Rags To Riches Chapter 277-278

 Chapter 277

When Mu Zhaoyang saw that both his dad and sister were going with Qin Ming, he was also furiously red in anger and said, "You guys are, you're all deluded by him. How can you trust an uneducated and poor man? How can you trust a poor, uneducated man? Shoulder Hui dared to ask for noisy hope

                Qin Ming secretly shook his head, this Mu Zhaoyang didn't know the truth ah.

                Zhang Quanzhen and Mu Hailan were fellow disciples back then, and they also watched Mu Hao grow up. I'm afraid that Zhang Quanzhen was an absolutely important figure in the Mu family's stormy times for so many years.

                So, Mu Hao and Mu Hai Ran, father and son, superstition perhaps, but trust in Zhang Quanzhen was also there.

                And they really bet right that Qin Ming was actually capable of helping them, only that Qin Ming had always kept a low profile and had not revealed his true strength.

                Mu Hao leaned against Qin Ming and said, "Zhang Quanzhen said that this calamity is a calamity that our Mu family must go through."

                When Mu Zhaoyang heard this, he became even more disappointed in anger and said irritably, "Go. Dad, you're old, can you be more mature? I will definitely make a career and do better than you, so that you know that our Mu family's fortune relies on everyone's slave efforts and dedication, not on some gods and goddesses."

                Mu Sichen drove a Porsche and drove Qin Ming and Mu Hao out of the Mu family compound.

                The car drove to a high-class villa area near the university city, surprisingly, it was still the same set of house that Qin Ming had bought before, outside the Green Island district were some high-rise commercial houses, inside was the planned villa, with a swimming pool and tennis court and grass garden.

                This is not cheaper than the houses in the villa area at the top of Yunshan.

                Mu Sichen got out of the car beautifully and said, "It's lucky that grandpa gave this house to brother-in-law before, otherwise we would have to sleep in a hotel tonight."

                Qin Ming helped Mu Hao into the room and saw how much older his whole body had become.

                It was indeed too heartbreaking for his own son to bring along the family relatives, and the shareholders, and come together to force the house to be the head of the family.

                On the contrary, Mu Sichen was fine as usual, eating and drinking as she should, and calling Mu Xiaoqiao to relay what had happened to the Mu family.

                Qin Ming was also annoyed by the family's affairs.

                He sat down next to Mu Hao and said, "Boss Mu, do you still remember the agreement we signed? As long as your Mu family's troubles are dissolved, I can offer to leave the Mu family."

                Mu Hao opened his eyes to look at Qin Ming, pondered for a moment, and said suspiciously, "You have a solution?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, then he laughed and said, "Boss Mu is not all superstitious, but he believes in Zhang Quanzhen too much."

                Mu Hao said, "Zhang Quanzhen is really a worldly master, a true immortal and divine calculator, he has never failed to calculate for our Mu family to break the situation, if Zhang Quanzhen finds you and can save our Mu family, then it must be possible. It's just that I didn't know you had this ability, your background I've investigated, it's too ordinary, how can you help? Qin Ming, don't make fun of me."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "Have you forgotten? The old man's medical treatment was still upgraded with my help? One of the bosses I worked with before was very rich and had extensive connections, so he could get as many special drugs as he wanted to save Master Mu's illness. So there's really no need to worry too much about Master Mu's illness. It's just that I'm worried that your son, Mu Zhaoyang, will lose the entire Mu family."

                Mu Hao was excited for a while, he never thought that the poor who had been paying little attention? Pan Shell Marco Sole? (literally, a valley emblem transmuted into an evil pennanta

                He couldn't help but feel that Zhang Zhen Zhen's fortune telling was really accurate.

                Mu Hao was also deeply impressed and said, "The two good foxes from the second and third houses are finally going to make their move. I drove them out of the Mu Group ten years ago, but I never thought they would use my son to go back now. Qin Ming, what method do you have?"

                Qin Ming said, "I can ask someone to get medicine to save the old man. I can also think of a way to save your Mu family. But what about after that? My false marriage with Mu Xiaoqiao, how does this matter count?"

                Qin Ming rubbed his head and said, "Boss Mu, to be honest with you, I was also superstitious at first and listened to Zhang Quanzhen's words, saying that my life's fate as a husband and wife would be short and my children's sins long, and that I needed to join the Mu family for a wedding in order to dissolve the deadly knot in my fate, so I agreed to it in a moment of confusion."

                Mu Hao asked, "What do you mean ......?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'll take care of these two things for you, burn that prenuptial agreement for me, and I'll leave the Mu family, no more involvement."

                Mu Hao was silent for a moment, held out his hand and smiled meaningfully, "Okay, it's a deal."

                Qin Ming felt that Mu Hao's smile was a little sly, but he couldn't find any evidence, so he could only follow and shake hands, saying, "Good, it's a deal."

                Only then did the two of them agree on this matter, but there was a frantic banging on the door.

                "Open the door, open the door now."

                Qin Ming ran to open the door, but it was Li Meng who led some police officers in, saying, "It's them, forcing their way into our house under the name of the Mu Group. Comrade police, you must kick them out."

                "What's going on?" Mu Hao asked, "This is my father's house, how come I can't live in it?"

                Qin Ming frowned, "Li Meng, it's you again."

                Li Meng was smug and said, "Good, it's me again. I'm Mu Zhaoyang's girlfriend and he asked me to take care of his dad. Besides, you are not a member of the Mu family, you are not qualified to live here, pack your things right now and get out."

                Mu Sichen rushed forward with great annoyance and said, "Li Meng, you're from my Mu family again? Qin Ming is my brother-in-law, he is the one who belongs to my Mu family. This house was given to him by my grandfather, what gives you the right?"

                The corners of Li Meng's mouth lifted as she took out the property certificate and said, "On what basis do I have? Did the old man say that? How come I've never heard of it? Mu Sichen, don't be ridiculous, the name on the property deed is not Qin Ming, but your mother Xu Shu Lan. It's also the owner of the villa, Auntie Xu's wish not to allow Qin Ming to move in."

                Mu Hao was annoyed, "This house was originally bought by my wife to give to the old man on his birthday. I didn't expect that she didn't fill in the old man's name. This woman Xu Shulan is really getting stupid."

                Li Meng then said to some workers behind her, "You guys, move my clothes and the surname Li in. From now on this house will be me and uncle living together. After all, Zhaoyang is worried that his father won't be used to living alone and has asked me to help look after him."

                Mu Hao gave a dismissive grunt, "Looking after? Spying, right?"

                Qin Ming even rolled his eyes, come on, this so-called gift house was just a decoration, he didn't get to live in it, instead he let Li Meng live in it.

                He couldn't go to Nanshan Sanatorium and bother Mu Hailan, could he? It seemed that Mu Hai Ran's condition was very unstable, so it was better not to stimulate his old man.

                "Hahaha." Li Meng laughed in triumph, "Auntie said, Uncle Mu and Mu Sichen live here, no problem, after all, they are their own people. But that shameless door-to-door son-in-law, get lost immediately. If you don't, then let the police make you get lost."

                When Mu Sichen saw this property certificate, Qin Ming who was about to be evicted, she took Qin Ming's hand in pity and said, "Brother-in-law, I don't want you to go. They are bullying you."

                Qin Ming patted her hand and said, "It's alright, I'll just go. At least you can be a bit quieter."

                Li Meng laughed loudly, "Qin Ming, Qin Ming, look at you, you've been around for so long, but you're still not as good as me. Your mobile phone is still a thousand-dollar Huawei phone that you have been using for more than two years, shame on you. Your clothes are still just a hundred dollars, shame on you. The shoes, tsk, this is not your birthday I gave you? How infatuated are you that you can't throw them away after we broke up? It's even more humiliating."

                "You think joining the gentry is going to change you being poor? Pancon plot? You think being a member of a wealthy family will change your poverty? The first thing you need to do is to get married. The rate of the human race? The only way to change your poverty is for me to be sincere.

                "Only if I am like this and impress Mu Zhaoyang with my sincerity can I become his girlfriend and I will be the future mistress of the Mu family. And you ...... only deserve to be poor? Pan Jun9???? Also ash? service hours? The sternl bag should be ash? Hours of work? The service hours are as follows The company's services are available in the following languages The sole of the service? What is the best way to get the most out of your time? The government's policy is to ensure that the government is able to provide the best possible service to the public. The main reason for this is the fact that you can't find the right one. arkto vinegar wander Zhaozhao play ??????

                The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of a fight.

                A sudden slap in the face interrupted Li Meng's laughter, it was Qin Ming who slapped Li Meng hard on the face.

                Qin Ming coldly held his chin up and said, "Li Meng, don't bully people too much, it's okay for you to talk about me, but if you want to talk about my family, believe it or not, I want you to have nothing."

                Li Meng covered her face, dumbfounded, this slap could hurt.

                She wailed, "You, you hit me? Qin Ming, you poor? Pan Jun? The countenance is a very good way to get a good deal on your life. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.  The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing. The page is not the only way to get the most out of the bladder. The amazement? The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The company's main focus is to provide a comprehensive range of services and services to the public. The woof is the only one that can be used. The city is a great place to visit. The newest addition to the city is the newest addition to the city. The newest addition to the city is the newest addition to the city. What is the name of the house? Widows? widows? A widow? ridge!

                As soon as Qin Ming made his move, those police officers took control of Qin Ming and said, "Mr. Qin, please go back and cooperate with us."

                Qin Ming raised his hands and shook his head at Ah Long, who was not spotted at the gate and wanted to make a move, signalling Ah Long not to move.

                He said, "All right, I'll go back with you guys. The police station, well, I used to go there when I was a kid."

                Li Meng covered her red and swollen face and laughed in triumph, "Hahahaha, Qin Ming I won, it's me who won, you're still the poor boy and I'll soon be a hundred billion dollar daughter-in-law, hahaha."

Chapter 278

"Student Qin Ming, how come it's you again?"

                Here at the police station, the female police officer, Sun Changxi, whom I had seen many times, looked at Qin Ming with a playful face and said, "You kid, you are particularly capable of causing trouble, aren't you? You've been involved in several cases in a month."

                Qin Ming also recognised the policewoman, and knowing that he would not have to spend the night in custody, he said playfully, "Sister police officer, I am a good citizen. I've helped the police twice and thrice, disrupting major cases, and you even gave me an award. My father was scolded and I slapped him back, was I wrong?"

                Sun Changxi said, "A thousand acts of kindness cannot cover up your one violation. How can you justify hitting someone? You even hit a woman."

                Qin Ming said in a serious manner, "Sister police officer, I don't have such a bad habit of not hitting women, I advocate gender equality.

                Sun Changxi said, "All right, sign here. Then sit next to me and wait for me to get off work."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "What for? We've known each other for a long time."

                Sun Changxi said, "All right, I'm off duty in half an hour. Last time you helped me solve Zhu Shengwen's case, I said I'd treat you to dinner, so I'll treat you to a midnight snack later."

                Once Qin Ming heard that, he was happy, "Then this is okay."

                Not waiting for half an hour, Sun Changxi changed into a short jeans casual dress, with a white round-necked shirt, long legs and hands, long hair, youthful and energetic, more realistic and beautiful than those beauty filters under the Netflix, worthy of a flower in the police department.

                Sun Changxi led Qin Ming out of the police station and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Crawfish, beer, and a plate of skewers, I don't dare to eat too much, I'm afraid I'll make you poor."

                Sun Changxi smiled, "That's easy, let's go to a nearby stall and have a meal."

                The two of them went to the stall and ordered something, and Sun Changxi asked, "What's wrong? You're not in the mood? Did the girl you like run away? Or did you fail your exams?"

                Qin Ming said, "Neither. Sister Changxi, I have a big case here, a big case of murder, do you want to take it."

                Sun Changxi said, "You want to call the police? Then you have to provide relevant evidence and materials."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "It hasn't happened yet, how can I provide it? Our old and powerful family in Guang City, the Mu family is now having a family change, the son is driving the old man away, and the second and third houses are trying to get money and kill people."

                Sun Changxi said, "No evidence, no proof, don't talk nonsense, be careful people will sue you for false accusation."

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, you will act only when people die and the property is divided up."

                Sun Changxi said, "Who are you trying to impress with that? You're making empty promises, and I believe you? Don't you want other people's innocence? Without evidence, it's all for nothing."

                Qin Ming said, "Then you can look at the news tomorrow. The Mu family is about to change. Sister Changxi, I'm not complaining about you, I'm introducing you to a big case, you might get a merit promotion, from the grassroots police to a district captain or something, how prestigious."

                The first time Sun Changxi heard this, she felt that there was still some truth to it, and that a promotion and a pay rise would be excellent.

                That night, Qin Ming went back to the school dormitory and he began to think about how he was going to get things done here in the Mu family.

                Suddenly, Mu Xiaoqiao sent a message, "Are you okay? I heard from my sister that you were kicked out by Li Meng, how did you, a big man, lose to a woman like Li Meng?"

                Qin Ming replied back, "How did I lose to her? I'm just letting her bounce around for a few more days. A few more days, or else let your brother see her true colours and put him out of his misery?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao replied again, "You've taken the trouble."

                Qin Ming grinned and deliberately joked, "No bother, now I'm still a son-in-law at home, your cheap husband, I'll still do what I need to do. You don't have to worry about this side of the family, in less than three days, everything will be back to normal."

                In the middle of a rented flat in Beijing, Mu Xiaoqiao, who was working overtime, saw this message and suddenly revealed a light smile.

                Her fingers quickly typed the words "Oh, my cheap husband is really good", but then quickly deleted the word "cheap", hesitated for a moment, deleted it all, and sent the message with "I believe in you" instead.

                Qin Ming looked at the message and said, "She's really an iceberg president. She didn't even respond to my teasing."

                The next morning, all the news papers in Guangzhou reported that Mu Hao, the chairman of the Mu Group, had suspended his duties because he was unwell and was replaced by his son, Mu Zhaoyang.

                The city's gentry circles were in an uproar.

                Since Mu Hailan fell ill, the Mu family's influence had declined, but everyone would give face to Mu Hao, who had fallen ill again, so the Mu family was like a fat sheep without any protection.

                Mu Hai Ran's presence was like a family dog watching the fat sheep, while Mu Hao was like a guardrail around the fat sheep.

                Now both father and son are sick, and once they both fall ill, then the Mu family is a fat sheep that is at the mercy of others.

                Although Mu Zhaoyang is somewhat famous in the upper class circles of Guangzhou, he is a fledgling kid, and those powerful and famous families are all flooded with beasts who will not show him any mercy and will use any tricks on him.

                However, after Mu Zhaoyang became the executive director, he immediately announced that he had a 10 billion business contract with the multinational company KOS, and once the news was released, the share price of the Mu Group soared all the way up to the stop board.

                And at noon, Mu Sichen found Qin Ming and said, "Brother-in-law ...... ooooooooo ...... I don't want to live with that Li Meng, she's too hateful and restricts what time I can go to bed, and in the morning I'm practicing script dialogue alone, and she dislikes me for being noisy, mocks my dream of being an idol, and says I'll just marry a rich man and live the life of a rich wife, no need to go to work."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and said, "Then you go back to school and live there."

                Mu Sichen flattened her mouth and said, "Our school doesn't give students the chance to stay for the summer. Brother-in-law, why don't I go and stay in your dormitory?"

                Qin Ming didn't even think about it and said, "No way."

                "Ah~! Brother-in-law ......" Mu Sichen whined, pulling Qin Ming's sleeve and flinging it around, saying, "Sister has instructed you to take good care of me while she's away."

                Qin Ming smiled, looking at Mu Sichen's pampered look, he couldn't help but think of his sister Qin Susu, both of them were really cute when they were pampered with their brother.

                Qin Ming's heart softened and he said, "Alright, take care of you, so where to now?"

                Qin Ming said, "To our Mu Group's building, to beat my brother awake. My dad said that it's dangerous for him to go on like this."

                The two said and set off together, but when they arrived at the Mu Group, they found a lot of people gathered around the place, some journalists, some ordinary people, and the traffic was almost paralyzed outside the group's building.

                Qin Ming muttered, "What's going on? It's not so bad to have an interview."

                Mu Sichen pulled Qin Ming and said, "Eh, brother-in-law, look, there are banners over there."

                Qin Ming followed the line of sight and saw that the banner read, "Unscrupulous merchants cheated me out of my hard-earned money, if you don't return the money, you'll die together".

                There was also a banner that read, "Capital preservation pass illegal fund raising, blood money is lost, cheat the people, strictly investigate according to the law."

                Qin Ming smacked his lips, but when the launch event was held this morning, it was fine. The stock was soaring, and then in the afternoon, something happened?

                Mu Si Chun pulled Qin Ming and said, "Brother-in-law, come this way, we have the boss channel, we can go straight up to my brother."