Rags To Riches Chapter 283-284

 Chapter 283

Mu Hai Ran was hanging on to his drops and in a wheelchair, brought to the meeting room by his daughter Mu Shuyun.

                The crowd was dumbfounded, the old man had come over with his illness? There was an infusion bottle hanging from his arm.

                Mu Hai Ran waved his hand and said, "Please go out for a while, let me talk to my child for a while."

                The people exchanged glances with each other all went out the door, anyway, Mu Jianxiong and Mu Jianxiong were handcuffed and there were still police people around, so they were not afraid of anything happening.

                Mu Sichen followed Qin Ming out and said, "Brother-in-law, what's going on with Grandpa coming over all of a sudden?"

                Qin Ming said, "I guess he knows that the storm has subsided and wants your father to let your second and third uncles off the hook. After all, blood is thicker than water, and your grandfather is old and soft-hearted. As the saying goes, tigers don't eat their children, so I guess he can't do it if he wants to drive his own son to extinction."

                Mu Sichen puffed out her mouth in anger and said, "What the hell, they want to harm our whole family and grandpa is still going to let them go? My brother is still unconscious, I am firmly against it."

                Qin Ming said, "If you spare a life, you can be spared a deadly crime, but you can't escape a living one. Sometimes it's not the most unpleasant to die, it's much more unpleasant to live."

                Mu Sichen didn't understand and said, "I don't care, I'll be the first to disagree."

                Qin Ming didn't bother to get involved in the family affairs of the Mu family, he had completed his mission and was worthy of the agreement he had signed, eliminating disasters and calamities for the Mu family.

                However, he had paid a lot of money for the Mu family, and he had to give Mu Hao a clear account of this.

                It would not do without knocking back 400 to 500 million.

                As a result, when Mu Hai Ran came out after the chat, Mu Shuyun directly gave Qin Ming a bank cheque for one billion on behalf of the Mu family, expressing his gratitude to Qin Ming for perfectly solving the Mu family's troubles this time.

                When Qin Ming saw that the cheque was signed by Mu Shuyun, he secretly marvelled in his heart, one billion! This powerful woman was so rich? She was a rich woman.

                Qin Ming accepted it nonchalantly, he couldn't let himself work hard for nothing, especially in the face of two beauties of such size as Mu Xiaoqiao and Mu Sicun, counting it as a treat he couldn't bear to take.

                Mu Shuyun added: "The house my dad gave you earlier, I've already had someone go through the closing procedures and it will soon be under your name. So it won't happen again that you live in it and get kicked out. My dad has also reprimanded my sister-in-law, so you can take this key back."

                Qin Ming looked at the key handed over by Mu Shuyun, which he had dropped at that villa last night.

                Qin Ming shook his head to indicate that he didn't want it, but Mu Hai Ran said, "Grandson-in-law, if you don't take it, you are angry with me, an old man. I'm already seventy years old, do you still want to bother with an old man like me?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, took the key and said, "Old man, although you are seventy, you can still live for another twenty or thirty years, there is still a long time to count."

                Mu Hai Ran laughed loudly, "I don't believe this when others say it, but I believe it when you say it. I heard from Mu Hao that you know someone who has connections and can buy the special medicine from Spurgeon Pharmaceuticals in Magnesium?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, probably tomorrow the medicine will arrive and will be sent to Nanshan Sanatorium, so this disease of yours is not a problem, it can be controlled by taking the medicine, and will not have much other effect."

                Mu Hai Ran gave a thumbs up and said, "Good, the young man is young and talented, he will become a great asset in the future. Zhang Quanzhen really has a good eye, his calculations are never wrong, hahaha."

                Mu Sichen, who hadn't gotten anything, flattened her mouth and said, "Grandpa, are you just going to let second and third uncles go?"

                Mu Hai Ran said, "How come? I just told them to repent properly in prison later, and try to get out sooner and be a new man."

                Mu Sichen was still not satisfied, but there was no way to change Mu Hai Ran's mind.

                Later, when the two brothers, Mu Jianxiong and Mu Jianqiao, came out, they cried like tears, seemingly moved by the old man's words and genuinely repented, and even came over to apologise to Qin Ming, taking the initiative to admit that they had found someone to drive the car to try to kidnap Mu Sichen or something like that.

                Qin Ming could not help but feel that the old man was still powerful, as he had preserved his family's love, made the two rebellious sons repent, and calmed Mu Hao's family's anger, killing three birds with one stone.

                Qin Ming Xin said, "I have to learn from this."

                The company was back on track, and both Mu Hai Ran and Mu Zhaoyang were discharged from hospital because their conditions were under control due to the treatment of the special medicine, so the Mu family's troubles were over.

                From a macro perspective, Zhang Quanzhen's fortune telling was right on target and really helped to resolve the Mu family's troubles.

                But on a micro level, Qin Ming felt that it was all a coincidence, and that Zhang Quanzhen had run into a dead mouse with his blind cat, as luck would have it.

                The next day, special medicine was delivered from abroad and Mu Hai Ran and Mu Zhaoyang's conditions were quickly brought under control and they were discharged from hospital the same day.

                When Mu Hai Ran and Mu Zhaoyang returned, they saw Qin Ming, who was about to leave the Mu family, he was so ashamed, his handsome face was full of sadness and depression.

                He had even mocked and insulted Qin Ming before, but Qin Ming didn't even bother with him and even bought him medicine.

                Even the Mu family's family crisis was helped by Qin Ming, which prevented the family from falling apart, so Qin Ming was simply very kind to the Mu family.

                Qin Ming was really repaying his grievances with virtue, and there was no need to question what his character was.

                Qin Ming knew that Mu Zhaoyang came from a wealthy family and was very proud, so he did not force him to bow his head and admit his mistake, anyway, he got a villa and a billion dollars, so it was not like there was nothing to gain this time.

                He smiled lightly and dodged away, but Mu Zhaoyang reached out and blocked him.

                Qin Ming frowned, this guy is still coming? He doesn't have a long memory.

                However, in the next instant, Mu Zhaoyang actually knelt, he knelt directly in front of Qin Ming and lowered his lofty head.

                Qin Ming was stunned, and so were the rest of the Mu family, not expecting Mu Zhaoyang to be so abrupt.

                Mu Zhaoyang bit his lip and said, "I'm sorry for the past, and thank you for saving us, I owe you a favour that I will remember."

                "It's better to know your mistakes than to change them." Qin Ming smiled lightly and patted Mu Zhaoyang's shoulder, with the look of an old adult elder.

                It was indeed not easy for Mu Zhaoyang, who was so proud, to make it this far, but Qin Ming's kindness to the Mu family was so great that Mu Zhaoyang finally chose to admit his mistake and express his gratitude to Qin Ming.

                Moreover, he took the initiative to confess a favour. As the saying goes, money is good to return, but favours are hard to return ah.

                Mu Zhaoyang stood up with an apologetic look in his eyes and said, "Qin Ming, after this incident, I know that you can't look at people through tinted glasses. Although you come from a poor background, you have qualities in you that I don't have. I'm all being ...... by Li Meng."

                Before the words fell, Li Meng's yell was suddenly heard at the door, "Mu Zhaoyang, you and I come out, what gives you the right to break up? I do not agree to break up. You have forgotten all the vows you made to me at the beginning? Your Mu family has been brainwashed, do you know that?"

                Li Meng broke through the maids and walked in wearing an ordinary dress, no longer the celebrity she was yesterday.

                When she saw Mu Zhaoyang, she immediately pounced on him, saying, "You can't do this to me, Zhaoyang, I love you. You can't take away my card, you can't take back all the clothes and bags that you bought me, oooh ...... you can't do this, you said you love me."

                Mu Zhaoyang's face sank as he pushed Li Meng away, "Although you were not involved in this incident, the way you smear and disinformation Qin Ming, causing our whole family to misunderstand Qin Ming, also has a great impact. You're still not satisfied after letting you go? I did say I love you, but that was your illusion, the kindness you played up, and you actually closed the door of the building when Qin Ming was calming down the rowdy investors for us? Do you have any humanity left in you?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said firmly, "Li Meng, we're finished. I don't mind that you love to spend money, but I won't marry a woman who is full of lies. Hmph, fortunately I haven't had anything to do with you yet, I break up and split up with a clear conscience!"

                Qin Ming couldn't help but snicker, this Mu Zhaoyang was such a gentleman that he hadn't slept with Li Meng yet.

                Li Meng cried out heartily, "Ah, no, Zhaoyang, I was wrong, give me a chance, I can't lose you."

                Qin Ming looked at Li Meng in such an ugly state and secretly sighed, this woman, she was really too stupid.

                He didn't stay much longer and simply walked away.

                At this moment, in the Mu family's study.

                Mu Hai Ran sat on the tai shi chair, looked at Mu Hao who was standing in front of him, and asked, "Has the real Zhang left?"

                Mu Hao nodded his head and said, "Yes, he has left Guang City, he doesn't know where he has gone to wander in the clouds."

                Mu Hai Ran said, "He might not be well, it's just that our Mu family has been reborn this time, I didn't expect it to be a plan that your two brothers had conspired for a long time, and I didn't expect them to hate me so much, to them, I'm not a qualified father."

                Mu Hao said, "Dad, no one is perfect. To me, you are the best father."

                Mu Hai Ran smiled lightly, "Don't patronise me. Is Qin Ming still going to leave? How come you can't even keep someone? Our Shiao Qiao is excellent in every way, one beauty in a million, how come he didn't fall for it?"

                Mu Hao said, "Er ...... they've been together for too short a time. Besides, he had someone he liked. That girl from the Nie family was first in line, and before that I listened to Zhang Zhen's instructions to go and fool Zhang Yao into taking Nie Haitang to ? country to attend a blind date with a top tycoon, but it still didn't work out."

                Mu Hai Ran said, "Since Zhang Zhen Zhen said that Qin Ming's eight characters are good and compatible with our Xiao Qiao, it must be good and prosperous for our Mu family. It would be a shame if they couldn't make it right."

                Mu Hao hurriedly said, "It's all my fault, at first I thought Qin Ming was too ordinary and thought he was of little use. I even signed a contract to join the family and made him unhappy, a bad move."

                Mu Hai Ran took a sip of tea and said, "I like Qin Ming, he's quick, well-connected, young and low-key. There are not many young people who are as capable as he is and still have such a low profile. In our Chinese society, one must first of all be able to hide what one does in order to achieve great things. Coming from a background doesn't matter at all."

                Mu Hao smiled mysteriously and said, "Dad, don't worry, I've hidden a hand. Maybe later on, Xiao Qiao and Qin Ming's fate will not be over."

                Mu Hai Ran was busy saying, "Tell me quickly?"

                Mu Hao approached his dad's ear and muttered something, to which Mu Hai Ran nodded in approval and clapped his hands in approval.

                And at this moment, Qin Ming had just left the Mu family.

                He was on the side of the road, throwing the divorce papers he had gotten into the rubbish, he stretched and said to himself, "Free, counting the money lost in, still netted a few hundred million, not a bad deal, right?"

                Beep beep beep, just wanting to leave the phone rang, only as soon as he picked up he heard a river roar, "Qin Ming, how can you do this, you are too much!"

Chapter 284

Beijing, in an upscale flat in the first ring district.

                Mu Xiaoqiao came out of the shower, wet hair, wearing satin pajamas, a tall figure, seductive curves, the white tender at the neckline of her dress hidden.

                She sat down in front of the computer with a bowl of noodles and looked at the documents she had been working on overnight, muttering to herself, "Mu Xiaoqiao, the path you have chosen for yourself, you have to go on even if you are tired."

                At that moment, her mobile phone rang, and Mu Xiaoqiao hurriedly picked it up, saying, "Hello, Xiaochun, how are things at home?"

                Mu Sichen said, "Sister, everything at home has been taken care of, why didn't brother-in-law tell you? Brother-in-law has been very good these days, as if he has everything under control, and has discovered the second and third houses' treacherous plans. He has also asked for connections and got special medicine for grandpa and big brother, and their illnesses are under control, brother-in-law is simply a god."

                After hearing this, Mu Xiao Qiao said with great relief, "That's good."

                Mu Sichen added, "Sister, when are you coming back? You're not here, and brother-in-law isn't coming home either. You don't know how much mum likes brother-in-law now, and she keeps saying why he doesn't come home for dinner. She even says you can't be a wife, you're already married, why are you still hiding?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's cherry lips opened slightly and she took out a photo from the drawer, the only photo she had taken with Qin Ming before, and sighed, she didn't want to move her company to the capital city of Beijing, either.

                But if she didn't leave, Qin Ming was going to mention divorce to her and she didn't even know how to face it.

                Mu Xiaoqiao had a mental cleanliness problem, she didn't want to become a second-hand woman, even though the two of them hadn't really had sex.

                She admits that she resisted Qin Ming at first, and after getting along with him, she slowly accepted him.

                What's more, she already knew that Qin Ming was a very good man and even let him live in her heart.

                Most importantly still, the two had done everything they needed to do except the last step, and she became even more unable to accept the divorce.

                It was to avoid the divorce that Mu Xiaoqiao had to move from Guangcheng to the capital city.

                After thinking about it, Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "Did Dad say anything?"

                Mu Sichen said, "Dad? He didn't say anything. He just said that brother-in-law was still a student and his studies were the main focus, so he couldn't disturb his studies."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's heart twitched and she couldn't help but show a hint of joy, her heart surprised, "He didn't ask for a divorce? If he really wanted a divorce, Dad would definitely say so, and Xiaochun would definitely know about it."

                Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't help but cover her heart, she had an emotion that she hadn't felt for a long time, the last time was when she was turning over the sheets in bed with Qin Ming.

                She muttered to herself, "Is he thinking about it? Why hasn't he just asked for a divorce? Does he, does he not want to let me go?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at the group photo in her hand, dumbfounded, she didn't know what her future with Qin Ming would be, she could only hold on to it in her own way.


                At this moment in Guang City, Qin Ming had just left the Mu family compound when Juice sneezed, rubbed his nose and complained, "Who's cursing me behind my back? How unkind."

                Beep beep beep, the phone rang, this only as soon as it was picked up, a river roar was heard, "Qin Ming, how can you do this, you're too much, big bad."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this voice, even cursing was so nice, it was too mushy.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Haitang, what are you doing? I'm busy here, aren't I?"

                On the other end of the phone, Nie Haitang complained angrily, "How many days have you not called me? Exam week doesn't count, your exams are the priority, I can stand the loneliness. But, three days have passed since the exams and you still haven't looked for me, I can't find you in school either, where have you been?"

                "Er ......" Qin Ming rubbed his forehead and asked rhetorically, "Haitang you mean, you missed me so much that you went crazy?"

                There was a silence on the other end of the phone, and Nie Haitang bit her lips shyly and said, "...... you, you don't ask knowingly. You come over quickly, our badminton club is playing over here at Wanda Mall."

                Once Qin Ming heard about the badminton club's activities, he still missed it.

                But he had been kicked out of the group by Zhang Qingqing for a long time, and he didn't expect Nie Haitang to let her go over there again.

                Qin Ming muttered, "Just go, it's no big deal."

                At this time, the badminton club, president Zhang Qingqing, and also including Chen Mulin, Zhao Menghua and Zhao Tuo, who had been invited to play together, were all very confused as to why Nie Haitang had to call on Qin Ming.

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Haitang, why do you still need to call Qin Ming? He seems to have recently hooked up with the school girl from the opera university next door, I think it's Mu Sichen, right, Meng Hua?"

                Zhao Menghua said, "I'm not sure, I heard from my boyfriend that they share a dormitory. It said that Mu Sichen was guarding the end of class before, and was very close, and even picked him up in a Porsche."

                Nie Haitang's heart tightened, wasn't that the time she was tricked into going on a blind date with a top tycoon?

                Moreover, Mu Si Chun had clashed with her before, how did Qin Ming get on good terms with someone from the Mu family? It didn't make sense.

                Zhang Qingqing's boyfriend Zhao Tuo asked curiously, "I saw it reported in Regal magazine that you guys didn't break up?"

                Nie Haitang did say that, but at the time she thought she was going to be sick all over again ah, how did she know it was all a lie?

                Nie Haitang pressed on, "Miss Zhao, that what your boyfriend said, was it true? Did Qin Ming hold hands with that girl?"

                Zhao Menghua said, "It seems to say no, but the relationship is definitely very intimate. Do any of you know Mu Si Chun?"

                Chen Mulin said, "Sister Huahua, Nie Haitang herself knows a lot. They are both from the gentry of Guang City, and Mu Sichen is even a thousand-year-old young lady from an old gentry, and we have met before at the charity gala."

                Zhao Menghua was shocked and hastily covered her small mouth, saying, "This ...... I don't know yet."

                The badminton club said, "This Qin Ming, after being abandoned by Haitang you, is not much sad ah, it seems that he also got quite close to Zhang Xiaoyan in the same class, I heard that the two also went on a trip together. That Yang Wei from their class said that the two of them were hugging each other on the high-speed train."

                Nie Haitang's heart received another electric shock, which was a bit hard to bear, that Zhang Xiaoyan she had also met, it seemed that Qin Ming and her relationship was not ordinary, this was again something that happened during the time she was tricked into leaving the country?

                Qin Ming had actually had scandals with so many women?

                Nie Haitang sighed and said, "I did talk to Qin Ming about breaking up."

                The crowd immediately pricked up their ears and looked over in silence.

                Nie Haitang continued, "At that time, my mother gave me a fake medical report and tricked me into leaving the country for treatment on the grounds that I had cancer, only to take me to a blind date with one of the country's top tycoons, not to mention how angry it made me."

                The crowd nodded, they had known about these things a few days ago.

                Nie Haitang held her chin sadly and said, "But then, after I came back, Qin Ming hasn't even contacted me. Before that, during exam week, everyone was busy and that was fine. Now that the exams are over and many people are on summer vacation, he doesn't know where to go. Does Qin Ming not like me anymore?"

                The crowd exchanged glances with each other, all seeming to mean the same thing, could it be true that the more scummy a man was, the more likable he was?

                How come Nie Haitang couldn't get over a slag like Qin Ming? The fact that they have already broken up is a good reason to stop thinking about it.

                The first thing you need to do is to find an excuse to gather all the people around you and say, "Look, you guys, Qin Ming doesn't know what kind of bewitchment he has put into Haitang, a poor? The first thing you need to do is to get back together. So steal? School???? Pontoon tiling spring1!

                "That's it." Everyone thought so.

                Zhang Qingqing said, "Let's immediately arrange a "Scum Retreat" plan, so that Qin Ming's true face will be exposed on all fronts."

                The crowd shook their fists and said, "Good."