Rags To Riches Chapter 247-248

 Chapter 247

Mu Sichen invited Qin Ming to dinner, and ended up hitching a ride with six girlfriends to the ktv.

                They are all students from the university of opera next door, young and beautiful, dressed in fashion, so hot day, showing a small arm, showing a small stomach, showing a long leg, and with that bulging chest, in a row, each in a thousand, very eye-catching, just look at the legs are enough to look at for a while.

                However, Qin Ming felt that all in front of him are just red and pink skeletons, no matter how good your body is, the appearance is beautiful ...... cough, Qin Ming could not help but steal a few glances, the heart straight mutter: "Mom yeah, really deserves to be a student of the opera university, the future is either a model or an actor, too tempting. "

                Mu Si Chun pulled Qin Ming and said, "Hey, brother-in-law, do you think, my sister is pretty, or my sisters are pretty?"

                Wasn't this a death-defying question?

                Qin Ming said with a flourish, "Both are beautiful."

                Mu Si Chun immediately puffed up her fragrant cheeks and said, "Tsk, you're being cheeky, you have to split the difference? Come over here, sisters, let my brother-in-law see clearly, yo."

                "Oh, so this is the handsome man who has married Mu Xiaoqiao, the goddess of our Guangcheng men's dreams."

                "I heard that he even beat up Mr. Zhu, the organiser of the Asia World Model Show, in a fit of rage."

                "He looks ordinary, but he's a very handsome man."

                "Si Chun, why is your brother-in-law not talking? Did the sisters say something wrong?"

                "Haha, not charmed by us? Dazzled by the sight?"

                "Yah, he's got a nosebleed? Ohhhh, what are you doing, handsome?"

                Qin Ming cursed in his heart, "Damn it, his nose is bleeding, you wankers, you want to be grassed up by men, don't you?"

                He awkwardly wiped his nosebleed with a tissue, since he broke up with Li Meng, Qin Ming's anger was getting bigger and bigger every day, he hadn't let off steam for almost a month, and suddenly a group of warblers were scratching their heads in front of him, could he stand it?

                Mu Sichen pushed them away and said, "You wankers, this is my brother-in-law, don't try to do anything bad and cause him to do something bad and make a mistake, I can't explain this to my sister."

                The women said in unison, "Hahahaha, yes."

                Mu Sichen pulled Qin Ming and said, "Brother-in-law, I'm not feeling well, I'm going to the washroom, you can order whatever you want, sing and dance when you're full, they're all my good sisters, you don't have to be formal."

                As soon as Mu Sichen left, these warblers immediately ordered an electro dance song from a bar and disco.

                Da, da, da, da, la, la, la ...... da, da, da~

                The six girls blew a few beers and started to shake their heads and dance, twisting their waists, shaking their hips, shaking their breasts, and electrifying their hips, just like a short video on Shake Sound, with one sexy dressed beauty dancing.

                Aigoo, Qin Ming felt that if this dance was done by ordinary women, it would not feel like much, but if a row of beautiful women danced together, it would still be quite a sight to see.

                Suddenly a busty beauty came over and pulled Qin Ming, saying, "Hey, brother-in-law Si Chun, you come and dance too, music is non-stop, get high."

                Before the words were out of her mouth, another waist-wiggling wannabe came over and intimately hugged Qin Ming's arm, saying, "Come and dance, handsome."

                Qin Ming was dragged out to dance, and was instantly surrounded by six women, who were twisting, shaking their hips, shaking their breasts, and electrifying their hips to the music, making Qin Ming's body all hot.

                One of them was even more exaggerated, with her body close to Qin Ming, like a snake swinging on Qin Ming's body in 's' curves; another one even treated Qin Ming like a steel pillar, directly grinding with her long legs, dancing a pole dance; even more, her eyes looked straight at Qin Ming, her lips teasing, her tongue twisting and swirling, and even seducing with her fingers, as if she wanted to eat Qin Ming.

                With so many beautiful young women dancing in close proximity to each other, who could withstand this? This is not a temptation to commit a crime, this is forcing people to commit a crime.

                Qin Ming was devastated inside, he said, "Mu Sichen, you're too much, you can't handle me in any other way, how can you use this kind of blatant seduction tactic on me? You want me to fall for it? Then you should have at least seven condoms for me."

                Mu Sichen was hiding in the doorway at this moment, opening the doorway and using the high list to take a peek at the scene in the ktv, she couldn't help but snicker: "Hey hey hey, Qin Ming, you're dead. It's only been a few days since you married my sister, and you've actually cheated on her. My dad, even if he's old and stubborn, will have to kick you out of the house."

                At the corridor of the ktv, several effete men, carrying a bag and shaking and tugging their arms, passed by, and when they saw Mu Sichen's back, they lit up and said, "Right on point, bee-waisted and hip-cheeked."

                The man at the head of the group pushed open the door and looked inside: "What are you peeping at, pretty girl? Have you found something shameful."

                As soon as this door was pushed open, the music inside exploded and burst into life.

                The music was so loud that it made people's nerves relax and their spirits rise, and their bodies involuntarily squirm and twitch.

                "Hey? Who are you?" Mu Si Chun was startled and hastily avoided the door, clutching her DSLR camera.

                The commotion at the door made the people in the ktv notice and the group looked over, Qin Ming recognized the man, Zhang Tie Qiang, at a glance.

                Last time, because of Liao Qingxuan, there was a conflict with Zhang Tieqiang's boss, Zhang Jundong, and Ah Long even broke Zhang Jundong's leg, which is probably still not healed.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Speaking of which, this gang is a member of some princely party, really starting a gang name one arrogant than the other, last time they found out that they couldn't afford to mess with me, so they pathetically sent gifts to make amends."

                Mu Si Chun walked back and said, "Please go out, this is the room of our package."

                "Wowse, so many beautiful women." Zhang Tie Qiang was really blown away to see six dainty little beauties besides Mu Si Chun, was this a beauty pageant?

                No, the man's in the middle was so cool? Where did he find so many beauties? I'm so envious.

                Zhang Tie Qiang pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Kid, it's you? I remember you. Last time, you got help from others to save your life, but today you are in my hands."

                Qin Ming said, "I remember you too, you are some kind of prince party member, right? Wasn't the lesson you learned last time enough?"

                "Ya drink? Taking a chicken feather as an arrow?" Zhang Tie Qiang rolled up his sleeves and swaggered over, saying, "What are you? Wasn't it that very capable guy who helped you out? Do you think I haven't investigated you? Poor? Pan pleasing goblet? Liao Kaun wicked file that titanium??!

                Zhang Tie Qiang patted Qin Ming's chest and mocked, "You were hiding behind a woman that day, just a piece of trash, if it wasn't for that mysterious rich man in a Mercedes who happened to pass by and save you, you would have been a floating corpse in the Pearl River long ago, understand? I thought you guys knew each other well, but it turned out that they were just being nice."

                Qin Ming mouth corner accident, what the hell? Ah Long was a mysterious rich man? He was just a passer-by who had been rescued? What had this Zhang Tie Qiang misunderstood?

                The two men were going at it tit-for-tat, while Mu Si Chun and the other women at the side were all scared out of their wits.

                They had heard of the existence of the Prince's Party, and there were some women in their school who relied on the Prince's Party to do favours, bullying their classmates, and some were even forced to become lovers.

                The leader of the Prince's Party, Zhang Jundong, was a madman. I heard that a while ago, he had been madly pursuing the dance teacher of their school, and all the other suitors had been beaten up by Zhang Jundong and put in hospital.

                Mu Sichen panicked a little and said, "I don't care who you are, do you know who I am? My father is Mu Hao, my Mu family is not afraid of you."

                Zhang Tieqiang smiled disdainfully, "Mu family? Hey, what's that? Is Mu Hai Ran still alive? But he's about to meet the King of Hell. Once that awful old man died, your family's connections were almost severed, and your family's influence was in ruins. You think your old man, Mu Hao, is very capable? He's just an honest businessman who usually plays tricks, but he's also arrogant and doesn't know how to find a backer. Even Mu Hao would have to give me some respect."

                Mu Sichen's expression froze, she had announced herself, thinking that the influence of the Mu family in Guangcheng would make the other party scare, but she didn't expect the other party to be completely unafraid of her.

                "What should we do?" The few girls looked at each other with covetous faces, scared out of their minds.

                The lecherous gaze of Zhang Tie Qiang and the others' eyes, inside this small room, with nowhere to hide and no rescue, they didn't know what to do.

                Qin Ming, however, said calmly, "Cut the bragging, hurry up and get out, any more nonsense and uproot your so-called princely party."

Chapter 248

"What should we do? Xiaochun, we're just an ordinary family, we can't fight these people."

                "Even the Mu family is not afraid, they are also brutal in Guang City, and with their large number of people, they are looking for someone to take the blame when they do something bad."

                "But we haven't offended them either, have we?"

                "Mu Si Chun, you found us, you can't give up on us."

                Mu Sichen was in a difficult position, she originally only wanted to film the evidence of Qin Ming's "cheating" so that she could punish him, but she ended up meeting a group of perverts, what could she do?

                Mu Si Chun gritted her teeth and said boldly, "Brother, we have no grievances in the past, we just came here to spend money. How about I give the big brothers 50,000 to treat you to food and drinks, and you can ......"

                "Hahaha." Zhang Tieqiang laughed, stroked his big bald head, licked his lips and said, "It's true that we have no grievances or enemies, but I want to invite Miss Mu to my luxury suite for a couple of drinks, will you give me face?"

                Mu Sichen reluctantly bit her lips and said, "Thank you for your kindness, we have things to do."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Tie Qiang smoked a cigarette and one of the young brothers behind him shouted angrily, "Stinky bitch, don't give shame. You're pretty and it's your good fortune that our brother Qiang has taken a fancy to you. We don't know how many college girls like you have played with."

                Zhang Tieqiang sang a good double act and said, "How do you speak? Is that how you speak to Miss Mu? I have a bottle of French royal reserved but leaked Romanee Conti red wine, don't you want to have a drink?"

                Mu Si Chun's face was blue, this group of people wouldn't let them go, they still didn't know what they had in mind.

                They were like little lambs, facing a pack of hungry wolves, with no one to turn to.

                Qin Ming? She glanced at Qin Ming, but saw that he had not moved, was he scared out of his wits? Her heart was very disappointed.

                It had been a poor man's son-in-law, her father Mu Hao seemed to have arranged the marriage out of superstition to have this cheap brother-in-law, and she did not expect Qin Ming to save them at all.

                The other six girls were terrified, but they could only look to Qin Ming.

                After all, he was the only man on their side, and when women are in danger, they instinctively want to find a man to rely on.

                "That, Qin Ming, do you, do you have any ideas?"

                "Yeah, you can marry the Mu family's eldest lady, you always have some tricks up your sleeve, right?"

                "You're not thinking of running off on your own, are you? Don't leave us behind. You're at least a man, and you've just taken advantage of us, you can't leave us behind."

                "I've heard that their people are very ferocious, the women they fancy are like tigers fancying their prey, I, I don't have a boyfriend yet, oooh ......."

                "Qin Ming, say something? Do you have a solution?"

                Mu Sichen was annoyed and anxious, and stopped acting, impatiently saying, "What are you begging him for? What can he do? He's just a son-in-law, what else can he do but spend my family's money."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, being looked down upon by his cheap sister-in-law again.

                But in his heart, he was even more upset that this Zhang Tie Qiang was blind and came to screw him again.

                Qin Ming, however, said calmly, "Zhang Tieqiang, you need to stop bragging and hurry up and get out. If you keep talking nonsense, you will be uprooted."

                Quiet, in the ktv booth, the group all looked at Qin Ming in amazement, what kind of words were these?

                Bullying is bullying, but it was too fearful of death, right?

                Mu Si Chun was so anxious that she stomped her feet and pulled Qin Ming's hand, saying, "What are you talking about, Qin Ming? He's a ruthless man, he won't show mercy when he hits people, don't you want to die?"

                The other six girls also looked ashen, what was this Qin Ming doing?

                "My God, what is your brother-in-law doing here? With the power of your Mu family, you really don't care about the others?"

                "They may not be as rich as the Mu family, but there are many of them, and they are all ruthless people who don't want to die."

                "Qin Ming, if you can't help it, you don't have to harm us either."

                "Brother, we don't know him well, we were just invited here, we don't have any disrespect for you."

                Qin Ming saw that all seven sisters did not trust him and were all terrified of their man, they all looked at Qin Ming with round almond eyes one by one, still angry that he had gone to provoke Zhang Tie Qiang.

                When Zhang Tie Qiang saw the reaction of the girls, all of them were afraid of him, his heart was extremely swollen and satisfied and he said, "Kid, the girls you found are no good. All of them don't listen to you."

                Qin Ming said, "It's alright, after I clean you up, they will listen to me."

                Zhang Tieqiang was stunned, then he laughed in anger, "Hahahaha, good boy, you are arrogant enough, but you are a poor bastard with no power, do you really think you are an onion? This is called brainless arrogance. Brothers, this kid is looking down on us, what do you think we should do?"

                The four rascally social youths shouted, "Chop it up!"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "Let them go first, let's stay and play slowly."

                Zhang Tie Qiang sat down like a grandfather, crossed his legs, waved his hand and said, "Play slowly? It's been a long time since I've played with someone as arrogant as you. It's fine, let a few girls go first."

                Qin Ming said, "You can go, next time you want to screw me, don't come to this kind of inferior disco, there will be all kinds of people, you are all so beautiful, it is easy to be targeted, this kind of open and honest looking for the door can still deal with, if quietly you drugged. Wake up can be in the hotel, and pain."

                The women blushed, they naturally understood what was being said, and had often seen similar news in society.

                But they had been invited here by Mu Si Chun to seduce Qin Ming, and to film the evidence of Qin Ming's "cheating", so they didn't think much of it.

                However, Mu Sichen was in a difficult position and said, "Qin Ming, why are you trying to be a hero? If you stay, are you not looking for death? If you are crippled and ruined, won't my sister have to live as a widow?"

                Qin Ming's tone revealed disdain and he said amusedly, "You still care about me?"

                Mu Sichen clenched her fist anxiously and said, "I, I do hate you, I hate that you hit me in the face for Nie Haitang before. I hate that you're not capable but you joined our family. I hate that you slapped me. But, but no matter how, you are still my brother-in-law, I hate you even more, but also, I will not ......"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, he actually hated Mu Si Chun too, thinking that she was just a spoiled rich girl, and even disgusted her.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

                However, before Qin Ming could finish his emotion, the women picked up their bags and walked out.

                "Brother-in-law, you're so nice, go for it."

                "Brother-in-law we'll walk, you take care of yourself."

                "Brother-in-law we will remember your great kindness, we will burn paper money for you every Ching Ming and Chung Yeung in the future."

                "Let's go, let's go."

                The six girls caught their chance and immediately ran out of the ktv booth, while Mu Si Chun was still a bit hesitant, but several sisters pulled her along and she also walked out.

                But only when she stepped out, she heard a chorus of screams from the girls, "Ah ......"

                "What are you guys doing? Didn't you say to let us go?"

                "Qin Ming, help, Qin Ming, they have an ambush."

                "You guys don't keep your word."

                "Oooh, Qin Ming, save us."

                "Brother-in-law ......"

                With a creak and a bang, Qin Ming and Zhang Tie Qiang and his four minions were left in the ktv.

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy as he said, "They have no grudge against you, you have to deal with them in such a despicable way?"

                Zhang Tieqiang covered his face and laughed loudly, "Hahahaha, kid, what the fuck are you? How dare you negotiate with me? I can play with them however I want, they are just like you, just a way for me to pass the time and have fun, hahaha, look at your stupid face, you've been cheated, right?"

                The other four youngsters followed suit and laughed, "Hahahaha, this kid is just a nerd."

                "Never experienced the beatings of society, how dare you arrogate in front of our Brother Qiang without some skills."

                "Brother Qiang, have a seat, I'll go and break this kid's arms and legs and make him come over on his back and apologise to you."