Rags To Riches Chapter 23-24

 Chapter 23

Here in the emergency room, four hospital security guards were knocked to the ground.

Ten brawny men surrounded Chen Mulin's bed, Zhao Meng Hua and others, although Chen Mulin's friends, but obviously do not want to get into trouble, at this time has been scared to hide to the side.

Chen Mulin is like a little lamb, the feeling of being watched by countless hungry wolves.

She was helpless, she had nothing to rely on, and she regretted it even more, why did she get into Luo Danan's Ferrari?

He is a madman, feel the degree and passion of 300 yards at night in Guangcheng? Passion to Yama, this can be blamed on her?

The noblewoman was furious, like a madwoman, frothing at the mouth and cursing "My son is dead, in a cold morgue, and you? You're a vixen, a slut, and you killed my son."

The noblewoman stepped forward and slapped her across the face.

The slap, Chen Mulin had already sprained her neck, the slap could not be evaded, and it hurt so much that she cried.

Chen Mulin couldn't help but fight back, "Don't be arrogant, my father will come to save me."

The noblewoman yanked Chen Mulin's head and scolded, "You think I don't know who you are? The Chen family, Tim Chen's daughter, is just a small business doing food distribution, compared to our Luo family is a small witch, the municipal party committee leaders are my Luo family guests, there are relatives of my Luo family in the provincial party committee compound. Your Chen family's largest customers, is our Luo family to help. Your father is not even worthy of my shoes, my man a phone call, it is enough to make your Chen family business is cut off, the company will close down in half a month. You seduced my son and killed my son, don't think that's enough, I want your whole family to be buried with you. I want your whole family to be buried with you. Somebody, kidnap her for me. Don't you like to seduce men, you vixen? I'll find ten men to serve her tonight."

Hiss, how ruthless, this noblewoman even openly robbed someone in the hospital.

When Chen Mulin heard Luo Danan's mother's words, she was so scared that her face was bloodless, ten men to serve her in turn, which meant that her death was extremely miserable.

"No, Sister Huahua, help me call the police."

"Ah Li, save me quickly."

"Ah Hong, call the police, save me."

Chen Mulin was so frightened that she grabbed the bars of the hospital bed with a death grip, and she cried out to her friends for help.

But the noblewoman coldly said "Whoever dares to help her is against my Luo family and will end up the same as her, if you don't believe me you can try and challenge the upper class in Guangcheng."

Gulu, Zhao Meng Hua and others are scared stiff body, they are really afraid.

The Luo family had money, power, and connections.

And although Chen Mulin's family was good, they couldn't compare to the Luo family, and they, even the Chen family couldn't compete, let alone fight with the Luo family.

When Chen Mulin saw that none of her friends were willing to stand up for her, her heart went cold.

And at this time, Chen Mulin's father, Tim Chen, arrived at the door.

"Dad, Dad!" Chen Mulin hope for the stars, hope for the moon, finally look forward to the arrival of her own father, she seems to have grabbed the straws of life loudly called "Dad, save me, save me, I'm so scared, woo woo ......"

However, Tim Chen came in and immediately knelt down and begged the noblewoman "Mrs. Luo, please, please spare our Chen family. My daughter can do a medieval marriage with Luo Shao, she will also be the daughter-in-law of the Luo family, you can do whatever you like, please spare the rest of our Chen family, I did not expect Luo Shao to die in a car accident ah."

This ...... Chen Mulin saw her own father say so, but also let her and Luo Danan to carry out a medieval marriage, she is not the Chen family in the future?

Chen Mulin completely desperate, Luo family is too strong, for the sake of the rest of the Chen family, can only sacrifice her.

Chen Mulin cried and regretted her intestines, I should have known not to take the Ferrari for a ride, perhaps that Qin Ming, although a little silk, poor, silly, if you choose him, went to the bar to drink, there is no more shit, then, she is still the proud little princess.

However, the noblewoman was not satisfied, kicked away Tim Chen, said "Chen boss, you taught a good daughter, seduced my son, killed my son. Then you should accept this situation, you buy a good cemetery for your Chen family before it's too late. Take it away."

Several burly men immediately went forward and forcibly drove Chen Mulin to leave.

"Stop, who dares to make trouble in the hospital?"

The crowd was shocked, at this time, who still dared to make a sound?

At this moment, who dares to speak out? At this moment, Qin Ming walked straight out and crossed in front of Chen Mulin, saying "Do you still have the law? Robbing people in the hospital? Old demon woman, your son in order to show off the rich, had to drag people to go for a ride, driving is he, driving is he, even the passenger Chen Mulin injured, should be your Luo family to pay money to the Chen family is right."

Qin Ming thought, you robbed people in the hospital under the name of Laozi's business, then the hospital's reputation is bound to be damaged, the interests are also damaged, how can Laozi sit back and watch?

Chen Mulin was very shocked, why at this time, Qin Ming would be willing to help her out?

Even her father had abandoned his pawn to protect the marshal, why was Qin Ming willing to risk his life to help her?

Anyway, at this time Chen Mulin's world is gray, Qin Ming gave her a ray of light, she looked at Qin Ming's eyes, not the old mockery and despise, more than a point of tenderness.

Chen Mulin cried and said, "Qin Ming, thank you. I'm sorry for saying such disgusting things to you in the past, ooh ...... really sorry."

Qin Ming grinned back "It's okay, we are also considered friends. It is right to help each other."

The woman is angry, her son's bones are not cold, she wants to revenge Chen Mulin this evil spirit, but there are still people against her? Her whole face sank, she carefully looked at Qin Ming, except for his youth, there was nothing special about him.

The three brothers in Qin Ming's dormitory were shocked, at this time, Qin Ming ran out to do what?

Liang Shaoyong hurriedly said "Xiao Ming, come back quickly. It is too dangerous, do not see people hired bodyguards, are not simple?"

Zhao Liniu also advised "Xiao Ming, although it is good to have a sense of justice, but also to distinguish the occasion, a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall."

Zhao Menghua said helplessly "Although you are quite righteous, but what is the use of men just have righteousness? No money, no power, strong head is also the part of humiliation ah."

Before Chen Mulin that a few of Luo Dannan bribed girlfriends, also sneered at Qin Ming "This person really do not measure themselves, stealing cakes, picking up girls in the rain, fake money as real money, and now out to do what?"

"That's right, you think you can solve things just by standing up for yourself? The Luo family is a powerful, you messed up, but also harmed Ling Ling's reputation, others misunderstood what relationship Ling Ling and you like."

"Forget it, he wants to die himself, we can't stop it, let him die."

Whether they care about Qin Ming or humiliate him, everyone feels that Qin Ming has no background and it is really a wrong choice to stand out strongly, but no one dares to move, after all, those sturdy bodyguards of the noblewoman look too intimidating.

The noblewoman heard the words of these people, anger, has judged that Qin Ming is a white man with no background, her eyes fierce, said "no power and no power stink silk can also be against my Luo family? It seems that my Luo family is too low-profile, small dogs and cats also dare to jump in front of me, just you also want to force the head? Give a fight, break his legs and pull to feed the dogs."

Chapter 24

Although Qin Ming used to love to fight, the body is a little, but in the face of these long-trained sturdy men, is not an opponent.

But he does not intend to give way, still protect Chen Mulin.

Chen Mulin at this moment to Qin Ming as a reliance, hands cowering behind him shivering.

"I'll see who dares to make a move!" A louder roar at the door, followed by a person that Qin Ming did not expect, Hou Qing rushed in with fire and fury.

As soon as Hou Qing appeared, Song Ying and those bodyguards immediately stopped their hands and feet and did not make any rash moves.

After Hou Qing came in, the first time he looked apologetically at Qin Ming and bowed.

He blamed himself ah, the young master's friends in his management of the hospital encountered this kind of thing, if the young master encountered something suffocating again, then his future will really come to an end.

Hou Qing also felt very fortunate, fortunate that his hemorrhoids made today, he happened to come to the hospital for surgery, so as soon as he heard Song Ying's call, he immediately ran out of the operating room, saying what to rush to the first scene, take good care of the young master's friend, give the young master's friend the best medical care.

But as soon as he arrived at the emergency room, he saw that these people were going to make a move on Qin Ming, and Hou Qing was instantly furious.

Hou Qing directly approached the noblewoman and angrily shouted, "Mrs. Luo, you are so arrogant, saying that you beat people up, saying that you arrest people, this is the city hospital, not your Luo family's Lotus Building. I Hou Qing is standing here, if you dare to touch their heads, I guarantee that tonight there will be no Luo family in Guangzhou."

The atmosphere in the emergency room instantly went into an extremely agitated stage.

Most of the people here in the emergency room did not know Hou Qing and did not understand what Hou Qing was capable of that he could threaten the Luo family in such a way.

Can he threaten the wealthy and powerful Luo family?

To everyone's surprise, when the noblewoman saw Hou Qing, her face suddenly changed and she took a few steps back in fear, saying in a stammering voice, "Hou, Mr. Hou, why are you here? This is a misunderstanding, a beautiful misunderstanding."

The crowd heard the noblewoman's words, are dumbfounded, surprised to look at Hou Qing, this middle-aged uncle in the end have what ability? How could he scare the arrogant and domineering Mrs. Luo into this state? Instantly scaring a female tiger into a bitch.

Hou Qing managed the Huan Yu Century Group belongs to, the South China region of China, Guangzhou City Branch, in Guangzhou City is a huge thing, a quarterly revenue of up to 50 billion yuan, standing for many years in addition to other subgroups belonging to the South China region to help each other, but also in the city of Guangzhou black and white.

Hou Qing is also a big figure in Guangzhou City.

The Luo family also has some power in the city of Guangzhou, has also been many times to curry favor with Hou Qing, but Hou Qing are ignored, this Mrs. Luo is naturally recognized Hou Qing.

And the Luo family in front of Hou Qing is really not enough, like a mouse to see the wolf, do not hold up the tail, but to be rooted out.

Hou Qing said in a deep voice "Mrs. Luo, if not for your excessive grief over the death of your son, I'll have you blown out now, apologize to my customers, and get out."

The noblewoman's face was ugly, just now she was thundering, threatening to find someone to turn Chen Mulin, now it's good, kicked the iron plate.

She couldn't understand, how could a small, unworthy family like the Chen family make Hou Qing so angry?

Even if he supported the Chen family, he would not be able to flip with their Luo family, one word was enough to make the Luo family not dare to touch Chen Mulin.

Unless this is a statement? Who is he making a statement to?

The noblewoman is at least a celebrity in the high society of Guangzhou, her head is not too bad, she quickly guessed the reason in this.

But how she looked at Qin Ming did not feel that this silk lad has any special, much less linked to Qin Ming and Hou Qing have any relationship.

The noblewoman thought of a point, but could not think of a second point, missed an opportunity to befriend the world's most powerful tycoon.

After hesitating for a long time, she still couldn't let go of the Luo family's glory and wealth, face and dignity and what not, she could only give up.

She had to bow her head and apologize "Miss Chen, what just happened was just my insane words of insanity. You just understand my feelings of a mother who missed her son, forgive me. All your medical expenses in the hospital will be borne by our Luo family."

Snap, snap.

The noblewoman kept slapping herself, with a particularly loud sound that could be clearly heard by the people outside the door.

She also endured the pain and made amends "Auntie was too excited just now and hit you, I'll make it up to you."

Uh, the noblewoman's attitude reversal, so that the crowd in the emergency room stunned.

After apologizing, the woman's face was red with shame and anger, and she did not want to stay for half a second longer, she was about to leave, but Hou Qing shouted angrily, "Stop, there's more!"

The lady was stunned, who else? Kneeling on the floor of the Chen Tim? If Hou Qing cared about Tim Chen, he would have helped Tim Chen stand up as soon as he came in.

Hou Qing nudged her eyes, signaling that she had to make amends with Qin Ming before she would stop.

The noblewoman was puzzled, so ...... this ordinary young man? Is it worth it?

The noblewoman can't figure out, this ordinary young man can't make Hou Qing so important, right?

Is it really top just because she made a fuss in the hospital, the impact is not good?

But no matter what, Hou Qing words, she can only apologize to Qin Ming again "young man sorry, auntie and you look at the joke, you do not take it to heart."

Hou Qing walked up to Qin Ming and asked, "Is it okay?"

Qin Ming nodded slightly before Hou Qing turned around and said, "Yes, get lost immediately, if you dare to disturb my hospital patients again, be careful I will make your Luo family disappear."

The noblewoman was amnestied and left the hospital like a fugitive.

For this result, Qin Ming felt acceptable, after all, Chen Mulin and he is just ordinary friends, help to this extent can be.

Chen Tim felt very dreamy, he had already done the idea of sacrificing his daughter to save the whole family, the result suddenly killed a Hou Qing, scared the Luo family to apologize, is his Chen family is going to be lucky?

Chen Tim stepped forward and said "Mr. Hou, forgive my clumsy eyes, I have not heard of my Mr. Hou's origin, but just now Mr. Hou for my daughter, very grateful, I do not know if Mr. Hou is free, I would like to ask ......"

Hou Qing waved his hand, said "no need to thank me, your daughter is our young master's friend, then naturally ...... uh? Secretary Song?"

Song Ying came over at the right time, whispered two words in Hou Qing's ear, Hou Qing was suddenly shocked, and quickly said "thanks to the reminder of Secretary Song, or almost made a big mistake."

Hou Qing changed his tone and said, "Our young master just passed by the hospital and saw someone causing trouble here. He said that the hospital should be a place to treat patients and save lives, and that medical disturbances are strictly prohibited, so I took action. You do not have to thank me, to thank my young master."

Chen Tim would like to know the young master in Hou Qing's mouth, but he looked at the door, and there is no distinguished young master, thinking that Hou you say ah.

Hou Qing explained, "Our young master is very busy, he may have gone back now, next time have the opportunity."

Chen Tim was very sorry, he thought he had a chance to climb up to the powerful class in Guangzhou, but he looked at his daughter, he thought his daughter looked good, the young master will not see Chen Mulin? It is not possible to say that there will be opportunities in the future.

Qin Ming is more satisfied with Hou Qing's treatment, he asked Song Ying to remind Hou Qing in time, do not reveal his true identity, things have been resolved, he did not need to force pretend, the main reason or, he is afraid that after he pretend, Chen Mulin like him can do?

He also has to finish his studies in a low profile ah.

After the matter was resolved, Chen Mulin was hospitalized, and the group had to leave, but before leaving, Qin Ming suddenly found a friend authentication message in his phone, but it was Chen Mulin who came.

The latter is holding the phone waiting for Qin Ming's authentication message, and suddenly shyly bowed his head.

Qin Ming smiled lightly, he also did not show off his wealth, ah, Chen Mulin this is what is wrong?