Rags To Riches Chapter 275-276

 Chapter 275

Qin Ming said, "Auntie Main, I really have a favour to ask you. At the Sprang Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Centre in Magnesia, there is a special medicine for a rare global genetic disease, Figueroa, can you get some out for me? Can't be found out is what I need."

                Marin? Hathaway said, "Young Master, of course I'll bring the medicine over quietly for this one. But more than such a trivial matter, you should know that Chang Huan has reached a point of near madness, you must be careful and cautious, an intelligence network sifted by big data can reveal many things."

                Qin Ming's heart warmed and he said, "That I will take care of."

                That night, Maine? Hathaway left, the meeting went quite well, as one of the Four Patriarchs, Main? Hathaway's requirements for his examination were still relatively low.

                But Qin Ming still felt that it was not easy to get the approval of all the old cadres.

                It was easy to change people, but I was afraid that if I couldn't, I would have to be the target instead, and conquest was the best and the hardest, but fortunately Qin Ming had been successful in conquering all the way through.

                At night, Ah Long drove Qin Ming back to the Mu family.

                In fact, Qin Ming wanted to go to the Green Island district to see his elder brother Qin Chaoyang, but he was still anxious to find Mu Hao, so he went back to Mu's house.

                But as soon as he entered the door, he heard a roar from behind the curtain, "You disobedient son, how dare you!?"

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Why is Mu Hao so angry? It couldn't be that he was scolding him, could it?

                But then Qin Ming entered the house and realised that it was the eldest son, Mu Zhaoyang, who was being scolded.

                And Mu Zhaoyang still had his hands in his pockets and his eyes looking away with a proud expression.

                He waved his hand and pointed at Mu Hao, saying, "Dad, I can't stand your superstition anymore, worshipping God and begging Buddha all day long, and hiring some kind of master, sending tens of millions of dollars for a meal, a fortune telling, a car, a house, how many days do the company's employees have to work overtime to earn it back?"

                Mu Hao was so angry that he slapped the table and scolded, "What do you know? Our Mu family has been able to have a good life today thanks to Zhang Zhen Zhen's disaster elimination and dissolution."

                Mu Zhaoyang immediately snarled and retorted, "The fact that our Mu family has this day is the result of the efforts of every member of the Mu family. It has nothing to do with that bullshit Zhang Zhen Zhen!"

                Qin Ming walked in and saw that there were quite a lot of people here in the villa lobby, besides Mu Hao's family, there was also the second family, Mu Cambridge's family, the third family, Mu Jianxiong's family, and a few old men and women, presumably all relatives, even Li Meng was there, all dressed in luxury and grandeur.

                Qin Ming locked eyes with Li Meng, his ex-girlfriend whom he hadn't seen for a long time, and there was pride, confidence and teasing in his eyes.

                Qin Ming gave a dismissive grunt, not bothering to pay any attention to her, while in the corner was another Daoist priest holding a peach wood sword, who was calm and relaxed, looking as if he had no concern for anything.

                Mu Zhaoyang pointed to a middle-aged uncle and said, "Ask Uncle Liang, what's the point of installing so many gossips and divine platforms in the company? One still has to insist on offering incense, 24 hours a day. There have been many fires as a result, and the company has lost a lot of money. Is there any point? It's the 21st century, feng shui philology that's just mumbo jumbo with no scientific basis."

                "Science has gone into the universe, can you feng shui metaphysics go out of the country of China?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said as his gaze turned to Qin Ming who had just entered, and a wave of disgust erupted.

                He pointed at Qin Ming and cursed, "And this Qin Ming, he's not a good person either. He's been picking up girls everywhere in school, I've investigated, after Li Meng broke up with him before, he went after a girl surnamed Chen and a girl surnamed Bai in their school, but later on they both disliked that they were poor, so he pursued Nie Haitang, also for money."

                "He's not just poor? Pan Jun? Liao antagonistic spirits? The death of the mash emblem? Ostrich leech? The man is not just poor? The paddle is a commonplace. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The goblet? Sheet? The goblet is a very good choice for the people who are interested in it. The actual fact is that your daughter is a very good person.

                "The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Fie! Now that Xiao Qiao is so angry that she's gone far away from the capital, are you happy? You're satisfied that you won't see your daughter anymore?"

                "You're going to say it's the right eight characters for a happy ending, but isn't grandpa's disease not cured either? A rare disease with only three cases worldwide, which was only identified through science and experts, what does it have to do with your feng shui metaphysics?"

                Faced with his son's aggressiveness, Mu Hao was so angry that his head hurt, pointing at him, unable to say a word for half a day, just coughing continuously.

                Xu Shulan advised, "Mu Hao, you are also old, our Zhaoyang is also young and talented, he also has a way of managing the company, he is usually your right hand, and you often praise him as your successor, just promise to hand over the power to him."

                Young Aunt Mu Shuyun frowned, "Sister-in-law, if it were a normal situation, my brother would definitely be willing to let go. But today Zhaoyang seems to be a bit off."

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "Auntie, I'm not out of sorts. I'm just fed up with it. Dad is superstitious, are you and Grandma superstitious too? Can grandpa's illness be cured by sending money to those gods and Taoist priests? Now that Taoist priest Zhang can't be found, and he's looking for another Taoist gods and goddesses, and the appearance fee is a million dollars."

                That Daoist godly stick suddenly interjected, "Poor Daoist this is a fair price in conscience, and it is only because Daoist Zhang introduced me here. In my opinion, your house is haunted by demons and spirits, and the villains are haunting the house. All I need to do is to drive away the villains, and the house will be safe."

                Mu Zhaoyang was so angry that he cursed, "Listen, listen! The madman is talking crazy. Get lost, bodyguards, drive this godly man out."

                Several of Mu Zhaoyang's bodyguards, immediately stepped forward and set that Godly Stick Daoist up and threw him straight out of the house.

                I was so angry that the Godly Stick Daoist cursed at the door, "Commoners can't speak the same language, I'll fuck you up."

                A brief silence fell in the hall as Mu Zhaoyang's strength, in contrast to Mu Hao's old and decrepit age, began to pull out the gap between father and son.

                The oppressive atmosphere was almost breathless, Mu Sichen was scared and walked over to Qin Ming at some point, tugging on the corner of Qin Ming's coat and looking at him worriedly, "Brother-in-law ...... my brother he, he wasn't like this before."

                Qin Ming patted her hand and said, "Don't worry, it's fine, I'm still here, no one can bully you."

                Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong suddenly stood beside Mu Zhaoyang, the two uncles were obviously very supportive of this nephew.

                Several relatives and clan elders also persuaded, "Mu Hao, you are also old and your health has not been good recently, let your son be the head of the family. Zhaoyang is the one we've watched grow up, he's good at what he does, he's familiar with the company's business, and he's done well. We are also willing to follow him, so just let him go."

                Mu Cambridge said, "Big brother, you can also be like Dad and live a retired life, isn't that good? Look at how busy you've been these days, your health is getting worse and worse, wouldn't it be worse if you got busy and got sick?"

                Mu Jianxiong also said, "Mu Hao, as a close brother, I also advise you to rest more. Nowadays, it's all about the young people, can you, an old man, be too busy? Zhaoyang is planning to ask us to help out back at the company, and we didn't refuse."

                "What? Do you know what you're doing, Mu Zhaoyang?" When Mu Hao heard this, Mu Zhaoyang had even invited the second and third houses into the company, wasn't this nonsense? It had taken him a lot of effort to get them out in the first place, ah.

                Between Mu Hao and his brothers, there was only face-saving to speak of, how could there be any semblance of real family bonding? Since he was young, he had taught Mu Zhaoyang to stay away from the second and third houses, but in the end, he still ended up drawing wolves into his house.

                Mu Zhaoyang approached Mu Hao and said in a low voice, "Dad, I know what I'm doing. Second and third uncles have recently hooked up with a multinational corporation and have a big business deal of tens of billions of dollars. That's why I hired them temporarily, and I'll fire them when I'm done using them. Dad, do you think I'm that stupid? Don't you know their ambition? Don't worry, I won't be cheated."

                Mu Hao grabbed Mu Zhaoyang's lapels and said, "You, you disobedient son, you haven't even grown up yet, how can you fight them? Are you going to wipe out the entire family fortune of my Mu family?"

                Mu Zhaoyang broke away from Mu Hao and walked to the centre of the living room, saying, "Then let's all vote, our relatives and clan elders of the Mu family are all here. From today onwards, this family will be headed by me, Mu Zhaoyang. Who agrees and who opposes?"

                Brushing aside, apart from Qin Ming and Mu Si Chun, his younger aunt Mu Shu Yun and Mu Hao, even Xu Shu Lan raised her hand in agreement.

                Mu Zhaoyang grinned in triumph, "Good, then tomorrow we will hold a shareholders' meeting and remove my father, Mu Hao, as chairman of the board, and I will take over. I will additionally appoint second uncle Mu Cambridge and third uncle Mu Jianxiong as advisors, and my girlfriend Li Meng as my temporary secretary."

                When Mu Hao heard Mu Zhaoyang act in such a way, he was so angry that he covered his heart which was about to tear apart and sat down on the sofa, unable to believe that this was true.

                Xu Shulan also counted Mu Hao aside, saying, "You old man, you are jealous that your son is more capable than you. Zhaoyang will make a lot of money this time if he gets that ten billion dollar deal, have you ever done a ten billion dollar deal in all your years of running a company?"

                Mu Zhaoyang, who was in high spirits, suddenly had a sinking breath and turned his eyes to look at Qin Ming.

Chapter 276

Qin Ming felt Mu Zhaoyang's blazing gaze, it was a rage to get at him.

                Three fires for the new family head? The first fire was coming towards him.

                Mu Zhaoyang pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, you poor man from the nooks and crannies of the mountains? Pan Jun? Spring? Bejing? The pancreas is a guileful coriander. Tear? The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. What is the best way to get a job? What's the point? What is the best way to get the most out of your trip? The sea crab is not a crab.

                The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. The company was doing well in Guangzhou, but suddenly it moved to Beijing, and it's not easy for a person to work abroad. It's all because of you, Qin Ming, you poor bastard. Pan can Xia row? Goblet!

                A relative said, "Mu Hao, you're too superstitious, how much of a girl is Xiao Qiao, her whole life is ruined."

                "Yes, it's a pity that all the good cabbages have been given to pigs."

                "We can sue for divorce on behalf of Xiao Qiao."

                Mu Hao was so angry at the group that he was dizzy, his blood pressure rose, his face was red and he was unable to speak, so he could only cast an apologetic look at Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said amusedly, "Mu Zhaoyang, I've only had two meals at your house, and spending your Mu family's is even funnier. Your father said he would give me 10,000 pocket money a month, but your mother withheld the money and gave me a hundred a day, which I didn't even touch and put in the study. As for using ...... I just stayed for three nights, counting the food, you do the math."

                Qin Ming said a sentence, choking Mu Zhaoyang can not return to the mouth, it seems to be really that way.

                Seeing that her boyfriend was defeated, Li Meng immediately stood up and walked up, dragging her black open dress, saying, "Zhaoyang, I know Qin Ming well, he is a very good talker, he is the best at talking and never admits to the disgusting things he has done, don't be normal with him, look, he has fooled your sister."

                Mu Zhaoyang immediately said, "Mu Sichen, come here."

                Mu Sichen shook her head and said, "Brother, why do you still want to care about me? What's wrong with brother-in-law? Did he do something wrong? Sister doesn't even have an opinion yet, so what opinion do you have? It's my sister who married my brother-in-law, not you. I also said that you have a problem with this new girlfriend Li Meng, who has been smearing brother-in-law in front of me before, I think she is the one who has a problem."

                Li Meng said angrily, "Zhaoyang, listen, it's not wrong, right? This Qin Ming is the best at compelling people and playing dissociation, your sister wasn't like this before, now she's all brainwashed."

                Mu Cambridge from the second house also said, "That's right. Zhaoyang, you have to be careful, you can't keep such villains around, otherwise you won't know when things will go wrong."

                Mu Jianxiong from the third house also said, "Let's get rid of him, so that even Mu Sichen won't be brought down by him. Otherwise, your two sisters will be ruined by his hands. Wouldn't our Mu family be the joke of Guangzhou City?"

                Xu Shulan also scolded, "I've been unhappy with him since the first day he came to our house. If it wasn't for our old man's superstition, he would never have touched the threshold of the gentry in his life."

                Li Meng sneered and came forward, humming, "Qin Ming, you are really thick-skinned enough, as soon as something happened to Nie Haitang, you immediately broke up and climbed up with the Mu family. And you mock me for worshipping gold? Hahaha, so you're noble? Aren't you still in it for the money? You covet the Mu family's money! Don't you?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes as Li Meng, at this moment, was all bejewelled and dressed in designer clothes, with the air of a luxurious and famous woman.

                However, she also smiled in an unusually demonic and hideous manner, and also seemed to have scared Mu Sichen, who originally only grabbed Qin Ming's sleeve, and all of a sudden grabbed Qin Ming's hand, seeking a sense of security.

                Li Meng pointed at Qin Ming and said, "From what I know about you, you are just very scheming. You took advantage of Elder Mu Hao's superstition and found a godly man to fool him, then smoothly joined the Mu family, followed by forcing Mu Xiaoqiao out and then into the Mu Group, before finding a way to eliminate Mu Zhaoyang, making you the only male in the Mu family and successfully ascending to the top. The two sisters have become your playthings, and you are able to embrace them. In the end, even the entire Mu family is yours. Qin Ming, how vicious."

                How did Qin Ming's so-called "plan" feel like the script of the male protagonist of some urban novels that he had read before? The soldier king returns, the president's wife, the sisters are all protagonists, and finally the company is also the protagonist's.

                Li Meng, you've read too many novels, right?

                "Wow!" Some unknown relatives of the Mu family couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air when they heard such a vicious scheme, "What a poisonous plot."

                "Is he still human?" Another relative chided in shock and anger over this.

                Mu Zhaoyang said righteously, "That's right. Qin Ming's plan is already halfway done. If Li Meng hadn't reminded me, I would still be in the dark, and our Mu family might really be taken in the hands of this outsider."

                Mu Cambridge said, "It was also the time when your grandfather was seriously ill and your grandfather was also superstitious, which fitted in with his poisonous plan... Knowing people and not knowing their hearts. This Qin Ming actually has some long term plan to get rid of money."

                Qin Ming was speechless, wasn't this Mu Cambridge telling lies with his eyes wide open?

                Last time at the auction, hadn't he seen Qin Ming take out the World Bank's Black Card with his own eyes? Would he be short of money?

                But Mu Cambridge was standing right behind Mu Zhaoyang, with his fat, greasy face, smiling insidiously and coldly, as if he was in a position to win.

                Qin Ming suddenly thought of something and said, "I see, so it was you who compelled Mu Zhaoyang and wanted to take advantage of the old man's serious illness to plot to seize the Mu family's assets. Mu Cambridge, Mu Jianxiong you are the ones who really plotted against the wealth."

                Mu Jianxiong hurriedly said, "Listen guys, he was caught out and even bit back. A true shameless man is invincible."

                Xu Shu Lan even cursed, "You're a scum, a waste, a trash, get out of my house. Pure, come here."

                Although she usually had a little temper and could still play a little bit of a hero, she had never seen this kind of battle before, especially when all of them were her relatives and relatives, Mu Si Chun's whole body was in a state of downtime.

                "Go, get out."

                "Shame on you, get out."

                "This is not your home."

                "Poor? Pan joon? Vipers] are embedded in mythical creatures!

                Mu Zhaoyang's bodyguards pushed and shoved Qin Ming out, while Mu Hao was already so angry that he fainted on the sofa and couldn't stand up.

                Li Meng clasped her arms and proudly made a "wave bye-bye" gesture towards Qin Ming.

                Li Meng was so excited, as if she was already the mistress of the Mu family, leaping from a girl from an ordinary family to a hundred billion dollar daughter-in-law of an old and powerful family.

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy as he said, "I'll leave, Mu Zhaoyang, I hope you won't regret it."

                Mu Zhaoyang said coldly, "I regret that I didn't reveal your disgusting true colours earlier, and I regret that I failed to protect my sister and let her suffer at your expense."

                Suddenly, there was a tiger-like roar in the hall, "Wait! I'll go too."

                The crowd turned around in surprise, and to their surprise, it was Mu Hao, who had been lying breathlessly a moment ago, who was already able to stand up.

                With hobbling steps, he walked over to Qin Ming, turned back slightly and said, "Son, you want to be the head of the family, you want to be the master of this family. Fine, I'll let you do it, and I'll see what you make of it. Qin Ming, let's go."

                Qin Ming looked confused: "No, don't be impulsive, Boss Mu."

                Mu Hao tugged Qin Ming and leaned his whole body against him, saying, "I'm not impulsive, does this disobedient son of his still have me as a father in his eyes?"

                "What the hell?" Qin Ming was stunned, and even the rest of the Mu family couldn't believe it.

                Mu Hao had his own son to follow and a home to return to, but he had to follow an expelled son-in-law? Even if he was angry, he didn't have to leave home, right?

                Seeing that Mu Hao wanted to leave, Mu Sichen also nervously nuzzled her cheeks and said, "I'll follow brother-in-law too. Brother-in-law, dad, let's go."