Rags To Riches Chapter 237-238

 Chapter 237

In fact, Qin Ming feels that Zhu Shengwen, a small boss, is not as thick as his foot hairs.

                He is not even close to being a man, but he is a woman, and he wants to sleep with women all day long.

                It's just that he has the advantage of being the organiser and his years of experience in the industry, and he wants to take advantage of Mu Xiaoqiao, who doesn't rely on his family for help and is self-reliant.

                He arrived at the back of the Century Building, which was on the water of the Canton City River, and had a modern smart stage on the river and at the edge of the Century Building, along with a fully automated open top, built and decorated to connect to the inside of the building behind it, with seats already set up, guests almost finished entering, and TV cameras in place.

                Qin Ming saw a group of isolated people in the lounge inside the building, staff, models and office workers, all of whom were gathered together with sad faces.

                There was no need to guess to know that they were people from Mu Xiaoqiao's company.

                A middle-aged woman was fuming at Mu Xiaoqiao: "Boss Mu, Miss Mu, do you know that our Xiao Li, who is a mature model with international fame, has pushed away invitations from other companies and lowered her contract price, just because of the clothes you designed. At the beginning you swore that you could be on this most famous and influential show in Asia, but now you are not qualified to be on the stage at all."

                "You're going to screw us Xiao Li over, aren't you? When the entertainment news comes out tomorrow, the whole modelling world, will have to laugh at us Xiao Li, and our future work will be greatly affected."

                "Aiyo, what's the use of you crying here? Look at so many people following you to dinner, such an important fashion show, even CCTV is coming, you ...... ugh."

                The model's agent sighed breathlessly, looking at Mu Xiaoqiao with eyes full of dissatisfaction and anger.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's eyes were red, she had tried and begged everyone from the organizer, but Zhu Shengwen was the boss, if the boss didn't give the word, would the people below dare to act recklessly?

                But Qin Ming had beaten Zhu Shengwen up to save her and threatened him to sign a contract with her company.

                Who would have thought that Zhu Shengwen had played a trick on them and backtracked when he was about to go on the stage.

                A secretary next to her couldn't help but say, "I heard that someone had beaten up the organiser, Mr Zhu, before he temporarily backtracked and tricked us. I'm sorry, we're victims too."

                The secretary knew that the assailant had a great relationship with Mu Xiaoqiao, but did not dare to say so explicitly, and could only hint at it.

                Another employee said, "Mr. Zhu said he wanted the assailant to come out and apologise, otherwise there is no room for manoeuvre, boss, why don't you just call the person over?"

                "Yes boss, we are in this situation now, if we can't get on stage, even if the time comes to pursue the matter, Mr. Zhu will have all kinds of excuses to shake off the responsibility. And our reputation will be all gone, we can't afford to lose."

                "Boss, let's call the assailant over, it's a way to give Mr. Zhu an explanation, so many of us have worked so hard for so long, we can't let it all go to waste. If we've done a bad job and lost, we'll admit it. But this has come to a fashion show here, not even a chance to go on stage, we really ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's eyes were red, but she still maintained her elegance and poise as she said coldly, "No way. I'll think of another way to communicate with the organizer."

                The subordinates all showed helpless expressions, if they could have communicated they would have done so already.

                He grabbed Qin Ming by the collar and angrily rebuked, "Qin Ming, you bastard. My sister has been badly hurt by you."

                Qin Ming grabbed Mu Zhaoyang's hand away and said, "Get out of my way, I don't have time to talk to you."

                Mu Zhaoyang waved his hand and said, "Get out of my way right now, things are already messy enough on Xiaoqiao's side, don't you have enough trouble? It's all your fault, how dare you come here? You're a superfluous son-in-law, what else are you capable of except fooling my superstitious father into cheating him out of money?"

                Qin Ming tilted his head to save Mu Zhaoyang's spit from spraying onto his face, it was really this family, Mu Sichen was dead set on him being there to take responsibility, his brother was desperate to drive him away, would he wait for his relatives from the second and third houses to come over and start making fun?

                Qin Ming was really thinking of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao Cao would arrive.

                The Mu Cambridge family from the second house had been invited to the event today and had come to the lounge to see Mu Xiaoqiao laugh.

                Second Aunt Wei Feng said in a loud voice, "Aiyo, isn't this Zhaoyang? You've come to see the fashion show of Shiney Qiao's company too? Oh, she's really something. She runs a company all by herself and doesn't have to rely on her father's generation, so she's a good daughter that all the big families in Guangcheng want to marry. I forgot, she's already married and found a poor man? Pan can Xia row? Sheet? Pulley Chu Cai repatriated mari bang vinegar no facsimile!

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. I heard that you beat up Mr. Zhu? Tsk, this husband of yours really does prosper his wife, huh."

                Mu Zhijun said with a contemptuous laugh aside, "Mom, stop it. Later on, my brother-in-law will make a phone call and ask Qi Minghui for help again. After all, brother-in-law is well-connected, wouldn't that be a slap in your face?"

                Wei Feng lamented, "That's true, the Qi family is capable and influential enough. However, the organiser of this is not one of our Guang City businesses, the Qi family's name may not be useful ah."

                Mu Cambridge glanced at the two in disgust and said, "Letting a woman earn money to support the family while a big man does the white rice, some people don't have any shame at all."

                Mu Zhijun said happily, "Dad, it's good that people love each other as a couple, what does it matter if the company earns money or not? Anyway, Eldest Uncle has taken all of Grandpa's family fortune, so he can spend it lavishly, and if the company closes down, it will be fine to open another one."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "The world of us rich people, you losers don't understand."

                "You!" Mu Zhijun was so angry at this sarcasm, not only did he mock his second house for failing to fight for the family fortune, he also mocked them for not being rich enough for the eldest house, Mu Zhijun was really furious, it was just that his second house was really not as rich as the eldest house ah.

                Hearing the sound, Mu Xiaoqiao hurried over and said with a frown, "Qin Ming, what are you doing here?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "Sister, I will drive him away immediately."

                Qin Ming reached out to block Mu Zhaoyang and said, "I didn't come here to look for you, please don't make a fool of yourselves."

                Erm, Qin Ming's words really made the crowd fall down, did Qin Ming not know that Mu Xiaoqiao had been pitted because he had beaten up Zhu Shengwen? He still felt good about himself?

                An employee next to him said, "You're the one who beat up Mr. Zhu? You've screwed our boss and put us all in harm's way."

                "You hurry up and apologise to Mr Zhu, or we won't be able to make it to the show."

                "What do you do for a living? Can you help?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao pulled Qin Ming from the crowd and walked outside the lounge, suppressing her anger as she said, "What exactly do you want? Is this not big enough for you? Or do you think that beating up that Zhu Shengwen again will be enough? Do you think you're invincible because you're a good fighter? This society is a money society, a human society, and you can't rely on your fists to settle everything."

                Qin Ming said categorically, "No, sometimes, fists can set everything right."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was speechless, her beautiful face was cold and frosty. Wasn't Qin Ming hardening his fist with her? Was he hardening things in an unmanageable direction?

                A mockery came from behind her.

                Zhu Shengwen and a few subordinates happened to pass by and said, "Yo, you finally got your husband here? Didn't you refuse to call someone at first?"

                Zhu Shengwen had been beaten up quite badly last time, and there were still bruises on his face.

                Qin Ming was about to speak, but was forced to hold Mu Xiaoqiao down as she stepped forward and said, "Mr Zhu, there is still room for manoeuvre, we can discuss it again, please give me another chance."

                Zhu Shengwen bit his lip coldly and arrogantly and said, "Oh, your brother just threatened me, do you really think that I, Zhu Shengwen, am afraid of your Mu family? Your Mu family is a powerful family in Guangzhou, so what? But my company and properties are not in Guangzhou, so do I need to worry? I've been doing this for so many years, and it's the first time I've been beaten up and threatened by your husband and brothers many times. Do you really think I'm a soft touch?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said hesitantly, "But we have already signed the contract."

                Zhu Shengwen pointed at Qin Ming angrily again and said, "I just deliberately screwed you over, how about signing a contract with you? How about I break the contract? I can afford to pay the breach of contract. Where is your brand? Oh, wait until you are ridiculed by the majority of netizens. I have specially invited your competing brand for this fashion show. Miss Mu, it's not easy to establish a luxury brand, especially a domestic one."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was silent for a while, Zhu Shengwen waved his hand and told his men to leave first, before lowering his voice and saying, "I am not an old codger either, I have two conditions, you meet one of them and I will let you walk the runway."

                As if she had caught the last straw, Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Mr. Zhu, what are the conditions?"

                Zhu Shengwen swept a lecherous glance at Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "The first one is that you stay with me tonight. The second, let your husband kneel down and apologise to me. Choose one of the two, how do you choose?"

Chapter 238

Although the voice was not loud, Qin Ming could hear it clearly.

                This was really asking Mu Xiaoqiao to sleep with him in front of her husband, which was really too arrogant.

                The second condition directly asked Qin Ming to kneel down and apologise to him, I was afraid that he was also going to humiliate Qin Ming in public, Qin Ming was about to storm out just by hearing these two demands.

                Although it is said that Qin Ming is not interested in Mu Xiaoqiao, but only listens to the old man Zhang who tells fortunes, in order to dissolve the deadly knot of his destiny to die alone, and the mutually beneficial marriage with the Mu family, which is a sham and sooner or later will be separated.

                But a cheap wife is still a wife, and if things shake out later and he, Qin Ming, is unable to protect a woman, won't that make him lose face?

                However, Qin Ming intentionally kept quiet, he wanted to see what Mu Xiaoqiao would do.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was beautiful, and she was even more beautiful when she was angry, as her features were no longer cold, her facial muscles were twisted, and her eyes were almost spitting out fire.

                She was a member of a wealthy family in Guang City, a thousand-year-old young lady who had grown up in an honourable position.

                But after she had become self-reliant, she had experienced the coldness of the world and knew that it was not easy to earn money, and that a beautiful woman in particular was even more vulnerable to many humiliations and covetousness.

                Her heart was sharpened to be very strong.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said angrily, "Boss Zhu has tricked me badly enough with this trick. But although I, Mu Xiao Qiao, am not a great strong woman, I am not so easily yielded either. How can an old salty worm like you still want to get me? You don't even have to take a look in the mirror, are you worthy? Tomorrow, my lawyer will come back to talk to you about the breach of contract, goodbye."

                After saying that, Mu Xiao Qiao tossed her hair and turned around and walked away in a rather domineering manner.

                Mu Xiao Qiao took two steps, but found that Qin Ming did not move his feet, she was really speechless at Qin Ming and chided, "Still not leaving? Staying to make a fool of yourself? Or are you going to kneel down and apologise to him? Can you save me the trouble?"

                Qin Ming ignored Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "Zhu Shengwen, the last time you used underhanded tactics, I beat you up. That was because you were Mu Xiaoqiao's business partner, so I let you off the hook for now. I didn't expect you to be so uncouth, so I guess the lesson wasn't enough."

                "Hahahaha." Zhu Shengwen laughed, his flesh twisted, his old face was very smug, he opened his hand and said, "You want to do it? I understand that young people have a lot of anger, and I understand that young people are not good at thinking. There are so many people here, and there are also cameras. If you do it, there will be security guards immediately. You and your wife will both go to the police station for tea."

                Mu Xiaoqiao immediately stepped forward and pulled Qin Ming, saying, "Qin Ming, I said, leave now."

                Zhu Shengwen laughed: "That's right, you have no other choice but to get lost, waste things, dare to give me a stomp, what kind of east ......"

                The word west did not make it out, Qin Ming broke away from Mu Xiaoqiao and punched him.

                Boom, Zhu Shengwen's head deflected, the body can not stand, directly into the wall, let out a miserable scream: "Ah! You brat, you really dare to do it. Security, security!"

                The security of the Century Building was not something to be bragged about, as soon as Qin Ming made his move, a security team immediately rushed over.

                But the security team took a look, "Nima, isn't this our boss? The boss hit a customer? Are they going to do it?

                The captain who led the team was the most truthful, and when he found out that the boss was beating people up, he directly turned his head and left, before the guests found them, and immediately disappeared.

                Qin Ming was still not relieved after the punch, he grabbed Zhu Shengwen's collar and lifted him up high.

                "Ahhhhh! What are you doing? You put me down." Zhu Shengwen shouted in fear, he didn't expect Qin Ming to be so strong, he was over a hundred pounds, and Qin Ming lifted him up with both arms?


                Qin Ming then ruthlessly slammed Zhu Shengwen against the door of the lounge, the old boss of the organiser of this fashion show, was just knocked into the lounge.


                The people in the lounge were all shocked, who dared to hit the old president of the organizer of the hair Zhu?

                Qin Ming slammed Zhu Shengwen to the ground, Mu Xiaoqiao on the side was so shocked that she covered her mouth, she suddenly found herself without anger and replaced with pleasure.

                She hated this Zhu Shengwen so much that she had almost fallen into a trap in a certain restaurant before, and then she put up with it for the sake of cooperation, but she still ended up being cheated by Zhu Shengwen's words of trap.

                Now, seeing Qin Ming stand up for her, she felt in her heart that Qin Ming was not that annoying.

                But in fact, Qin Ming did not stand up for her. One of them was that Qin Ming hated being deceived, and the other was the insult Zhu Shengwen had just given to Qin Ming. People are not grass, how can they be insulted and still act as if nothing is wrong? Especially in one's own turf.

                "Security, security!" Someone screamed loudly, trying to shout the security guards over.

                But the security team was blocked just outside, peeking in, the boss hadn't fallen on his face, so they stayed out of the way and let the boss have a good time before going out to maintain order, I guess Secretary Song would give them a bonus afterwards, the security team was a bit excited to think about it.

                Bang, bang, bang!

                Qin Ming pressed Zhu Shengwen, punch after punch, fist after fist, fist after fist, fist after fist, fist after fist.

                Qin Ming's fists were covered in blood, which splattered all over his face.

                Zhu Shengwen had also been beaten up long ago and was screaming miserably. The people around him were scared, Qin Ming looked very scary, this violent maniac.

                Yes, Qin Ming used to be a rotten boy, violent and uneducated, fighting was a daily occurrence for him as a child.

                Qin Ming wanted to reform himself, to be a gentleman, but there were always people in this society who forced him to be ruthless, to be mad, to be angry.

                Mu Zhaoyang and the second family, Mu Cambridge, watched from the sidelines, all shuddering with fear.

                This son-in-law from the family seemed to be less of a wimp than the rumours had suggested, he actually had this kind of bloodlust?

                "Stop it!" A refreshingly stern shout came out of the silence as a female police officer in uniform, holding a baton and in a combat stance, walked in and said, "Qin Ming, stop it."

                When Qin Ming heard someone shout his name, he turned around in surprise, but it was that female police officer again.

                It was the time when Qin Ming's big brother's ex-girlfriend Wang Feng was arrested last time, the time when Zhao Fugui was caught after stealing Zhang Xiaoyan's money, and the time when a certain princeling party boss Zhang Jundong harassed Liao Qingxuan, all of them had this female police woman.

                Because they had seen each other so many times, this policewoman recognized Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming slowly stood up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, revealing an evil smile, and everyone in the lounge shuddered, didn't this man have any fearful emotions?

                Was he enjoying himself?

                Qin Ming did hit the dark side of his heart, it was also the fact that it was all a mess of crap lately, not much good had come out of it and it had affected him emotionally.

                But he quickly calmed down and stepped aside.

                The policewoman immediately went up to ask about Zhu Shengwen, whose face was swollen like a pig's head, and at this time the security team appeared and hurriedly shielded Qin Ming, lest he should be hurt.

                Zhu Shengwen covered his swollen mouth and spat out two big teeth, furious with righteous indignation, pointing at Qin Ming and cursing angrily, "Arrest the tower, arrest him quickly, I want to anoint the tower, anoint him to go to jail and sit for life ......"

                Qin Ming this beat the man, the speech is not good.

                Qin Ming said calmly: "Officer, we are just fooling around, we are all big men, playing around all need to see blood, otherwise there is no point, right, Zhu."

                Zhu Shengwen stomped his legs in anger and said, "Yes shit, old capital wants you to shit, old man ......"

                Before Zhu Shengwen could finish his sentence, he saw Qin Ming take out his own mobile phone and played a video to Zhu Shengwen, when he saw that video, he shut up.