Rags To Riches Chapter 233-234

 Chapter 233

"Wait a minute." The mother-in-law suddenly shouted, causing the crowd to look at her.

                The group thought to themselves, "Ah Long is doing so well now and has such a good boss, so he really isn't lying, so it's not a problem for him to give an additional 300,000 yuan in gift money, right? What's not to like about the mother-in-law?

                The mother-in-law came over, pulled Ah Long's parents and said, "Look, my in-laws, I didn't think it would be a big problem for Xiao Ya to marry your Wu family, but my son, who is not too young, is still unproductive, and I'm worried about him getting a wife."

                Uncle Wu and his wife frowned, feeling that the smell was not right.

                The mother-in-law continued, "Originally, I wanted to ask for more money to buy a house in the city for my unworthy son, so that he could get a wife. But it's not quite enough. You see, Ah Long is not doing well now, can you add more to the gift money? Didn't his boss just give him five million?"

                "After paying off your youngest's loan shark of more than two million, there is still more than two million. Look at Ah Long, he has a villa and a luxury car, he doesn't need anything anymore. If word of this gets out, our families will have a lot of respect in Fengyang."

                "What do you think? I'll have them send my daughter over right away."

                The mother-in-law said, and also looked as if she intended to decide just like that.

                Uncle Wu and his wife were speechless, how could they sit on the ground and raise the price? Is this a marriage or a sale of a daughter?

                Uncle Wu said, "My in-laws, we agreed on 100,000 at the beginning, and then 100,000 was raised to 200,000, and when the banquet was finally held, they suddenly asked for an additional 300,000, and now another million. Our son's money is not easy to earn, he works for someone as a bodyguard, and that's dangerous, his life for his hard-earned money."

                The mother-in-law was not happy and said, "That big boss has many bodyguards, Ah Long is a bodyguard captain and a director of something, how much danger can there be? What? Now that you're rich, you're stingy? Our family doesn't mind that you were poor before and agreed to the marriage, but now that you're rich, you're giving me the eye?"

                Ah Long listened on the sidelines, very speechless.

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "The gift money was meant to be a celebration, and normally one would return some with the dowry. This repeated increase in price is already out of order, turning a daughter's marriage into a sale. How can you put the pressure of your own son's marriage on your son-in-law?"

                The mother-in-law was not impressed and said, "His brother owes so much money and he can pay it all back, he married my daughter, isn't my son also his brother? If he is capable, he has a little more responsibility. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility."

                Qin Ming felt that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and this was true for Ah Long, who had been a soldier, but there was a distinction to be made between responsibilities, not just taking on everything, right?

                Qin Ming said: "Ah Long, you should call your daughter-in-law. I think marriage is really a matter for both families, but sometimes, it's also a matter for two people."

                Ah Long listened to Qin Ming and called his fiancée.

                "Hello? Are you there yet?" On the other end of the phone, his fiancée sounded a little anxious.

                Qin Ming took the phone and said, "Hello, this is Ah Long's boss, my name is Qin Ming. The thing is, your mother suddenly asked for an increase in the gift money, to add one million dollars to buy a wedding house for your brother's future wife. Ah Long can't get that much now, only 300,000, and your mother refuses. I'm his boss, I think a good man like Ah Long, if you want to marry, run over yourself, if you don't want to, I'll arrange a beautiful woman for him."

                Saying that, Qin Ming pulled over that general manager of the sale of houses in the Cinnamon Garden and said, "Beauty, are you willing to marry Wu Long?"

                That beautiful manager was cooperative and said with a smile, "He is handsome, rich, and powerful, I am willing."

                This call from Qin Ming was really domineering, he wanted the bride to come over by herself? No, this was a direct exchange of the bride?

                The other end of the phone was silent for a while before saying, "If you dare to arrange other women for my man, I don't care if you're the boss, I'll rip your head off."

                Beep beep beep ...... The phone hung up.

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming incomprehensibly, wondering what he was doing by doing this? Wasn't this messing up?

                Qin Ming returned the phone, "Ah Long, marriage is a matter for two people, if your wife is not willing to sacrifice and give for you, then you will be very tired. If your wife is willing to give and sacrifice for you, then you shouldn't hide it all from her."

                As Ah Long listened, his tiger shook, he was so nudged by Qin Ming that he had a kind of enlightening awakening.

                The mother-in-law's face turned blue as she listened.

                But if Qin Ming is so messed up, how can we still get married?

                She panicked and rushed to call the men in her family to discuss what to do, if she really couldn't get married, she would be left with no money.

                The Wu family is doing so well and is so rich that there will be a lot of people coming to the door to talk about matchmaking.

                In less than five minutes, the door suddenly became lively outside, only to hear an older woman shouting at the top of her voice, "The auspicious time has come to welcome the bride."

                The guests wondered, "Hasn't the bride arrived yet? How can we welcome her? If we delay until the auspicious time, the Wu family is going to lose face."

                "So many people have just gone in and no deal has been made?"

                "Hey, is the bride not coming?"

                "The bride has arrived wow, oops, I told you, what are you guys speculating about? Isn't this going well?"

                Hearing the commotion outside, the crowd was startled and ran out, only to see a Mercedes Benz wedding car slowly driving over outside the ancestral hall.

                Ah Long looked at the person driving the car was surprisingly Bi Yuan, it turned out that Bi Yuan parked at the intersection, saw the bride running over with her wedding dress alone, took the initiative to pick up people, drove to the door here, but it was just right for the auspicious time.

                Bridesmaids holding umbrellas, to help run sweaty bride off, some old mothers on holding the fire pan room door, said: "Wu family is our Fengtou village head house, highly respected, the bride over the door to cross the fire pan, worship the ancestors ......"

                But the old mother did not finish her words, the bride carried the wedding dress directly long leap, easily crossed over, that action correction led to a burst of applause.

                The bride's parents were happy that they hadn't broken the rules or missed the auspicious time, so everything was fine.

                The bride walked up to Ah Long, reached out and twisted his ear, questioning, "Wu Long, which demon will marry you? Who? You've done the opposite, haven't you?"

                Ah Long tilted his head sideways and hastily begged for mercy, "Daughter-in-law, no, there's no one there, my boss is teasing you."

                The bride looked around and said, "Where's your boss? Tell your boss to come out and dare introduce you to a woman? Don't think that being the boss means you can do whatever you want."

                Qin Ming followed right next to her and said with a simple face, "Boss Ah Long? I just saw him go to the toilet and said he had a bad stomach, the bride has arrived, come in."

                The bride crossed her arms and hummed, "What a deserving thing to do. Forget it, let's get married first."

                Ah Long was overjoyed and glanced at Qin Ming gratefully, a thousand words in a thousand words.

                But as he was about to go to pay his respects to his ancestors, his mother-in-law came out again, pulling the bride and saying, "Xiao Ya, why did you come out without permission? I haven't even negotiated the gift money yet. You've made a good living for yourself, but don't you think about your brother? He's unemployed and still a bachelor."

                The bride said domineeringly, "Mum, I'll think of something for my brother later. But you are going too far in asking Wu Long for a million dollars. The agreed gift of 100,000 is already a lot, and if you ask for that much, what will my father-in-law and mother-in-law think of me in the future? We are all from the same village, others will poke our family's backbone."

                The mother-in-law's face reddened, she had already accepted the gift of 200,000, but she lied to her daughter and said she had only received 100,000.

                But the mother-in-law still said with a cheeky face, "I don't care what other people say, in the future you will give birth to a son for the Wu family, to continue the incense, what else can they do to you?"

                "That's enough!" A middle-aged man followed in the doorway, pointing at his mother-in-law and scolding, "Are you such an in-law? I've already forgotten about the extra 100,000 in gift money. You want to bury your daughter's happiness before you're happy? I thought you were here to talk about something, but it turns out you're hiding it from us and asking for an increase in the gift money. Do you think money is toilet paper?"

                The mother-in-law was reprimanded by her father-in-law and dared not speak, but she still said with a grimace, "Now the son-in-law is indeed rich."

                When Ah Long saw the man, he smiled and said, "Dad, you're here too, sit inside."

                The old man took Ah Long's hand and said, "Well. Ah Long, Xiao Ya and I didn't know about this time, we were all kept in the dark by her mother. When Xiao Ya heard that you were asked to add one million dollars to the gift, she was so mad that she ran straight out. I hope you don't blame her."

                Ah Long nodded, "Dad, I know, I won't blame her, I've been with her for ten years and I trust her."

                On the side, the bride, her eyes peeking over, heard Ah Long's words, before she completely put her heart down, the corners of her mouth lifting into a happy smile.

                As the saying goes, one thing led to another, and after the arrival of the old husband, the mother-in-law was completely silent, and the wedding banquet went ahead as planned, with all sorts of local customs and rituals running smoothly.

                The table was also quickly served, the bride and groom toasted one by one, and the meal passed quickly.

                Even Biao, who had come to collect the loan sharks, shut up. With the Wu family in the current situation, how could they still be short of his two million loan sharks?

                The Wu family is about to make a fortune, money is not a problem at all, and the status of Wu Long has become very intriguing, even the cadres of the state enterprises have come to flatter him, the mayor has also come to flatter him, which is the envy of the neighbourhood.

                The mayor of the city also came to flatter him, making him the envy of the neighbourhood. Biao also saw the wind at his back and waived the interest on the Wu family's loan.

                The company's main goal was to get the money back to the family.

                Although Biao lost money, he still had a good time eating the wedding wine.

                As honoured guests, Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan were naturally treated with the highest courtesy and sat in the front seats, Uncle Wu didn't even let them, and had to let Qin Ming be his side, wanting to talk to him more.

                Many people also gave him small red envelopes, and Qin Ming accepted them all.

                Zhang Xiaoyan, who didn't know the truth, said as she sipped her juice, "Qin Ming, how come everyone here is so respectful to you? I can't believe they gave you a small red envelope, you didn't even refuse it and took it all."

                Qin Ming touched a stack of small red packets in his pocket and said strangely, "What's wrong? This is called a small red packet? Can't I accept it? What's the point."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's cheeks blushed and she pouted, "Aiya, don't ask me, did you do that on purpose?"

                Qin Ming was dumbfounded, what did he mean he did it on purpose? What was wrong with him receiving this little red envelope?

                On the side, Uncle Wu said cheerfully, "Mr. Qin, we in Fengtou Village have rules for giving out small red envelopes, they are specifically for ......"

Chapter 234

Uncle Wu explained, "The small red envelope in our Fengtou village is a custom unique to our place, the elders specially give it to the couple at the wedding, it is a blessing to wish the young couple to tie the knot soon as well. The more you receive, the more blessings you naturally get."

                "Huh?" Qin Ming was startled as he looked at his trouser pocket that was filled to the brim with blessings.

                He then looked at Zhang Xiaoyan who was blushing at the side, she was almost too ashamed to look up to see anyone, because the red envelopes were for one person, her small red envelopes that she had passively received were on the table.

                But the two of them were not a couple, Qin Ming just thought of a companion and asked Zhang Xiaoyan to come along, and in turn caused her to be misunderstood, Qin Ming felt quite guilty in his heart.

                Qin Ming said, "That, Xiaoyan, I'm sorry, I didn't know."

                Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her lips and said shyly, "I, I also guessed that you didn't know that Fengtu Village had this rule, but it doesn't matter, you're not from here either, I won't mind. Besides, haven't you already divided ......"

                Suddenly, there was a rebuke from the side: "Aiya, Xiaoyan, why didn't you say something when you came back? Why are you sitting in the host's seat?"

                When Zhang Xiaoyan saw the person coming, it was her mother, she immediately stood up and said, "Mom, why are you here too?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother said, "My mother's best sister's son is getting married, so I was invited too. But you, why did you receive so many small red envelopes? And you're sitting in the host's seat?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan made a big red face, how could she explain this, it would be embarrassing to explain on this occasion, would it not be embarrassing to the person who had just given out the small red envelopes?

                At this moment, Mrs. Wu hurried over to greet her, "Aiya, Xiaolan, you're here."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother whispered, "I'll talk to you later, by the way, take someone home tonight to see. Congratulations, Mrs. Wu is finally going to be a mother-in-law, hey? Where's your daughter-in-law?"

                Sister-in-law Wu said, "She's gone to make tea. Come, come, sit next to me, I have something to tell you."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was relieved to see that her mother had been sent away, she really didn't know how to explain, especially on this occasion.

                Qin Ming was fine, he ate and drank as he should.

                After the wedding, Ah Long wanted to stay overnight at Qin Ming's home and entertain him, but Qin Ming politely declined, thinking of finding a hotel outside for the night, as he still had to go back to Guangzhou tomorrow.

                He said to Zhang Xiaoyan, "Xiaoyan, I'll take you home. I'll just go to a nearby hotel and make up for the night."

                Zhang Xiaoyan let out a cry and asked tentatively, "Why don't you spend the night at my house tonight? I have a guest room at home, and it costs money outside too."

                Qin Ming thought to himself that it would be nice to save some money and have a comfortable stay, so he said, "Then I won't bother auntie?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head and said in her heart, "I'm not bothering her, she has told me to take you back."

                Qin Ming followed Zhang Xiaoyan to her home, which was a three-bedroom, two-room commercial house in the city, where there were only two mothers and daughters, and her mother was an ordinary worker.

                Qin Ming saw a black and white photo of a middle-aged man on the divan and guessed that Zhang Xiaoyan's father had died early and that she was a single parent.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother was very enthusiastic: "Qin Ming, come, come, sit."

                Qin Ming looked a little formal, seeing that the two mothers and daughters looked somewhat alike, and also looked the same young, baby-faced, forty-odd years old, but looked like they were in their thirties.

                When Zhang Xiaoyan's mother saw Qin Ming taking a sip of water, she asked, "Young man, how many members are there in your family?"

                Qin Ming didn't think much about it and said, "My grandparents are gone, but my parents are here, my elder brother is investing in a supermarket in Guangzhou, and my younger sister is studying in Guangzhou after passing the college entrance exam this year."

                "Two college students in one family, that's impressive."

                Qin Ming grinned awkwardly, nowadays university students are everywhere, the first class line is really common, but he was still a bit shy when he was praised.

                "So where is your home?"

                Qin Ming replied again, "Baishui Town, Guang Province, it's a poor place, not as rich as Fengyang."

                "Ouch, what does that have to do with it, after studying at university you must be working in the big city afterwards, right? Ohhh ...... you're in the same class as Xiaoyan?"

                Qin Ming responded very honestly, "Mm-hmm."

                "Aigoo, then after graduation the two of them will work together in the city of Guang, it's not bad."

                Qin Ming's head tilted what kind of question this was, but he still said, "Take care of each other, now Xiaoyan is great, she can earn more money than me."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother asked again, "Then when do you plan to marry our Xiaoyan."

                "Pfft ......," Qin Ming heard this and gave a mouthful of water to spurt out.

                He was shocked and looked at Zhang Xiaoyan's mother incredulously, thinking to say, "Auntie how did you find out how good I am? But this is too sudden, right?

                "Mum!" Zhang Xiaoyan hurriedly walked over and pulled her mother to keep her from talking nonsense.

                "Heh heh." Zhang Xiaoyan's mother burst out laughing and said, "Look at you two's reaction, it's really amusing. People Xiao Qin received so many little red envelopes at the banquet and hinted at you enough."

                Zhang Xiaoyan explained shyly, "Mom~ Qin Ming is not from our local area, he doesn't know the meaning of that little red envelope, and he doesn't understand it even if he receives it."

                Qin Ming also scratched his head in embarrassment and said, "Actually, we ......"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother interrupted, "Auntie is a person who has come over, so it's not the same now that she understands. Qin Ming, although you are in a relationship with my daughter, you can't bully her, we are two orphans and a widow, but we are not easy to bully."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan heard the word "in love", her heart trembled furiously and she said, "Mom, Qin Ming didn't bully me, he even took good care of me. It's very late, you, you should go to bed now. Qin Ming needs to rest too, we have to rush back to school tomorrow."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's mother lowered her voice and said, "Fine, fine, I'll go to my room and sleep. You kid, you think your mother is in your way, don't you? I have to remind you that you can't mess around, the guest room is ready for you, sleep separately before the wedding, understand?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was completely speechless, she didn't know how to explain, she always felt sweet and panicky at the same time.

                Only once she saw her mother leave did she say to Qin Ming, "Qin Ming, don't mind, my mother is just like that, she, she misunderstood us, I hope you don't take it to heart."

                Qin Ming grinned and said with a smile, "It's alright, it's late too, I'll go and rest first."

                Qin Ming went to the guest room, it had been a busy day and he was tired as hell, but just as he pressed the bed, it collapsed with a snap.

                "......" The two men squinted their eyes, why is this bed so brittle?

                Zhang Xiaoyan helplessly said helplessly, "Sorry Qin Ming, the bed in this guest room is an old wooden bed from before, it might have been too long, so ......"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "That's fine, I can sleep in the living room too."

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, "That's not possible, the living room has no air conditioning, it's hot at night and there are many mosquitoes, you will not sleep well. Why don't you come to my room?"

                Qin Ming looked at Zhang Xiaoyan in surprise, this invitation, it really wasn't very good, was it?

                Qin Ming felt that he was also a normal man, what if one couldn't control it?

                He hurriedly shook his head, "No, no, no, I'd rather sleep in the living room."

                Zhang Xiaoyan said firmly, "That won't work, won't my mother scold me if she finds out? I'll sleep in the living room, you can sleep in my room."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, wasn't this taking away from the host? What kind of thing is it to drive the host's family into the living room and take over the host's bed? It would be better to go outside to the hotel.

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Why don't I just bunk down in your room? It's cool enough with air conditioning."

                Zhang Xiaoyan nodded and said, "Well, that's fine."

                Qin Ming didn't often go to a girl's room, but he had been to Li Meng's house once before and had sex in Li Meng's bed, so when he thought back on it now, he felt that the past was like smoke.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's room, which also exudes the same girlish fragrance, is simple and more pink.

                There is also ...... a chance glimpse of Qin Ming, mama yea, saw something that should not be seen.