Rags To Riches Chapter 27-28

 Chapter 27

Qin Ming went back to school and went to the badminton club to look for Nie Haitang first, but he was delayed by Bai Yuchun's business.

But when he arrived at the badminton court, he found that the group was gathered around Nie Haitang and not playing.

Just as he approached, he heard the crowd reassuring Nie Haitang.

"Haitang, don't worry, your family is so rich, and you know many people, so it's easy to pass such a little storm."

"Yes, who doesn't have some problems in their family?"

"Don't worry too much, it's useless for you to mope around here, why don't we go out and play?"

"Yes, a thin camel is bigger than a horse, so it won't be too bad."

Qin Ming listened to these people's words, it seems that Nie Haitang's family had a very serious matter?

Qin Ming's arrival, Fang Jinsheng the first present, said "Yo, Qin Ming you give up to come? This is the time, you might as well not come, you still think of yourself as a member of the badminton club? Or do you take yourself as a master? Want to come, want to go away?"

Zhang Qingqing is also very dissatisfied hands crossed waist, scolded "Qin Ming, recently you have grown capable of ha? All day long where to work? Do you know how troublesome it is to have no one to pick up badminton all over the place? Thirsty no one handed water how much time is wasted?"

Other girls also said, "No, Qin Ming, the president is so good to you, you still do not know how to be grateful? Do you want to shame ah?"

A boy disgruntled leaked "Tsk, because you are not here, today is my ball pickup, Qin Ming, you have to thank me."

Qin Ming is speechless, you are all giant babies? The college students, their own thing still all day long to expect him to do.

Qin Ming ignored these people, the only reason he came to Badminton Club is only Nie Haitang, he asked "Haitang, what happened?"

Fang Jinsheng was immediately angry, he was most unhappy with the way Qin Ming cared so much about Nie Haitang, obviously a poor silk, all day fantasizing about eating swan meat? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

He immediately ridiculed "you a stinking silk and can help what? Do not see what status you have."

Zhang Qingqing also said "This is not what you should know, Qin Ming. You're a poor silk, it's useless to know."

The others also followed and echoed, "You can honestly carry the bag for the president."

"That's right, these things, you are useless to worry about. Unless you're a rich kid."

"Qin Ming, go clean up the court, we are going to ...... later I don't want to pick up the ball for you anymore."

Nie Haitang hand pinched the phone, seems to be waiting for what news look, she looked up to Qin Ming, very powerless said "Qin Ming, my family ...... hey, it is useless to talk to you, just white let you worry."

Qin Ming said, "You say, I listen."

The more discontent Fang Jin Sheng, reached out and pressed Qin Ming, said "Qin Ming you are not out of your mind today? I asked you to clean up the court, you ......"

But Fang Jinsheng's words came to an abrupt end, because Qin Ming will Fang Jinsheng's hand to a dead squeeze, fingers dead pinch Fang Jinsheng's wrist cartilage, the pain he face distorted.

Qin Ming is also intolerable, said "from today, I Qin Ming to badminton club, no longer pick up the ball. Who let me pick up the ball, then beat me to say. I can tell you that I started fighting in elementary school, until I was in senior high school, basically I'm a dozen of the same school to fight. Don't be great just because you have a few stinking dollars."


Qin Ming wrist force, dragged Fang Jinsheng to the ground, Fang Jinsheng screamed, his right shoulder fell to the ground, so painful that he could not stand up for a while.

Fang Jinsheng was sweating in pain, "Qin Ming, you, you dare to hit me, you want to die? How dare you hit me? Who are you? You're just a poor bastard, believe it or not, I'll get someone to clean you up. President, he, he hit me."

"Serves you right, men fighting with women?"

Zhang Qingqing looked on indifferently, she did not have a good feeling about Fang Jinsheng, even less than Qin Ming.

Qin Ming is at least the errand boy she recruited to come and go, this Fang Jinsheng scolded Qin Ming before not properly weighing her identity?

Qin Ming is you can scold? Qin Ming, her Zhang Qingqing's lackey, can only be scolded by her Zhang Qingqing.

Nie Haitang came over and said, "You guys stop arguing, Qin Ming ...... In fact, the recent stock market has been bad, my family's shares have been maliciously acquired, even some of the previous small shareholders also sold their stakes, and Dad is a major shareholder, but the stake in the hands of only forty percent, and now Someone has already acquired forty-one percent of the equity, my dad's company will soon be snatched away."

"The other party is a peer, taking my dad's company is not at all to earn money, it is just to mess up my dad's company."

"Last time I asked you to help me make some money in the stock market, I thought I would take it to my dad, thinking it would help, but it didn't work at all, I was too naive."

The more Nie Haitang said, the sadder she became, and the tears couldn't stop falling down.

After listening to this, Qin Ming felt that it was really dramatic, this kind of malicious acquisition is usually only born in TV, but he didn't expect that he would come across it in reality.

No wonder Nie Haitang is so sad, if it is a malicious merger of peers, then there will be a lot of black box operation, once the loss of real power, the Nie family is like a pavilion in the air, with the company's losses, scandals of all kinds of explosions, the Nie family hard-won rivers and mountains and unable to protect, and finally the company began to lose money, then the Nie family is completely gone.

At the end of the day, those shares held in the hands, and can not set any cash money.

"That, Haitang, I can ......" Qin Ming felt that this kind of time, must help Nie Haitang.


A Mercedes Maybach attracted the attention of the crowd, Nie Haitang wiped her tears, surprised, "My brother came to see me."

The crowd swallowed, so cool car ah.

A girl said obsessively "Haitang her brother does not know if he has a wife, I do not know if there is a chance."

Another girl said with contempt, "You have a pimple on your face, don't think about it."

A group of people followed Nie Haitang walked over, Nie Zhengming saw his sister and said "Dad said last time, now arrange for you to go."

Nie Haitang heart a shock, subconsciously looked back at Qin Ming, Qin Ming showed an unknown expression, with him?

Nie Haitang resisted and said, "Brother, I do not go can not?"

Nie Zhengming fist clenched, some doting touch Nie Haitang's head, said "If the Miss Mu family fancy me, there is no need for you to go. But people can't see me, sorry sister."

Nie Haitang looked gloomy, and did not say anything more, silently in the car.

Zhang Qingqing hurriedly leaned over to the window and said, "Xiaotang, do you really want to go?"

Nie Haitang tears at the corners of her eyes, said "Yes, I can't ignore such a big incident at home. Qingqing, don't worry, I'll be fine. By the way, don't tell Qin Ming about me going on a blind date."

The crowd watched Nie Haitang leave, and many people were not sure what had happened and came up to ask Zhang Qingqing.

But Zhang Qingqing is also hot-tempered, such as fried lion said "nothing happened, go back to play ball, I am tired of it."

When Zhang Qingqing walked past Qin Ming, she also cursed in anger, "useless things, I really do not know what to do with you."

The more Qin Ming felt puzzled, he did not know anything ah.

Chapter 28

After Nie Haitang left, Qin Ming was always a little uncomfortable in his heart, which seemed to have something to hide from him.

Especially the way she looked back at him, Qin Ming read a kind of reluctance in that look.

He immediately called Nie Haitang, but before the phone was connected, Nie Haitang hung up, which made Qin Ming very dismayed, the message was not returned, the call was not answered, Qin Ming heart increasingly have a bad feeling.

Qin Ming had to go to Zhang Qingqing to ask about the situation "President, what happened?"

"Not just what you see?" Zhang Qingqing gave him a blank stare in exasperation and said, "What? You still want to save the Nie family from a crisis? With you? Don't daydream."

Fang Jinsheng also curious, "President, you just say it, Haitang suddenly go where? People like Qin Ming certainly can not help, but we may be able to ah."

Other club members also asked, "Yes, President, we are not the same as Qin Ming, we will help."

Zhang Qingqing got annoyed again and said, "Which one of you has tens of billions at home? Or just spend it without pain in the dark, if there is, but can help, no words are shut up!"

Gulp, the crowd swallowed saliva, tens of billions?

They have such people here?

Zhang Qingqing fire up, scolded one by one "Qin Ming has always been a silk, he toad want to eat swan meat, I also do not say. After all, he is a stinking silk, like to daydream all day long. What about you guys? The family is good, right? Don't you know what reality means? The Haitang family is a listed company, now suffering a hostile takeover, immediately the company is someone else's, their family must try to raise money? But to help, without tens of billions, it is impossible."

The crowd was silent for a while, although their families are good, but the monthly pocket money is only about two thousand kind, all together, can not get 100 million, let alone ten billion.

Zhang Qingqing said "Haitang is now going on a blind date, is the son of the 18th General Administration of Construction in China Province, He Kun, or second marriage, his ex-wife because he could not stand his sexual violence fled. Alas ...... you can help what? Century Building, the top floor about the dinner, that kind of place, go in and also identity tickets, low identity people can not get into, you do not eat salty carrot light worry."

Century Building, the landmark building of Guangzhou City, Qin Ming remembered this place, silently turned around and left.

Zhang Qingqing watched Qin Ming leave and said, "Qin Ming, you don't want to go to mess up, right? Tsk, originally Haitang asked me not to tell you, is afraid that you go to mess, if Haitang matchmaking failure, her family can not save, you are the culprit."

Fang Jinsheng simply went forward to stop him, said "Qin Ming, you want to go to mess up? That's not harming Nie Haitang?"

"Yes, you can't even get tens of billions, not to mention hundreds of dollars."

Fang Jinsheng angrily rebuked, "Usually, you stick to Haitang, and now you can't help, and go to mess up, since Haitang chose to go, then take the decision, no matter what, the future is also a broad wife, you go to mess up, spoil the marriage, Haitang will not be poor and suffer in the future? You think everyone is like you, born with a poor life."

Qin Ming suddenly laughed and looked at Fang Jinsheng playfully, saying "Fang Jinsheng, you seem to like Haitang too. I thought you were different from those who have a crush on Haitang, you are at least a man of action, but as soon as you heard tens of billions of dollars, you were scared out of your wits."

Fang Jinsheng's face sank and he retorted, "So you have tens of billions? Don't talk big here, you are a poor silk, worse than me, can't save Nie Haitang. I call this letting go for love."

"Humph." Qin Ming coldly snorted, what bullshit let go for love, you can not see Nie Haitang wiping tears when she got into the car?

Qin Ming lied and said, "I just have enough time to do a part-time job, don't get in my way."

Fang Jinsheng was stunned, mockingly said "Haha, talking so well, the original is also dry eyes, I pooh."

The others also laughed, "So busy earning money, thanks to what he just said so grandly, I thought he was going to break into the Century Building alone."

Zhang Qingqing secretly shook her head "Haitang ah, you care so much about the man, not even the courage to break into the Century Building for you. What do you expect from him? Marrying He Kun is not bad, at least there is an endless supply of glory and wealth."

Qin Ming walked straight out of the campus, called Song Ying and said, "Song Ying, send a car to pick me up immediately. By the way, investigate the family background of my friend Nie Haitang's company and boss He, the boss of the 18th General Construction Bureau of China Province."

Five minutes, a long Rolls Royce docked outside the school gate, Song Ying today is still a black work clothes, looks like her body has a special curve.

Qin Ming got into the car and took the information from Song Ying's urgent investigation.

Nie family's company is to buy the bathroom, but the recent market is not good, coupled with the stock market turmoil, the size of the shareholders have been bought shares at a high price, and now someone has control of the equity over the Nie family.

And it just so happens that the He family has eleven percent of the shares in hand, as long as the Nie family can buy back two percent, then the company is still the Nie family.

Qin Ming has read these information, also understand, Nie Haitang is now sacrificing their own marital happiness, save the whole family ah.

Qin Ming asked curiously, "These companies are listed companies, I want to help the Nie family, it will cost a lot of money, the overall impact on the Huan Yu Century Group?"

Song Ying laughed and said, "Young master can rest assured that it is not just a matter of tens of billions of dollars, compared to the annual revenue of the young master's quarterly financial reports throughout China, it is nothing. Now I am organizing the asset statistics for the young master in Asia, a conservative estimate, the quarterly financial income report for the whole Asia, is a hundred billion dollars level."

Qin Ming nodded secretly, it seems he is still too conservative.

But can't blame him for being conservative, after all, Qin Ming used to be really poor, and didn't know enough about Chang Hongxi, and didn't know enough about the Universal Century Group, ten billion was astronomical for him.

Song Ying suggested that "if the young master wants to help the Nie family, it is not necessary to buy the company, just let the Nie family still become the majority shareholder can be, from the He family to buy a little share does not need much money. No, maybe Team Leader Hou doesn't need to spend money to get his hands on it. Our Hou team leader is recently negotiating with the government a new urban transformation plan, the tender has been taken, the He family boss seems to want to mix a foot. A little share, in exchange for a hundred billion project cooperation, the He family should be very happy."

Qin Ming's heart secretly marveled, that in front of him respectful Hou Qing, is so powerful? The government project could also be won.

He touched the leather sand inside the Rolls Royce, suddenly had a floating feeling, the feeling of being rich, really too cool, is this the life of the upper class?

Open mouth ten billion, shut up a hundred billion, that is not the children and grandchildren, that is real money.

Qin Ming is quite the emperor pointing out the mountains, said "Well, you have Hou Qing to bring the He family's shareholding. Then you can inform the Nie family, we hold eleven percent of the equity on his side, the shareholders meeting do not have to be afraid. But the equity in our hands is not for sale."

Song Ying immediately went to do it.

The Rolls Royce docked at the Century Building downstairs, the general manager who received the news early rushed up to open the door and bowed "Secretary Song, are you here to discuss business or inspect today? Or is it ......"

Song Ying said indifferently "Shut up, what I want to do need to talk to you? Get out of the way ...... young master, please. I forgot to tell the young master that the Century Building is also the property of the young master your property rights."