Rags To Riches Chapter 229-230

 Chapter 229

Qin Ming felt a gaze that he had rarely felt before, awe.

                He truly felt, from the gazes of Wen Qian and Wang Yuxiu both were, the awe they felt for themselves, and to be reasonable, Qin Ming felt quite good about this gaze.

                Zhang Xiaoyan pulled at the corner of Qin Ming's coat and asked in a low voice, "Qin Ming, did you really do it?"

                Qin Ming nodded and responded, "Such people are so shameless, they don't do well themselves and are jealous of you, undermining others and having a heart. I asked Qi Minghui to help you take your anger out. Do you still remember Qi Minghui? He also rewarded you last time."

                Zhang Xiaoyan nodded her head, she naturally remembered when she was violently rewarded with a million dollars by Qi Minghui at the entrance of Century Mansion, she was stunned at that time, Qi Minghui was the second young master of the oldest luxury family in Guang City, the two of them hadn't said a word at all, rewarding her, simply to give face to Qin Ming.

                Now Zhang Xiaoyan had a different thought and said to herself, "Qin Ming, what secrets do you have on you? If you don't tell me, I won't ask, but I will remember how good you've been to me."

                "Oooh ......" Wang Yuxiu cried as she squatted on the ground and hurriedly reached for her mobile phone to call for help.

                "Sister Li, please help me plead with my boss, okay? Hello? Sister Li? Hello?"

                "Cao Xiangliang, this is Wang Yuxiu, your ex-girlfriend, have you forgotten about me? Hello? Hello? ......"

                "Boss lady, please, help me ...... I really haven't seduced the boss ah, you believe me, I'm in big trouble now, please ...... hello?"

                "Oooh ......"

                Wang Yuxiu made several phone calls, but eventually no one was willing to help, all knowing that she was completely finished.

                She cried a face full of tears, aggrieved like a child.

                But no one would pity her, it was all her own doing, jealousy.

                As Wen Qian watched, she found it unbelievable that a single phone call from Qin Ming had turned Wang Yuxiu, who was so tugging just now, into a fallen phoenix, not as good as a chicken.

                She also once again saw Qin Ming's ability to protect flowers, simply not too strong, she was too jealous, last night a black card shocked all robbers, today a phone call, get rid of a man.

                Ability, more than any money or not, works.

                On the contrary, Yang Wei, who was a nuisance on the high speed train yesterday, allowed her to be slighted and humiliated by the robbers and couldn't protect her at all.

                However, Wen Qian had just laughed at Qin Ming, causing her to have no way to go back and beg for peace.

                On the contrary, Wang Yuxiu realised that she had been pitied. She heard Wen Qian say yesterday that Zhang Xiaoyan had gone back to her hometown and brought a poor? Pan kow xinsu dazzle? The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website. The man is a trace? The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. The beginning of the umbrella

                The two used to be BFFs, and ever since her boyfriend went after Zhang Xiaoyan behind her back, she was jealous inside, jealous that she was no match for Zhang Xiaoyan, so after parting ways, she has been trying to change herself and find a better man or have more wealth.

                She was also not as good as Zhang Xiaoyan when her previous live broadcast was lukewarm, because Zhang Xiaoyan's attributes were too strong, with her childlike face, loli voice, good singing and a relatively fixed fan base.

                As a result, three years passed and she still lost.

                Her jealousy made her work hard and she reaped a certain amount of wealth.

                But her jealousy also brought her down to the point of no return.

                Zhang Xiaoyan sighed and said, "Actually, you don't need to bring the rhythm of me being adopted by a tycoon, nor do you need to slander me for seducing your ex-boyfriend. Those words were often posted to my live stream by people who hired a water force before. My fans all believe me. It's just that I won't forgive you for insulting Qin Ming."

                Wang Yuxiu's eyes shrank, was she being naive?

                She hurriedly crawled over and said, "Xiaoyan, please, forgive me. We used to be good girlfriends who had nothing to say to each other."

                She grabbed Qin Ming's thigh again and cried out, "Handsome, I, I'm sorry, it was all Wen Qian who instigated me, she said she would give me a Gucci lipstick, I was too greedy and only then agreed to do her a favour and set up Xiaoyan, I know I was wrong."

                Qin Ming stomped his leg and kicked the man away as he waved towards the roadside.

                A train of Mercedes-Benz cars drove over and took the first step to stop beside Qin Ming, followed by a few bodyguards from the assassination team opening the door for Qin Ming.

                That aura, not too strong, was simply cool to the extreme, immediately attracting passers-by to look around.

                "Wow, many Mercedes, all s600, big Ben eh, so rich."

                "Rented, right? Didn't see much of it was a wedding car?"

                "This is a car with foreign plates, there is no need to rent a car from a foreign province, right? It was driven from the provinces."

                "What a big deal, so envious of that man, his family has a mine."

                Qin Ming ignored Wang Yuxiu's pleading, people, to atone for the mistakes they made, Qin Ming felt he had been merciful, just blocking Wang Yuxiu.

                The caravan drove slowly, passing by Wen Qian and Yang Wei just as Zhang Xiaoyan locked eyes with Wen Qian, who was so envious and jealous that she swallowed her saliva, wishing she could get in the car too.

                She suddenly said in annoyance, "Didn't you say that Qin Ming was poor? The first thing you need to do is to get a job. The first time I saw him was in the car. The actual fact is that you can't get a good deal on the actual fact that you're going to be able to get a good deal on the actual fact that you're going to be able to get a lot of money.

                Yang Wei also can not explain, said: "Yes ah, he, he ......"

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                She flung her hand and said, "We're done, break up. You're a loser, that robber flirted with me yesterday and you just watched, my man doesn't want to be a loser like you."

                Yang Wei's face was dark as he explained, "Wen Qian, the other party has a knife."

                Wen Qian impatiently said: "Excuses, you waste, besides asking for money from your family, what else do you have? A rat's guts? How did Qin Ming manage to calm those robbers yesterday? How come he wasn't afraid? How come Zhang Xiaoyan wasn't humiliated by the molestation? I have to suffer that humiliation? In the end, you are far worse than Qin Ming. If I have to stay with you, how can I save my face when I see Zhang Xiaoyan in the future?"

                Yang Wei's face turned blue as he was scolded and stood still.

                Yang Wei and Qin Ming were from the same hometown, and he had been compared to Qin Ming a lot since he was a child.

                "Compared to Qin Ming you're a scum."

                "Rubbish, without Qin Ming you are nothing."

                "Yang Wei you're just a rat, look at us and you're scared to death, wimp."

                "Yang Wei, why don't you just change your name to impotent, you have nothing to do with Yang Wei."

                At this moment, Yang Wei's mind was buzzing with the words he had been ridiculed for in his secondary school days, just like Wen Qian.

                His family is rich, he despised other students, so he was often hit with revenge, but Qin Ming's dad worked for Yang Wei's family, because of this layer of relationship, so Qin Ming also quite take care of Yang Wei.

                But who knows, Yang Wei hated, hated the fact that everyone was afraid of Qin Ming and feared him, but belittled him and stepped on his dignity.

                When he went to university, he found that everything had changed and came to a world of adults where money was the truth.

                He found it very cool that he had to work part-time every day and occasionally had to borrow money from Yang Wei. He had always been the one seeking Qin Ming's protection, but now it was Qin Ming's turn to seek him out, and everything was reversed.

                He thought that from then on, he thought that he and Qin Ming had switched roles, but Qin Ming had managed to maintain the expenses of his university life by working part-time and had even picked up the class flower Li Meng, and he fell into a state of jealousy that he couldn't help himself from again.

                He always wants to surpass Qin Ming, but he Zhao Yue can't, so he wants to see Qin Ming fall from grace and see him do poorly.

                Yang Wei wanted his relationship with Qin Ming to be the same as his father's relationship with Qin Ming's father, so that he would feel like a man.

                But Qin Ming smacked him in the face again and again, and he broke down again and again.

                But what could he do, he could only buy a ticket back to Guangcheng.

                On the other hand, Qin Ming also arrived at Ah Long's house. There were many people, banging gongs and drums, and setting off firecrackers, and Qin Ming's caravan was blocked at the intersection into the village.

                Bang, bang, bang, suddenly, a man came up to the car door and knocked, saying, "Hey, are you here for the wedding?"

                Qin Ming responded; "Yes."

                The man barked, "There's no wedding, let's go."

Chapter 230

Qin Ming frowned, Ah Long said it was today's wedding, picking up the bride during the day and setting up drinks and inviting guests at noon and in the evening.

                Why did a man suddenly come and tell him that there was no wedding?

                He asked Bi Yuan to stop the caravan for a while, he was going to check the situation.

                Zhang Xiaoyan poked her head in and said, "Who is your friend, Qin Ming? There are quite a lot of people here, all the people from this Fengtou village have come here."

                Qin Ming said, "His name is Ah Long, he's a retired special forces soldier."

                Zhang Xiaoyan responded, "Oh, I know, I heard about it before when I was in high school, there was someone from Fengtou Village's Wu family who was very powerful, became a special forces soldier and even went to the African peacekeeping force, it must be him."

                Qin Ming walked to the village ancestral hall, where the largest number of people were gathered and the most lively.

                Qin Ming said, "Xiaoyan, you wait aside now, I see that the people inside are complicated, it would be bad if you were to suffer a loss."

                Zhang Xiaoyan also nodded her head and listened to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming moved off to the ancestral hall, listening to the onlooking villagers discussing as he walked.

                "What's going on? Hasn't the bride been picked up? Why isn't the food being served yet?"

                "The bride didn't come back, and the woman said that the gift money should be increased by 300,000 yuan."

                "Three hundred thousand? If you include the original 200,000, that's 500,000. The bride is made of gold?"

                "Isn't that under negotiation? It will probably be lowered a bit."

                "The younger brother was killed and injured in a car accident and lost a lot of money. The elder brother got married and ran into the woman's request to increase the gift money."

                "The wedding ceremony before the license, it will be easy to have this problem, to get a license first, let the woman to make trouble."

                "Oh, the Wu family has invited the whole village, and this is a problem?"

                "The woman's request to increase the gift money is still a small matter, I heard that his brother borrowed loan sharks before, now loan sharks came to the door."

                "Interest is rolling in, and they've picked the day of the boss's wedding to come here, just for money. Where does the Wu family have money now?"

                As Qin Ming approached the Fengtou village ancestral hall, he listened to the words of these people and felt angry for Ah Long. What kind of people are these? They are looking for the day of the wedding, when all the relatives and friends are present, to cause trouble, aren't they trying to force Ah Long to die?

                Qin Ming walked to the entrance of the ancestral hall, but the dining table was already full of relatives and friends, more than fifty tables in total, but no food had been served and the bride and groom were still missing.

                There was a lot of talk among the people, and they felt that the wedding was not going to happen today, and that the Wu family was going to lose its people.

                Qin Ming caught a man and asked, "Friend, what's going on? Why does the Wu family owe money to loan sharks? How much do they owe?"

                The man was also quite patient and said, "This matter starts from the beginning of the year, when his younger brother, Wu Zhisheng, ran over someone with his car, he killed one, injured seven, and touched a luxury car, and after the lawsuit was decided, the Wu family had to pay more than three million."

                "Wu Long this big brother when is no words, debt on two brothers one half, half a year are given to deal with, cattle batch."

                "I heard that Wu Long knew a big boss outside, he worked for someone as a bodyguard captain, advanced his salary for five years and paid back more than one million to the family of the deceased."

                "Unfortunately, ah, Wu Zhisheng that is borrowed loan sharks compensation, loan sharks interest rolled over too fierce, now want more than two million, simply can not be suppressed."

                Qin Ming listened, it was not a lot of money, how did it make it so difficult for Ah Long?

                Qin Ming quietly approached the inner hall of the ancestral hall and slipped a hundred yuan red packet to the young man guarding it.

                The atmosphere here was somewhat serious and no one was talking anymore.

                Ah Long is dressed in a groom's brother outfit, his face suppressed with anger and helplessness. Next to him is a man who looks quite similar to him who should be his younger brother Wu Zhisheng, with a sad and helpless face.

                Wu Zhisheng had screwed the whole family and was now kneeling in front of his parents, seemingly willing to accept all punishment.

                At this moment, a man sitting on the left said: "Well, it's all been so long, one word, money. Without money today, I, Biao and my brothers will not leave. It's only natural to pay a debt, there's a contract here, I'm not taking anything from you. Your Wu family is also quite famous in Fengyang, now you have money for the banquet, how come you don't have money to pay me back?"

                Ah Long said, "Mourning Biao, I didn't say I wouldn't pay back the money, as long as you are willing to accommodate for six more months, I will pay you the interest as usual."

                He said, "No, I'm afraid you two brothers will run away."

                "What about mine?" Suddenly, an older woman stood up and shouted, "I only have one daughter, your Wu family has already paid off their debts as promised, and now there are more than two million loan sharks out of nowhere, how much risk must my daughter take in marrying here? What's wrong with asking for an additional 300,000 yuan in gift money? If you don't give it, don't do this wedding."

                Ah Long's attitude towards his mother-in-law was much better and he said, "Mom, you should let Xiao Ya come over first. The guests are all here. The gift money is not a big deal, my monthly salary is only 300,000, we can have the wedding first, and I will give it to you in a few months later."

                The mother-in-law said disgustedly, "Hey, don't call out to your mother yet. Don't brag so much, three hundred thousand a month? If you're really rich, why don't you have your wedding at a five-star hotel in the city? It's cheaper to host a wedding in the village. The red envelopes given to people at the reception are only ten dollars each, who are you fooling? Who would be so shabby here in Fengyang?"

                Ah Long said helplessly, "Mom, please believe me, I'm a soldier, I won't lie. Even more so, I won't lie about marriage matters."

                His mother-in-law crossed her arms and shouted, "Then what's with the loan sharks you owe now? Before you got married, you swore that your family had no foreign debts. You lied to me once, and you want to lie to me twice? In short, my daughter won't be able to leave the house without an increase in the gift money."

                Ah Long was completely speechless, his face looked haggard and uncomfortable, and he had just learned that the money his brother had used to compensate the injured family had been borrowed from loan sharks.

                His mother-in-law didn't believe him, and the loan shark refused to leave without the money.

                Even if Ah Long was a good fighter, he couldn't beat up his mother-in-law on his own wedding day, right?

                This is really three cents on the dollar to beat a hero.

                If the wedding is delayed any longer, the wedding will not take place if the auspicious time is missed.

                When the two sides were at an impasse, Ah Long's mother came forward and asked, "Son, why don't you ask your boss for an advance? You can't let your brother die. If he gets arrested for owing money, it will be the end of his life. He has only managed to get a good job and get back on his feet."

                Ah Long had a difficult look on his face, "Mum, I've only been working for a month and I've already had a six-month advance on my salary, that's over a million dollars. How can I do it again ......"

                Qin Ming eavesdropped and secretly shook his head, Ah Long was also thinking too much of him.

                But this was also true of Ah Long's pure character; he felt that he already owed Qin Ming and treated him as a friend, so he did not want to ask Qin Ming for another salary advance.

                He wanted to take care of it himself and didn't want to bother Qin Ming.

                However, Qin Ming felt that he was not enough of a friend, and he didn't mind if Ah Long got an advance on his salary anyway.

                He also wanted Ah Long to work for him for the rest of his life, and the protection of such a powerful retired special forces soldier would be a great guarantee for Qin Ming's personal safety.

                When Qin Ming saw how embarrassed Ah Long looked, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.