Rags To Riches Chapter 273-274

 Chapter 273

I am a mercenary. Hathaway said, "I am a mercenary by trade, I have been to battlefields all over the world, I have seen all kinds of heroes, and I firmly believe that a true king can conquer all. To gain my allegiance, you must defeat me in battle, just as your father did."

                Having said that, Mayne? Hathaway stood up, pulled out a gun, and with a bang, broke the glass of the conference room, she stood right next to the tall building, and despite the strong wind outside, she stood as steady as a mountain and still didn't get blown away.

                Let's play a game," she said, "I have ten of my men already assembled downstairs and we'll attack all the way up, without actually killing your men of course. But if we can get you, it will prove that you you have lost, and then you will not get my real approval. If you can take me down, then from now on, you are my new boss."

                Qin Ming said with amusement, "You're only ten people? There are surveillance all over the building and even more security personnel, I was cheating at the beginning of this game."

                Maine? Hathaway laughed mysteriously, "Kid, I've killed more people than you've ever seen, even if this is a game, can you win?"

                And with that, Main? Hathaway leaped and fell straight down from the highest floor of the Century Tower.

                Qin Ming hurriedly went to the broken glass window, only to see Main? After dropping some distance, Hathaway opened her parachute and slowly floated down.

                And at this time, Song Ying and the others hurriedly walked in and said, "Young Master, are you alright?"

                Qin Ming held up his hands and said, "I'm fine, immediately put everyone on alert, she's going to bring someone up to capture me."

                Song Ying frowned and said, "There are still many guests today, this will disturb them. Although, naturally, we have no problem guarding down, the impact will not be small, after all, the last charity gala only suffered an assassination attempt, resulting in a lot of negative comments about our Century Mansion."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched as he thought of something crucial to catch, but he couldn't seem to catch it.

                Ah Long asked, "Young Master, please don't worry, with me here, they can't come up."

                "No, no, no." Qin Ming waved his hand, "I always feel that there is some key here, Auntie Main actually wants to conduct a test on me, he said if she succeeds, it will prove my incompetence. But if the defence is on, the key is to see what you guys can do. But your abilities, didn't you guys demonstrate them last time during Chang Huan's assassination attempt?"

                Qi Minghui, who was at the side, hesitated and said, "Young master, although time is short, I have an idea that I don't know if I should say."

                Qin Ming said, "Go ahead and say it."

                Qi Minghui said, "Mayn? Hathaway, as one of the Four Patriarchs, she could not possibly not know the difficulty of attacking the building, and she used to be a mercenary, so she could not possibly take the guard force around Young Master lightly. If she wants to test the young master, she must have a deep meaning, and the content she wants to test the young master is the focus, so I think the content she wants to test the young master is the focus."

                When Qin Ming heard Qi Minghui's words, he snapped his thigh and said, "I've thought of it."

                Qin Ming suddenly revealed a smug smile and said, "Xiaoying, inform down immediately and tell everyone that there is no resistance, invite their people up and have unhindered access all the way."

                "!!!" The crowd was shocked, how much did Qin Ming mean by this move? Wasn't this a long drive?

                Ah Long clenched his fist and said domineeringly, "I see, young master wants me to settle them directly on this ground floor, don't worry young master, I won't let you down."

                Hou Qing muttered, "This way, it won't affect the customers within the building, and the reputation of Century Mansion won't be tarnished again."

                Qi Minghui was puzzled, "Do we need to concentrate everyone on the top floor? A head-to-head fight would indeed be good too."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "No, you guys just wait here and let them come up, they will definitely lose."

                The crowd could not figure out what medicine Qin Ming was selling in his gourd, but seeing that Qin Ming was very sure of himself, they could only obey the dispatch.

                At this moment, a group of heavily armed minions downstairs in the Century Building had already seen Main? Hathaway descended from the sky.

                An assistant handed over a phone and said, "Boss, a call from Boss Chang."

                Main picked up the phone and said, "Old Chang, you have another opinion?"

                On the other end of the line, it was Chang Hongxi, who was already terminally ill. His voice was hoarse as he said, "You guys should stop torturing the boy all day, he still needs time to grow up."

                Maine said, "But he doesn't have time to grow up, your illness is dying and he has to grow up right away. If I can't handle a little fight like this, then he's a loser. Oh, he has a set of reasoning, and he plays the emperor's game quite well, but I see his recent performance, picking up girls, spending money, cleaning up some small uncouth forces, and joining the local gentry for unknown reasons, this is a sign of corruption, he is not mature enough, I have to discipline him properly for you."

                On the phone, Chang Hongxi suddenly laughed: "Heh heh heh, that boy won't do meaningless things, I understand him. Besides, you may not be able to teach him a lesson."

                Main? Hathaway said, "Have you forgotten that I was a war queen back then? If I can't teach a kid like him a lesson, then I'm really convinced."

                Marion? Hathaway hung up the phone and immediately rushed into the Century Building with her men.

                The lobby manager came up with a nod and a bow to make friends and escorted them to the special lift.

                The lobby manager even nodded to them and escorted them to the lift. Hathaway and her team thought it was odd, this was too fake, right? How come there was no security at all?

                One of the boys said disdainfully, "You haven't even gotten the message down yet, have you? This young master is really slow in his movements."

                "No, boss, I think there's something wrong with the lift, I'm afraid it intends to let us in and take us all out." A small ground with a black mask said.

                One of the fierce men grunted, "Oh, there's a bit of brains, but that's going to fool anyone? That's stupid."

                With a frown, Main said, "Take the stairs."

                And so it was that Main and her men set out to conquer a hundred floors of the Century Building, climbing the stairs unimpeded.

                Every other floor they were instructed to take the lift and asked if they wanted some water.

                This great singing of the empty city made Main's group feel even more odd.

                It was very surprising that Main did not meet the slightest resistance. She knew that Qin Ming had used a ruse, and while she was certainly not afraid of it, she was a little bit skittish as she had not yet unveiled the ruse.

                A junior couldn't help but say after running more than 60 floors, "Boss, I'm afraid their strongest force is concentrated on the topmost floor, and they won't engage us until they reach the top, this is a straightforward and convenient way to handle it."

                Mayn? The corners of Hathaway's mouth lifted and she said, "Not a bad way to handle it, it won't interfere with the building's Ueno operation, it won't cause panic, and it will keep it secret, a good idea indeed. Then we'll go up and meet those men of his head-on."

                With a wave of her hand, Main led the group up in the lift, as the guard force was concentrated on the top floor anyway.

                However, as soon as they entered the lift, it was controlled by the main control room and the sixtieth floor began to rapidly start descending, plummeting all the way down.

                At this moment, Song Ying, who was standing in the main control room, revealed a hideous and terrifying cold smile: "Just you guys? If you don't climb the stairs honestly, you still want to take the lift? Heh heh heh."

Chapter 274

"F*CK!" cursed one of Main's men as he kicked the wall, "We've been tricked. This treacherous brat."

                Main? Hathaway was also black-faced, originally paralysed by Qin Ming's singing of an empty city, calculating that all of Qin Ming's guard forces were deployed on the top floors to do the final battle with them, before they were gullible enough to trust the convenience of the lift.

                As a result, Song Ying had hijacked the lift directly from the main control room and sent them all the way down from the 60th floor, that had just been a waste of time climbing the stairs.

                Main said calmly, "This is just a little trick, climb back up, you can't be careless. I don't want to lose to a brat."

                Main's squad climbed the building again, this time still unhindered, and every few floors they were greeted with a lift, but they never took it again.

                It was a half hour climb all the way up the stairs and they finally reached the topmost floor of the Century Building.

                Main? Hathaway and her group still had unhindered access and rushed all the way to the conference room here, but they did not find Qin Ming, there was only Song Ying and others in the conference room, and there was not the slightest resistance.

                A junior cursed, "F*ck, he's gone? Coward, loser."

                Another junior questioned, "This is unusual."

                The gang was sweating from climbing the stairs, only to suddenly realise that Qin Ming had gone, wasn't this being played like a fool?

                But Maine? Hathaway took out an electronic device, and the red dot inside still showed the location was here, there was no mistake.

                She frowned and said, "The tracking device is still in this room, so it looks like he's discovered that I've sneaked a tracker on him, good. But he didn't complete my test on him either, he didn't catch me. Planning to give me a tie-breaking answer?"

                Song Ying said, "No, you've already lost. The young master has already completed this test."

                A little brother said disdainfully, "What are you saying again, little girl? Tell your master to come out, he's a coward, he's a deserter."

                Maine? Hathaway said, "I lost? No way, she didn't get me either ......"

                Before the words were out of her mouth, Main? Hathaway got a gun to the back of her head, causing her expression to freeze.

                The minions around Main were startled and pulled their guns on this one person who had pulled a gun, someone who was as heavily armed as they were, but not part of their squad.

                With this squad, everyone's costume was different and recognisable, there was no way anyone else in their squad could have mixed in.

                The member of the squad exclaimed, "Oh God, that's not number 7 for him."

                "Where did number 7 go?"

                "Put the gun down."

                But then such a man did blend into the squad and they didn't even know it, how did he do it?

                No who the hell was this man?

                As Main slowly turned her head, the man who had pointed the gun at her also removed his mask, and wasn't it Qin Ming?

                Main's minions were shocked because the armed uniform Qin Ming was wearing belonged to one of their brothers, and the man had by now disappeared.

                A moment ago they were laughing at Qin Ming for being a coward, but the next moment they realised that Qin Ming had blended into their group and they had been unaware of it all the way?

                Qin Ming smiled and put his gun away, saying, "Auntie Mayin, am I over the line here? I've told you, this game is like I have cheating on."

                Maine? Hathaway's expression was still surprised, she knew that this was definitely not the usual easy cheating that Qin Ming said, it was definitely not easy to drop her men without a sound.

                The way she looked at Qin Ming gradually changed, she had wanted to have a head-to-head match with him, but Qin Ming had really played this match as a game, so that she could not find a flaw and lost.

                Main waved her hand and let her men leave first, saying, "Yes, you not only passed, you got full marks. Young master, I will keep my promise, and I will do whatever you ask in the future."

                Qin Ming's heart was relieved, he finally got one of the Four Patriarchs, Mayin? He was relieved that he had finally gained the obedience of one of the Four Elders, Mayne Hathaway, so his future takeover of the group would be even smoother.

                Qin Ming gave Hathaway a warm hug and said, "Welcome to the group, Auntie Maine."

                Maine? Hathaway smiled faintly, "Young master, you have proven to me that you are capable. However, I am still curious, how did you find out that I put a tracking locator on you?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "As soon as I came in, you made physical contact with me and your excessive enthusiasm made me suspicious, and then you played a 'king catching game' with me, so after you left I wondered how you found me in this building. Most likely you had put something on me, and when I checked, I found the tracker."

                Main exclaimed, "Sharp thinking, PERFECT. and how did you get mixed up in my team?"

                Qin Ming stripped his body of its armour, drenched in sweat, and said, "I gave up resistance to paralyse you, so that you wouldn't guess my ploy. That man of yours, when he first entered, went last and was controlled by my men, and it wouldn't have taken me much time to change my clothes. I was following you all the way up a hundred flights of stairs."

                Maine? Hathaway looked at Qin Ming with her clothes soaked through and couldn't help but be moved.

                Surprised not only that she hadn't noticed that her people had been swapped, but also that her people were so easily controlled by Qin Ming? It was evident that Qin Ming had many experts under him.

                She remembered Chang Hongxi's words, and it seemed that she had really underestimated Qin Ming, a young lad with incredible capabilities hidden in his body.

                Main called her men in, and this time when they came in, the men had changed back into civilian clothes, and they were all embarrassed.

                It was surprising that none of them had noticed that Qin Ming had infiltrated their group, except for the fact that they had let their guard down, and that Qin Ming had been looking for someone on each floor to harass them and distract them.

                After all, this was not really a life and death fight, but more of an intellectual test.

                But Qin Ming did the best he could, not only did he not affect the operation of the whole building, he didn't even engage in a fight, he did the ultimate in giving up without a fight, which made these people even more convincing in losing.

                Therefore, the way they looked at Qin Ming also changed, in admiration.

                Main led the way, and the eleven men stood in a row, their fists resting on their mouths as they said, "Young Master! I will all be your most loyal servant from now on."

                Qin Ming shook hands with each of these men and was considered to have met them.

                However, Qin Ming was a little dissatisfied and said, "You guys can just call me Young Master from now on."

                This was because Qin Ming did not want to be treated as a group with those adopted sons of Chang Huan.

                Mayin? After Hathaway's submission, the atmosphere between the two sides was much better, and there was a chat about some past events, such as how Chang Hongxi had taken her in back then, and how she had travelled around for Chang Hongxi, cultivating talents and dealing with enemies.

                She also gave a general account of the current general environment of the Huan Yu Century Group. In the midst of the global economic downturn, the Huan Yu Century Group is still amassing huge wealth every day, controlling a large amount of energy and technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, world finance, etc.

                The substance of these was much more specific and impacted Qin Ming more than the information summarised by Song Ying.

                What he would inherit in the future would be a corporate empire like the "Beast of the Earth". This made Qin Ming feel excited, but at the same time he understood the pressure he was under.

                At the end of the conversation, Maine Hathaway said, "Young man, I'm not sure what you're talking about. He said, "Young master, Chang Huan has been released on bail in Magnesium (I had no choice but to use a morpheme instead), and he is the most powerful of Chang's adopted sons, with the support of Zhao Turnip and that mysterious man behind him, and the one who wants the inheritance the most. He knows you're in Guangcheng and will definitely make a comeback, so you must be careful."

                He could understand Chang Huan being bailed out, after all, he had previously turned one of his blonde subordinates and shaken a lot of evidence of Chang Huan's crimes, so he was considered competent to bail him out.

                But Qin Ming asked curiously, "Zhao Turnip? Mysterious people? Who are they?"

                Mayin grunted angrily, "Zhao Turnip is Lao Chang's legal husband and wife. And the mystery man is Zhao Turnip's lover. So far, we haven't found out who the lover really is. They will definitely go after you, young master, you can't relax for a moment, you don't have time, next, you must take control of the whole Asian industry as soon as possible. Otherwise ......"