Rags To Riches Chapter 261-262

 Chapter 261

The Tianzun Buddha dzi bead that Qin Ming was wearing was naturally genuine. When Zhang Jundong offered it as a gift, Song Ying had had it authenticated.

                But Qin Ming did not want to flaunt it, so he withdrew his hand and said, "Old Mr. Yang, this is a fake, just a thirty dollar string of ground floor fakes."

                Old Mr. Yang frowned, then smiled again, "I understand, Mr. Qin is really low-key."

                As Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao walked out of the auction house, Mu Xiaoqiao came over and said, "That's real, isn't it? When I said it was a fake, I said it casually at the time, when I thought it was impossible for you to be given such an expensive treasure. But now I think I've missed the mark again. You are so powerful, how could you possibly wear a fake?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "How do you know I have strength?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "That black card, the World Bank's Knight Card, there are no more than three people in the world who possess that card. Qin Ming, what secret do you have in you?"

                Qin Ming said, "I once saved a super rich tycoon, he wanted to repay me, so he asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted to spend endless amounts of money, so he lent me this card."

                Mu Xiaoqiao pouted and said, "Even if you don't want to tell me, why make up an excuse to lie to me, the chances of such a thing are lower than winning the lottery."

                Qin Ming was speechless, he was telling the truth and no one believed him?

                Qin Ming said, "Then you didn't say why you had to buy this dzi bead? Wearing it around your neck right after you leave home, you are not afraid that some thieves will rob you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "I told you it was a secret, so it wouldn't be spiritual if I told you. Besides, aren't you right next to me? I'm not afraid of thieves, I find that every time I'm with you, it seems like all the troubles disappear and I feel very secure."

                This was said in such a way that Qin Ming felt like he was patting him on the back, which was quite refreshing.

                The two of them returned to the large villa of the Mu family, and it was the right time to eat at this hour.

                Mu Hao wanted to get the Sprang Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Center in M. A special medicine for Mu Hai Ran's disease, and was trying to find connections.

                Once Mu Hai Ran fell, many of the Mu family's interpersonal connections in Guang City would have to disappear, as well as those in other places, so it could be said that the old man's position in the Mu family was pivotal.

                Qin Ming had also heard of Zhang Quanzhen and knew that Mu Hai Ran was a popular figure when he was young, but Mu Hao was far from him.

                Sister Fang, the maid, was preparing the dishes and food and said with a smile, "Auntie and Miss are back just in time, the food is just ready, eat it while it's hot."

                Xu Shu Lan said in an old-fashioned manner, "Tsk, Fang, how many times do I have to tell you? I've told you he's not an aunt, he's just a son-in-law, and he can't help with all the things that have been bothering him lately. How dare you sit down to eat?"

                Qin Ming was about to sit down, but when he heard Xu Shulan say this, he didn't bother to argue and turned around to go out for a snack.

                But Mu Sichen, who was watching TV, immediately jumped up and pulled Qin Ming, saying, "Where are you going, brother-in-law? Tonight there's Australian lobster and salmon, Japanese snowflake beef, and ginseng stewed with black chicken soup, there's a lot of good dishes. Mum, how can you do this to brother-in-law? Brother-in-law is also a member of our Mu family."

                Xu Shulan wondered, saying, "Hey, you dead girl, what's going on?"

                Mu Sichen had been just like her before, treating Qin Ming badly and gunning for him unanimously, why did she suddenly defend Qin Ming today? This caught Xu Shulan off guard.

                Mu Sichen said, "Mom, is there anything wrong with what I said? Brother-in-law is also a member of our family."

                Xu Shulan said, "I'm the lady of the house, so if I don't let him eat, I won't let him. If it weren't for your father's insistence, would he be able to enter my Mu family? Would my daughter have ruined a lifetime of happiness? What has Qin Ming put into your head? You're so in his favour? If you want to eat, stand aside and wait until we've finished eating."

                Mu Sichen puffed out her cheeks in anger and clasped her arms in discontent, saying, "Mom, you're going too far."

                Xu Shu Lan said loudly, "Excessive? Is it too much for him to cause me so much pain? My daughter is so outstanding, and now she has a man like him, I don't even know where to put my face. When I go out to meet people, I am asked, 'Oh, I heard that your daughter married a poor man? I don't know what to say. I don't know what to say. How can I explain this? How can I explain this?"

                Qin Ming was also upset, you do not let me eat even if, what wait until you finish eating? Do you need to humiliate people like this?

                He said in a cold voice: "If you don't eat, you don't eat, mountainous and ambiguous is a meal, green vegetables and white rice is also a meal, I don't even care about it."

                After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave.

                "Aiya, brother-in-law!" Mu Sichen's expression was clearly anxious, and she was so angry that she stomped her feet.

                However, Mu Xiaoqiao pulled Qin Ming by the hand and said, "It's not clean to eat outside, it's not good for your health if you eat too much. Sit down and eat, Sister Fang's cooking is good."

                Mu Sichen clapped her little hands happily and said, "It's still sister who loves brother-in-law."

                "Hey?" Xu Shulan was puzzled again, why were both sisters turning towards Qin Ming today?

                What kind of mesmerising soup did this waste of a son-in-law put into the two daughters?

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned, "Mom, if you keep doing that, I'll tell Dad that you're abusing your son-in-law."

                "Me!?" Xu Shulan, that torn, propped her head up in pain and shook her head straight: "Girls are outgoing, women are too big to stay, it's only been a few days? Having a man and not wanting her mother. God, it seems that Zhaoyang's new girlfriend Li Meng is absolutely right."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, what's with the feeling that Li Meng was the demon behind it again?

                But Qin Ming didn't bother to explain, cheap mother-in-law or whatever, soon it wouldn't be anyway.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                But Mu Sichen was the one who was not giving Qin Ming food, and her body was even rubbing against him, smiling so much that people who didn't know would think they were very close.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was a more dignified eater, and as she watched, she was surprised to see how Qin Ming and her sister were also on such good terms.

                Mu Siqiu's mouth was also too sweet, as she only used to shout so sweetly when she begged her parents for money.

                Moreover, Mu Siqiu's chopsticks were giving Qin Ming dishes to eat, wasn't this an indirect kiss?

                Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't help but say, "Sister, eat your food, your brother-in-law can dish out his own food."

                Mu Sichen nudged her chin and said, "Oh~! Brother-in-law, you see, sister is jealous. Afraid that I'll steal you."

                Hearing this, Mu Xiao Qiao accidentally choked on her rice and said in shame, "Cough ...... Mu Si Chun you be honest with me."

                Qin Ming was indeed a bit worried, these two sisters recognized his somewhat good, and their attitude towards him changed too much, right?

                The night is quiet and the people are deep, Qin Ming reviewed his homework, sitting in the study to find out how to take out the special effect medicine from the Sprang Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Center, unknowingly and without being discovered by Chang Huan and the others.

                Ever since the last clandestine encounter at the Century Building, where Chang Huan lost and was defeated by Qin Ming using one of his blondes, Chang Huan's wings and power in the country have declined significantly.

                But a hundred foot worm does not die. Chang Hongxi's wife is still waiting for a chance to fight back, and his wife's cheating lover will not allow his son to be bullied.

                Guangzhou City is quiet now, but the investigation reports provided by Song Ying and Bi Yuan reveal that there are many international mercenaries hiding in the shadows.

                Qin Ming doesn't quite dare to go to the Cloud Peak Villa now either, it's probably been discovered there too.

                But Mu Hai Ran's illness is not well controlled by ordinary medicine, and he needs a special medicine, so all Qin Ming has to do is to get the special medicine unknowingly.

                He had to avoid the killers from following the trail and using Nie Haitang to get to him, like they did last time.

                When Qin Ming was deep in thought, Mu Xiaoqiao, who was wearing pajamas, walked in and said, "What are you thinking about? Your face is all tensed up. It's late, I'll go to bed first, you can sleep in the bed tonight too, together."

                After saying that, Mu Xiaoqiao left.

                Qin Ming froze for a while, jerked his head up and froze, "Sleeping together?"

Chapter 262

Qin Ming went back to his room and found the floor bed gone and the sheets put away.

                Mu Xiaoqiao, dressed in a sexy nightgown, was lying snugly reading a book on the bed, which was separated from her by a red ribbon on the other side.

                She held the book up over her nose and said, "Sleeping is sleeping in the same bed, but you're not allowed to touch me yet."

                "Huh." Qin Ming couldn't help but laugh and said, "You're committing a crime, you know? A red ribbon is like stopping a man? You're really naive. Aren't you afraid that I'll cross the line and sleep with you?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was silent: "......"

                Qin Ming said, "What are you thinking? Even if you don't hate me that much anymore, there's no way you'll suddenly like me. But you're also superstitious, thinking that I'm compatible with your eight characters, that I can offset your happiness, that I can help your Mu family get through the hard times, and that I can save your grandfather's life. So no matter how much you disliked me, you still had to settle for me in order to appease me, didn't you?"

                Qin Ming said, "What is the need for you to be like this? The more you are like this, the less happy I will be."

                Mu Xiaoqiao moved stiffly and said accusingly, "I accept my fate, I'm trying my best to fit in with you, why can't you accept me? Is it because of Nie Haitang? Nie Haitang has cancer and everyone in Guangcheng knows about it, she left you because she didn't want to drag you down and wanted you to have a new start, didn't she?"

                Qin Ming said proudly, "I won't accept any so-called destiny, my fate is up to me, not heaven."

                Mu Xiaoqiao grunted, "You're bullshitting. Then why did you agree to enter the bureau to turn the robbery and marry me, as Daoist Master Zhang said? One moment you break up with Nie Haitang, and the next moment you marry me in secret. What a great love you have. Aren't you also superstitious?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this was something he could really be ashamed of, this handle was the same for both of them, no one could say anything about anyone.

                He sucked in a breath of cool air and said, "At that time I was young and ignorant, and too sad to be fooled by that awful old man Zhang Quanzhen. Now I know that there is no such thing as divine calculation in the world, it's all a scam. I've already lost my way, why can't you just hang on to your horse?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao, however, shook her head and said, "My grandfather and my father, having believed in it for so many years, our Mu family had smooth sailing for so many years. Whenever there was trouble, they would ask Daoist Master Zhang for help, and our family has never been in trouble. It's hard to make them not believe."

                Qin Ming questioned angrily, "So you're going to live with someone you don't like for the rest of your life? If I want children in the future, will you have to be artificially inseminated?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao blushed, her heart nest thumping, and said, "Give me some time, I've never even been in love, how do I know how to be a human wife? We can start by dating, I don't hate you."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, when Mu Xiaoqiao said this, he clearly heard a shiver and a hint of shyness, had she accepted his existence at this point and acknowledged the two of them?

                Qin Ming had mixed feelings, it really wasn't easy.

                From the very beginning, he had been looked down upon by the Mu sisters and asked to sleep separately, so he had been a son-in-law.

                But he had never imagined that with his efforts, Mu Xiao Qiao had changed, and had taken a liking to him, and was willing to accept their farcical marriage.

                Mu Xiaoqiao continued, "That kiss at the auction venue today was still my first kiss."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, come on, he had actually taken the first kiss of three women, Li Meng, Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Mu Xiaoqiao stood up, her long hair was draped over her shoulder, her long white legs were exposed under her nightgown, there was not a bit of fat, the thin dress could faintly see the big and round outline of her chest.

                Qin Ming's eyes didn't know how to rest, such a beautiful creature, looking everywhere tempting, worthy of the goddess of countless men's dreams, he was afraid that he really couldn't help but make a mistake later.

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lips and locked eyes with Qin Ming, saying: "Even if you don't like it, the spirit of the contract should be there, right? Have you forgotten the agreement you signed when you joined the family? You can only file for divorce after all the troubles of our Mu family have been eliminated. Until then, you must fulfil your responsibilities as our Mu family, my husband."

                "Don't use the fact that these are superstitions as an excuse, at first you didn't agree, but later you still came to beg us?"

                "Now that you're out of trouble, you're saying that "wedding ceremony" is a superstition and that you should believe in science, and then you want to pat yourself on the back and leave?"

                It was true that Qin Ming had done these things and he could not refute them, but this was really superstition.

                Qin Ming was not happy, "Are you holding me to ransom?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming a little angry, that look was a little scary, she shrank back and said, "Qin Ming, what, what are you doing? Are you angry? I ...... hey~!"

                Mu Xiao Qiao was so frightened by Qin Ming's pair of eagle eyes that she tripped over herself inadvertently when she backed up.

                "Boing~!" Mu Xiao Qiao's body fell backwards and fell straight into the bed, while her arms flung in the air and caught Qin Ming at once, Qin Ming was caught off guard and was also brought down by her, the two of them just flung themselves onto the bed one after the other and kissed each other on the side.

                The two of them fell on the bed and kissed each other. The beauty in her arms was as soft and gentle as jade, and her lips were fragrant and soft.

                Qin Ming pressed against Mu Xiaoqiao, and the two fell, and accidentally kissed.

                This made both of them a bit intoxicated, young men and women, dry fire, especially Qin Ming since he broke up with Li Meng, has not released fire for a month, the body of evil fire accumulated, this sweet kiss as if to find a cathartic outlet.

                This time, Mu Xiaoqiao's kiss was different from the one at the auction, as the previous one was a slapdash encounter.

                But now this kiss, Qin Ming was too dominant, he kept attacking the city, prying open her shell teeth, snatching her throat and belly, what's more, he pressed Mu Xiao Qiao strongly, grabbed her wrist, making her powerless to resist, either obeying or obeying in resistance.

                It was also thanks to the fact that today Mu Xiao Qiao had completely changed her mind about Qin Ming, and also had a good feeling towards him, this French wet kiss, in turn, did not make Mu Xiao Qiao resist and resentful, but gradually enjoyed it.

                "Mmm!" Mu Xiaoqiao closed her eyes and couldn't help but let out a whisper of comfort as she wrapped her hands around Qin Ming's shoulders.

                For the first time in her twenty-five years of life, she experienced the taste of a kiss, the sensitivity of being touched by a man on her body, a thrill and a hormonal explosion of pleasure that left her at a loss for where to go.

                Reason told her to push Qin Ming away, not to let him take advantage of her for nothing, but her body was honest.

                Qin Ming was also overcome with lust and reason had long since been thrown to the winds.

                He was about to make a mistake that men all over the world make, using the lower half of his body to think about right and wrong, and the upper half to witness sexual bliss.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's young body was too much for him to resist, his large, calloused, pale hands caressing her smooth skin and enjoying her softness.

                After a tumble between the two on the bed, Mu Xiao Qiao found herself undressed somehow, Qin Ming buried his head in her chest and kissed her wantonly, she simply could not resist, subdued by Qin Ming's dominance as she experienced womanhood for the first time.

                "Qin Ming, rather er ...... you, you're a primitive beast." Mu Xiaoqiao made a strange sound, her breathing gradually increasing as she gasped for breath, the sensitive parts of her body, being enjoyed by Qin Ming.

                With a burst of reaction and pleasure in her body, Mu Xiao Qiao also lost her resistance, and when Qin Ming asked him to remove her last line of defence, she closed her eyes tightly, bit her lips and asked with a slight sadness, "Qin Ming ...... will you fall in love with me?"

                Qin Ming kissed Mu Xiaoqiao's body in fascination, love or not love this kind of thing venting before discussing it, okay?

                At this time, Qin Ming's mobile phone rang.

                Qin Ming saw the number of the caller, it was Song Ying.

                It was already eleven o'clock at midnight, and he knew that Song Ying would not disturb his rest if he did not have something important to do.

                When he picked up the phone, Song Ying said, "Young master, the man has been found."