Rags To Riches Chapter 285-286

 Chapter 285

Qin Ming arrived at Wanda Shopping Centre, as it was the summer break, there were quite a lot of people coming here to rub up against the air conditioning.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the agreed location, he found that apart from the badminton club there were also Chen Mulin, Zhao Tuo and Zhao Menghua, these rich kids were also getting closer and closer.

                In fact, the only people here who kept a good feeling towards Qin Ming were the dormitory's good brothers, Liang Shaoyong's girlfriend Zhao Menghua and Nie Haitang. Qin Ming felt that he was really looking for a sin by coming to this kind of party.

                Likewise, Zhang Qingqing, whose circle of those people are all rich second generation who live a privileged life and don't worry about their livelihood, also despised Qin Ming very much when they saw him dressed in ordinary clothes, no hair done, no make-up on his face, and clothes that were not designer brands or trendy brands.

                This is not the case, just as he arrived, Fang Jin Sheng asked, "Qin Ming, I heard that you have been getting quite close to that quite hot female anchor in your class recently. What? After breaking up with Haitang, you immediately found a new girl friend? Even the activities of our badminton club don't participate anymore."

                Qin Ming immediately responded, "Fang Jinsheng you do not make me a rumor a day, do not feel comfortable?"

                Fang Jinsheng said, "I did not, look, I have photos, this is your class Yang Wei shot to me, the evidence is conclusive, you have gone on a trip with her."

                The crowd was stunned, when we were talking just now, we didn't see this kid take it out, Qin Ming arrived and then the post office, this is really big explosive.

                On the photo, Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan were both sitting on the high speed train, while Zhang Xiaoyan was dozing against Qin Ming's shoulder, while Qin Ming looked expressionless.

                When Qin Ming saw this, he was relieved, that bastard Yang Wei, how dare he take a sneak peek? Fortunately, the sneaky photos were not of him peeking at Zhang Xiaoyan's breasts, otherwise it would really be unclear.

                Qin Ming explained, "Oh, that. I have a brother who got married in Fengyang Town in Fu Province, and Zhang Xiaoyan is an old friend. She fell asleep halfway and suddenly leaned on my shoulder, so I didn't move so as not to wake her up."

                There seemed nothing wrong with this explanation from Qin Ming, and it made him look like a gentleman.

                Qin Ming said, "This was secretly filmed by Yang Wei, right? Why didn't he say that we met the mugger later? He watched as his girlfriend was taken advantage of by the mugger and didn't say anything? Luckily Zhang Xiaoyan was with me so she didn't get hurt by those thugs."

                "Er ......" Fang Jin Sheng was silent, there was still such a thing? How come Yang Wei didn't say anything last time when we had a late night snack? Also right, he was too embarrassed to say it.

                Although Nie Haitang knew that the matter had passed, she still asked worriedly, "The thugs? Then Qin Ming, you weren't hurt, were you? How did it go afterwards?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm fine, I cooperated with the police and subdued the robbers. It's just that Zhang Xiaoyan was too nervous at the time and kept hugging me, which may have caused Yang Wei to have some misunderstanding."

                Nie Haitang was still greatly relieved, "Oh, it's good that you're okay."

                The atmosphere at this ...... scene was a little odd, shouldn't this be coming up and giving Qin Ming a hard time? How come instead, Qin Ming appeared to be a gentleman?

                Zhang Qingqing glared complainingly at Fang Jinsheng and whispered, "Making a fool of yourself, are you ashamed of yourself?"

                Nie Haitang was also discontented and said, "Fang Jinsheng, next time when things are not investigated clearly, you should not wrongly accuse people indiscriminately."

                Fang Jinsheng was embarrassed, and he was anxious in his heart, "Goddess, this Qin Ming really can't be trusted."

                He suddenly had a flash of inspiration and asked again, "Qin Ming, I heard that you have gone with Mu Sichen, the school beauty from the next school? She's been waiting for you to leave class. Congratulations, you found a new girlfriend so quickly."

                Qin Ming laughed even more and said, "Mu Sichen is my girlfriend? Her grandfather is sick and is in the Nanshan Sanatorium. I happen to know some people who can help him get better treatment. That Qi Minghui, Haitang, Chen Mulin, and Schoolmate Zhao you've also met before, right?"

                Nie Haitang was delighted in her heart and said, "So she's the one who begged you to do something?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Not really, we all get what we need, and I also got paid by the Mu family, a small amount of money, better than delivering takeaways."

                With Qin Ming's explanation, all the people's speculations were shattered, and Nie Haitang's face was back to its bright smile.

                She said, "Alright, you guys should stop speculating about Qin Ming."

                Zhang Qingqing even rolled her eyes, even this could not clear the suspicion of being a slag, right?

                She immediately threw a look at her boyfriend Zhao Tuo, signalling to proceed with plan b.

                Zhao Tuo got up and left for a while, then came over with two ice creams and said very proudly, "Honey, it's hot, come and try this fresh stuff. It's a "True Love" ice cream imported from Dubai. Black Diamond Ice Cream', a single ball costs about $6,000, arguably the most expensive ice cream in the world, so come and try it, darling, and see what's so special."

                "Wow." This manipulation by Zhao Tuo immediately led to several girls screaming.

                "Zhao Shao is really worthy of being a tycoon, being in China and enjoying the consumption level of Dubai."

                "You two are spreading dog food again, envy us to death."

                "It is said that the main ingredients of this ice cream are made with Madagascar vanilla, the world's most expensive Iranian saffron and Italian black truffles, and topped with a layer of 23k edible gold powder. That's what's on top here, slurp, eat gold eh."

                "Almost all fully imported and professionally made, this is a princess treat."

                "My goodness, even the bowl and spoon for the ice cream are from Versace, so you can take it home as a souvenir after eating it, right?"

                "This is a symbol of the rich, these three ice cream snowballs cost 20,000 yuan, right?"

                Zhao Tuo smiled, "It's not much, as long as Qingqing is happy, it's worth it."

                Zhang Qingqing listened to the praises of her friends around her, her tail was tilted up to the sky, she had found a rich boyfriend, she was proud.

                Zhao Menghua looked on with great envy, she graduated from her fourth year of college and had recently been with Zhang Qingqing more, and in her heart she also envied the life of the rich second generation.

                She graduated equal to unemployment, while these rich second generation graduate equal to enjoy life ah.

                Chen Mulin is also looking at the heart, this dog food scattered, she more and more want to fall in love, but has not found the right.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. You guys let your own boyfriends invite."

                "Hey, my boyfriend can't afford it."

                "I don't have the money either, it's only a thousand a piece, six thousand a piece, that's too much money."

                "Qing Qing, you're so enviable."

                "Hey, Qin Ming, why don't you buy one for Haitang?"

                Not knowing who started it, Zhang Qingqing also said, "Qin Ming, don't stand around and stare. She's never tried this "black diamond ice cream" before, didn't you say you'd help the Mu family make extra money? You said you'd help the Mu family to make extra money, right?"

                "Right, Qin Ming, you don't still have no money, do you?"

                "A while ago you worked quite hard delivering takeaways, you wouldn't be unable to spare this amount of money, would you?"

                When Nie Haitang saw that these people were coaxing Qin Ming to move him, she said, "Stop messing around, I don't want to eat. It's so expensive, the value for money is too low."

                Qin Ming looked at Nie Haitang's expression and clearly wanted to eat it too, after all it was new, but she knew Qin Ming wasn't rich and did a few part-time jobs, so she didn't want him to break the bank.

                Zhang Qingqing said: "Well, since Haitang you said so, I won't make it difficult for Qin Ming. But you are my good sister, Zhao Tuo, would you buy another copy?"

                Zhao Tuo looked at Qin Ming and said, "Tsk, you're still so stingy when you earn money. Fine, baby if you say so, I'll buy one for your big school girl Nie too."

                Qin Ming was not happy, are you guys deliberately looking for a fight? It was time to show off his "money" skills.

                He said, "Fine, I want to surprise Haitang too, you guys wait."

                As soon as Qin Ming left, Nie Haitang became upset and said, "Oh, don't start a fuss. It's not easy for Qin Ming to earn money. The ice cream is so expensive."

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Haitang, you don't understand. Aren't we giving you a chance? If Qin Ming is willing to spend money on you, doesn't that prove that he has you in his heart?"

                Nie Haitang sounded a little more reasonable and said, "But he, it's not easy for him to earn money, this is going to be a big hemorrhage."

                Zhang Qingqing smiled wickedly, they just wanted to make Qin Ming bleed heavily, because, this was just the beginning, it was the good show later.

Chapter 286

Zhang Qing Qing quietly said to Zhao Tuo, Fang Jin Sheng, Chen Mu Ling and the others, "Remember this for me, you few, this is for my good sister Haitang, she can't be cheated again. After we buy that overpriced ice cream later, Qin Ming probably won't have much money left."

                Zhao Tuo added, "Then, we'll go to the mall and encourage Qin Ming to buy, and when Qin Ming runs out of money, he'll probably fall away. Then his true face will be revealed."

                Chen Mulin said, "Is Qin Ming really willing to spend that much money on a "black diamond ice cream"? He can't even earn that much money in two months."

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Then who told him to act like a pussy? He deserves to suffer."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming came back, holding a big iron tray, the same iron tray that people use in ice cream shops to pack those ice creams, with all kinds of flavours, and the quantity was so big that it was scary, such as fresh fruit flames, single ball sundaes, crispy strips and so on.

                Compared to the three ice cream snowballs in Zhang Qingqing's palm, it was really small.

                Boom, Qin Ming placed the iron tray in front of Nie Haitang and said with a smile, "I was afraid you wouldn't have enough, so I bought ten copies of all the flavours."

                Even Nie Haitang was stunned, this portion size must have cost at least 100,000.

                Is this really a Dubai tycoon? He doesn't think of money as money? Is money toilet paper for wiping asses?

                Zhao Tuo couldn't stand the excitement anymore and questioned, "Fake, right? Qin Ming, you bought it at the Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop across the street, right? The one I bought is an authentic Dubai tycoon branch, which few people can normally afford."

                Fang Jinsheng also said, "That's right, Qin Ming, I still believe you bought one, but you can afford so many? Don't bluff."

                A girl also said, "Qin Ming, I didn't expect you to be so dishonest. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it, my boyfriend can't afford it either, we'll just have a Haagen-Dazs, it's not expensive, two to three hundred dollars a serving is not bad."

                When Nie Haitang saw that everyone was talking about Qin Ming, she became anxious and said, "Stop it, Qin Ming wouldn't cheat."

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Isn't he just cheating people? Look at this ice cream, on it, there isn't even edible gold powder. Is it still true?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm not cheating."

                As he said that, he silently pulled out a box, which was divided into two layers, with gold powder and gold foil.

                Qin Ming said, "Those waiters said to sprinkle it on, I thought it was a bit wasteful and I pulled it out even after eating it, so I bought it all, and Haitang could add as much as she wanted."

                The crowd was silent as Qin Ming really brought out the edible gold powder and gold leaf.

                It was at this time that the staff of that Dubai tycoon's shop pushed a cart, or a foreigner, speaking a not-so-authentic Mandarin, and said, "Sir, are the other portions you ordered, also here?"

                Qin Ming pointed to the surrounding tables and said, "Yes, yes, right here, one for each."

                A few staff members put down all the ice creams, exactly the same as the one in Zhang Qingqing's hand, and there were even more, one serving must be at least thirty to forty thousand.

                This was not eating ice cream, it was eating exotic enjoyment.

                Qin Ming said: "It's better to enjoy alone than to enjoy for all, the president used to treat me to dinner and everyone has treated me to water, I'm now treating everyone to some ice cream too, there's something for everyone. Ah, Fang Jinsheng, they said there wasn't enough for today, that's all there was, so there's one less serving and yours is not. You and your girlfriend have one serving."

                Fang Jinsheng originally thought that he would be able to get some of this overpriced ice cream today, and he didn't care if he had a grudge against Qin Ming in the past, it would be stupid not to take advantage of it, but Qin Ming suddenly said that there was no share for him?

                He even said he would eat it with his girlfriend? He had always had a crush on Nie Haitang, how could he have a girlfriend?

                Wasn't Qin Ming deliberately not letting him eat?

                But he really had no choice.

                Looking at the overpriced "Black Diamond Ice Cream", the crowd was really excited about it.

                Zhang Qingqing and Zhao Tuo were speechless, thinking that Qin Ming would have to bleed a lot to buy one, but it turned out that Qin Ming had brought the whole shop's ice cream over.

                They wanted to make a fool of Qin Ming, but their plan was aborted before it even started.

                Qin Ming sat next to Nie Haitang, who was as happy as honey and said, "Qin Ming, come and try it, it's really different from other ice creams, it tastes really good with a sprinkle of gold powder."

                Nie Haitang took a spoonful from the spoon she had eaten and fed it to Qin Ming personally.

                This was ambiguous enough, full of dog food and envious of others.

                Fang Jinsheng, who did not have a share of food at the side, saw that the goddess in his heart had been tragically beaten by Qin Ming, his heart was broken, and he angrily found an excuse to go to the toilet and took a taxi directly back.

                Zhao Menghua asked curiously, "Qin Ming, how much did you spend on this?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't know, I swiped my card straight away and didn't look."

                The crowd was silent, this table was dirt cheap, right?

                Chen Mulin saw the ticket stubs sent over by the staff just now and said, "Here's the list, a total of ...... three, three hundred thousand eight hundred thousand?"

                The crowd turned around in shock and looked at Qin Ming, incredulous, Qin Ming swiped four hundred thousand and still didn't care at all?

                Even a rich young man like Zhao Tuo sucked in a breath of cold air, this is too tycoon, the others were equally incredible, although they knew it was expensive, they did not think it was so outrageously expensive.

                But Qin Ming didn't take it seriously, and Nie Haitang, distressed by his money, asked, "You're exaggerating, buying so much? They are coaxing you, why did you fall for it."

                Qin Ming said, "It's nothing, it's only 400,000, it's nothing."


                When the group heard Qin Ming's words, their hearts trembled.

                Chen Mulin said, "Qin Ming, are you getting rich? You helped the Mu family make a connection, and they couldn't give you a million?"

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming said, "I don't want to exaggerate by saying a billion, so their hearts won't be able to bear it. They invited a Taoist master back to perform a spell for the same price."

                The crowd couldn't help but envy, Qin Ming had gotten lucky, right? He could earn a million dollars for making connections with the Mu family?

                Nie Haitang proudly said, "This is nothing, before Qin Ming helped me speculate in the stock market, he earned a million a day."

                "Cough ......" When Qin Ming heard this, he choked again, it really wasn't Qin Ming's ability to speculate in stocks, but Nie Haitang always brought it up as a typical example, which made him very embarrassed.

                Chen Mulin said, "But a million reward, at once spent 400,000, this is too extravagant."

                Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter, money is earned to be spent, it's good that everyone is happy."

                Zhao Meng Hua said, "Qin Ming, you are quite generous, so generous."

                Chen Mulin also had a slight change of heart towards Qin Ming, saying, "Yes, men nowadays are very deductive, they want girls to pay for a meal, and they are calculating a hundred or so, Qin Ming, you are so generous."

                A girl from the badminton club also said, "Qin Ming, if you are rich, do not forget each other, haha."

                "Qin Ming, I underestimated you before, I didn't expect you to be really good, worthy of being the top academic for three years, a golden child will always shine."

                "Such a good job, Qin Ming remember to call on me next time, let me get some of your glory."

                The group took the short end of the stick and ate the soft end of the stick, it was impossible to eat Qin Ming's and still count him out, and they had a change of heart towards him.

                When Nie Haitang saw that Qin Ming was respected by so many people, she was also happy and subconsciously leaned towards Qin Ming to declare her sovereignty.

                She subconsciously leaned towards Qin Ming to declare her sovereignty, but to her surprise, Qin Ming secretly reached under the table and touched her thigh.

                Zhang Qingqing was so torn up by Qin Ming's trenchant tactics that the whole team worshipped him.

                Zhao Tuo was depressed, just now the group was worshipping him, now they all looked up to Qin Ming, he grunted: "Spending 400,000 in one go, isn't that the mentality of a profligate? How long can you use the remaining six hundred thousand?"

                Despite the jealousy in Zhao Tuo's heart, no one paid any attention to Zhao Tuo's thoughts, but as the crowd was eating, a group of people suddenly walked up and pointed at them, cursing, "F*ck, it's you guys, who bought all that Dubai tycoon ice cream? Our sister-in-law wants to eat it, so we can't explain if we don't buy it back. Damn it, who paid for it, come forward."