're capable of? Here, I can do whatever I want."

                "Hahahaha, such a weakling, how dare you protect a flower? Beauty, you have some poor eyesight." The surrounding youngsters laughed and said they were coming up to grab Chen Mulin again.

                Chen Mulin screamed in fright, just now she thought this boy was so brave to come forward to save her and was quite appreciated, only to be beaten up in the next second, leaving her very disappointed.

                Zhang Qingqing pulled Zhao Tuo and said, "Zhao Tuo, can your connections set them right? We're all friends, so help Chen Mulin."

                Zhao Tuo raised his head proudly and said, "It's alright, leave it to me, I, Zhao Tuo, still have a few thin points in Guang City."

                He stepped forward and said, "Buddy, my name is Zhao Tuo, the brothers on the road give a few points of thin air, called the God of Wealth, Master Tuo, I don't know if you have heard of it?"

                Pfft, Qin Ming really couldn't help but hear this name.

                Master Tuo, the God of Wealth? Wasn't he just a money spinner? The family worked hard to earn money, but you went to squander it with your foxes and friends.

                Those few villains came around and said, "I don't know. So, you're the one who bought the ice cream from that Dubai tycoon's spot?"

                Zhao Tuo was so embarrassed, his name didn't help at all.

                As he looked at the few burly men surrounding him, who seemed about to beat him up at the drop of a hat, he hurriedly said, "No, it wasn't me. But buddies want to eat ice cream, and Haagen-Dazs across the street is also a big brand, how about I treat my brothers to a good meal?"

                Boom, the villain met with a punch that hit Zhao Tuo in the stomach and flipped the man to the ground.

                "You didn't buy the empty one, so what are you pretending to be?"

                "We're tired of Haagen-Dazs our sister-in-law a long time ago, we're here for this same Dubai tycoon ice cream."

                "Hey, no one's coming out of the woodwork, are they?"

                The villain said to Chen Mulin and Nie Haitang, "Beautiful girls, you two are the prettiest, come over and give our big brother a look, hey, maybe, you can even be our new sister-in-law."

                Nie Haitang nervously pulled Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, what should we do, there are many of them, let's run."

                Qin Ming patted her hand and said soothingly, "Don't worry, let me do it ...... I bought the empties, what? I still can't spend my money, can I?"

                Chen Mulin saw Qin Ming finally stand out and hurriedly stood behind her, she didn't know why, although she thought Qin Ming was a slag for having an ambiguous relationship with multiple girls at the same time. But but when it came to things, Qin Ming was always particularly reliable and made her feel safe.

                The villain looked at Qin Ming and didn't see anything special, just like a poor boy, he said, "Kid, rich, huh? I can't tell, huh, what's your name?"

                Qin Ming said, "My name is Qin Ming, what, I'm rich and breaking the law?"

                A few villains grinned and said, "Indeed, it is not against the law to be rich. But when you mess with our sister-in-law who can't eat the same ice cream as the Dubai tycoon, she's not happy, and our big brother said to find the man and beat him up and pull him over so that our sister-in-law can take the heat off."

                Qin Ming frowned, "You guys are really domineering."

                The vicious man licked his lips hideously, "That's how overbearing we are here, boy, your in for a big mess."

                Phew, as soon as the words left his mouth, his fist came towards Qin Ming.

                But before the fist reached Qin Ming's face, suddenly the villain jerked his hand back, it hurt like hell, and when he looked at his fist again, it had broken the skin and was bleeding.

                He looked at Qin Ming with a frightened look on his face, not understanding what was going on.

                The others were also confused, what was going on?

                Qin Ming didn't move a muscle, but the villain who attacked him suddenly stopped with his hand in pain?

                But looking around, there was nothing unusual about it either.

                Qin Ming was the only one who knew that it should be Ah Long who had protected him from behind.

                Although he did not know what method Ah Long used, he knew that Ah Long was a super soldier king who had fought to the death against soldiers and mercenaries from all over the world in the African continent, and his methods were too powerful.

                The other day, Maine Hathaway's men were killed by him. This was evident from the fact that he had gotten his hands on Hathaway's men and stripped them of their clothes without a sound.

                The fact that he was able to get his clothes off was a testament to this. Heatherway is one of the four elders of the Universe Century Group, and she is a mercenary. Naturally not, that was because Ah Long was too strong.

                Qin Ming saw that Ah Long didn't even bother to show up, so he supposed that these people were too inferior.

                He simply started to pretend, put his hands in his trouser pockets and said, "I have superpowers, do you guys want to try it?"

                Another man came up and punched Qin Ming in the face again, saying, "Superpowers your mother, kid, pretend mother's pussy ...... ah!"

                Before the fist could land on Qin Ming's face, the big man let out another miserable scream as he also broke his wrist with a big wound.

                The first time I don't know how it happened, the second time was scary.

                Both of Qin Ming's hands were clearly in his trouser pockets, how had he moved his hands?

                Zhao Tuo and Zhang Qingqing were all dumbfounded, was this Qin Ming still a worldly wonder? Could he do magic? Could he cultivate immortality? Or had he seen a ghost?

                Qin Ming threw back his head and laughed loudly. He stretched out his hand and made his fingers into the shape of a "pistol" and said, "How about it? I told you, I have supernatural powers, as soon as I shoot, you will be finished."

                "Huh?" The seven or eight men were all a bit scared and subconsciously took a step back.

                Two of their brothers were injured as a result, and they couldn't help but believe that Qin Ming's finger seemed to be a real gun, pointing at whoever twisted and dodged, looking very comical.

                Qin Ming turned to the nearest villain and said, "Boom!"

                Hearing only a snap, Qin Ming felt something slash across his ear, and then the burly man was hit in the forehead with something, and instantly his scalp bled and his face was covered in blood.

                And the force was so great that it directly hit the man so hard that he could not stand up and his head sank.

                Those vicious men said in fear: "What kind of demonic spell is this?"

                Qin Ming laughed loudly, "Maoshan demonic techniques. Do you want to beat me up and drag me to your sister-in-law to take the heat off?"

                They shook their heads and said they didn't dare to do it.

                Qin Ming's smile suddenly went cold as he angrily scolded, "Why don't you hurry up and apologize to my friend?"

                "Yes, yes, yes!" The man who had just done it immediately stepped forward and said to Chen Mulin and the other boy, "Sorry, we have no eyes and have offended you, you are generous and forgive us."

                Having driven away, these domineering men, the crowd calmed down again.

                They all worshipped Qin Ming in various ways.

                "Qin Ming, you're cultivating immortality? What's with your hands? Can you really shoot a gun?"

                "I was scared to death just now, I always come across these rotten people who bully men and women, I didn't expect you to be so fierce, Qin Ming."

                "Yeah, I didn't see it at all in school before."

                Qin Ming didn't explain, he saw blood-stained sour plum kernels on the ground, it should be the sour plums that Ah Long ate and then shot over, yet the power was so amazing.

                Zhang Qing Qing looked at Zhao Tuo being beaten hard, her heart was jealous and angry, Zhao Tuo this is too useless, right?

                Every time Zhao Tuo dropped the chain and every time Qin Ming always had the last laugh, she didn't understand why there was always so much to do.

                She looked at Nie Haitang and Qin Ming looking at each other with affection and sighed secretly, "Forget it, I can't handle this Qin Ming. It's too difficult to deal with."

                As Nie Haitang ate her ice cream, she came up to Qin Ming's ear and whispered, "Qin Ming, I don't want to go back tonight."

                Qin Ming's head tilted, he didn't want to go home tonight? What did Nie Haitang want?

Chapter 288

Qin Ming smiled wickedly and said, "You're not going back tonight? Then come back to the dormitory with me, it's a holiday, I'm the only one in the dormitory, no one will know if we take the bed apart."

                Nie Haitang puffed up her cheeks shyly and reached out to pinch his waist, saying, "Humph, I lied to you. I knew you were going to do something bad to me, you've been secretly touching my legs since just now, you're getting worse and worse."

                Qin Ming said, "There is no man in this world who is not bad? Are you sure you don't want to go tonight?"

                Nie Haitang grunted, "No, you can just take me home."

                At eleven o'clock, when everyone had finished playing, they went home, and Qin Ming sent Nie Haitang home as he had promised.

                Nie Haitang, who was really sent home by Qin Ming, flattened her mouth speechlessly and muttered, "Idiot Qin Ming, I've hinted so obviously, you won't take me back by force? Straight man."

                Qin Ming was completely unaware that he had made the wrong choice, and if he had known what Nie Haitang really thought, he would have regretted it to death.

                But early the next morning, Qin Ming received an unexpected call from his parents and sister who had come by car to see him in Guangcheng.

                Qin Ming was very happy, his parents had suffered all their lives, and he had always wanted them to have a good life, but he had sent them money before, but they wouldn't even take it and returned it.

                Now that Qin Ming has arranged for his elder brother to set up a big supermarket and become the general manager, earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, the days will be better in the future. He wondered if he should also arrange some high-paying idle jobs for his parents so that they can also settle down in Guangcheng.

                Then the house he bought in the Greenway neighborhood, and then an excuse for Mom and Dad to live in it, everything was pretty much perfect.

                Although Qin Ming was already the richest man in the world, he knew the principle that money should not be revealed. There were more poor relatives in his old family, and if they smelled that their family had become rich overnight, they would probably flock to them and borrow money of all kinds, which was a bottomless pit.

                His parents did not know Qin Ming's situation and would think that Qin Ming had worked very hard to earn money and might not be willing to lend money, and then the relatives would have a problem, and then the relatives would have nothing to do.

                If those relatives know that it is the elder brother who has found a good job and the parents have also found a good job and come over to beg for a job, then Qin Ming will be able to arrange it.

                To make a fortune, you have to rely on your hands.

                It would be impossible for everyone to get rich like Qin Ming.

                Since all the family members were coming, Qin Ming went to the residence in the Greenway district to get ready.

                Bai Yuchun her mother still lived there, and he could give He Menggu a job as a nanny, which was decent and rich, and also gave him someone to talk to with his parents.

                Qin Ming called his dad and asked, "Dad, when are you arriving?"

                Qin Zhiguo said, "Soon, soon, in your Uncle Yang's car. They drove us here and saved us a lot of money."

                Qin Ming said, "Alright then, let me know when you arrive and I'll pick you up."

                At this moment, a Japanese Toyota rav4 car was driving at high speed on the national highway, with five passengers inside.

                Qin Zhiguo hung up the phone and said happily to his wife Wang Xiu beside him, "Xiao Ming called, he said he would pick us up when he arrived. This time, Yang took us with him to Guangzhou, which was a great help. The three of us will need more than six hundred just for the bus tickets."

                Yang Qiangjian, who was driving the car, said, "It's nothing, we're all from the same village. And Zhiguo, you have worked for me all your life, so you are my brother. I'm not going to see Yang Wei? That kid didn't go home even after his vacation, so we had to go over there to look for him, hahaha."

                Qin Susu bristled and inwardly resented, "What your son is my son, taking advantage of my brother, shameless."

                But Qin Zhiguo didn't care that much and smiled nervously and honestly.

                At this time, the passenger Feng Yan Bing rolled down the car window, a gust of wind whistling in.

                Yang Qiangjian was discontented and said, "What are you doing opening the window? How about turning on the air conditioning?"

                Feng Yanbing looked at Qin Zhiguo's family in the back seat and said, "The car stinks, it's been so long, let me catch my breath, right? I told them to wash it before getting into the car, and go straight after the evening shift, how dirty is it? I can wash the car if it's dirty, but I have to put up with this smell for hours. The smell of chicken shit is killing me."

                Yang Qiangjian could not take offense at his words, for he had been working for you for decades.

                He could only say, "Cut the crap, we're almost there."

                Feng Yanbing grunted: "What? You're not allowed to say anything when it hurts? Originally we went to see our son in Guangcheng, you had to talk to them, they had to follow it, they thought the tickets were expensive, they had the cheek to sit up and give me a hard time, I can't say a few words of grievance? He is smelly ah, I said wrong?"

                Yang Qiangjian said: "That is not the way? The two kids went to high school together, they're both good brothers. In the future, Yang Wei will manage the business and let Qin Ming give him a hand too. Wouldn't that be good? He is one of our own and reliable. Zhiguo has worked for me for more than twenty years and has never had any problems."

                Qin Zhiguo was so embarrassed that he could only cover up his ugliness with a smile and said, "Uh, Madam Boss, you're right. We're all rough people, so I'm sorry if we messed up your car. But we were in too much of a hurry, so when we arrive later, we'll wash your car for you, I usually wash the boss's car too."

                Feng Yanbing said disdainfully, "No need, you can wash it when you get back to town. Especially the trunk, your chicken, it's filthy."

                Qin Zhiguo and Wang Xiu hurriedly obeyed and nodded their heads and said yes.

                Next to them, Qin Susu was holding her anger, but she couldn't get angry.

                Yang Qiangjian added, "I heard that our Ah Wei has found a girlfriend who is very pretty and has a good family background, and has been spending a bit too much lately."

                Feng Yan Bing said smugly, "Of course she is. Girls from big cities are rich, with high vision, good temperament and lots of insight. We are rich families in White Water Town, we may not be as good when we go out."

                Qin Susu said, "That's not necessarily true, not even for those with a Missy's temper."

                Feng Yan Bing scolded, "What do you know, a country girl? Girls from wealthy families are very educated. A good father-in-law can save his son-in-law ten years of struggle. In the future, our Ah Wei's business will grow bigger and bigger, get out of Baishui Town and buy a house in Guangcheng. No, buy a villa."

                Yang Qiangjian also said with great approval, "Yes, in the future, when Ah Wei becomes rich, he will definitely not forget you Qin Ming, don't worry. If you follow our Ah Wei, he can also buy a suite in the county for his retirement in the future."

                Qin Susu became more and more angry and said, "My brother won't. My brother has already found a good job, managing money for an investor, and he has a great future. His boss is very rich and thinks highly of him. His boss's secretary is also very nice to my brother, and she is also very pretty, even prettier than the stars on TV."

                Feng Yan Bing laughed in triumph: "Hahahaha, what a world-weary girl. You think you're pretty just because you see a woman. Working for the boss? Isn't it just a part-time job as a delivery boy or a bar keeper? It's better to follow your father's example and work with my husband, at least the money is similar and you don't have to work in the sun and rain."

                Qin Susu grunted, "No way, my brother is studying economics, he has good grades, he gets scholarships every year, he will join a big company and become an important cadre."

                Feng Yanbing laughed loudly, "Nowadays, there are many graduate students like dogs, and undergraduates are all over the streets, is it that easy? Qin Zhiguo, you don't care about your daughter either, how can you be a father? Is the outside world the same as the town? If you don't educate her properly, you won't have any good consequences if she suffers in the future."

                Qin Zhiguo looked embarrassed and could only turn his head to scold Qin Susu, saying, "Shut up, Susu, how do you talk to Auntie Feng? Auntie Feng eats more salt than you do. Listen well."

                Qin Susu was scolded by her father and could only hold her little mouth in resignation, but she was very unconvinced in her heart, she felt that what she said was true, Qin Ming would definitely surpass Yang Wei, Qin Ming would not work for Yang Wei.

                The Toyota rav4 was speeding down the road and nearing noon, it also arrived at the university town of Guangcheng.