Rags To Riches Chapter 279-280

 Chapter 279

Qin Ming hadn't even gone up to the building yet when he saw an ambulance arrive and transport a man down from the upper floors.

                Seeing this, Mu Sichen panicked: "Eh, eh, eh, brother-in-law, that's my brother. What's wrong with him? Nurse, what's wrong with my brother?"

                The nurse who saved him said, "He said that he suddenly fainted during the meeting, and we are now sending him to the hospital for a check-up. The family can follow afterwards."

                Mu Zhaoyang was thus taken to the ambulance, and when Mu Sichen also wanted to go with her, her mother Xu Shu Lan suddenly rushed out and pulled her back, saying, "Xiaochun, what can we do? Our whole family has fallen ill. Your grandfather is sick, your father is also sick, your brother is also sick, and your sister has left again, whoops ...... what is wrong with our family?"

                Qin Ming secretly shook his head and said, "Let's stop crying for now, we have to sort things out. And Boss Mu isn't sick, he's just angry."

                When Xu Shulan saw Qin Ming, she cursed, "Qin Ming, you monster of death, ever since you entered my family, nothing good has ever happened.

                Qin Ming even rolled his eyes, "Didn't you say last night that you wanted to break the superstition? Why are you talking about bad luck when you see me?

                Mu Sichen hurriedly said, "Mom, what exactly happened?"

                Xu Shulan said, "Actually, your brother negotiated a ten billion dollar deal with a multinational corporation called KOS Group, a network engineering and infrastructure project for a city, but a huge deposit was required first. Previously your father was too busy looking for connections to buy that special drug for your grandfather to care about things. So your brother set up a "capital preservation" fund-raising campaign on his own. Counting the group's funds, he raised seven billion, and the contract was signed only this morning ...... Result, result ......"

                Mu Sichen's expression stiffened: "Cheated?"

                Xu Shulan cried out: "The result of this afternoon, it was revealed that the KOS company, in the magnesium country is only a shell company, provide information are false, no qualifications ah. The money your brother raised was all down the drain."

                Xu Shulan said, "After your brother got the news, he had an emergency meeting and the money was not all paid at once. It's just that during the meeting, your second and third uncles rolled the remaining funds away, and your brother suddenly fainted when he heard the news, whoops ......"

                Mu Si Chun was so angry that she cursed, "Mom, look at this, I told you a long time ago that they couldn't be trusted. Brother-in-law, what now?"

                Qin Ming had a question mark on his face and said, "Your family's business ......"

                Mu Si Chun said, "What your family, aren't you our family? Brother-in-law, you are now the only man in our family, think of a way how to fill this seven billion dollar hole."

                Qin Ming touched his nose, it wasn't just seven billion, he could fill it with one phone call, but the target would be too big for him to expose, wouldn't it make Chang Huan's killers suspect and investigate him directly?

                Xu Shulan said disdainfully, "What are you begging him for? What ability could a poor student have to manage a company as big as our Mu family? Besides, the company is in really big trouble right now. Xiaochun, you and Li Meng stay here and watch, I'll go and coax your father back, your father is stubborn, but he won't leave the company alone."

                Xu Shu Lan left, and Mu Si Chun and Qin Ming entered the interior of the group.

                The gate was already full of security guards, who were doing their best to ward off the angry investors.

                "Money back, money back, money back."

                "Unscrupulous businessmen are robbing the people of their hard-earned money."

                "The capital preservation pass is a loss-making product, let your chairman come out and give us an explanation."

                Boom froze, a stone, crossing the security guard, smashed on the glass of the group's front door, the front desk lady screamed in fear.

                Qin Ming hugged Mu Sichen, shielding her from being hurt by the broken glass.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Will they rush in and smash and rob? Why haven't the police arrived yet?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "I'll go out and control their emotions first, otherwise if they rush in, there's really no way to control them, and if people get hurt then the situation will be even more serious."

                Mu Sichen's head nodded like a chicken pecking rice and said, "Brother-in-law, our family is relying on you."

                Qin Ming found a sign, hung it on his chest, and walked straight out through the main entrance.

                This time Qin Ming came out, it really had some effect. When the people outside saw someone coming out, they knew that Mu Clan was finally going to talk to them and give them a statement.

                But as soon as Qin Ming walked out, Li Meng appeared in the lobby on the ground floor with her head held high as she shouted, "What's going on? Pull back the security guards, close the doors and lower the iron gates, they're still tearing them down? As soon as the police arrive, these thug scoundrels are going to be arrested."

                When the security guards saw that the secretary beside the boss had given the word, they immediately pressed the control button and the layers of iron gates at the various entrances of the building were slowly lowered.

                Seeing this, Mu Si Chun was furious: "Li Meng, what's wrong with you? Brother-in-law is helping us to pacify those investors who are asking for money, if you do this, they won't believe his words. Open the door now!"

                The security guards were embarrassed, who should they listen to? Was it the boss's secretary and girlfriend, or was it the boss's sister?

                Li Meng pointed outside and said, "What do you know? What kind of investors are those outside? Do you call a $10,000 to $20,000 investment an investor? We are just raising their ex-business, so we don't care about that little money. What we have to care about are the big investors."

                "What if they rush in and hurt someone?"

                "Let them make a scene, arrest them all when the police come, and pay for whatever they break at the price."

                Mu Si Chun was shaking with anger and tried to grab the remote control but couldn't, she was so anxious she was on the verge of tears, "Brother-in-law is still out there, one bad move and he'll be killed by those irrational investors. Brother-in-law is helping our Mu Group, you are all employees of Mu Group, can you bear to watch a man who helped you, being locked outside by you?"

                The surrounding employees looked at each other in covetousness, they were all silent.

                This really wasn't quite right, none of them dared to stand out and talk to the angry masses. And Qin Ming dared, and now they even locked Qin Ming, who had helped them, outside, it was so unkind.

                Li Meng sneered disdainfully, "Hahahaha, Qin Ming's life is cheap as hell, he's just a little strong, he won't die. Don't worry everyone, when the police come, everything will be back to the way it was."

                "Motherfucker." Qin Ming looked at the Mu Group's building and surprisingly went down the iron gates, this was selling him out.

                But Qin Ming still took a megaphone and said, "Please calm down and listen to me."

                Someone questioned loudly, "Who are you?"

                "Tell your boss to come out, what do you mean by closing the door?"

                "We don't want to have a conversation with a runner."

                "Get out!"

                "Get out!"

                The crowd cursed while throwing stones, rotten eggs and whatnot, and Qin Ming didn't dodge because Ah Long came out holding an umbrella and blocked all the miscellaneous objects for him, a personal bodyguard who did his job properly.

                Qin Ming suddenly shouted, "I am your saviour, if you want your money back, be honest with me, once I am gone, you won't get a single penny."

                At these words, in front of the building, at the street intersection, both investors and onlookers, all went quiet.

Chapter 280

Outside the Mu Group's building, everyone fell silent and looked at Qin Ming in silence.

                One investor asked, "Why should we trust you? Can you return the money to me?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, I can."

                There was another person who said, "You just lied to us, the owner of the Mu Group was cheated. His two uncles took away the investment money, and now all three generations of the Mu Group's grandchildren are sick, and I saw the hospital ambulance just now. Now the Mu Group's share price has started to fall, the Mu Group is going to collapse, where do you have the money to compensate?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's not that simple, you take out your contracts. I will refund it on the spot, but there will be no subsequent dividends for the ones that are paid back, and it is you who are in breach of the contract in the first place, we at Mu Group reserve the right to pursue the responsibility."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Come, come, bring the contracts in your hands and I will refund your money one by one."

                As soon as they heard that they had money to refund, these small investors lined up one by one, as little as 10,000 or as much as 100,000. Qin Ming set up a computer in front of the main gate and also ordered Song Ying to pull half a billion in cash over as fast as she could.

                The investors who asked for their money back were shocked when they saw the cash being pulled out directly by the escort truck.

                At the same time as the money was refunded, he collected the contract back by the way.

                The order of the scene became incomparably harmonious for a while, no one argued, no one made a scene, it was quiet, and order was restored to the street roads where traffic was difficult.

                The police who came on the news were shocked that they didn't even have to maintain order and could go back.

                Qin Ming said as he collected the contract: "Remember, we at the Mu Group reserve the right to pursue your legal responsibilities. Moreover, if you return the money now, down the road, after our Mu Group has earned money, the dividends on the contract will be gone."

                In fact, the number of people who knew the news was not too many, there were only 300 investors on the scene, the real big investment dogs, would not ask for a refund on the spot, they all went to block the hospital directly, looking for Mu Zhaoyang.

                In the end, Qin Ming didn't even spend half a billion, so he shut these investors up.

                The fact that Qin Ming was so quick to refund the money also made the investors suspicious, usually when there is a problem with the investment, isn't there no money to refund? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet. The company's website is a fake news?

                These people didn't leave after refunding their money, so they stayed to watch the fun. At the end of the day, some of those who wanted to refund their money doubted their lives and didn't go for it, after all, the contract had a high 11% guaranteed dividend.

                About an hour later, Mu Hao and Xu Shulan arrived in a hurry, and he saw that Qin Ming had actually calmed the crowd, and the scene was not chaotic at all, it was in order.

                "What's going on? It was chaotic just now, who calmed these investors?" Xu Shulan was stunned: "It was Qin Ming? Where did he, where did he get so much money to return? He, he ......"

                Xu Shulan covered her mouth in surprise, at this moment Qin Ming saved the reputation of the Mu Group, her heart turned up in shock, that Qin Ming did it?

                Mu Hao was even more shocked and said excitedly, "Zhang Zhen Zhen did not deceive me, this son-in-law, he really can save my Mu family from this calamity."

                After saying that, he glared fiercely at his wife Xu Shulan and said, "Look at what you have done, but it was not Qin Ming who cleaned it up? Hurry up and go apologise to Qin Ming."

                Xu Shulan had no backbone and was so scolded that she dared not say anything back, flattening her mouth and saying, "I, I am at least his mother-in-law, I don't want to apologise."

                Mu Hao was furious and scolded, "Now you want to be someone's mother-in-law? If you don't apologise, you'll get lost."

                Only then did Xu Shulan tense up and said, "I apologize, can't I apologize? Hubby, you know you're wrong, don't get angry, what if you get angry and break your health, our family can't live without you, you're the pillar of our family."

                Mu Hao threw his hand away and scolded, "Fuck you, why didn't I see you say that last night?"

                Mu Hao walked over and took Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Qin Ming, it's thanks to you this time."

                Xu Shulan also took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Ah Xian son-in-law, mum was wrong, mum was biased against you before, you must not blame mum."

                Qin Ming hurriedly withdrew his hand, this "mother" sounded disgusting.

                But before he took it back, Xu Shulan pulled it back again and said, "Xian son-in-law, everyone says that a son-in-law is half a son, so I will treat you as my own son from now on. Forgive me for being blind in the past, right? After this is over, I will pay for your wedding, a grand wedding of the century, okay?"

                Qin Ming pulled his hand back again and cursed in his heart, "Good for you, sister."

                At that moment, the iron gates of the Mu Group's building opened, and the people inside poked their heads in to see if the investors had left, only to find that none of them had, but they hadn't continued to make trouble either.

                They were still curious as to who had pacified the investors when Mu Hao angrily walked in.

                As the real boss of the Mu Group, the staff all respectfully stepped aside when they saw Mu Hao.

                Mu Hao questioned loudly, "Who let down the iron gates? Letting Qin Ming outside alone? Stand out for me."

                All eyes looked at Li Meng, who was leisurely drinking tea, and Li Meng was shocked to realise that Mu Hao had come.

                She hurried forward and said, "What are you doing here, uncle? Have the police chased away all those thugs outside? Uncle ......"


                Mu Hao angrily slapped Li Meng's face and angrily scolded, "You fox spirit, you have charmed my son to the point of making wrong decisions repeatedly, get out of my sight right now."

                Li Meng's face hurt, she was at a loss, because in front of Mu Hao, she couldn't call anyone in this company, she could only take the beating and had to endure it.

                "Auntie, I, I'm innocent, I'm doing it for the company too." She could only look at Xu Shulan for help, because she knew that Xu Shulan was in the same boat as her.

                But Xu Shu Lan came up with a few slaps as well, slapping Li Meng so hard that her face was rapidly reddening and swelling, her gums were bleeding and she was dizzy.

                Xu Shulan angrily rebuked, "I was so larded that I believed your bullshit and went to work with the second and third houses. Don't you know what it means to close the iron gates when the company is in trouble and you are sitting here drinking coffee? If it wasn't for my good son-in-law Qin Ming, my Mu Group's reputation would be in disrepute."

                After the scolding, Xu Shulan slapped again and turned around and asked with a smile, "Qin Ming, you slap twice to take out your anger too."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and said in no good humour, "I don't want to go wash my hands."

                Li Meng was completely devastated, what was going on here?

                Didn't Xu Shulan hate Qin Ming a lot? Why had the relationship suddenly become so good? What had Qin Ming done to make Xu Shulan change her attitude towards him?

                Could he really be a brainwasher?

                Li Meng was cloaked on the floor, not long ago she was a high and mighty queen, this instant she had become a fallen chicken that everyone disliked, even the front desk staff next to her laughed at her.

                She said defiantly, "What's he, what's he capable of? The people in the second and third houses have rolled away the $4 billion in final payments, and he can get it back? It's just to appease those poor investors, can he get back the really big money?"

                When this was said, Mu Hao also had a headache, the small investors were indeed appeased, but what could be done when the big money was swept away?

                As soon as the words left his mouth, a group of police officers walked in, and a female police officer at the head of the group said in a domineering manner, "It was really recovered."

                But the crowd saw Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong being escorted by the police, walking in with their heads hanging down, and wasn't the head one the policewoman Sun Changxi?

                She said, "Yesterday, student Qin Ming told me that someone was trying to murder your Mu family for money. Today, something happened to your Mu family, which aroused my intuition as a police officer, so I kept an eye out and followed these two people, and I was able to catch them at the airport. Speaking of which, it was thanks to Qin Ming's reminder."

                Sun Changxi said, "I want to find you guys to confirm if it's Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong, and by the way, find someone to cooperate with our follow-up investigation."

                Mu Hao gave a grim cold snort and said, "Yes, it's my two "good" brothers. Qin Ming, thanks to you this time, you've done a good job and know how to cast a net, very good."

                Qin Ming smiled, "I didn't do anything, it's all because of you, sister police officer."

                Xu Shulan saw that the main culprit had been caught, so wouldn't the money that had been rolled away be recovered?

                She was surprised and delighted that Qin Ming had found someone to lay the net yesterday, and she looked at Qin Ming with more and more satisfaction.

                She gave Qin Ming a thumbs up and said, "Oh my, Qin Ming, my good son-in-law, you are really good, you have taken precautions. I even scolded you like that yesterday and you actually looked out for our Mu family, that's really, really awesome!"

                This person was caught back before he even escaped out of the country, and it was actually Qin Ming who had asked the police to lay a trap yesterday?

                As Li Meng listened on, she couldn't believe it, Qin Ming had this kind of ability?

                She muttered, "Impossible, I couldn't have lost, how could this happen, I should be a hundred billion dollar daughter-in-law, I have the fate of a rich wife of a rich family, that fortune teller said it, it can't be wrong, didn't your Mu family believe him too?"

                The more Xu Shu Lan looked at Li Meng, the more disgusted she became, as soon as she stripped off her designer bags, necklaces, earrings, shoes and even her clothes, she angrily rebuked Li Meng while slapping her in the face without any manners, "You bitch, hasn't you caused my family enough misery? Use so much of my family's money, buy all the luxury items for yourself and get my son's money back. Give it all back."

                Li Meng went crazy protecting the luxury items in her hands, shouting loudly, "Ah, no, my perfume, my baby, it's all mine, Mu Zhaoyang is my boyfriend, he gave it all to me, so it's mine."

                Xu Shulan directly shouted to the security guards to kick the crazy Li Meng out.

                Instead, Qin Ming found Mu Sichen who was sitting in the corner crying.

                What's wrong with this little girl?