Rags To Riches Chapter 267-268

 Chapter 267

"These pictures ...... are not me! I, I don't have a mole on my chest. I have longer hair. This picture is photoshopped. I don't sound like this either, listen, ah ...... uh ah~!"

                Qin Ming had just taken out his phone and showed Nie Haitang the recording and photos Qin Shou had sent him when Nie Haitang explained in an excited and angry voice.

                "Qin Ming, when I was in that place, I didn't dare to sleep every night, I only sneaked an hour or two of sleep in the morning and an hour or two at noon, I haven't had a good sleep these days, I was scared every day, and I didn't dare to eat the food, I only ate it after my mum had leftovers."

                "Because I'm afraid, I'm afraid I'm sleeping to death, I'm afraid my body won't move after eating something unclean. Look at me, dark circles under my eyes, I haven't slept well for many days."

                "Qin Ming, don't you believe me? Oooh ...... Right, Qin Ming, I, we'll sleep together tonight, I, I just have to give you my first time, then I can prove it's a fake."

                Nie Haitang cried out in anxiety, and the more she said, the more outrageous she became.

                She never expected that she would just ask Qin Shou to borrow a phone, but Qin Shou was so shameless as to use Qin Ming's phone and send such things to undermine Qin Ming's trust in her.

                She bit her lip in aggravation and looked at Qin Ming pitifully.

                Qin Ming was happy to hear that Nie Haitang was going to have sex with him tonight in order to prove her innocence, but the circumstances here didn't allow it.

                He smiled gently and reached out to flick her on the forehead, saying, "What are you thinking about? Of course I know these are fakes. I've seen your body and you have a much better figure than this woman in the photo. Besides, I've also had someone authenticate the picture, it has traces of ps, it's a different person after restoration."

                Nie Haitang was filled with shyness, especially Qin Ming's words "I've seen your body" made her want to find a crack to go in. I'm afraid you won't believe me."

                Qin Ming smiled and reached out to take Nie Haitang into his arms, saying, "I was trying to tell you that that Qin Shou might not be a good person, he could do such a thing, I'm afraid he has his eyes on you and wants to divide us."

                Nie Haitang immediately puffed out her cheeks and said, "Exactly! He actually used me to do such things to you after I picked up the phone and contacted you. Fortunately, you found the loophole, otherwise I really couldn't even jump into the yellow river."

                Nie Haitang asked worriedly, "Qin Ming, what should we do next? Go back?"

                Qin Ming gave an angry grin and grunted, "Go back? That's too easy for that guy. Haitang, listen to me first, I have a plan, we have to act together."

                As Qin Ming spoke, Nie Haitang nodded her head, showing a sly smile every now and then.

                The night went on without a word, and the big sister of this factory, the blonde shrew, continued to live her life of squeezing the workers every day and enjoying herself.

                Nie Haitang had washed her clothes for a long time and was dirty, looking a little soft and weak because she hadn't eaten breakfast.

                At noon, the blonde shrew gathered everyone together and reprimanded, "Listen carefully, a big boss will come over to look at the factory later, and if he likes it, he will buy it, and we will be rich. Stand still and wait for the boss to come."

                The workers applauded sparingly.

                Only after this side finished, the blonde shrew went back inside to eat and drink, while the workers outside waited for a full half an hour before many cars drove into the factory's streets.

                Then, with a handsome suit, Qin Shou came out of the car in a strong voice.

                He had a secretary with him, holding a document and talking endlessly. Qin Shou looked like he was listening intently, but in fact his eyes were already drifting about among the people going, trying to find Nie Haitang.

                The blonde shrew came out again at this time, looking like she was talking business and chatting happily.

                After seeing Qin Shou, Nie Haitang immediately scattered her legs and ran out, saying, "Qin Shou, save me, Qin Shou ......"

                But she had only called out twice when two men pulled Nie Haitang back.

                Qin Shou pretended to be surprised and shouted, "Let her go!"

                He rushed forward, pushed away the men who had grabbed Nie Haitang and exclaimed, "Miss Nie, is that you? My God, yesterday you sneaked out, your mother was so worried that she called the police. Why are you here?"

                The way Nie Haitang looked at that moment, dirty, with her clothes all torn and her hair in a scattered mess, was really as miserable as it could be, and it didn't connect with the usual beautiful Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang said, "I met a black car yesterday and they sold me here, they forced me to wash my clothes and said I had to pay off a debt of 100,000 euros before they would let me go."

                The shrewish blonde woman stepped forward and called out, "Hey, Boss Qin, this is our worker, please don't take people away without permission. I am not to be messed with here."

                Qin Shou said, "You're dealing in human beings, it's against the law."

                The blonde shrew lit a cigarette and said, "Then go to the police and see who cares about you? Want to take people away? Guys, do it."

                "Roar!" The workers, who had been standing for half an hour, had long been impatient and had come forward with their arms waving, clamouring to beat someone up.

                The two sides pulled and tugged, but Qin Shou escaped under the protection of his bodyguards, shielding Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang followed Qin Shou to the car like a scared bird, her body still shaking.

                Qin Shou urged the driver, "Drive, let's get out of here first."

                Nie Haitang got into the car and cowered to the side, her frightened and nervous appearance, and her unkempt hair and face, really gave her a taste of messy beauty.

                Qin Shou's greedy eyes flashed with a hint of amusement as he thought, "It's only fun to play like this. Hey, hey, hey, now won't you still be obedient to me?"

                Pretending to be concerned, he took a bottle of water and said, "Have a drink, it's abominable that they would abuse you like that. I will definitely contact the local police and get rid of these evil forces of theirs. Don't worry, it's already safe."

                With that, he tried to give Nie Haitang a hug in an attempt to soothe her "wounded heart".

                But Nie Haitang was so nervous that she shouted, "No, don't come over, I'll wash my clothes, don't hit me."

                She also took the opportunity to slap him, causing his forehead to swell and his face to turn red.

                Qin Shou was so depressed, you sister, now it is not easy to get, thinking back to the castle to kill you.

                The car drove to the old Qin family's castle in ? The old castle that the Qin family bought in the country, there are still people here at the entrance to attend the matchmaking party, these are only allowed to enter with an invitation.

                Qin Shou stared out of the window, looking at the rich ladies, the eyes as if he was picking his consort.

                Suddenly, Qin Shou saw a ebullient oriental face, tall and curvaceous, she also looked like a sunken fish and a beautiful woman, she also wore a black ancient style waist-trimming dress that set off her long legs and small waist, her long black hair was cascading down, her delicate and beautiful features, with a calm and mature temperament, a word beautiful.

                Isn't that person, Song Ying?

                And beside Song Ying, Qin Ming, his face stained with a beard, wearing a hat and an old, mature and atmospheric leather jacket suit, was pulling the rug out from under the man who was checking the worship cards at the gate.

                Qin Shou let the car stop and asked, "Butler, what happened?"

                The butler said, "Third young master, this family has been here before and has been eliminated. Now this pair of siblings are coming again, out of order."

                Qin Ming said, "The acquaintance who came before impersonated my sister, Third Young Master Qin, it's our first time here. You must have never met my sister, sister, come over and let Third Young Master have a look."

                Song Ying walked over and raised the corners of her mouth in a flirtatious manner, her small eyes teased as if she had released electricity, Qin Shou's heart room trembled and he gulped, he felt something.

                Qin Shou immediately said to the housekeeper: "This person has indeed never met, so what if the invitation has been used? The person has said that he has been impersonated before, hurry up and let the person in."

                The butler responded, "Yes, Third Young Master."

                Qin Ming smiled meaningfully and led Song Ying inside.

Chapter 268

Nie Haitang is once again back in a European-style castle, with luxurious rooms, brand new clothes, sumptuous lunches and maids to take care of her from the sidelines.

                Everything was the way the rich should be, treated like a royal princess.

                When Zhang Yao saw Nie Haitang come out clean, she got up and said, "Haitang, next time don't run away alone like this, it's dangerous outside. Especially if you're a single girl, it's even more dangerous."

                "If you don't have money, you'll be poor and suffer, and no one knows you.

                "If it wasn't for the fact that Mr. Qin happened to go to that place today to buy a factory and found you by accident, I'm afraid you would have suffered even more."

                "Qin San Shao is really nice, he doesn't even care that you escaped again, he is so talented and treats you so well, why don't you think about it?"

                "You're still thinking about that Qin Ming? Oh, I called him just now and he even said you betrayed him, cursing you as a bitch, simply a madman."

                Nie Haitang listened to her mother talking on the side but not into her ears at all, she was so disappointed with her mother, she used to obviously dote on her so much and treat her like a little princess, how come she had to treat her like this when she grew up?

                As a daughter, was she just a tool for her family's benefit?

                Nie Haitang said, "Mom, I know, you don't have to say anything."

                Zhang Yao said, "When the third young man comes later, you have to thank him properly for saving you, you can't forget this kindness."

                When he said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, Qin Shou came here.

                He looked at the new Nie Haitang, her face was clean and unpowdered, she was a natural beauty, and Qin Shou thought to himself that everything was ready but for the east wind to take this woman in one fell swoop.

                Qin Shou said, "Isn't Miss Nie hungry? Would you mind eating with me? I've delayed lunch because I saved you."

                Nie Haitang didn't sit over and said, "I'm not hungry, Third Young Master can eat by himself."

                Qin Shou was a bit angry, as this was a standard heroic rescue scene, Nie Haitang should have thanked him, right? Shouldn't she feel good about him?

                When a woman is in a desperate situation, the first person to save her can easily become a pillar of her soul. After all, she was scared out of her wits, at a loss and helpless, and Qin Shou's presence was his saviour.

                How come she still doesn't look at him now?

                Qin Shou said, "Miss Nie, I still like you very much, but maybe I was too naive before and you couldn't accept it. But I can give you anything you want, won't you think about it?"

                Nie Haitang said, "No consideration."

                As Zhang Yao listened, she was speechless, why was this daughter so stubborn?

                Qin Shou angrily put down his chopsticks and said, "I remember I have something to do, sorry, I'll leave first."

                As soon as Qin Shou left, Zhang Yao shouted with a headache, "My precious daughter, what are you doing? A chance to become a man of the world is in front of you, and you let it slip away again and again? Are you still interested in that poor Qin Ming? What are you doing? Hydrazinium? You can't be sure of what you're doing. The lottery is not a good idea. The information is not only about the information, but also about the information. The hydrazinium is a very important part of the business. The company has a wide range of products and services. The cupboard? long spear? 泻斡茫俊

                "Huh." Nie Haitang laughed coldly, then revealed another girlish smile, looked up at the window and said, "Qin Ming he's the best, I've known that for a long time."

                Zhang Yao was so dizzy with anger that she leaned back in her chair helplessly, she had wasted so much effort, wasn't she just trying to get her daughter to give up Qin Ming, that poor? Pan Ke Xaek

                The result was to no avail. Looking at Nie Haitang's affectionate expression, how deep was her love?

                Zhang Yao said painfully: "Alas, you are trying to exasperate your mother me, huh? What's so great about that poor boy Qin Ming? People say that they raise their daughters richly, and you are considered richly raised, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and you have a good reputation in the upper class circles of Guang City, being gentle and virtuous, virtuous and good at your studies. As long as you give your nod, a hundred billion dollar daughter-in-law from a luxurious family can be picked at will, but you pick no one but a poor boy like Qin Ming who has been a farmer for generations."

                Nie Haitang grunted, "Is it a big deal to be rich? I prefer a poor boy. I'm not afraid of anything when I'm with Qin Ming."

                At that moment, inside the castle, the walls were towering with fluttering murals.

                In a long corridor, Qin Ming looked out over the garden below, a group of women surrounded a mature man, talking and laughing.

                There were some servants coming and going here in the long corridor, all nodding their heads in greeting when they saw Qin Ming.

                At that moment, Qin Shou walked over and said, "You're the one from earlier ......"

                Qin Ming hurriedly extended his hand and said, "I am Yang Junfa from the Yang family in Ha City in China, how are you, young Qin?"

                Qin Shou frowned, Ha City? The Yang family? I've never heard of it, how did this kind of family, which is not even a little bit famous, get a ticket for the invitation?

                But it didn't matter, Qin Shou chatted as he walked, "Mr. Yang looks familiar, maybe we've met before, but I can't remember for a while. Oh, what line of work does Mr. Yang work in too?"

                Qin Ming said, "I do steel, but it's not a good business in recent years."

                Qin Shou thought deeply and said, "Yes, the market environment is not good, but on our side of the old Qin family, we still have many channels and markets to own, especially as we have many infrastructure projects on the African continent."

                Qin Ming followed and said, "Then when there is an opportunity, we must cooperate."

                Qin Shou asked curiously again, "How come I haven't seen your sister? Has she taken a fancy to my two big brothers? Mr. Yang, don't look at this kind of matchmaking in our family as if it is very glamorous, but in fact we as children reject and resist it very much, and still advocate free love. We just can't resist our fathers, so we have to deal with it. But if you can meet true love, that is also a kind of fate."

                Qin Ming disdained in his heart, this guy was really hypocritical, as soon as he talked about business cooperation, he asked where Song Ying was.

                He also said that he rejected this kind of matchmaking meeting, but then he said it was fate, he really wanted to be a whore and a poker player.

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, she's in the library looking for books to read, she said she's waiting for me to set her up. Actually, my sister is only here to meet a match, she is also of age and her family is urging her, so I, as a brother, can't not take care of it myself."

                Qin Shou thought of Song Ying's beauty and was tickled, saying, "Yes, yes. Mr Yang why don't we go and talk to your sister right now?"

                Qin Ming stroked the fake beard on his face and said, "Aiya, young master Qin you say that, you're on a blind date with my sister, why should I join in the fun. You go ahead, I won't go."

                Qin Shou was pleased in his heart and thought to himself that this Mr. Yang was really good at being a man.

                As soon as Qin Shou left, Qin Ming pulled the beard off his face and hurried off to be nice to Nie Haitang.

                He didn't need to do the rest, he just needed to wait for Song Ying to kidnap Qin Shou and do something to his body by the way, then he would plant some explosives and blow up the castle, then he would have taken Nie Haitang and left long ago.

                This was Qin Ming's plan, so that Qin Shou would not suspect Qin Ming and Nie Haitang, nor would he know who the real saboteurs were, and so that Qin Shou would pay a terrible price.

                However, Qin Ming had only taken a few steps when he came across a young man surrounded by a group of bodyguards. He had an imposing face and stern eyes, complaining as he walked along, "You really think I, Qin Zhongbai, am a stallion for having these so-called rich men's blind dates all day? I'm still talking business, and I have to be caught here, it's simply too much."

                Qin Ming stood aside and turned sideways pretending to look at the scenery to save himself from being noticed.

                However, after that Qin Zhongbai walked past Qin Ming, he suddenly stopped, then looked back at Qin Ming and said amusedly, "Why are you here?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, was this talking to him?

                Qin Zhongbai walked over and patted Qin Ming's shoulder, saying, "I'm talking to you? Cousin. Why are you covering up? I'd recognise you if you were ashes, and you've come to our house again? Aren't you afraid that your fiancée will get angry?"

                Qin Ming was so depressed, he had mistaken his identity.

                What should he do? Admit it, or run away?