Rags To Riches Chapter 25-26

 Chapter 25

The next day at noon, in the dining hall.

Zhao Li Niu after last night's incident, the heart can not forget yesterday's incident in the hospital, said "you say, the surname wait for the big man, said the young master in the end who is?"

Qin Ming holding a cell phone to check some current affairs news, distracted should say "rich people, right."

Liang Shaoyong also chatting with his girlfriend on his cell phone, responded "the son of an important leader, right. Otherwise how to afford the word young master?"

Sun Zhipeng sighed "Why am I not a rich second generation? It's good to have money and power. At least it's good to have the power of the Luo family."

Zhao Liniu slapped the table and said, "Hey, I say you guys, grow up. I see that the young master seems to be interested in Chen Mu inspiration, if Xiao Ming was taken away, then what can be done?"

Qin Ming put away the phone, said "it does not matter. Originally I was not very interested in Chen Mulin, although she is quite beautiful, but too proud, can not listen to others. I'm okay with her as a friend, but I can't get along."

Zhao Li Niu depressed "Hey, Xiao Ming, you can't do this, chasing girls to be cheeky, but also have to work hard, Chen Mulin how, that day in the ward was also touched by you, right? To you said not sorry, proving that she is not an irredeemable woman. There is no class this afternoon, you buy a bouquet of flowers and some fruit, go and visit her."

Qin Ming shook his head and said, "No, I have to participate in club activities this afternoon. Let's go."

Once Qin Ming left, Zhao Li Niu sighed, "Xiao Ming lost his love this time, he was hurt quite badly. I think it is not easy for him to get out of love for the time being. We have a dormitory for three years, I do not want to see him depressed."

Liang Shaoyong nodded and said, "Why don't we think of another way to give him a push. My girlfriend has a good relationship with Chen Mulin, if the two of them can become a pair, there will be more interaction."

Sun Zhipeng said, "We have to think long and hard about this, and give Xiao Ming a surprise."

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The first thing you can do is to go to the badminton court and talk to Nie Haitang, which will give him a moment of peace, so recently Qin Ming has been more active in club activities.

But when he passed by the convenience store, Qin Ming unexpectedly saw the girl who was in the hospital yesterday, Bai Yuchun.

Qin Ming is very surprised, recently always run into her, feel a bit of fate as well.

Just see her wearing a "bear" cartoon doll clothes, seems to have just finished promoting the leaflet, sweaty sitting in the shade to rest, next to a bottle of water, and an ordinary pineapple bread, that is probably a lunch.

That cartoon mannequin suit is very large, set in the inside of the white jade pure look so thin, as if a gust of wind can blow away.

However, the sunlight through the shade hit her pale sides, although hard, but her face is full of smiles, Qin Ming inexplicably some touch.

In the past, he was not like this?

After working hard, looking forward to the salary settlement, then again can buy cosmetics for Li Meng.

Suddenly, three girls came out of the kiosk next to him. The girls were walking on their own, and suddenly after seeing Bai Yu-chun, they went towards her.

Qin Ming had a bad feeling and wanted to remind Bai Yuchun, but it was already too late.


A bottle of juice poured directly on Bai Yuchun's black head law, juice and sweat melt into one, so she jumped up and looked back.

For a girl big thunder said "Bai Yuchun, you can ah, huh? We spend money to you, let you wash our clothes, you put me two thousand dollars of black swan dress washed a hole? Last night, you were afraid, hiding under which flyover overnight without seeing anyone? You think by today I'll be angry?"

Bai Yuchen said pitifully "Zhou Yun, I, I, I just took it to dry cleaning and brought it back according to you, I didn't do anything."

The owner of the dry-cleaning store said that the person was in good condition after washing. You are giving me bullshit? The clothes broke a hole you do not know? Take it back directly? Your brain is grass? I can't wear my 2,000 yuan clothes like this, thanks to I also in the spirit of the dormitory to take care of you, to give you paid work, you are good, washing a clothes can not do. How? Pay me back, or this is not over."

A girl next to me said, "Tsk, Rhyme, look at her skipping class to do part-time work, like the rich?"

A third girl, quick on her feet, suddenly reached out and grabbed a bag hanging around Bai Yu Chun's waist and said proudly, "Look, there are hundreds of dollars here, right? It should be part-time settlement money."

Bai Yuchun's face changed dramatically "Give it back to me, that is my mother's nutrition fee. She's in the hospital, she can't make it without this money."

Zhou Yun kicked Bai Yuchun away, wearing a cartoon doll costume, she had a bad center of gravity, fell and could not easily stand up, but she was so anxious that tears were spinning in her eyes.

Bai Yuchun directly on the ground, crawling to Zhou Yun's feet, looking up and crying, "Please. My mother just finished surgery, the doctor said, is now in need of nutrition, otherwise it is easy to not survive. I will pay back the money for the skirt later, as long as my mother has passed this dangerous period, I will work to pay back the money, please, this money is really not allowed."

"It's only right to pay back what you owe." The two girls beside Zhou Yun pressed Bai Yu Chun left and right.

Zhou Yun picked up the bottle of juice and poured it towards Bai Yuchun's face, she smiled fiercely and coldly "don't say my dormitory indifference, forty pieces of change back to you. And here five hundred, only counted to pay me back a quarter, you still want to study in this school, you will give me to remember."

Zhou Yun three women took the money and walked away laughing, and when they crossed a lane, the three women laughed even more unrestrainedly.

"Hahahaha, that stupid woman, poor and stupid, believes everything she says."

"Two thousand dollars of debt easily counted to her head, rhyme sister can really smart."

Zhou Yun smugly said "Otherwise you think I started to let her do odd jobs, ten dollars a time to run errands, so give so cool for what? It's just to catch a big fish with a long line, a hundred dollars for two thousand dollars. The poor girl like her should be for our amusement."

Under the shade of the tree, Qin Ming did not move, because he did not know what kind of identity to appear.

After all, he didn't really know the girl in front of him.

He watched Bai Yu Chun take out tissues to wipe the juice and sweat from her face, she looked quite a mess, while the tears couldn't stop coming out.

Some of the students passing around were in a hurry, and no one lingered in front of her.

Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he did not understand, what happened to this society? Why do they poor people, they must be bullied? Is it really for the rich, in order to protect them?

Qin Ming picked up the hood of the mannequin suit and walked over.

Bai Yuchun saw the shadow of a man enveloping her, she raised her head and saw Qin Ming.

Her original aggrieved and painful eyes, suddenly shrunk, she quickly took off the cartoon toy clothes, fled like running out of school.

Qin Ming was stunned, you run what ah?

Chapter 26

Bai Yuchun ran in front, Qin Ming chased behind.

The university city is composed of a number of universities, there are some small parks and artificial lakes, Bai Yuchun ran to the edge of the artificial lake, because not yet eaten lunch, really no strength, she bit her lips, leaning against the edge of the guardrail.

Bai Yuchun was so anxious that she was at a loss for words "Don't come over, if you come over again I will jump."

Qin Ming gasped, looking at this half of the body has been suspended girl, he wondered, he looks like a flood of beasts?

Qin Ming saw her looking for death, is also angry, the water depth of one and a half meters of artificial lake can drown people? You tease me.

He called out "you jump, you jump ah, do not jump is a puppy."

Bai Yuchun bit his lips, look at the breezy lake, and then look at the Qin Ming who has been chasing her, and think of his brother took the money and ran away, and she was forced to pay back the loan sharks, and her mother is still in the hospital waiting for her to send food, can not help but feel sad from the heart.

"If I have to jump into the lake to let me go, I will jump." Bai Yuchun tears flooded the corners of the eyes, turned around and jumped, and really jumped into the lake.

Qin Ming was stunned, rushed up, reached out and grabbed Bai Yuchen's wrist.

In the nick of time, Qin Ming pulled Bai Yuchun, pulled her back, reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist, the two of them hugged each other through the guardrail.

"Boing!" Bai Yuchun out a low hum, while the pale cheeks instantly a red, she is the first time a man so hard hug, she hurriedly small hand forcefully push away Qin Ming "you, you quickly let go of me. I have no money, I really have no money. I beg you, let me go."

The more Bai Yu Chun struggled, the more Qin Ming hugged harder, he hugged Li Meng's body, not so thin, not so soft, he kind of understand the meaning of the words soft as no bones, probably this is now the feeling it.

He said, "I let go, you really fell into the lake, come here first, I promise, I will not hurt you."

Bai Yuchun will be doubtful across the guardrail, and then sit helplessly on the ground.

Qin Ming look bent down, laughing at such a beautiful Cinderella, said "you mixed really miserable it."

Bai Yuchen hugged her legs and buried her face between her knees, she said "I know you're looking for me, it must be for the eighty-eight thousand. I'm sorry, you may not believe me when I say it. The original should be given to the hospital by my brother, to my mother for heart bypass surgery, but my brother used fake money to steal the exchange, and then ran away. So I don't have any money to pay you back. If you can accommodate me for some time, I will find a way to pay you back."

Qin Ming's heart moved, so this silly girl thought he was here to collect the debt, so she ran so fast, really silly and cute.

But he was now globally rich, not short of that eighty-eight thousand.

However, despite this, Bai Yu Chun still did not escape responsibility, she took on the debt, and did not let Qin Ming go to her brother for money.

Qin Ming said "You are really stupid, I donated to you at first, did not think to ask for back."

Bai Yuchun suddenly cried, tears fell "But, without that money, your girlfriend will not be gone? I really did not mean to break you up, I do not want to be a bad woman, ooh ...... sorry."

Qin Ming froze, his heart inexplicably sour up, or the first time someone because his first love broke up, and crying, or an outsider who knows nothing.

He looked at the crying Bai Yu Chun, wiping away the tears at the corners of her eyes, said "we broke up, not because of the eighty-eight thousand, you are too much."

"Really? You're not just trying to comfort me, right?" Bai Yuchen looked over pitifully and asked.

Qin Ming knocked a chestnut at her, saying "Really, you are also a college student, why do you act like a schoolboy? Do not know how to distinguish themselves? Your boyfriend to lose eighty-eight thousand, you will break up with your boyfriend? Because of money and break up are not true love."

Bai Yuchen buried her face between her legs again and said, "I've never had a boyfriend, I don't know."

Qin Ming stretched out his hand and said, "Meet Qin Ming from the economics class, how about you?"

Bai Yuchun shyly stretched out her hand, shook hands with Qin Ming, said "e-commerce department, this year's sophomore. My name is Bai Yuchun."

Qin Ming felt her hand was soft and weak, but her fingers were slender and long, and her skin was thick with calluses, presumably due to long work.

He smiled lightly "so is the school sister, look at you strange poor, need me to help you?"

Bai Yu Chun shook his head, said "No, I have grown up, I can stand on my own, thank you for your kindness."

Qin Ming was surprised and said "Really? I know a stock market bull, she recently lacked a secretary, the salary is quite a lot, if you go to take up the post, every month should be stable and have a good income, immediately can live a good life."

Bai Yuchen heard, willow eyebrows immediately wrinkled, the stock market bull? That is not all forty or fifty years old specializing in fooling stockholders lewd uncle? A half-bald, middle-aged man with glasses and a lecherous smile came to her mind.

A high salary? How could she, a college girl who hadn't graduated yet, be highly paid? Secretary? That is not all those bosses' mistress?

If you're a junior, you do get a high salary, and you don't have to work, you can open your legs every day.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Qin Ming saw her so insistent, heart is also quite helpless, but he does not want to force her.

Qin Ming said "Right, chasing you so far, your lunch is also gone, I treat you to a meal as compensation."

Bai Yu Chun shook his head, said "No, lost your money, and wasted so much of your time, I'm not really hungry ......"

Goo Goo ...... Bai Yu Chun's stomach indisputably roared with hunger.

She was very embarrassed to cover her stomach, in fact, she did not eat breakfast, because she wanted to save some money to buy tonic for her mother.

Qin Ming looked at the guarded Bai Yuchun, not angry, but a little heartbroken, despite the constant refusal, but always remain polite, she may have long been accustomed to the malice of the world, can only be so powerless and careful to protect the weak themselves.

Qin Ming took out his wallet and handed Bai Yu Chun a hundred dollars, put it in her palm and said, "I'll buy you dinner, take it. I have eaten your suffering, I understand what you understand about life. I hope that the next time you see you, you are still you."

Bai Yuchun took the one hundred, a breeze blew across her silk on the lake, she then looked at Qin Ming's back as he left, her heart inexplicably touched, perhaps this person, did not want to tease her to approach her, perhaps he was really a good intention.

After Qin Ming walked away, he called Song Ying and said, "Song Ying, how is the operation of the girl whose mother I asked you to help yesterday?"

Song Ying reported, "The operation went well, the rest just needs bed rest and nutrition."

Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Well, find a reason to send her 10,000 yuan for nutrition."

Song Ying was very surprised, "less also like that girl? That girl needs me to send someone to protect it?"

Qin Ming dumbfounded smile "No, just give an ordinary girl a little light, after all, I am a global rich. I can inherit so much money from my righteous father, but it was also a small act of kindness back then."

On the other end of the phone, Song Ying heard this answer, a smile on his face, said "Young master, do not worry I will do a good job. Young master has one more thing, the captains of the domestic hunting teams in China want to meet young master, young master needs to arrange a meeting with them?"

Qin Ming's heart moved, immediately promised "the time is set at six o'clock tonight, let them arrange a place, then you come to school to pick me up."