Rags To Riches Chapter 245-246

 Chapter 245

The Mu family, a group of people, arrived at the Nanshan Sanatorium in a blaze of glory, where the old man was being treated in the ICU ward.

                Mu Hao and the people from the second and third houses were all waiting anxiously at the entrance there.

                These three brothers had never gotten along, and if Mu Hai Ran had died, the three brothers would not have had the chance to meet together again.

                Younger aunt Mu Shuyun explained, "Sorry, sorry, I didn't express myself clearly just now. Dad did have treatment and hasn't woken up yet, but this treatment is very important, the indicators will come out later and will basically confirm the cause of the disease, so it is necessary for you to come here."

                Mu Hao and the other three brothers didn't say anything and waited in silence.

                And some of the younger generations stood sparsely scattered, Qin Ming also came, not for the fact that Elder Mu had given him a villa, but simply because he had felt Elder Mu's concern for him before.

                But he stood the furthest away, almost at the doorway, he looked at so many people here and felt that sooner or later he would have to leave the Mu family, thought about it, and when the break came, he suffered the chaos, and decisively turned around or walked away.

                But Mu Xiaoqiao followed him and said, "You can't go, grandpa will see us when he wakes up later."

                Qin Ming said, "Forget it, I don't want to act anymore, my heart is tired."

                Seeing Qin Ming's insistence on leaving, Mu Xiaoqiao gritted her teeth and called out, "Husband."

                Qin Ming was startled and stopped in his tracks. Although this "husband" was not very sincere, it sounded really good, after all, a cheap daughter-in-law is still a daughter-in-law.

                However, Qin Ming was determined to go and said, "The old man will wake up later, and so many of the world's leading experts will be able to diagnose the real cause of the disease, so the disease can be cured. The purpose of this happy shower has also been achieved, you should also feel at ease, and we don't need to act anymore."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "These top global experts were only found through your connections. If I didn't marry you, my grandfather wouldn't have been able to get this top global treatment. It's like how Zhu Shengwen's matter was only solved because of you. If you weren't there, then everything would be bad."

                "At first, I didn't believe that old godly man's words either. He said that the destinies of the various members of our Mu family clashed, and that once Grandpa passed away, our Mu family would fall from grace. If we wanted to change our fate, someone had to be sacrificed to find a Pan Long qualified Bazi to suppress each person's destiny. And my eight-character is the best, and your eight-character is most compatible with mine."

                "That godly man said that your eight characters are Pan Long destiny, and are suitable in every way."

                Qin Ming smiled helplessly and said, "My family is so poor, and I'm just a poor? Pan Jun? So, what's the difference? scarred air biscuit and cattle Jun

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head and said, "I don't believe it, how can I believe it? But my father asked me to marry you, and I was worried that my grandfather wouldn't be able to save me. My grandfather used to travel all over the world and make friends, and his connections and relationships have always been the key to ensuring our Mu family's prosperity. My dad was thinking in that regard, while I wanted my grandfather to live longer."

                "At that time, that godly man also gave a second option, which was to raise Southern brats, but it would affect future generations to lose their lives later. My dad let me choose, and I ended up choosing to marry you to wash away the joy."

                Qin Ming listened to Mu Xiao Qiao's words and rubbed his forehead with a broken heart, Mu Hai Ran, you are too superstitious, the more incompetent you are, the more superstitious you are, you are doing your children and grandchildren a great disservice.

                Mu Xiaoqiao added: "But after you joined the family, things have really been improving for our family. The stock price has gone up, grandpa's condition has improved, you've helped me out when I'm in trouble, and because of you, grandpa's treatment has been upgraded, and everything is better. I ...... kind of want to believe the words of that miracle worker."

                You actually believed it? Mu Xiaoqiao your mind is heading towards the edge of danger, please hang on to the cliff in time.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and thought to say in his mind, "The rise in share price should be because Qi Minghui and Hou Qing knew he was in the Mu family and gave some special care. The fact that Master Mu's condition has improved is simply because the top medical team of global doctors invited to work."


                Qin Ming suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air in confusion, wasn't it all the influence behind him that was helping the Mu family? Allowing the Mu family to reverse the family's declining fortunes?

                Qin Ming felt a pang of trepidation in his heart, was that divine rod, Old Man Zhang, really capable, or was he masked right?

                The divine stick, Old Man Zhang, had calculated that he had the face of the 9-5, and in fact, if Qin Ming succeeded the Huan Yu Century Group successfully, he would be the king of the most powerful corporate empire in the world.

                In other words, it means that Old Man Zhang is treating Qin Ming like a 'great god' and 'giving' him to the Mu family, so he is on the right track in solving the Mu family's problems.

                Qin Ming also used his status as the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group to help the Mu family. Everything seemed to be a 'coincidence' yet it seemed like an inevitable fate.

                Mu Xiaoqiao added: "These days I have observed and seen that you did not join the family because of money. I'm afraid it was for the same reason as the Mu family, that you were in trouble and listened to the advice of that godly man and joined the family, to use the happy ending to resolve the trouble, right?"

                Qin Ming frowned, this woman was a little smart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao added, "You want to get a divorce, in fact, you want to leave. I'm afraid it's also because your troubles are no longer there. Punching happy is two-fold, it helped both my grandfather and you. Now that your troubles are gone, you're dumping us like a burden, while my Mu family's troubles are still there. Do you think it's fair for you to do this?"

                Before Qin Ming could answer, the doctor in the ward came out.

                Seeing this, the crowd flocked up to hear the diagnosis.

                An old foreign expert took the report and said, "Mr. Mu's disease is so rare that there are only three cases recorded worldwide. Oh, this is his third case."

                The crowd hurriedly asked, "What is that disease?"

                The old foreign expert continued, "It's called Figo's disease, it's a y-chromosome recessive disease, males in the family will carry the gene, it's due to an abnormality in l454g leading to an abnormality in glucocerebrosidase (gd enzyme) ...... The cause of the onset of this disease is still hard to find out, but it tends to cause frequent coma and physical abnormalities in patients, and death over time."

                The crowd was confused, what the hell? Genetic diseases?

                Mu Hao asked directly, "So is there a medicine to cure it?"

                "Well, once this one develops, one can only seek for a special effect medicine ......" The old foreign expert pursed his lips helplessly, "At present, no medical institution in the world has a special effect medicine, but the M country Sprang Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Centre, has been researching this Figi disease, seems to have done the clinical experiments, the effect is very good, one of the patient's condition has been controlled, but at present the drug has not been marketed. However, for this case of Mr. Mu, it can be tried."

                Mu Hao was overjoyed and said, "Then hurry up and buy that special effect medicine, we will buy it for any amount of money."

                The old expert frowned incomprehensibly, "You don't understand, you can't buy it even if you have money, it's a private research centre, it's not something you can do with money, and not many people know about it. If I hadn't treated Mr. Mu, you wouldn't have known that the male in your family has this genetic disease on his y chromosome."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Isn't there anything that can be done?"

                The old expert nuzzled and said, "There is, find our big boss, as long as our big boss gives the word, the director of M country's Sprang Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Centre, that Christian guy has to hand over the medicine too."

                Mu Hao pursued, "Your big boss? Who is he? The boss behind Nanshan Sanatorium? Ma Shaofu?"

                The old foreign expert laughed and said, "Oh, Old Ma and I are just comrades, his rating is lower than mine, he is not our big boss. this, I am not at liberty to disclose, you can look for Old Ma. Well, the patient will be transferred to the resting ward first, you guys can go take a look."

                The Mu family followed the group into the ward, and Mu Xiaoqiao took the initiative to pull Qin Ming's hand and said, "Old ...... husband, go in?"

Chapter 246

Qin Ming glanced at Mu Xiaoqiao, he thought to himself, is this woman a bit scheming? Trying to pin him down?

                She didn't even call him by his name before, but now she was superstitious and kept calling him her husband, wasn't she trying to coax him into obedience?

                Qin Ming broke his hand away and said, "Go go go, I'm going to the toilet, you should still call me Qin Ming, it doesn't sound comfortable."

                Mu Xiaoqiao smiled wickedly and asked rhetorically, "But you asked me to give you respect, and now that you are respected you are not happy? You men are really temperamental, you want what you can't have, but you resent it when you do?"

                Qin Ming could not explain, went to the toilet and found that Ma Shaofu had rushed in to report to him, "Young master, Mu Hai Ran's disease, a very rare genetic disease, only our M country branch of the Spurrand Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Research Centre, has medicine to try and control the condition, what do you mean?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "This disease is very rare, once it is associated with me, it will easily reveal itself and expose its identity, and Chang Huan's assassins will come out in full force. Those people might coerce those few doctors who rushed to save the others in order to ask about the situation, they are innocent and shouldn't be forced into this fight."

                Ma Shaofu looked at Qin Ming in surprise, not expecting the young Qin Ming to think so much.

                He said, "But there are actually many other ways to obtain it, with our level, we can guarantee that we won't be found out, and on the M country side, the eldest young master Chang Huan is currently involved in a lawsuit, the second young master Chang Jun Dong is still in Europe, and the third young master Chang Jun Ye is just a playboy, a fop, not enough to worry about."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Old Ma, you also come from an assassination team, you should understand, don't underestimate your enemy, this battlefield, there is no chance of a do-over."

                Ma Shaofu froze, he was indeed guilty of not being cautious, real life was not a movie, once Qin Ming died everything would be gone, he did lack consideration.

                He hastily apologised and said, "Yes, it was my lack of consideration. Then let's use ordinary medicine to try and control the condition. Let the people of the Mu family work on their own."

                Qin Ming nodded and after the conversation, he wanted to go and see Old Master Mu.

                When Qin Ming arrived here in the ward, Master Mu was still looking good, talking and laughing, and Mu Xiaoqiao didn't know if he was making a show of it, or if he was really superstitious, and took Qin Ming's hand when he saw him.

                In front of so many people, Qin Ming also performed a good son-in-law.

                Mu Hai Ran's illness is a genetic disease, normally it is nothing, but I don't know what triggered it to become serious, now the cause can be identified to prescribe the right medicine, then it will be fine, the key is the special medicine is not easy to find.

                The family vowed to find the M country and buy the medicine, and it was not Qin Ming's turn to intervene in such matters.

                When they returned to the Mu family home, Mu Hao seemed to have gone straight to his room to avoid the topic of Qin Ming's divorce.

                Qin Ming could only roll up his futon and go to sleep in the study next door, he was rather torn today, he wanted to leave the Mu family, but was delayed, so he would find a good excuse tomorrow.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao saw him go out, she said, "Don't go out, if Dad finds out, he will still count us out, you'd better sleep in your room."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "I want to sleep on the bed, I don't sleep on the floor."

                Mu Xiaoqiao, who was combing her hair at the dressing table, froze in her movements, so she said, "Then I'll sleep on the floor, don't go."

                Qin Ming pulled down his face in anger and was about to speak when Mu Xiao Qiao preempted him, "You must be thinking that I've started acting like a good wife so that you won't leave? Then you're wrong, I'm not doing this to keep you from getting a divorce, but many thanks, many thanks for helping me and helping my grandfather, thank you."

                When Qin Ming heard this thank you, the anger in his heart subsided and he hummed, "Forget it, let's just settle for one night, the study is a mess that still needs to be cleaned up."

                The bed was Mu Xiaoqiao's original bed, and the fragrance was the same as the smell of Mu Xiaoqiao's body. Holding the expensive silk satin mattress felt like holding Mu Xiaoqiao, causing Qin Ming to have a physical reaction.

                Coldly, Mu Xiao Qiao said, "Don't do anything bad under my blanket again."

                Qin Ming looked away in amusement and asked, "What about, for example?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, still coldly, "Jerking off."

                "......" Qin Ming was silent, although he was relatively strong in that area, but he used to have his girlfriend Li Meng, he really did not have a hand stroke, he said, "I'm not that kind of person, if I can't help it, I'll sneak up on you in the middle of the night. "

                Mu Xiaoqiao was calm and said, "I have a pair of scissors under my pillow, if you dare to mess around, I dare to do it."

                Qin Ming did not shudder, this woman is ruthless enough, but who wants you this piece of time iceberg, to freeze to death?

                The next day Qin Ming went back to school, he had to study hard for his final exams and had to deal with one of the four patriarchs, Maine? He had to study hard for his final exams and had to deal with one of the Four Masters, Maine Hathaway, who was going to test him on his studies.

                At the end of class, Zhao Li Niu asked, "Xiao Ming, why do you smell like a woman? Last night Zhang Xiaoyan came back, but you didn't. Did you go out for prostitution?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he had slept in Mu Xiaoqiao's bed yesterday and got up smelling like a woman.

                Sun Zhipeng said, "Xiaoming is not that kind of person, I see Xiaoming has found a new girlfriend, which one is it this time? Which school girl? Or a girl from the next school?"

                Qin Ming gave them a look and said, "What are you talking about me for? Did you get your royal girl, your goddess?"

                Both of them looked gloomy and shook their heads and sighed, "No, I didn't."

                Liang Shaoyong laughed loudly, "Just like you two, how can you get girls? You're not as handsome and bold as me, nor as gentle as Qin Ming, and you're just sulky all day, so you can't pick up girls, right? Let's go, let's eat."

                The four of them hooked up and headed for the dining hall, but only when they reached the corridor, they ran into a beautiful girl, Mu Sichen.

                A sun hat, black Potala t-shirt, hanging a Hermes bag, with a short beige soft gauze skirt, revealing a pair of long white and thin legs, youthful and beautiful and fashionable.

                The three of them couldn't help but swallow their saliva when they looked at Mu Si Chun, such a beautiful girl!

                Mu Sichen clasped her hands together and said with a tiger's face, "Looking for you. The other three please lend me Qin Ming."

                "My goodness, it's really the school girl from the university next door." Zhao Liniu, Sun Zhipeng and Liang Shaoyong were all stunned, no wonder Qin Ming didn't come back from his friend's wedding last night, so he had picked up another pretty girl, afraid that he had already taken her down?

                "Ah, my heart is dripping blood." Zhao Liniu covered his chest as he walked away and said, "Why can't I pick up a girl like this."

                Sun Zhipeng gave Qin Ming a thumbs up and said, "Brother, cowhide, I don't even serve the wall, just you."

                Liang Shaoyong also sang with emotion, "We are different, different ......"

                The three brothers in the dormitory wisely walked away, Qin Ming was not good-natured, "What for? Looking for a fight?"

                Mu Si Chun smiled and said, "Brother-in-law, I've been scolded by my father, I shouldn't have grabbed your phone and lost it, I've come to apologize to you and invite you out for a meal, please do me a favor."

                Is the sun coming out of the west today? How could this Mu Si Chun bow down to her? She didn't look like someone who would bow down after being reprimanded by her father.

                Mu Sichen crossed her arms and pouted, "How about it? Do you appreciate it? I've apologised and made amends to you, why don't you say yes? How can we say that we are still family, my sister even said that I should get along with you."

                Qin Ming said, "Wait at the entrance of my school, I will go out after I put my books down."

                Mu Si Chun looked at Qin Ming's back, her smile gradually lost and turned into a treacherous smugness, "Hmph, hmph, if this lady steps in, won't she easily take care of you bastard? How dare you slap me? My father wouldn't even be willing to hit me, so you dare to hit me? You're a door-to-door son-in-law loser, I want you to realise your place in this family."

                Mu Si Chun took out her mobile phone and made a call, saying, "Hey, sisters, are you ready?"