Rags To Riches Chapter 255-256

 Chapter 255

Mu Xiaoqiao faced Fang Luo Interrogation's condescension and inadvertently opened her eyes to Qin Ming.

                She really did dislike Qin Ming before, after all, what woman would not like to meet her husband on her wedding night, and before that she also heard about his various irresponsible, bad character, unruly dirtbags from poor mountains, none of them would have a good feeling.

                But after spending time together, Mu Xiaoqiao felt that Qin Ming was more low-key and also broad-minded.

                For example, he was able to solve some problems but never took credit for them or asked for anything in return, especially when dealing with Zhu Shengwen, who was clearly here to help Mu Xiaoqiao but had to say no. Another thing was that the Mu family was not friendly to him at first, but Qin Ming didn't take it personally.

                After realising Qin Ming's merits, Mu Xiao Qiao unexpectedly found that he was quite to her liking, because the men she had met before were all flamboyant, even domineering, stepping on others in order to show off.

                The most important thing was that he ignored her, as if Mu Xiao Qiao was some kind of flooding beast.

                In her heart, Mu Xiao Qiao was actually a bit proud of herself, why was she a thousand-year-old girl, pretty and with a good figure, and there were a few people chasing her every year, but Qin Ming was not interested in her at all?

                To say that he was not a man, she still blushed when she thought of him forcing his hand into her trousers at the hospital.

                There was always a sense of disbelief in her. Why was Qin Ming so resistant to her? Was she not feminine enough? Or was she not attractive enough?

                Especially when Qin Ming talked about Nie Haitang's love of smiling, the gentle expression on his face, she was actually a little jealous.

                So, when Fang Luo Xing, the senior, came to get close, she also wanted to deliberately stimulate Qin Ming.

                Women are like that, they will always do something irrational, even dangerous, in order to get the attention of the people they care about.

                When Fang Luo Yin heard Mu Xiao Qiao say that it was okay, which was a signal, mistakenly thinking that he still had his heart set on him, he directly raised his hand and said, "Four million."

                "Wow!" The auction hall was in an uproar, each time the bid was raised by 100,000, but this time he raised his hand by one million, how could the others follow?

                "Chairman Fang is really rich and generous? He's so young and talented, he's really envious of everyone."

                "The Founder's Group has come prepared this time, I guess half of the collection will go to their group."

                "Chairman Fang and Miss Mu are sitting together, they are really a match made in heaven."

                "Hush, the poor boy next to him with the Huawei thousand dollar phone is Miss Mu's husband. You don't know, do you? She's looking for a son-in-law, so she's probably trying to compete with her big brother for the family fortune?"

                "No? That little white boy? Who is he?"

                "What's he like? No son-in-law, poor? A poor man? What's the problem? What's the matter? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The newest version of the website is available in the following languages The company's main business is the search for a new product.  The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The Summer Palace Forgiveness!

                "Four million for the first time, four million more to go ......"

                As the crowd murmured, Qin Ming raised his hand and said, "Five million."

                "Wow!" The venue erupted in another gasp of surprise, because although the painting was painted as falsely as a photograph, it was only an accompanying brushstroke by Mr. Leng, not one of the finest group of famous paintings, and the current market price was not worth more than four million.

                Originally, it was already scary enough for Fang Luo Xing to offer the highest price, but he didn't expect Qin Ming to exceed it by a million.

                "Qin Ming you!" Mu Xiaoqiao was so frightened that she hurriedly turned her head and said, "If you want to like it, you should have said so, I told Senior Fang not to grab it, this cost more than a million out of thin air."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "What? Am I not allowed to raise my hand and call for a bid? Or did I make the Mu family lose face?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao heard the tone of displeasure in Qin Ming's voice, but instead of being angry, she was a little bit pleased: "He's angry? Is he jealous? Does he still care about me a little? It's true that men are all mouths and no hearts."

                Inside the venue, someone asked curiously, "Who is that young man? Which one is the youngest from the gentry?"

                "I don't know him, he just came up and shouted 5 million, did he bring a billion dollars to auction the collection tonight?"

                Zhao Fugui's father and son said disdainfully, "He's a rich man's brother, poor? He's a poor man. The staff raises the value of the stranger's umbrella 9 Bruin couch protect? Plate of food? tube of ash? Allied? gadgets!

                The auction was not a big one, all of them were collectors' enthusiasts and some wealthy people from Guang City who knew each other, and they all looked at Qin Ming curiously at this time, very puzzled by Qin Ming's actions.

                In the crowd, however, there was the Mu Cambridge and Wei Feng couple from the second house of the Mu family, who said, "That's Miss Mu's husband, a son-in-law from the house, the account must be on Mu Xiaoqiao's head ."

                As soon as the crowd saw that it was the people from the second house of the Mu family who were speaking, they suddenly understood, "A son-in-law? So that's how it was.

                "My goodness, when did the Mu family marry their daughter? How could we not know? How could we not know?

                "A son-in-law? How can you marry a daughter? The man is no good, or poor? What's the matter? What do you mean? What do you think? What is the best way to get a woman? The widowed Ying endures the broken toad!

                "Ouch, how come that Miss Mu is talking and laughing with Chairman Fang? Is this a public cuckolding of her man?"

                "Who knows? You know how it is with the gentry."

                The more they whispered, the more outrageous the talk became, and Mu Xiaoqiao was even more embarrassed.

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip and hummed in a small voice, "These people, their mouths really stink."

                When Qin Ming heard her words, he teased her instead, "Isn't this what you made of yourself?"

                On the contrary, Fang Luo Yin enjoyed it very much, yes, in the eyes of the onlookers, he and Mu Xiao Qiao were the match made in heaven, and a scum like Qin Ming who had started a mess was not worthy at all.

                He has a successful career, is one of the shareholders of the group, has a house and a car, and this time he even brought 800 million to buy a batch of collectibles, so he can definitely be proud of the whole audience.

                He believed that there must be something hidden inside this marriage of Mu Xiaoqiao, and he thought that with his efforts, he could definitely make Mu Xiaoqiao come back to him.

                Fang Luo Yin raised his hand again and said, "Six million."

                "Good, six million, President Fang you look so handsome raising your hand, equal opportunity, who else wants to bid."

                The crowd subconsciously looked at Qin Ming, it was obvious that Fang Luo Inter was going to dislike Qin Ming, Qin Ming this was the wa who could not be disliked.

                But Qin Ming raised his hand again and said in a nonchalant manner, "Seven million."

                "Very good, seven million, seven million! Surely you are wise to the pearl, this young handsome man has bid seven million, does anyone else in our field have a higher bid?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao felt that Qin Ming was immature again, did he have any money, and in the end she, the Mu family, would still be the one to pay for it? This was serious jealousy, right?

                Mu Xiao Qiao had to say to Fang Luo Xing, "Senior Fang, please don't argue with my husband, can you?"

                When Fang Luo Xing heard the words "my husband", he felt uncomfortable, but he didn't want to lose face when the goddess begged him.

                Fang Luo Xing responded, "Alright, I'll give it to you. But you've spent an extra three million, so I'll give you another collection of your choice as a gift."

                Mu Xiaoqiao politely declined, "Thank you, but it's better not to."

                The first work by a famous painter thus fell into Qin Ming's hands, but everyone around thought that Qin Ming was relying on Mu Xiaoqiao's financial power.

                Zhao Fugui said disdainfully, "What is the dog proud of?"

                His girlfriend Xie Tao said, "Brother Fugui, I heard those people say that Qin Ming is the son-in-law of that Miss Mu family? Is that true? Why did he suddenly get married?"

                Zhao Fugui said, "Rumors, right? A beautiful woman like Qin Ming who is poor? The first thing you need to do is to get married. The word rift cloth? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.  The newest and most popular of these are the ones that have been used in the past. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The newest and most popular of these is the newest and most popular. The problem is that you can't get a good deal. The government's efforts to promote the use of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (MMP) have been very successful. The sordid Tokyo is a very good place to be!

                Zhao Fugui was deeply impressed with his own thoughts and did not believe all the chatter of the collectors around him.

                On the auction stage, the auctioneer continued, "Good, the second item in the following collection, a fifteen million year old Dodo bird skeleton, the starting bid is four million, each bid should be no less than half a million, the following ......"

                Qin Ming didn't even wait for the auctioneer to finish his sentence, he directly raised his hand and said, "Six million."

                Stunned, the entire auction room was stunned, Mu Xiaoqiao stood up straight away, biting her lip and staring intently at Qin Ming.

Chapter 256

The atmosphere in the auction room was a little dry, Qin Ming called for another bid, and also directly exceeded the starting price by two million, again shouting beyond the value of this collection, this is typical of pressing people with money.

                It was typical of him to pressurise people with money. If he wasn't super rich, he wouldn't do that, it was too disgraceful to others.

                "Again, this son-in-law is really a loser because of the Mu family's money."

                "Oh, just a loser, even if Mu leave is rich, it's not forbidden for him to spend money in such a big way."

                "Fu Gui, why do I get the feeling that Qin Ming is not here to play along?"

                "This kid is very smart, don't be fooled by him. I've said it all, if he has money, I'll eat three pounds of shit."

                At Qin Ming's instant call for money, Mu Xiaoqiao was so scared that she stood up, a little angry and a little incomprehensible, she stared at Qin Ming, her eyes as if questioning, why did Qin Ming do this?

                But Qin Ming's calmness seemed to be telling her, he can do whatever he likes, it's none of your business.

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned, thinking that he was still jealous and angry? Really like a child.

                Mu Xiao Qiao grabbed her bag and sat on the other side of Qin Ming so that she was separated from Fang Luo Xing.

                He looked at the empty seat next to him, just now he was laughing and joking with Mu Xiao Qiao, but now he was on Qin Ming's left hand side, wasn't he deliberately avoiding him?

                Mu Xiaoqiao came closer to Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, I only have one hundred million, and many people have come tonight with their eyes on that Nine Eyed Dzi. You've spent more than ten million of my money here, just accept it when you see it, okay?"

                Qin Ming said calmly, "I have my own money, I'm not spending yours. It's my first time here, I feel quite interesting and want to shoot a little more and get a feel for it."

                Mu Xiaoqiao rolled her eyes and said, "You have tens of millions? Who are you fooling? Are you going to sell the villa your grandfather gave you? I don't agree, it's possible that in the future, you won't be used to living in the family compound and you'll have to move in together, grandpa your villa is quite nice, it's enough for us to live in."

                Qin Ming said, "You don't believe me, what can I do?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said in a serious manner, "Qin Ming, are you jealous and angry? I admit, I deliberately talked to Senior Fang just now to irritate you. Who made you not care about me at all, I'm your wife no matter what, and I would be upset in my heart if you praised your ex-girlfriend in front of me."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, he was torn, why did he feel as if Mu Xiaoqiao really didn't want a divorce? She doesn't like us and she won't let go, what does that mean?

                When that awful old man, Zhang Quanzhen, had clearly said that divorce was feasible.

                Qin Ming was also a soft-hearted man, unable to resist the woman's soft words of pleading, he sighed and said, "Alright, let's shoot this. I'm not short of these collectibles anyway."

                The auctioneer called out several times, and there were bids, and eventually a Dodo bird skeleton was auctioned off by Qin Ming for ten million dollars.

                After that, a few more collectibles were auctioned, but Qin Ming didn't even call out for more bids, sullenly swiping his phone and watching Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast of her adorable show and rewarding her in the process.

                After Qin Ming stopped bidding, Fang Luo Xing went on a killing spree, auctioning off many artworks one after another with his strong capital.

                Fang Luo Xing's bid drew a lot of shaking heads and sighs from the auction, the Founder Group was so rich that they couldn't compete.

                "Chairman Fang is too powerful, the Founder Group is strong."

                "I heard that Chairman Fang is also a shareholder, so this is representing the group to come and buy a batch of collections."

                "We simply can't compete, they are a big company in Beijing, they want to open a branch in Guangcheng."

                "We'd better save some money for the next auction for the Dzi Beads or the Desperate Blood Diamond."

                Hearing the praise of the auctioneers around him, Fang Luo Yin was also very proud of himself, and he took the opportunity to move over to a position right next to Qin Ming, whom he directly ignored, the man who "cut him off".

                The woman who was the goddess of his heart when he was a student, the woman he had dreamed of and longed for, the woman he had never been able to get, was just like this. The woman he had dreamed of during his school days, the woman he had longed for, the woman he could not get. The woman that he had been dreaming of during his school days, and that he could never hope to meet, was thus taken by a scum.

                This scum man also spent the woman's money, spent it with justification, too shameless.

                He said to Mu Xiaoqiao across Qin Ming, "Xiaoqiao, look I just photographed a gemstone necklace handed down from the European royal family, it matches your temperament, I'll have someone give it to you later."

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head and politely declined, "Thank you for your kindness, Senior Fang, I don't need it."

                Fang Luo Xing frowned, wasn't he just being nice? Why did she suddenly turn a sour face on her again?

                Fang Luo Xing looked at Qin Ming, who was watching the live stream, and cursed in his heart, "Damn, you still have the heart to watch a female anchor when you are accompanied by such a beautiful woman like Mu Xiao Qiao? Huh? This anchor is also quite good looking. Cough, no, this Qin Ming is so slaggy, is it hard for Shinjo to like him because she's been smitten?"

                Knock knock, a glass box was presented on the auction stage.

                The auctioneer said, "I believe many bosses have come for this nine-eyed dzi bead, it is a precious item handed down from a Tibetan monk and the finest of the dzi beads, it also comes from a well-known collector in our industry, Miss Xie, the source is guaranteed, we have also invited the famous connoisseur Mr. Yang Lao to do justice. The starting bid is sixty million dollars, with each increase of no less than three million."

                As soon as the nine-eyed dzi came out, the venue immediately caused a stir; the nine-eyed dzi was again expensive, twice as much as the previous bid.

                But many buyers jumped at the chance.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was also a little nervous and couldn't help but grab Qin Ming's hand, muttering to herself, "Qin Ming, after subtracting the two collectibles you auctioned before, I only have over eighty million left, and I don't know if that's enough."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "It's alright, it's not expensive."

                Fang Luo Yin at the side said disdainfully, "Cut it out, big talk. Qin Ming, what have you contributed apart from spending more than ten million on Xiao Qiao? You're also a man, you can't protect your woman and you want her to protect you?"

                Qin Ming frowned, when they first met, he still thought Fang Luo Yin was quite nice, and remembered that he was bitterly in love with Mu Xiao Qiao, that was a waste of time, so let him die.

                As a result, instead of dying, he was jealous and tried to outshine Qin Ming, all kinds of auctioning off the collection and giving it to Mu Xiao Qiao to look like he was rich and graceful?

                Qin Ming was also annoyed in his heart: "You don't have to step on my head to show that you have manners, do you? You didn't listen to me when I taught you to be a man, but you have to go against me, looking for death."

                Qin Ming, who originally had no intention of bidding, decided to bid for this nine-eyed dzi.

                On the field, the impartial appraisal expert, Mr. Yang, had already finished his appraisal and said, "This is exactly the nine-eyed Dharma conch dzi bead that the famous collector, Ms. Xie, had once held in Tibetan Zen Buddhism for thirty million dollars ten years ago, a sacred item descending from heaven. This dzi was also built in the early Ming period, in addition to using the onyx of the rock leaf layer, it is also a rare product of the Ming Dynasty, with a powerful magnetic field and a good collection to this day."

                After the expert appraisal, Zhao Dongliang in the crowd then raised his hand and said, "Sixty-three million."

                But before the auctioneer could answer, someone else quickly bid, "Sixty-six million."

                "Sixty-nine million." Zhao Dongliang raised his hand again.

                Another person overrode Zhao Dongliang's price: "Seventy-five million."

                Zhao Dongliang frowned, it seemed that the bidding was very intense, and Zhao Fugui, who was on the side, said, "Dad, how much money do you have to bid?"

                Zhao Dongliang sighed and said, "Only seventy million, I didn't expect so many people to have their eyes on this dzi, so it seems we can't go on bidding. This nine-eyed dzi bead is a good thing, it can ward off calamities, grow in compassion, grow in authority and be of great benefit. In the dzi cultivation merit, the nine eyes contain all the symbols and meanings of totems, the final realm in Buddhist cultivation, the nine lotus flowers are reborn, and I heard that even after death, one can ascend to eternal bliss."

                Zhao Fugui gave his dad a blank look and said, "Dad, why are you so superstitious. If you have this money, you can buy me a Ferrari."

                Zhao Dongliang didn't think so and said, "What do you know, a kid? Why is it that the richer people are, the more they like to worship the gods?"

                Zhao Fugui bristled, "I haven't seen Bill Gates worship Buddha either."

                Zhao Dongliang hit his son on the head with a hammer and said, "He believes in Jesus Christ."

                Seeing that the two were about to argue, Xie Tao hastily bragged, "Uncle Zhao is already very good, he can still bid for a while, this is a collection of tens of millions of dollars, some people also shut up as soon as they hear the starting price."

                The auctioneer said, "Seventy-five million for the first time, are there any more bids for a bigger boss? Equal opportunity, good opportunities are hard to find."

                Mu Xiaoqiao did not expect the dzi price to be that much higher, and she did not have much money in her hand because she had calculated that she had bought two pieces of the collection for Qin Ming.

                She raised her onion-white palm for the first time and said, "Seventy-eight million."

                "Miss Mu is really rich, seventy-eight million, is there anyone else in our field who is interested? Equal opportunity, do you want to bid? Seventy eight million, good, that gentleman eighty one million."

                Mu Xiaoqiao saw a familiar collector make an offer, her face was a little ugly, the other party was rich and generous, and even gave her a slight greeting, obviously interested in this nine-eyed dzi.

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned deeply, she took out her mobile phone and wanted to ask her family for more money, but this one hundred million was the maximum Mu Hao could give her.

                Because Mu Hao believed in Daoism, not in dzi beads.

                If he were to auction off a gossip mirror or some other antique artifact, he could not guarantee that Mu Hao would have spent hundreds of millions.

                When Fang Luo Yin saw Mu Xiaoqiao hesitate, he was happy and said, "Xiaoqiao, why don't I bid with you and I'll lend you the money?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was surprised, "Really?"

                Fang Luo Yin smiled, "We've known each other for so many years, I've never lied to you before. You can shout, there is a limit to how high this price can be, and you can pay me back later for the extra portion."

                Fang Luo Yin had already made his calculations, as long as he got Mu Xiao Qiao to owe him money, then there would be favours to come and go, and there would be many opportunities in the future.

                Fang Luo Xing excitedly clenched his fist, glanced at the lazy Qin Ming and thought to himself, "No matter what your reasons for getting married, but I am better than you, I am more worthy of Mu Xiao Qiao than you are. As the saying goes, as long as the hoe is well danced, there is no corner that cannot be dug? So what if your wife? It's not impossible to fall in love with me."

                With the help of Fang Luo Xing, Mu Xiao Qiao raised her hand again and said, "Ninety million."

                "Wow!" There was a gasp from the floor, this was another new record.

                And at this time, someone else raised their hand again.