Rags To Riches Chapter 227-228

 Chapter 227

By the road junction, Wang Yuxiu stopped the road with her mobile phone for live streaming and asked, "Xiaoyan, why are you avoiding me after not seeing me for so long? You still look the same, a doll face."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was a bit embarrassed and didn't know what to say. Although she had been an old classmate for many years, something had happened back then and the relationship had drifted apart.

                In senior year, Wang Yuxiu and Zhang Xiaoyan were good girlfriends, but Wang Yuxiu's boyfriend was a scum and secretly seduced Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Zhang Xiaoyan, of course, refused to do so and severely reprimanded Wang Yuxiu's boyfriend, and then planned to talk to Wang Yuxiu about it, but the scumbag told him instead that Zhang Xiaoyan had seduced him in front of Wang Yuxiu.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                The whole school knew about it and Zhang Xiaoyan's reputation was tarnished. The two of them had little contact afterwards and originally decided to go to the same university together.

                Wang Yuxiu looked at Qin Ming next to her and smiled playfully, "You're not afraid that I'll scare your boyfriend away by talking about what happened before, are you?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's face changed, she was particularly well afraid that Qin Ming would misunderstand her and hurriedly said, "What do you want?"

                Wang Yuxiu smiled, "I don't want anything? We haven't seen each other for so long, I want to have a few words with you."

                The first time I saw her, she said, "She's a big anchor, she makes a lot of money, and she has a rich man to support her.

                Wang Yuxiu was shocked and asked, "A tycoon? How come I didn't know that? We are all on the same platform, and as far as I know, Xiao Yan's main focus is on pure jade girls, so why would she have a boyfriend? Viewers, you also know about the big anchors on our platform, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's willow brows were tightly gathered in, confused as to what these people were doing?

                Qin Ming quietly turned sideways to open the live streaming platform and found the pop-up screen was buzzing with activity.

                "The girls are all quite good looking."

                "Isn't this Xiaoyan? She's actually our Xiu'er's classmate."

                "Xiaoyan is half a big anchor, but her fans are all fat nerds."

                "What do you mean by "look down on"? Does a big anchor despise our Xiu'er? What a bad personality."

                "Adopted? Is it true that the people around her are insiders? Is Xiao Yan actually being adopted?"



                "Oh my god, I accidentally found out the explosive news?"

                "I told you, this Xiao Yan has so many tycoons rewarding her day in and day out, she must have been adopted behind the scenes."

                Qin Ming frowned, this woman was really scheming, she actually inadvertently brought the rhythm when she was talking.

                The term "begging for support" was often used on online live streaming platforms, but it was actually a polite way of asking for bounties, hoping for more support from fans, not really for support.

                Zhang Xiaoyan thought that Wang Yuxiu was talking about fan bounty, but the rhythm she brought was to make Zhang Xiaoyan misunderstood, thinking that she was really adopted by a rich man and deliberately ruining her reputation.

                Wang Yuxiu took Zhang Xiaoyan's hand and said kindly, "What's past, is past, I have forgiven you, Zhu Xing is just a scum, can be seduced by you, not strong-willed, not worth flipping out. Let's make up, okay?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her lips, her heart was a bit moved, she did miss the time when the two were as close as sisters.

                She was quite sorry that the two had gone from being good girlfriends to strangers because of a scum.

                The two anchors on the same platform are appearing at the same time, especially Zhang Xiaoyan is now quite popular, which makes Wang Yuxiu's live room also climbing in popularity.

                However, Qin Ming watched the pop-ups explode again.

                "What's going on? Xiaoyan seduced her best friend's ex-boyfriend?"

                "My God, was Xiaoyan like that before? Is her innocent image faked?"

                "Take it off, I've been cheated and fed the hundred dollars I rewarded her to the dog."

                "Don't listen to the rumours, our Xiaoyan is not like that, what's up with this anchor called Xiu'er? Are you going to start a war with our Yeon family army?"

                "The two anchors are classmates, is there anything fake about what happened before? Just accept the reality."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was thinking, hesitating whether to make up with Wang Yuxiu, after all, she was once a close friend.

                But the angle filmed in the live stream made it appear that Zhang Xiaoyan was somewhat indecisive and in a quandary.

                Qin Ming looked exceptionally angry, this was being calculated!

                That Wang Yuxiu used Zhang Xiaoyan to increase her own popularity, instead she used language to set up Zhang Xiaoyan's words and calculate her, what a double whammy.

                Wen Qian, who was looking at her makeup in the mirror, smiled coldly: "Oh, fame takes a long time to accumulate, but it only takes an instant to ruin. Zhang Xiaoyan, this time, you're giving me a run for my money, right? Here in Fengyang, your reputation can never be better than mine, hehehe."

                Yang Wei said, "Qianqian, your move to pull the kettle out of the fire is desperate enough. Once Zhang Xiaoyan's reputation is ruined, her live-streaming career is also over. She also has average grades in school, and it will be hard for her to get ahead with her future part-time job. But that anchorwoman, why is she so cooperative with you?"

                "Hmph." Wen Qian said smugly, "The two of them used to have a good relationship, but actually broke it off a long time ago because of Wang Yuxiu's ex-boyfriend. Wang Yuxiu's ex-boyfriend cheated on her and went after Zhang Xiaoyan, which many people knew, but Wang Yuxiu didn't want to admit that she was less attractive than Zhang Xiaoyan and couldn't keep her boyfriend for the sake of her own face, so she insisted on creating rumors that Zhang Xiaoyan had seduced her ex-boyfriend. She was desperate for Zhang Xiaoyan to sit on her reputation as a bad woman, then she could indulge in her fantasies."

                Yang Wei gloated, "Tsk, your circle is so messy."

                Wang Yuxiu took advantage of Zhang Xiaoyan's hesitation to look at Qin Ming again and said, "This handsome guy is your new boyfriend, right? Tsk, you are so lucky to have someone to rely on, I, on the other hand, have been single all this time and it's really hard."

                Zhang Xiaoyan hesitated, "Qin Ming he's not ......"

                In fact, she wanted to say that Qin Ming was not her boyfriend, but her good feeling for Qin Ming was growing day by day, and when she thought that Qin Ming had also broken up now, her heart could not help but look forward to him, so she hesitated at the end of her sentence.

                Wang Yuxiu heartily showed a smile: "Oops, my phone ran out of battery, viewers, I may have to go off air for a while, it's out of battery, I'll be right back later oh don't go away."

                As soon as she turned off the broadcast, she immediately let go of Zhang Xiaoyan's hand, causing Zhang Xiaoyan to be abrupt and ask, "Yuxiu?"

                Wang Yuxiu instantly flipped out and said, "Don't call me by my name, I sound disgusting."

                "How do you ......?" Zhang Xiaoyan frowned, this flip-flop was quicker than a book, didn't she just say she wanted to make up?

                Wang Yuxiu held her chin and giggled: "Zhang Xiaoyan, you seduced my man in the first place, cheap as hell, and still want me to forgive you? Dream on. How dare you expect us to reconcile? How cheap are you? I heard that you didn't have many friends in college either, tsk ......"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's face sank, it was true that she made fewer friends due to her long live broadcast, but that didn't mean she didn't have any friends, much less trampling on herself and begging for a reconciliation by dying.

                Qin Ming couldn't help cursing, saying, "You were the one crying and begging for reconciliation just now, and now you're the one cursing me, you've said everything, huh, self-directed and self-acting, you're a drama queen, huh? You pretended to be a white lotus before the live broadcast, your words were thorny, you slandered Xiaoyan as being adopted, you made up rumors that she had a boyfriend, from the very beginning you were trying to set up Xiaoyan."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's torso shook, now that she thought back, just now Wang Yuxiu seemed to have secretly brought her rhythm, and at that time was still live, are a platform, among fans quickly spread one to ten, ten to hundred.

                Then she was inexplicably splashed with dirty water.

                When Wang Yuxiu saw that her behaviour had been demolished, she cursed like a shrew: "Who the fuck are you? What's it to you? Oh, let me tell you, Zhang Xiaoyan is not as innocent as you look, she seduced my man in the first place, and the whole school knows it, she is a scheming bitch."

                After Wang Yuxiu had set the pace, she was going to leave, and the rest would be a matter of waiting for the internet to fester and for Zhang Xiaoyan's reputation to be shattered.

Chapter 228

"Why are you doing this?" Zhang Xiaoyan was having a hard time in her heart, she was really expecting a little bit of her former best friend to make up, but she was hurting her once again.

                Wang Yuxiu's face twisted as she pointed at Zhang Xiaoyan and cursed, "Why? You seduced my man and you still want me to forgive you? Now you're the main anchor of Seafood Channel, so popular, and me? Still a salty little anchor, have you ever thought of helping me? Neither helping me, nor taking care of me, what kind of friend are you?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was speechless, what kind of big anchor could she be considered? If it wasn't for Qin Ming's great help in the recent month, she would have been nothing more than a small, unknown anchor.

                But for all this she didn't care, Zhang Xiaoyan said, "I didn't seduce your ex-boyfriend, he was the one who came to harass me, I did reject him, if you want me to say it a million times, I'll say the same thing, I'm clear."

                Wang Yuxiu's face changed, "You mean am I inferior to you? Oh, what a joke, just this doll face of yours, it's far worse than me, humph."

                She turned her head to look at Qin Ming and said, "You're her boyfriend, right? Oh, you need to watch your head, a green hat is waiting for you. She often gets bounties from tycoons on her live stream, millions or more, she has long been adopted."

                Qin Ming's face darkened, that was still his bounty? He had not adopted Zhang Xiaoyan, you sister, you have to be responsible for your words, tarnishing my reputation.

                Zhang Xiaoyan angrily scolded, "Enough, Wang Yuxiu you are crazy, talking nonsense here."

                Qin Ming also said, "I believe Xiaoyan, can I trust the words of a heartthrob?"

                Wang Yuxiu was stunned, she didn't expect Qin Ming to have no doubts or show any other expressions, believing Zhang Xiaoyan so firmly, but it made her even more jealous.

                Why was it that the men she found, Wang Yuxiu, were either scum or assholes, but this Zhang Xiaoyan found a man who believed her so much?

                Wen Qian came over and said, "Forget it, Wang Yuxiu, Zhang Xiaoyan's boyfriend is back for work, not to attend a class reunion with us."

                "Here to work?" Wang Yuxiu revealed a look of contempt, "No wonder he's dressed like a man, these clothes are designer."

                "That's a gift of clothes from someone else, I don't know if I should return it."

                "Tsk, no? So poor?"

                "No, my boyfriend said he was delivering part-time yesterday."

                "Hahahaha, isn't that the little white guy who relies on Zhang Xiaoyan to support him? Zhang Xiaoyan, how did you find such a superb pure? Pan Jun Jun

                The two women were chatting happily all of a sudden, as if attacking Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan was their joy in life, and seeing Zhang Xiaoyan muddling through was making them happy.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so angry that she cried. Although she had some grievances with the two women in the past, she did not expect them to go to this extent, and Qin Ming was even dragged into ridicule because of her.

                Qin Ming stepped forward to protect Zhang Xiaoyan and said, "That's enough, you guys apologise right now or I want you to regret what you have done."

                "Apologise? Hahaha." The two women laughed back and forth, and Wen Qian laughed out loud, "This is Fengyang, our place, the old mother relationship is all here, one phone call and you can't eat this. You poor? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                Wang Yuxiu added: "Aiya, I say Zhang Xiaoyan you still hurry up to open live, must not explain clearly to their own fans, careful of the collapse of the persona drop powder oh."

                Qin Ming really couldn't stand it anymore, this kind of woman really gives shame.

                He said, "One call from me and you lost your job, do you believe it?"

                Wang Yuxiu laughed, "Hahahaha, who are you fooling? You're a dead working man, a poor one like you? Pan Jun? You are a poor man like you? So, what are you doing? Eris? You are a poor man. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website. 

                Qin Ming immediately took his coarse mobile phone and called Qi Minghui, saying, "It's me, within ten minutes, make a female anchor named Xiu'er from the seafood station lose everything."

                With those words, Qin Ming hung up the phone.

                "Hahahaha." The two women, Wang Yuxiu and Wen Qian, suddenly erupted into laughter, laughing so hard that their makeup was blown.

                "Zhang Xiaoyan, your boyfriend is a lunatic, right?"

                "And I don't know who to call, and this sets me up?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was a little stunned that Qin Ming had gone this far for her, she was inexplicably a little happy in her heart, didn't this mean that she still carried some weight in Qin Ming's heart?

                Wang Yuxiu, however, took his mobile phone and deliberately said, "Hey, it's me, in ten minutes, make a female anchor named Zhang Xiaoyan from the seafood station lose everything. Hahahaha ...... Is this losing your mind?"

                But only after a minute of this, that Wang Yuxiu's female assistant's mobile phone rang, and she first said in surprise, "What? The boss really? The company is really going to fire Wang Yuxiu for real? Oh oh, I'll drive the car back, I'll be right back."

                Wang Yuxiu's smile faltered as she thought, "What is the assistant the company has assigned to her doing here? Has she gone mad too?

                The female assistant came over with a cold expression and said, "Wang Yuxiu, the company wants to terminate your contract, the BMW was loaned to you by the company for the outdoor broadcast, now you are no longer a contracted anchor, I have to take the car back. By the way, this designer bag is also lent to you by the company, take your things away, I'm taking the bag back with me."

                The female assistant grabbed the bag and dumped out all of Wang Yuxiu's things inside and reclaimed the designer bag.

                Wang Yuxiu looked confused and grabbed the female assistant and asked, "What are you doing? Are you crazy? I'm a contracted anchor for the company, earning the company more than 100,000 dollars a month, be careful I'll have the boss fire you."

                "You can tell the boss yourself." The female assistant showed an expression of disdain and directly got into the BMW and left.

                It was terribly quiet here at the road junction.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, Qi Minghui's efficiency is really good.

                Wang Yuxiu looked at Qin Ming in horror and then at Wen Qian, as if her eyes were asking, "Didn't you say Qin Ming was a poor man? The first time I saw him was in the middle of the year.

                 The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                A ringing, Wang Yuxiu mobile phone rang, she looked at the caller, immediately connected, panicked: "Hello? Boss, I ......"

                The other side of the phone scolded: "Wang Yuxiu you brain into water ah? The owner of the seafood station personally called our company and banned you by name, so you won't be able to do live broadcasts anymore. Damn it, the company has invested so much in you, and it hasn't even paid back yet, you've screwed me over."

                Wang Yuxiu's legs went weak and she stammered, "No boss, I, I ......"

                The boss cursed, "Me me me, me what? You are finished. Is the whole platform blocked, the other party also put your previous indecent video with those rich second generation and public welfare forgery evidence to go over, as a typical of the opposite of the webcast, the news tonight on the Internet, you are good for yourself."

                Wang Yuxiu pupils shrink: "Boss, no, no ...... how do you have those indecent videos? Wasn't public interest forgery arranged by you for me? How can ......"

                Wang Yuxiu panic, her private life of indecent videos, she is shot, but not all with those ex-boyfriends to get back? How come the boss has it saved there? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

                The boss on the phone said: "Hmph, if you don't get something to save, how can you be controlled in case you are on fire? Now sell those things and just preserve the company."

                She was in a big hurry: "Boss, you can't do that, those things are sent out and I'll be completely finished. I'm still 300,000 in debt, I can't stop being an internet celebrity."

                The boss said sternly, "Don't blame me for betraying you, blame it on the people you can't offend. Think about who you've offended and go make amends, or you won't be able to eat as a web star anymore."

                "Hello? Boss? Boss?" Wang Yuxiu was dumbfounded, her boss had hung up the phone and she suddenly felt like everything she had was gone.

                The money had been spent for several years of live broadcasting because she thought she could continue to earn it, but now that she had been banned, she had nothing left.

                And at this time, the crowd looked at Qin Ming in unison, this man had really made Wang Yuxiu lose everything with one phone call, it was too ruthless.