Rags To Riches Chapter 239-240

 Chapter 239

"Qin Ming are you crazy?" Mu Zhaoyang saw Qin Ming whose hands were covered in blood and thought that this man was a madman, to be so violent.

                "It's over, it's over, not only did he not apologize to Mr. Zhu, he even beat him up seriously."

                "Who the hell is he? What's the relationship with Boss Mu?"

                "Wow, this guy, a bit too ruthless, right?"

                "Call 120 quickly."

                "Mr. Zhu is a very important person in our industry, it's not like he was beaten up like this in public.

                "I don't know what the connection is, but Miss Mu is no longer on the show and their brand is finished. This Qin Ming is really a bad luck, he's made us all miserable."

                "Yes, they can't go on the show and they beat someone up. It's all his fault."

                "The police officers deployed outside are here, this is a big deal. This Qin Ming guy, he's finished."

                The people around were heckling Qin Ming, thinking that Qin Ming's use of violence was simply an unforgivable crime.

                But they would not know how Zhu Shengwen had made things difficult for Mu Xiaoqiao.

                The policewoman also warned, "Qin Ming, get down on the wall and don't move again."

                Zhu Shengwen stomped his legs in anger and said, "Qin Ming, I want you to shit, I ......"

                Before Zhu Shengwen could finish his sentence, he saw Qin Ming take out his own mobile phone and played a video to Zhu Shengwen, when he saw that video, he shut up.

                In the video on Qin Ming's phone, it was the whole process of a traffic accident on a highway one night, where the driver hit and killed someone and fled, and then found someone to take the blame.

                In fact, Qi Minghui had previously dug out some of Zhu Shengwen's dark history, such as video evidence of threatening certain wild models to subvert, evidence of accepting bribes when doing important activities, and a dark case of finding someone to take the blame after a hit-and-run drunken driving accident, to Qin Ming.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Zhu Shengwen saw the evidence of his traffic accident a year ago, in front of his eyes.

                He clearly found someone to clean up the guy who took the video, there is no longer this video, how did this video appear in Qin Ming's hands?

                After Qin Ming played this one, he played another one, the whole process of Zhu Shengwen threatening some models with subterfuge, including the forced one, which was also evidence of forced sex, a lawsuit.

                The policewoman smelled some intrigue, she reached out to snatch the phone, but Qin Ming reacted quickly and withdrew it, patting Zhu Shengwen's face, saying, "Boss Zhu, I don't need to tell you, you know what to do?"

                Zhu Shengwen's face stiffened and his forehead was dripping with sweat, he was inwardly afraid and scared.

                Once the evidence that he had paid bribes, coerced models into having sex, and got someone to take the blame for his drink driving accident was revealed, his imprisonment was a sure thing.

                He was too old to take it.

                Zhu Shengwen was so scared that he suddenly hugged Qin Ming's thigh and said, "Mr. Qin, I was wrong. You hit me well, you hit me right, and you have sobered me up. You are practically my new parent, no, you are my father, have you had enough of beating? No hit me again, daddy hit me again."

                There was astonishment.

                Everyone in the lounge was astonished, why was this? Mr Zhu had been beaten up and still recognised the batterer as his father?

                What kind of logical concept is that? He had been beaten silly?

                Zhu Shengwen was not stupid, he was really a fish on the chopping block, at the mercy of others.

                If he laid down his dignity here and obtained Qin Ming's forgiveness, then he could get the evidence of his crime back and he could continue to breathe the air of freedom, but if he didn't give in and continued to resist, Qin Ming would hand over the stuff to the police and the rest of his life would be ruined ah.

                Qin Ming said, "Get lost, I don't have an ungrateful son like you."

                "Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Qin teaches the right lesson." Zhu Shengwen endured the pain in his body and said, "Officer, no one here is fighting and brawling, what are you doing here? I'm just messing around with Mr. Qin, we grown men, we like to see blood, it's nothing to make a fuss about."

                The policewoman was speechless for a while, that's not what you said just now.

                She narrowed her eyes, looked at Qin Ming and spread her hands, "Mr. Qin Ming, bring me your phone."

                Qin Ming said, "I refuse, the phone is a personal item, I have not committed a crime, I have no reason to hand it over."

                "You!" The policewoman pointed at Zhu Shengwen and said, "You beat someone up and seriously injured them, it's still not a crime?"

                "No! He didn't!" Zhu Shengwen was even more anxious than Qin Ming and shouted, "What's wrong with you police officer? I've told you, we're fooling around. If you want to arrest him, ask me first."

                The people around him were speechless, which of Zhu Shengwen's dead ends did Qin Ming have? He had him under such tight control?

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, patted Zhu Shengwen's face and said, "I think you should know what to do."

                Zhu Shengwen hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, yes. That Miss Mu is sorry, my old Zhu has made a mistake, I hope you are generous and don't see eye to eye with a coarse person like me, old Zhu."

                Mu Xiaoqiao narrowed her eyes, she was still as cold as an iceberg on the surface, but inwardly she was very shocked by Qin Ming's behaviour and felt that she was beginning to lose sight of this Qin Ming.

                He had actually beaten Zhu Shengwen into submission.

                Lest Mu Xiaoqiao didn't forgive him, Zhu Shengwen hurriedly changed the subject and said, "It's the opening of the fashion show soon, I'll arrange the best time slot for your company, as well as the final finale appearance. Please prepare your people well, I will say hello to the photographers and the live pd's and ask them to give your clothes more close-ups and shots, I will also have contacted the media people I know well to give you an exclusive interview, an interview with the editor-in-chief of r&q magazine, I believe Miss Mu's brand awareness will definitely be raised a notch."

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming, and then at her subordinates.

                She closed her eyes, suppressing her inner emotions, and said, "Since Boss Zhu trampled on the contract, that's good. Xiao Li, inform down that everyone is ready, we are going to do a big job tonight."

                The employees of Qiao Zheng Fashion Garment Co Ltd were all pleasantly surprised, not expecting things to be hopeful after all.

                The clothes they had designed still had a chance to be displayed, and the model agent who had counted Mu Xiao Qiao at the beginning had also come over to say something nice, lest Mu Xiao Qiao wouldn't allow her models to appear.

                However, Mu Xiao Qiao did not want to cause any more trouble and everything was held as usual.

                And Mu Zhaoyang was silent, as was the Mu Cambridge family from the second house.

                Everyone looked at Qin Ming differently, because this big trouble was solved by Qin Ming, who had become Mu Xiao Qiao's saviour in general.

                It was as if Qin Ming had never paid any attention to these people, as if he had only come to settle a score with Zhu Shengwen and had only helped Mu Xiaoqiao in passing.

                They could all see that Qin Ming had won from the start and was able to hold on to Zhu Shengwen, but they were the ones who were sneering and sarcastic, so it was no wonder Qin Ming didn't care about them.

                Mu Xiaoqiao twisted her head to look at Qin Ming, but she was not too angry in her heart, no matter what, now Qin Ming helped her to get the chance to go on stage and beat Zhu Shengwen, so that she could take out her anger.

                In her heart, Mu Xiao Qiao thought, "He seems to be a bit reliable by imagination."

                In fact, in her heart, Mu Xiaoqiao was still more happy than angry, at least the man she married was not such a wimp and had some blood in him.

                Qin Ming saw that there was nothing more he needed to do, so he moved to leave.

                But Qin Ming had only just walked out when the female police officer's order was heard behind him, "Qin Ming, stop right there."

Chapter 240

Qin Ming cleaned up Zhu Shengwen, who had been submissive to him, and with the evidence of his crime, he would never dare to appear in front of him again.

                Qin Ming had thought of killing him, but on account of him calling him "dad", after all, in front of so many people, he was the boss of the organiser, calling Qin Ming his father, how humiliating it would be, how humiliating it would be, how humiliating it would be to lose his dignity, how humiliating it would be to lose face.

                He can accept this humiliation, and is no less a man who can bend and stretch, so let's just keep taking it.

                The main thing is that Zhu Shengwen, in order to get back the incriminating evidence, will inevitably give Qin Ming door-to-door filial respect in the future, which is a long-term income.

                However, Qin Ming's way was blocked by the policewoman.

                "Qin Ming, stop right there." The policewoman came up and crossed in front of Qin Ming, she didn't put on her baton this time, she reached out and blocked Qin Ming, saying, "My phone is out of battery, can I borrow your phone for a while?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "I believe the hell out of you, you cop girl, bad as hell."

                The policewoman rolled her eyes and had to say in all seriousness, "Qin Ming, do you have evidence of Zhu Shengwen's illegal crimes? You are a scholar, you should know that such content should be handed over to the police, such as me. I will administer justice."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I don't know what you are talking about ah? I've said that I was fooling around with that boss Zhu, officer, why don't you believe me?"

                The policewoman got angry and crossed her arms, saying, "Qin Ming, you were quite cooperative with the police in solving the case before, but now why are you so coy? Can you be more forthcoming and give me your phone?"

                With that, the policewoman was about to come forward and grab it, but Qin Ming just wouldn't give it, grabbing the phone and dodging it.

                With a violent grab, the policewoman clamped down on Qin Ming's body and said, "Be honest with me."

                "Ho ho!" Qin Ming was quite speechless, are you the one who asks people for things like that? He wasn't a suspect, he was just an ordinary university student.

                Qin Ming also did not want to assault the police, I guess the policewoman did not want Qin Ming to make a move so that she could have an excuse to catch Qin Ming and search the phone in name.

                He just tugged on the phone and didn't hand it over.

                The policewoman was surprised and said, "Oh, you are quite tolerant, let's see how long you can hold back."

                The policewoman rode directly on top of Qin Ming and grabbed into his arms, trying to snatch the phone from him.

                Qin Ming was pounced on by a beautiful policewoman, groping her, pulling and pulling, touching a piece of softness on his chest, he was also embarrassed, it was really painful and happy: "Officer, please don't say such misleading words."

                The policewoman said, "What did I say? Don't blame me if you don't cooperate with me."

                Qin Ming had no choice and hurriedly approached the security team to beckon them over to help.

                But the head of the security team took a look, "Turtle, why is the boss pulling and tugging with the policewoman in the main corridor?

                Although the corridor was less crowded, the boss was too liberal, right? The president's suite is upstairs, why don't you go?

                A security employee said, "As expected of our boss, even such a beautiful female police officer took it in seconds."

                The young captain was puzzled, "What does it mean when the boss waves at us?"

                "Is it to tell us to get lost and not to get in the way of the boss picking up girls?"

                "Yes, yes, a few of you go and guard the intersections on both sides, don't let anyone pass by, if they have to let them go around. Otherwise you'll have to deduct your bonus for disturbing the boss."

                Qin Ming even beckoned for the security team to come to his rescue, but in the end, they all fucking left, Qin Ming was so angry, what did these guys eat?

                Now there was no one else in the corridor, and although Qin Ming could resist, he couldn't really do it, not to mention the fact that the other party was a woman and a police officer, so if he didn't turn out to be an assailant, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

                He shouted, "Okay, okay, okay, I'll give, I'll give, okay?"

                The policewoman was also tired of wiping her sweat and looked at Qin Ming and hummed, "If you had been so honest, there wouldn't have been so much trouble, and I would have given you another good citizen banner later."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, what use would he have for that thing?

                He took the phone and asked, "That, officer what's your name?"

                "My name is Sun Changxi, what are you inking? Didn't I tell you last time?" Sun Changxi said impatiently.

                Qin Ming was about to hand over his phone when he suddenly pointed at Sun Changxi's back and said, "Look, what's that?"

                Sun Changxi froze and looked back, and Qin Ming took the opportunity to turn his head and run.

                Only then did Sun Changxi realize that she had been tricked, and that annoyed, she shouted, "Qin Ming, stop right there."

                The two of them chased after each other, and when they saw that Qin Ming was about to escape, Sun Changxi suddenly exploded and then leapt up on the wall, flying through the air, and Qin Ming only felt a slim and athletic black shadow enveloping him.

                He turned back in surprise, but saw Sun Changxi flying through the air, he shouted, "Officer, you don't have to be so cruel, do you?"

                "Aaaah! Why did you stop?" Sun Changxi was shocked, she thought Qin Ming would continue to run forward, but instead she stopped and took her flying position and direction wrong.

                As soon as Qin Ming's words were out of his mouth, he saw Sun Changxi's chest slam into him, which was a serious "hit with a ball".

                "Ohhh." Qin Ming was thrown to the ground and Sun Changxi fell to the ground with him, the two of them in an even more ambiguous position than earlier.

                The security team members guarding the intersection of the main corridor couldn't help but narrow their eyes and hurriedly backed away, they couldn't disturb the boss and the policewoman's good deed ah.

                As they walked away, they said, "The boss is really something, he's just met her and he's hooked up. The policewoman is really pretty and has a good body, I would like to have my girlfriend for ten years."

                The other one said, "No, she's so active, the boss is really nice. It's good to have money."

                Qin Ming was pressed underneath Sun Changxi, but he felt like he was about to suffocate, smelling a fragrance different from other women, mixed with some sweat, which was the body fragrance of a single woman.

                Qin Ming was very familiar with what women were single and what women had touched men, after all, he worked part-time all year round and had seen many women.

                For example, like Nie Haitang, Bai Yuchun, Zhang Xiaoyan kind of girl's body fragrance will be very unique, pleasant and fresh, let people smell and want to smell, hate to eat a bite.

                Those like Li Meng and Liang Shaoyong's girlfriend Zhao Menghua are slightly worse, as they have already had sex with men and have mixed body scents.

                Even worse are middle-aged women who need a very strong perfume to cover it up.

                Qin Ming struggled to get up and couldn't help but complain, "Officer, have you been single for so long that you have to fuck a man when you see one?"

                Sun Changxi covered her chest in embarrassment, the touch she had just felt made her sensitive and felt a little strange.

                She said, "Nonsense, who told you not to cooperate with the work? I had to do it the hard way. If you don't show me, I'll chase you until you do. How about you give me the evidence of Zhu Shengwen's crime and I'll treat you to dinner next time?"

                Qin Ming was also bored by his grinding, so he simply handed over his phone and said, "Fine, you can look at it."

                Sun Changxi was overjoyed, took the phone and tapped on a video.

                "Ah! Don't, ah ...... ah."

                Once the video opened, it was a woman lying on the bed and screaming, followed by an unpleasantly filthy scene.

                "Ahhhh, no, it hurts ......"

                The video was quite loud, and the security team members hiding around the corner couldn't help but give a thumbs up when they heard the sound, thinking to themselves that the boss was moving really fast, getting it on so quickly and so fiercely.

                A security officer with an intercom said, "Report report, the boss is on serious business, blocking all entrances and stairs of the main corridor, no one passes by."

                "Copy that."

                Here in the main corridor, the sound of screaming inside the video echoed, Qin Ming narrowed his eyes speechlessly, why was this policewoman still watching with great interest?

                He couldn't help but ask: "Hey, you ......"

                Sun Changxi raised her hand and said seriously, "Don't say anything, I'm trying to tell if this is an act of forced sex."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, is it really not that you think it looks good?