Rags To Riches Chapter 281-282

 Chapter 281

When Qin Ming saw Mu Sichen sitting by herself in the corner crying, he walked over and touched the little girl's head, saying, "What are you crying about?"

                "Woo ...... woo ......," Mu Sichen sobbed, suddenly hugging Qin Ming and saying, "Brother-in-law, I'm so useless. I watched you being locked up outside for nothing, and they didn't even listen to me. I was so scared that you would be killed by those investors who had lost their minds. I can't stop crying just thinking about it."

                Qin Ming laughed and stroked Mu Sichen's head, this little girl was quite thoughtful.

                Qin Ming said, "Am I not doing fine? Don't think so badly of everyone, they are also worried that their investment has gone down the drain. Just put yourself in their shoes and solve the problem for them, it's just money, how much can it be."

                Mu Sichen tilted her head, looked at Qin Ming and said, "Brother-in-law, you are so good. I was so confused, I couldn't think of a solution, that Li Meng just knew how to hide and didn't try to solve the problem. My mother even said you were useless, humph, she has eyes but no pearls."

                Qin Ming smiled, he was quite flattered by this horse's ass.

                Mu Si purely belonged to that cute and playful type, the more one looked at her, the more one loved to bully her like a little cat, especially when she was petulant, that could melt the heart.

                However, it's time for you to let go of her hand, right? If you don't let go, we're going to have a nosebleed.

                It turned out that Mu Sichen was sitting down, and such a cute and beautiful girl was hugging Qin Ming, causing Qin Ming to look down and see the lapel of his shirt, which was at a perfect angle.

                Because of the squeeze, a half-finger-long career line was exposed, and the white skin of his chest was so white that Qin Ming couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

                Suddenly, Mu Sichen felt something hard against her chest, and she was so scared that she hurriedly let go and covered her chest, saying, "Huh? Brother-in-law why did you suddenly get, just, just hard."

                Qin Ming was so embarrassed because the soft squeeze made him too comfortable, and also looking down to see Mu Si Chun's well-developed body, he stiffened slightly to show his respect.

                The result was that touching that softness all at once startled him.

                Qin Ming hurriedly explained, "I, I couldn't control myself."

                Mu Sichen blushed with shame, she had just clearly felt the touch on her chest, she said in shame, "Brother-in-law, you're nasty. I, I'm your sister-in-law. I, I'm going to complain to my sister about you."

                Qin Ming hurriedly changed the subject and said, "Alright, stop it, let's take care of the company first."

                The two were about to follow when Mu Hao suddenly ran over in a hurry and said, "Oh no, something has happened to your brother."

                Mu Sichen wondered, "Wasn't brother sent to the hospital?"

                Mu Hao said, "The hospital said that he was picked up at some point, and just now your cousin Mu Zhijun said that he wanted us not to sue his father, so I guess he was taken away by the second house's people to threaten us with your brother. Qin Ming, this is on you, I have to deal with the company."

                Qin Ming, on the principle of helping people to the end and sending the Buddha to the West, agreed to go with Mu Sichen to save Mu Zhaoyang.

                The two rushed to the garage to find a car, but suddenly a van appeared halfway and played drift in the garage, crashing over towards the two.

                "Ah!" Mu Sichen was so frightened that she lost her face, and Qin Ming hurriedly pulled her to dodge aside.

                Qin Ming thought badly, he had not asked Ah Long to be the driver when he asked him to secretly drive and follow him just now, so Ah Long was not here at the garage exit.

                Immediately after the van stopped, a group of thugs rushed out and wanted to come up and arrest someone.

                There was no need to guess, it was to kidnap Mu Si Chun.

                Once this gentry family feud is torn apart and put on the table, it's really a matter of you die and me live.

                The way back was blocked and the two quickly got into Mu Sichen's Porsche, but in the panic, Qin Ming was in the driver's seat and Mu Sichen was in the passenger seat.

                Mu Sichen buckled up and hurriedly said, "Brother-in-law, are you driving?"

                Qin Ming was embarrassed and said, "I ...... used to be poor at home, and it cost more than five thousand dollars to get a license plate in Guangcheng, so how could I afford to take the test, and I didn't have a car to drive afterwards ...... Well, you tell me, how do I turn on this Porsche? "

                Mu Sichen had a face of collapse and despair.

                Mu Sichen had no choice, hard to sit over, directly on Qin Ming's lap, but also thanks to Mu Sichen enough slim and petite it.

                Boom, boom, boom, the car started and Mu Sichen rushed straight out, while the thugs drove after her.

                "Ahhhh, brother-in-law where should we go!" Mu Si Chun screamed as she drove, really scared, and the car drove left and right, but finally drove on.

                But the van behind her was chasing her very closely, and the more she drove, the more panicked she became.

                The road was bumpy and thumping, and the car slowed down, instead of being caught up.

                But this made Qin Ming, who was sitting in the driver's seat, suffer, as Mu Sichen was sitting on his lap.

                He was still calm, but he couldn't stand the constant pounding of Mu Siqun's beautiful ass, and in no time he was transformed into a pillar of strength.

                The car was shaking and he had nowhere to put his hands.

                Qin Ming thought Mu Sichen didn't know about his little move, but it turned out that the girl was driving while screaming, "Brother-in-law, don't touch, I, I ...... my sensitive."

                Got to, Qin Ming could only put his two hands on her waist.

                But this was even worse.

                Mu Sichen drove the car to a construction site then the blocked road, this car forced to drive fast, bumpy, she also buy seat belts, body up and down, Qin Ming grabbed Mu Sichen's waist, looks like deliberate hooliganism.

                Mu Sichen turned around in shame and said with a red face, "Brother~husband! You, you calm down, I, I'm driving here."

                He wanted to say that he really didn't mean to take advantage of Mu Sichen, but he couldn't control his physiological reaction.

                Qin Ming said, "Go, go to the main road, the main road is flat and not bumpy, it will be fine."

                Mu Sichen hurriedly drove off the main road, only to hit a slope, which was full of speed bumps, and the Porsche went down in a huff.

                It was a long, long slope, and the car shuddered past.

                The Porsche's independent suspension was good, but just too good, and the rhythmic vibrations swung so hard that the two in the car actually felt a little bit of it instead of feeling uncomfortable.

                "Ah...ah...uh." Mu Si Chun clenched her lips and held on to the steering wheel for dear life, forcing herself to hold back a strange sound.

                Mu Si Chun's face was red with shame, she had actually been shaken to the point of feeling something, and this was through her clothes, this was so humiliating ah.

                When she got down the slope, Mu Si Chun felt out of breath, she pulled over to the side of the road, her legs were weak and she couldn't step on the gas.

                Just then, Ah Long sent a message that he had taken care of everyone in the van and told Qin Ming to relax.

                Qin Ming let out a sigh of relief and patted Mu Sichen, saying, "It's okay, they are not being chased."

                Mu Sichen hurriedly responded, "Oh, oh."

                She hurriedly got out of the car and went, her eyes peeking back to catch a glimpse of a tent in Qin Ming's trousers, adding to her shame and hastily averting her eyes.

                But as she thought back on the impact she had just made her cheeks feel like they were on fire, she reached up and touched the light gauze skirt behind her buttocks, shuddering in fear, and drew her hand back.

                Was it hers or Qin Ming's?

                At that moment, Qin Ming waved his mobile phone from the passenger side and greeted, "I found your brother, he's in a private clinic, go now."

                Mu Sichen couldn't be bothered to research whose fluid it was, she hurried to get in the car and set off again, saving lives was important.

Chapter 282

In fact, before Qin Ming set off, he asked Bi Yuan to help him find out where Mu Zhaoyang had been kidnapped to.

                Bi Yuan found out in ten minutes that he had been secretly transported to a private clinic and that Bi Yuan had gotten a head start in bringing the person under control. When Qin Ming and Mu Si Chun arrived, Mu Zhijun and his accomplices had already been caught by the police at the local police station.

                Qin Ming had to sigh that his men were quite efficient.

                While the matter was left to Qin Ming, Mu Sichen took off her snug triangular panties in the toilet, pasted on a sanitary pad, bit her lips in shame, covered her face and hummed, "Brother-in-law bastard, perverted brother-in-law, made me, me, ahhhh ...... so humiliating."

                When Mu Sichen came out again, Qin Ming had already taken care of everything and said, "Xiaochun, let's go back to the company and see if your father's side can recover all the money."

                Mu Sichen, like a little follower, nudged her mouth and said, "Oh."

                The Mu Group building was very busy today.

                In the morning, a new CEO was announced, and a ten billion dollar deal was made with a multinational company, causing the share price to rise. At noon, it was revealed that the partner company was a shell company and the consultant ran away with the money, the new CEO directly fainted and the stock price dropped in the afternoon.

                Such a dramatic turn of events turned the Mu Group into a joke.

                Luckily, the old boss returns and brings along a handsome young man, Qin Ming, whom the group has never seen before, to calm everything down.

                Inside this conference room, heads were jumping up and down as all the relevant people gathered together for a meeting. By the time Qin Ming and Mu Si Chun returned, the crowd began to listen to Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong confess their conspiracy.

                It turned out that the so-called multinational Koss Group was actually a shell company set up by these two, making fake accounts, fake products and fake qualification certificates, using big projects as a gimmick, waiting for the right time, and then thread the needle to deceive Xu Shulan and Mu Zhaoyang, with the aim of setting up a trap to conspire against the Mu Group.

                The duo also planned that when things went wrong, they would put all the blame on Mu Zhaoyang, who had also been tricked into signing many authorisation agreements, shirking their responsibilities.

                Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong also planned to use the money to take over the Mu Group by making a takeover when the share price of the Mu Group was low.

                Because by that time, Mu Hai Ran, Mu Hao and Mu Zhaoyang had all fallen ill, and might even die of the disease.

                It turned out that the Mu family had a family genetic disease, a defective disease hidden in the y chromosome, which was susceptible to a particular kind of pollen induced allergy symptoms, which then led to an unexplained coma that went untreated for a long time.

                It was an accidental discovery that the pollen of the blue rhododendron was prone to trigger the globally rare "Figo's disease", a genetic defect that all the men in the Mu family suffer from.

                After this discovery, the two brothers plan to eliminate all of the Mu Hao family in order to gain access to the family's wealth, by secretly sending a plate of blue loosestrife flowers to Old Master Mu Hai Ran to bring him down.

                Then he would divorce the relationship between Mu Hao's father and son, and finally pour the pollen into Mu Zhaoyang's food to bring down Mu Zhaoyang again.

                Then finally, the company internally comes up with the authorization agreement that Mu Zhaoyang was deceived into signing to clear his suspicions and take control of Xu Shu Lan to achieve control of the Mu Group.

                When the two brothers' confessions came out, there was an uproar in the conference room, really wolves and ambitious, in order to fight for the family fortune, really ruthless.

                But everything was ruined by Qin Ming.

                The two men looked at Qin Ming in dismay as Mu Jianxiong said, "The old man is sick, Mu Hao and his father have turned against each other, and Mu Zhaoyang and Xu Shu Lan have fallen for our trick. What a good plan, for which we had planned for three years, only to lose it all because of a near-neurotic decision by Mu Hao to find a son-in-law for Mu Xiaoqiao."

                Mu Cambridge looked at Qin Ming angrily and said, "Kid, why do you have to meddle in our Mu family's affairs? Mu Hao's family doesn't even treat you like a human being, so why are you helping them like this?"

                Mu Sichen slapped the table and stood up, saying, "Nonsense, how can we not treat brother-in-law as one of us? My father is right, brother-in-law is our family's lucky star, he has come to help our family to solve our problems."

                After saying that, she hugged Qin Ming's arm affectionately and said playfully, "Brother-in-law, right?"

                Xu Shulan stood up after her and said, "That's right, Qin Ming joining our Mu family as a son-in-law is my husband Mu Hao's most wise decision."

                Qin Ming was so embarrassed that he covered his face, embarrassed to hear such false words.

                He could only feel the tenderness of Mu Sichen's chest with his heart and smell her fragrance with his nose.

                Those relatives who were in the Mu family compound yesterday were blushing, day they had followed the wind and scolded Qin Ming, driving him away, but today it was Qin Ming who had saved them.

                One of the elder relatives immediately gave a thumbs up and said, "This son-in-law is good, a man cannot look like a man, and seawater cannot be measured."

                Another person echoed, "That's not true, he even managed to think of calling the police first and had the police ambush Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong. He also calmed down hundreds of irritable and disruptive investors, with Qin Ming taking the brunt of the credit."

                Someone apologised, "Qin Ming, we were wrong to blame you last night. It's true that you're the most loyal to the Mu Group when it comes to big trouble."

                "That's not true, not only did you spot the conspiracy of Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong, you also helped recover the seven billion lost, it was really too impressive."

                "Mu Xiaoqiao has found a good man. He's capable, low-profile and obedient. Where else can you find such a son-in-law?"

                "That's true, you'll see the heart after a long time. Mu Hao, you are envious of such a good son-in-law, hahaha."

                There was harmony and laughter in the meeting room.

                Qin Ming said, "All right, let's not talk about these useless things. Mu Cambridge, you said that you stumbled upon the smell of a blue diamond flower pollen that can induce a defective disease hidden in the genes of the Mu family males, so do you know if there is any antidote?"

                When the crowd heard this, yes, there were quite a few male members of the side branches of the Mu family, and everyone was concerned about the future safety of the men in the family.

                Mu Cambridge sneered, "Hmph, no, I'm not a professional, I just found out that the chances of the Blue Diamond Flower inducing genetic diseases are higher, how do I know if there is a cure."

                Mu Jianxiong said hideously, "Hmph haha, I won't hide it from you. Our Mu family's genes are not good and have this defect. Generally, there is no big problem if the amount of blue diamond pollen inhaled is not too much. But I'm afraid that the old man and Mu Zhaoyang's words will not be saved."

                Someone shot up and chided, "Rebel son, how dare you destroy your father and kill your brother and nephew."

                Mu Cambridge threw back his head and laughed loudly, "Father? Brother? How can he have the face to be our father? As a husband, he cheated on his wife, he found a mistress, and our mother was the mistress, but my mother gave her heart and soul to him, yet he didn't protect her properly, and he treated my mother as if nothing had happened even though she was killed by his original wife. Is such a man worthy of being a father? Has he ever given us two brothers warmth?"

                Mu Jianxiong also said with sadness and anger, "Since we were young, we two brothers have depended on each other, and when he thought of it, he came over to give a little money. And how has Mu Hao, the elder brother, ever trusted us? Has he ever set an example as a brother? Originally, we didn't even want to compete with him for the family fortune, but he just watched out for us, took away everything we had, tried every possible way to drive us out of the group, and targeted and hit us in every way, is there any less?"

                Mu Cambridge said proudly, "Yes, we lost. We admit our guilt. But it doesn't mean that we admit our mistakes! We are not wrong."

                Mu Jianxiong also said, "Yes, we brothers are right, we have no conscience. Mu Hao, huh, the entire Mu Clan is yours, but didn't Dad and you also take the Mu family's family fortune by bloody means back then? He was a father who physically taught us to do so, are we at fault? If you want to admit your mistakes, let him admit them first."

                The crowd looked at the two stubborn brothers and shook their heads, thinking that they were hopeless, and that they would have to face the law when they came down, and I was afraid that they would be sentenced to death.

                "Okay, I'll admit my mistake."

                Suddenly, a mighty scolding came from the front door, and the crowd was startled, at this time, Mu Hai Ran had even come?

                Wasn't he seriously ill and in a coma?