Rags To Riches Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259

A poor man's silk? President Fang, I hope you'll watch your words." The female staff member looked at Fang Luo Ting strangely, while showing her displeasure at his disrespect for Qin Ming.

Mu Xiaoqiao didn't know what the situation was, but thinking of taking care of Qin Ming, she got up and said "Excuse me, did my husband do something out of order? It's his first time at the auction and he may not know the rules, so please bear with me."

Seeing that Mu Xiaoqiao had become pleasant again, the staff said, "No, no, no, Miss Mu, Mr. Qin did not do anything unruly, rather we did not do a good job. It's good that Mr. Qin is not angry."

Fang Luo Xing looked at Qin Ming, seeing his posture of being in control of everything, he was annoyed in his heart, who was this man?

Firstly, he had no career and was still just a student; secondly, he had no background and had to rely on Mu Xiaoqiao's money, what on earth did he have to be proud of?

But Fang Luo Xing was jealous, jealous that he had captured his goddess, and he said disdainfully, "What is he if he is not poor? The first two pieces of the collection were spent on women."

Mu Xiaoqiao scolded angrily "Fang Luo Xing, that's enough. Please stop criticising my husband, he is also a member of my Mu family."

Fang Luo Yin's mouth felt dry, and this had completely angered Mu Xiao Qiao, but he still didn't give up and mocked resentfully, "Fine, I won't say anything about him. But it's an indisputable fact that he's a poor, soft-earned, dragging waste of a man."

Mu Xiaoqiao's eyebrows tightened, she couldn't understand how Fang Luo Yin, who used to be a friendly and charitable senior at university, had now become so arrogant and jealous, unable to tolerate others.

She looked at Qin Ming and said "Qin Ming, I'm sorry, I ......"

Qin Ming calmly asked "What are you apologizing for? Did you do something wrong to me?"

Mu Xiaoqiao said directly "I didn't! I think that maybe because of me, you suffered injustice, I still understand the truth of red-face, the injustice you suffered, may be brought about by me."

Qin Ming smiled and said, "I learned a long time ago that there is never fair treatment in this society. It's like some people are born rich and some are born poor. I'm used to ridicule and sarcasm, don't worry about it, just take the red diamond necklace and leave."

Mu Xiaoqiao still felt guilty, feeling that it was because of her that Qin Ming was ridiculed and abused.

She said, "If you like it, let's take a picture of it. But that's a necklace worn by a woman ......"

The auction immediately went to the last item in the collection, and the auctioneer introduced the red diamond necklace in the glass case, saying "This was one of the countless pieces of the Austrian Princess Mary's priceless works of art, which was lost with the Revolution, and was acquired by a collector in China after several rounds of bidding. Equal opportunity, are there any interested parties in the room?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Fang Luo Yin raised his hand and said, "I am determined to win this collection, I hope no one will steal it from me. Sixty million."

"Tsk, tsk." The collectors in the room looked sideways, this President Fang was really rich and generous, raising his bid by 10 million directly, already overwhelming many people.

Subsequently there were also people who raised their bids to follow, all adding up a little.

This kind of small bidding session, are invited to Guangcheng collector enthusiasts, there will be no trust, so the bidding will not drift chaotically, slowly.

Because they were rare and precious items, there were quite a few bidders, and the bidding gradually pushed up to over eighty million.

This was close to reaching the top of the value of that one red diamond necklace.

Fang Luo Yin raised his hand again and said, somewhat reluctantly, "Eighty-six million."

Once he made this offer, there were basically no more bidders in the room, as it was already at a serious premium and no one would follow it unless they really liked it.

The auctioneer also shouted several times to encourage the rich people in the room to bid, but they all shook their heads in disinterest.

Seeing that no one could compete with him, Fang Luo Xing looked at Qin Ming with glee and said, "How about it? Qin Ming? Did you come here to suffer from a nuisance in a place like this? Don't you want this red diamond necklace? Why don't you see any bids? Let me guess, is it because Xiao Qiao didn't agree to it? Is that why you couldn't bid?"

When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, she became angry and said, "Enough, Fang Luo Yin, if you want to bid, then bid, don't make fun of my husband."

Qin Ming propped his head up speechlessly, reasonably speaking, wasn't he being ridiculed and disliked by people, didn't he make Mu Xiaoqiao lose face? Wasn't she supposed to resent and hate him?

How come the more he was ridiculed, the more Mu Xiao Qiao defended him? She even flipped out with Fang Luo Xing.

He felt that Qin Ming must have compelled Mu Xiao Qiao, otherwise how could such a poor punk like him get Mu Xiao Qiao to defend him so much?

He gritted his teeth and said, "Mu Xiaoqiao, I'm worried about you, you've been tricked. Look at him, he's as weak as a quail, is such a man worth your time? Qin Ming, say something. Didn't you just want to bid for this necklace? I'll auction it off now and give it to Xiao Qiao, do you have what it takes? How much money can you earn in a month? You can afford the plastic ones, it's like wearing that fake dzi on your wrist, it's not allowed to see the light of day."

When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, she subconsciously reached out to cover Qin Ming's wrist.

She looked back at Qin Ming in anger, she had told him not to wear this fake, but he didn't listen, so he had become the main target of others' attacks.

Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao with some surprise, she would protect herself too.

At this moment, that financial predator Luo Lao spoke up inside the meeting hall, "Mr. Qin, aren't you going to make a move?"

The old lady Cao also said, "Yes, young man, this society has too many people with lust for profit and noses to the sky, sometimes it is necessary to show your sword, too low profile people do not know you."

Another person said, "I can see that Mr. Qin doesn't want to compete with too many people, so he only bids when there is only one person left."

Mu Xiaoqiao and Fang Luo Yin were not there just now and did not know that Qin Ming had already auctioned off the Nine Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi Bead, nor did they know that these people had changed their minds about Qin Ming.

So now, when they heard the group comment on Qin Ming like this, they were both very confused and strange.

Qin Ming smiled lightly and raised his hand, "One hundred million."

"Wow!" The scene was once again in an uproar, over 80 million was directly raised to 100 million, this was a huge span, a typical example of "trenchant and uncivilized".

Mu Xiaoqiao was shocked and frightened, her watery eyes were wide as she stared at Qin Ming, 100 million? She didn't have 100 million now.

But when she saw Qin Ming's expression, she didn't want to stop him, so she clenched her teeth and said, "Forget it, if he really likes it. If he really likes it, I'll ask my family for a little bit and offer a few tens of millions, it shouldn't be a big problem."

When Fang Luo Yin heard Qin Ming's price increase, he also laughed, "Kid, do you know how to auction?

Qin Ming said that he really did not know how to auction it off, he just wanted to spend more money if it was more expensive, it was nothing to spend a few more dollars, if he could auction it off earlier, he could still make it back in time for dinner.

The auctioneer said, "Very well, our Mr. Qin is bidding 100 million, is there any other owner competing with him?"

Everyone's eyes fell on Fang Luo Xing, they were all curious, would Fang Luo Xing still follow?

Fang Luo Yin smiled disdainfully "100 million? I admit, this is completely out of my budget and also out of the true value of this blood diamond necklace. Mu Xiaoqiao, are you going to pay for such a capricious and stupid act?"

Qin Ming said indifferently "If you don't have money, don't talk nonsense. I never said that I had to pay for the items I won. The four items I won at auction, the painting by the famous national painter Mr. Leng, the fifteen million year old Dodo bird skeleton, the nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi bead, including this blood diamond necklace, were all paid for by me, Qin Ming, myself."

"Sh, what?" Mu Xiaoqiao's face revealed a look of surprise as she said, "Qin Ming, you, you auctioned off the Nine Eyed Conch Dzi?"

Fang Luo Yin also stood up in shock and said, "How is that possible?"

 Chapter 260

Fang Luo Ting said, "You auctioned off the Nine-Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi? How is that possible? Qin Ming, don't talk big here, you have money? Can you compete with Mrs. Cao and Old Mr. Luo?"

                Qin Ming didn't bother to respond to him, he didn't want to explain anything to such a person.

                And the intentional smiles of the people around him seemed like they were punching Fang Luo Yin in the face, making his questioning strange.

                Mu Xiaoqiao also seemed to read something from the atmosphere around her and looked at Qin Ming with great surprise, as if it was really Qin Ming who had done what she could not do.

                In her eyes, Qin Ming became more and more mysterious, more and more powerful, and she couldn't understand why Qin Ming always managed to surprise people every time?

                Her left hand gripped her dress in excitement because she wanted that one nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi bead, which she thought she was going to lose with, but Qin Ming had auctioned it off.

                Did Qin Ming shoot it down for her?

                She had worked so hard, thinking she had been fighting alone, only to turn around and realise that the people around her were so strong.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming with an increasingly tender look in her eyes, and she decided in her heart that it must have been Qin Ming who had bid it down for her.

                The auction continued, the blood diamond necklace was auctioned off by Qin Ming after the auctioneer yelled several times and no more bids were placed. The final hammer was set, the red diamond with a historical story and very rare was auctioned off by Qin Ming.

                The bidders were all ready to pay for the collection and take it away.

                And Fang Luo Ting was still not dead, following Qin Ming step by step, as if to prove that he was poor? Pan Jun? pearl? Say that?

                And obviously, Qin Ming crossed his own black card, more than 300 million all out of Qin Ming's own pocket.

                This amount of money is nothing at all, before cleaning up Wang Youcai and swallowing his company is more than this amount, not to mention the Huan Yu Century Group as Qin Ming's backing.

                Fang Luo Yin bit his dry lips, it was the World Bank's Black Card, the unlimited swipe Knight Card, he knew it, 300 million RMB was nothing.

                He looked at Qin Ming's transaction and he too was finally dead in the water.

                Fang Luo Ting had to acknowledge the fact that Qin Ming was richer than him.

                Qin Ming spent a little money to have the assembly send back the painting and the prehistoric dodo fossil, and he took the one nine-eyed phallic dzi and the red diamond necklace with him.

                When Qin Ming looked back, he saw Fang Luo Xing standing by with a blue face and said, "Yo? Senior Fang, you're still here? What's wrong? Is there something else? If you want to invite us to dinner, you don't have to, we have things to do."

                Fang Luo Yin was like a fallen warrior, physically and mentally exhausted, he tilted his head and let out a long sigh, looking at Mu Xiao Qiao with reluctance, finally his eyes fell on Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, treat her well, she's the most perfect woman in the world. You were right, I should have taken the plunge back in college. Cowardice and weakness will only make me watch the woman I like become your wife. In the future, if I were to meet a woman I like again, I would definitely be bold enough to pursue her."

                After saying that, Fang Luo Xing scratched his head and left despondently and alone, walking to the door and even bumping into the glass door.

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao: "Don't you want to comfort him? At least a classmate."

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked speechless: "Are there people who are husbands like you? When I was at university, I was studying alone in Beijing and I didn't know my way around, so he helped me a lot. I had a good impression of him, but I didn't like him, he was too gentle and feminine, not dominant and quick enough, not my type. I like a man who can calm me down."

                "......" Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "I didn't calm you down either, don't fall for me."

                Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly blushed, biting her lip and humming, "Who says no, you're just a brutal and unreasonable bastard."

                Qin Ming took the nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi and handed it to Mu Xiao Qiao, "Here you are, look how you cried just now, so many people are watching, how humiliating."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was also stunned by the dzi bead that was suddenly shoved over to her.

                She had been expecting Qin Ming to give it to her, but she knew that Qin Ming could not forget Nie Haitang in his heart, and she was quite afraid that Qin Ming was buying it for Nie Haitang, so her wishful thinking would fall flat.

                When Qin Ming handed over the nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi bead, which had been auctioned for 200 million, Mu Xiaoqiao's heart melted and she smiled.

                Her lips and facial muscles twitched uncontrollably, that kind of pleasure and elation, as if a couple who had been in love for years and the woman was suddenly surprised, joyful, disbelieving and surrounded by happiness with all kinds of feelings like being proposed to, made her adrenaline excite and her cheeks fly hazy.

                Qin Ming smiled faintly and said, "Look at how stiff your smile is, it's not as good as an iceberg face."

                Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoqiao hurriedly covered her face with her hands, her eyes moistened again, but this time they were tears of joy.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took the Nine Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi and couldn't help but go up and hug Qin Ming, saying, "Thank you, Qin Ming, sincerely."

                "Eh?" The hug was so sudden that Qin Ming was a little abrupt, and his two restless hands did not know how to place them.

                Because they were ostensibly husband and wife, but only a contractual couple, a marriage that had been snubbed during the days when Qin Ming had lost his wits, sometimes Qin Ming would take advantage of the situation with his mouth, it was a way to spice up his life and find fun.

                But Qin Ming still treated Mu Xiaoqiao as an ordinary woman in his heart.

                Suddenly, Mu Xiaoqiao's computer was heard in his ears: "Can you hug me for a bit? Even if it's pretend, there are people watching next to me."

                Qin Ming had no choice, there were some auction staff next to him, and as the son-in-law of the Mu family, he had to pretend, right?

                He reached out and hugged Mu Xiaoqiao's small waist, it was very soft, the two soft flesh of her chest squeezed his chest, making his mind wander and reverie, this was taking advantage for nothing, to say what Qin Ming really felt, it was still very cool.

                He felt Mu Xiaoqiao's body tremble slightly, and she said shyly again, "I, it's the first time I've been held by a man, this feeling, it seems to be very firm."

                Qin Ming patted her back and said, "That's certainly because my arms are stronger."

                After the excitement, the smile on Mu Xiaoqiao's face gradually became natural, and the way she held the nine-eyed heavenly bead and carefully examined it, with a smile hanging on her face, she was truly as beautiful as a fairy.

                "Gulp," one of the auction staff next to her couldn't help but swallow his saliva, looking dumbstruck.

                Qin Ming was also amazed that Mu Xiao Qiao, who had always had an iceberg face, could have such a beautiful smile, her teeth slightly showing and her eyebrows curving into a crescent shape.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked up at Qin Ming with a look of tenderness in her eyes and asked, "Did you really, really give me away?"

                Qin Ming said, "Well, 200 million for a smile from you, it's a bit of a loss, but you really want it, so I'll give it to you."

                "Ah?!" Mu Xiaoqiao exclaimed, covering her cheeks and muttering to herself, "Am I smiling? I haven't laughed in years."

                Qin Ming asked again, "What do you want this Nine Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi so badly for?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao smiled mysteriously and said, "A secret."

                At this moment, the old man in charge of appraisal, Mr. Yang, came over and said enthusiastically, "Congratulations, Mr. Qin and Miss Mu, congratulations on getting your hands on the Nine Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi that once belonged to the Tibetan Zen Sect to wear, this is a great treasure that was worn by a great man. The original owner, Miss Xie, wouldn't have offered it if it wasn't for certain things, and it's really fate to get it."

                Qin Ming shook hands with Old Mr. Yang and said, "Old Mr. Yang, nice to meet you."

                Old Mr. Yang said with a smile, "There is another heavyweight young man in the Guangzhou city's collecting community, eh? This is ......"

                Old Mr. Yang said, suddenly looking down at the three nine-eyed dzi beads on Qin Ming's wrist, the string of black onyx, and the many strange symbols that he couldn't read.

                "Aiya, this ......" Old Mr. Yang carefully examined it up, his face expression momentarily happy and momentarily puzzled, and finally said, "Mr. Qin, is this a long lost dzi of the Heavenly Dweller Buddha? Is this, is this authentic? Can Mr. Qin let me appraise it?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was stunned, wasn't that a fake?

                Could it be real?