Rags To Riches Chapter 257-258

 Chapter 257

"Ninety-three million, the record has been set, another owner has bid, very knowledgeable, is there any other owner who likes this nine-eyed dzi?"

                As soon as Mu Xiao Qiao saw the person who raised her hand, she had a feeling of being caught in a bitter battle, the other party was a famous collector in Guang city, with great wealth and power, the original Mu family was not afraid.

                But Mu Xiao Qiao did not represent the Mu family, and she could not dispose of the entire wealth of the Mu family at will.

                When Qin Ming saw her face pale with embarrassment, he asked, "Who is that man?"

                Fang Luo Yin said with contempt, "Qin Ming, are you a bumpkin? You don't even know Mr. Luo, the financial predator? He is also a famous collector in Guang City, and it is difficult for ordinary people to compete with him to snatch away what he has his eye on."

                After saying that, Fang Luo Yin looked at Mu Xiao Qiao worriedly again and said, "Xiao Qiao, I'm afraid that this time ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao insisted, "No, that thing I am determined to get."

                She raised her palm again and said, "Ninety-six million."

                Before the financial predator, Mr. Luo Lao, could raise his hand, another older, wealthy lady next to him leisurely raised her hand and said, "One hundred and twenty million."

                "Wow!" There was another uproar, thinking that it was Mu Xiaoqiao competing with the financial predator Mr. Luo Lao, but I didn't expect that even the old lady of the Cao family was involved.

                The Cao family was also an old and powerful family in Guang City, not inferior to the Mu family in the slightest, and this Old Mrs. Cao was also a significant figure in Guang City.

                Old Mrs. Cao said, "Oh, Old Luo, a thousand pieces of gold are hard to buy, I missed out on this precious item ten years ago, and I won't miss out again today. I would not hesitate to pay a premium."

                With these words, Old Mrs. Cao did not put Mu Xiaoqiao, who was still in the running, in the slightest, and decided that she could not compete.

                Financial predator Luo Lao said, "Coincidentally, that's what I think too. Old Madam Cao, I am well prepared today."

                Another magnate stepped in to bid for this Nine Eyed Dzi, and Mu Xiao Qiao's pressure increased.

                She asked Fang Luo Yin, saying, "Senior Fang, how much money can you have on your side to support? I guess this Nine-Eyed Dzi is going to set a new market record later, it should be over 200 million."

                Fang Luo Xing was also stunned, "Two, two hundred million? That's impossible, right? Even if the Nine-Eyed Dzi is precious, it's not worth this price, right?"

                Fang Luo Yin was feeling the pressure because he had just bought a lot of collectibles and had very little money left in his hand, and he had to buy the blood diamond later.

                Mu Xiaoqiao raised her hand, "One hundred and fifty million."

                "One hundred and eight million," the financial predator Luo Lao bid again, without the slightest hesitation, while smiling and looking towards Mu Xiaoqiao's side, obviously signalling that Mu Xiaoqiao should take it as it comes and not compete with him.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was also more than stirred up with arrogance and said, "One hundred and twenty-one million."

                Old Mrs. Cao slowly raised her hand and said indifferently, "Don't argue with me old lady, the price is getting higher and higher, it's ridiculously high, it's not easy for everyone to earn money, let's all save some money for tea, it's better to look good when we meet in the future. One hundred and thirty million."

                But the financial predator, Luo Lao, did not relent and said, "Mrs. Cao, I understand that it is hard to buy a good deal with a thousand dollars. What I care about is not the bidding price, but this nine-eyed dzi. One hundred and fifty million."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, the entire auction room was silent except for the auctioneer who was shouting, and the atmosphere was even a bit suffocating as several old giants were "fighting".

                Fang Luo Ting could not stand it anymore, it was outrageous.

                He hurriedly said, "That, Xiaoqiao, there's nothing I can do on my end. How about I pick one or two pieces for you from our group's other dzi collection?"

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, she knew that Fang Luo Yin could not help her, and that she could not continue bidding.

                Mu Xiaoqiao sat down in a dishevelled position, her eyes moist, obviously she wanted this one nine-eyed dzi very much, but she didn't have the money of others, there was no way out.

                Fang Luo Yin spaced out across Qin Ming and stretched his neck to soothe him, "Xiaoqiao, really, our group also has a dzi collection, maybe not a nine-eyed one, but it's not bad either, you can come to my company to have a look."

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip and tears spilled straight down her face as she suddenly got up and walked towards the outside of the auction venue.

                When Fang Luo Yin saw that Qin Ming didn't chase him out, he hurriedly moved to chase him out and was overjoyed in his heart, "You stupid bastard chance wave wasted to me, right?"

                The bidding continued, but it had clearly eased off.

                Each time the bids were called at three million, a small increase, and the two big men were somewhat overwhelmed.

                "One hundred and sixty million, Old Luo, do you still want to follow?" Old Mrs. Cao was so angry that she stomped the ground with her cane, her eyes aiming in the direction of the financial predator Luo Lao.

                Luo Lao also wiped the sweat from his forehead as the bidding price was getting higher and higher, even though he was very fond of this dzi bead that the Zen sect had worn all their lives, he could not stand up to the wealth and power of the Cao family's oldest and most powerful family.

                The bidders were also wiping the sweat from their foreheads as they asked: "One hundred and sixty million dollars, this dzi is the guardian of life, is there anyone else in the field interested? One hundred and sixty million for the first time ......"

                "Two hundred million." Only at this time did Qin Ming calmly raise his hand and shouted out a super high bid straight away.

                The reason he chose this time to raise his hand to bid was because that financial predator, Luo Lao, was already out of competition, leaving the Cao family's Mrs. Cao to compete with him, and he saved himself the trouble.

                But after Qin Ming called for bids, everyone was stunned, wasn't this the young man who had come with Mu Xiaoqiao?

                Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't even compete and went out crying, did he have the money?

                Old Mrs Cao's aged body stiffened and slowly stood up and turned around, her eyes but? Kui scarlet scarlet? The ulcerated target is the 'gold and silver'. Eris is the most important thing. Sheet? The goblet? Sheet? A chrysalis 6? The goblets are not made of any kind of material. The tasseled chrysalis placebo facsimile!

                Qin Ming said: "It's my first time here, I'm inexperienced, so please bear with me, Mrs. Cao. But Old Mrs. Cao, you'd better stay calm, so that you don't get angry and I'll be held responsible."

                In the crowd, Zhao Fugui snorted disdainfully, "Staff, I protest, 200 million, does he have 200 million?"

                That Zhao Dongliang still remembered the scandal of being kicked out of the last charity gala by Qin Ming, and couldn't help but sue, saying, "General Assembly, this Qin Ming is just a poor? Pan Jun? Delicately steal the money? The other day, he said, "I don't know what to do. The cricket castration? The plate is not a good idea!

                Zhao Fugui said, "Yes, what if he shouts 500 million and can't get the money in the end?"

                In the crowd, Mu Cambridge of the second house of the Mu family also made trouble and said, "I can prove that he is just the son-in-law of the Mu family, just because he is too? I can prove that he is just a son-in-law of the Mu family. The slave? The first is that the family's son-in-law is not a member of the family. The more the hills, the more the hills are protected. The school's emblem is a good example of how to quarrel with the school. Feed!

                "Wow, what's the trouble with no money?"

                "What say do you have, a son-in-law from the house? It's better to coax your wife back."

                "Your own daughter-in-law went out crying and didn't chase after her. Tsk."

                "This nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi should be the Cao family's old lady's."

                The crowd said one thing and another, all of them did not take Qin Ming seriously, thinking that he was just here with Mu Xiaoqiao and had no money to bid.

                Qin Ming held his chin and leaned on his chair, saying, "What business is it of yours if I can take out 200 million? I take it out and you all give it to eat?"

                The crowd was silent for a while, indeed it was none of their business, none of them had the money to bid.

                However, Zhao Fu Gui was so angry at Qin Ming's rebuttal that he was irrational, he sneered, "Qin Ming, forget it? You've always been a woman-dependent, soft-money-eating poor? Pan Jun d information Xin Reef Maximus class page allow drink? The lawsuit cups Pao? Sole? The first thing you need to do is to get a job. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the subject.

                I did not pay the deposit, but I have a problem bidding in the name of my wife? You want to see 200 million, of course there is no problem, please go and check this card of mine."

                With that, Qin Ming took out his one of the World Bank's Knight Black Cards.

                The moment his black card came out, the entire audience of wealthy bosses rose to their feet as a stream of envious eyes gazed over.

Chapter 258

The World Bank's Supreme Privilege Card, with an uncapped limit, is a gilt-edged Knight Black Card.

                This is not the same as the black card of a part of the domestic banks, after all, the World Bank's card is much bigger and more demonstrative of financial power, and is common to any country around the world.

                Qin Ming took out such a card and faced everyone's questions so confidently that everyone was curious as to what kind of card he was holding. One by one, they poked their heads in and looked around, some surprised, some envious.

                But Qin Ming flipped his wrist downwards, covering the black card and blocking the view of most people, and he handed it to the staff.

                The staff member hurriedly took the card and went to investigate, folding it back in less than three minutes.

                The staff member handed the card back to Qin Ming with a smile and said, "Mr. Qin's card can be swiped for 200 million, or even more, Mr. Qin came to register with his wife, Miss Mu, the deposit has been paid and he now has sufficient funds, so he is eligible to bid."

                At these words, there was an uproar.

                "He's actually so rich? Then Mu Xiaoqiao is all crying his nose out."

                "What do you guys know? All great riches are low-key, I'm afraid this Qin Ming is a big deal, the Mu family is trying to hide someone, right?"

                "A random 200 million, his background must not be bad, right?"

                "It's true that people can't look like people and seawater can't be measured. The man Mu Xiaoqiao found doesn't seem to be bad either."

                "Who said he's poor? Pan Kang Mo Jun

                "The chairman of Dongliang Department Store, the two father and son Zhao Dongliang said so."

                "Oh, it's them, is it? Last time at the Century Mansion's charity gala, it seems that these two fathers and sons were kicked out by this Qin Ming, so today is a personal revenge, right?"

                "Tsk, just now his son even said he ate three pounds of shit, really vulgar, not as rich as others, he has to be jealous, so narrow-minded, then he will never make it in his life."

                The circle of collectors in the venue, after realising Qin Ming's financial power, each changed their attitude.

                They felt that Qin Ming was too low-profile, causing them all to look away, instead they felt that Qin Ming was powerful and had fooled all of them and was capable of doing so.

                Qin Ming put away his card and said, "Speaking of which, Zhao Fugui, if you're a real man prove it to me by going to the toilet and eating three pounds of shit. Otherwise, don't cheat on food and drink all day long."

                Zhao Fugui's face was blue and his lips were white, he felt that the world had gone mad, Qin Ming was delivering takeaways to his dormitory last week, and a month ago he was scrubbing plates in the school canteen, losing his mind over Li Meng's break-up.

                But then he heard again from the venue staff that Mu Xiaoqiao was Qin Ming's wife?

                If Zhao Fu Gui hadn't been stunned by the black card, he really would have jumped up and questioned, how was this possible, Qin Ming was surrounded by chicks who changed one after another, one more charming and dignified than the other, how did he do it?

                The Mu family is an old and powerful family in Guangzhou, with a fortune of tens of billions, and Mu Xiaoqiao is the dream goddess of many men?

                How could he be the husband of the goddess? What had happened in the past two weeks?

                Zhao Fugui, as a rich second generation, had always been proud, especially in class, of his classmates, especially poor ones like Qin Ming? Pan Jun

                But today his pride was swept away and he was even more embarrassed than the last time he was kicked out from the charity party.

                Because he couldn't do it to eat three pounds of shit ah.

                Zhao Dongliang scolded, "Qin Ming, you are classmates, are there any of you who force your classmates like this?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Look everyone, this kind of people double standard is really abominable, when they slandered and discredited me just now, they spared no effort and claimed to be righteous. Now that he's been hit in the face, he talks about his feelings, letting him take all the good and spreading the bad on me?"

                Qin Ming spoke with such eloquence that no one at the scene gave a word to Zhao Fugui's father and son at all.

                Financial predator Luo Lao said, "Everyone has come to auction off the collection, there is no need to speak ill of each other. Boss Zhao, your son not only blatantly denigrated and smeared this Mr. Qin just now, but also attempted to have the staff throw Mr. Qin out. Mr. Qin is Miss Mu's husband no matter what, what reason does he have to kick someone out? Now that you've been hit in the face and can't keep your word, apologise first."

                This was the education and scolding of an elder to a junior, and a step up.

                Zhao Dongliang's face was ugly, his own son, who had to be educated by others, was not good enough for him to retort.

                And once again, the father and son had planted themselves.

                After tonight, their father and son would again be reduced to the butt of jokes after tea in the upper class circles of Guang City, which was most exasperating.

                Qin Ming waved his hand lazily and said, "Thank you, Mr Luo Lao, for speaking up for me. But I am not interested in their apologies, they will only dirty my ears. I would like to continue with the auction without wasting everyone's time."

                Irritated, Zhao Dongliang brushed his sleeves and left the room, Zhao Fugui bowed his head in shame and hurried to follow his dad.

                As the auction continued, Old Mrs. Cao suddenly sighed.

                She shook her head and said, "I won't continue, young man, you are so confident and fierce, you must be able to continue to raise the price. 200 million is also my limit, I won't bid any more. Congratulations."

                Qin Ming nodded slightly and said, "Thank you, Old Mrs. Cao, for cutting the deal."

                The price of 200 million for the Nine-Eyed Dharma Conch Dzi Bead was beyond imagination and no one bid any more, and after the auctioneer shouted three times, the hammer was set and it went to Qin Ming.

                Seeing Qin Ming pocketing the nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi, many people in the venue were red-eyed and some applauded.

                Because they, the old collectors, had lost, to such a junior as Qin Ming, they were more in admiration, after all, collecting was a hobby and the more people joined in, the more welcome they, the old collectors, were.

                After the Nine-Eyed Dzi had been auctioned off, what remained was the finale of the evening, the red blood diamond, a symbol of faithful love, which was also a diamond, but the red diamond was more fascinating and worth just as much, if not more, because it was rarer.

                While preparations were being made here, Mu Xiaoqiao was standing outside the auction hall, her eyes were still visible red, although the tears had been wiped away.

                Fang Luo Xing was soothing her and handed her a handkerchief, but Mu Xiao Qiao did not take it.

                Still undeterred, Fang Luo Inter said, "Xiaoqiao, I'm sorry, I can't help you. If only I ...... had more money, that would be fine."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Senior Fang, it's none of your business, you don't need to blame yourself."

                Fang Luo Xing asked curiously, "Why did you have to get that one Nine Eyed Dzi? Can't you get something else that's a little bit inferior? The ones that are a little bit second are fine to get."

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head and said, "This is just a personal matter of mine, it's not worth mentioning. I have to go back with my husband, so I'll leave first."

                Seeing that Mu Xiao Qiao was still thinking about Qin Ming at this time, Fang Luo Yin became more and more discontented and said, "Xiao Qiao, that Qin Ming is just a bastard. What are you still thinking about him for? Let's go I'll take you for a drive and take a break."

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned, why did she feel that Senior Fang was so annoying today?

                He didn't know Qin Ming at all, yet he kept saying bad things about him and targeting him, really the formerly simple Senior Fang had also become snobbish after the sedimentation of society?

                Mu Xiaoqiao coldly shot back, "Senior Fang, no need."

                After saying that, Mu Xiao Qiao walked back inside the auction venue with big strides, but when she entered, she noticed that everyone was looking at her a little differently.

                It was only after she sat down beside Qin Ming that Qin Ming gave her a look and said indifferently, "The item is auctioned off for you, take your time to pay back the money."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was puzzled, "What's the stuff? Forget it, let's go and pay the money. Take the two collectibles you won at the beginning of the auction and let's go back."

                Qin Ming said, "No ah, this red-blooded diamond necklace is so beautiful, I want to bid for it too."

                Mu Xiaoqiao felt physically and mentally exhausted after losing the auction today, but still said patiently, "Qin Ming stop it, we are going back."

                Fang Luo Xing, who was following behind, saw that Mu Xiao Qiao was cold to him, but only so patient with Qin Ming, and he was jealous to no end.

                Fang Luo Xing approached and said, "Qin Ming, go back if you don't have any money. Are you still a man? Can't you see that Xiao Qiao is very unhappy now? You spend her money with such righteousness, you're a real lord for a son-in-law. Do you know how to write the word shame?"

                Fang Luo Yin had just gotten up to scold when a staff member of the auction came over next to him and said, "Mr. Qin, the appraisal expert, Mr. Yang Lao, would like to take a photo with you after it is over later."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "That's fine, I also have a favor to ask of Mr. Yang Lao."

                The staff member walked away with a satisfied bow.

                Fang Luo Ting was stunned and hurriedly pulled the staff member back, saying, "What do you mean? What's going on? Then why did Old Mr. Yang want to talk to this poor? Pan was so annoyed that he had to go to the hospital.

                Fang Luo Xing's voice is not loud, but the assembly is quite quiet, his sentence "poor? The Pan Jun back trooper mound? Astragal y Na Shuo yoke put dark eye poke S? The stand? The protection of the huan huan huan huan huai? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money.