Rags To Riches Chapter 225-226

 Chapter 225

What the hell?

                The robbers have let you go, and you still won't let them go? The passengers in this carriage were all craning their necks, saying in their hearts, "Please let them go, or everyone will be in danger.

                The bearded man frowned and said, "Kid, you take your Yangguan Road, I'll take my Naihe Bridge, I'm not putting you at a disadvantage, am I?"

                Qin Ming pointed at Zhang Xiaoyan and said, "You've given her a fright, all come over and make amends."

                The robbers frowned, asking them to make amends to a little girl? How could that be possible?

                However, Qin Ming didn't even say anything even though he had received a punch, instead Zhang Xiaoyan was frightened but asked for an apology, he was really too protective of his sister.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so scared that she hurriedly pulled Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, don't, I, I'm fine. It's too dangerous, you mustn't take any chances."

                The muscular oldest man said angrily as he stepped forward, "Who do you think you are? I have to dish it out even if the King of Heaven is here, dare to threaten us, I really have to bleed you a little."

                Seeing this scene, surprise surfaced on Yang Wei's face and he said, "Haha, Qin Ming you fool, finished, too arrogant to offend people."

                On the contrary, it was that Wen Qian who was concerned about Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming are you crazy? Don't you know how to protect yourself? Big brother, big brother, my friend he's paranoid, you guys don't remember the small man, please let him go."

                Qin Ming swept his eyes at this Wen Qian, what was she doing? Why did she suddenly care about him?

                However, Qin Ming still said indifferently, "Actually, my main purpose is to attract your attention, so you can look back."

                The crowd froze, indeed ever since Qin Ming stood out against these robbers, everyone's eyes were on him.

                The moment the crowd turned back, they violently noticed that three of the six knife-wielding robbers had already been subdued.

                Two men dressed in ordinary clothes had taken out their accomplices who were blocking the aisles of the carriage, and without uttering a word, they had put Pocky Face and the other three to the ground, not making a sound the whole time?

                That was terrifying strength.

                Were those two not Bi Yuan and his second-in-command?

                As the leader of the assassination team, Bi Yuan had temporarily replaced Ah Long and was doing Qin Ming's personal security work.

                Although the robbers had taken control of the crowd's mobile phones as soon as they came up to prevent the group from calling the police, Bi Yuan's good deed spotted the end with his seasoned experience and he quickly came to the rescue.

                That's why Qin Ming was so arrogant and deliberately left these robbers to draw their attention so that Bi Yuan could move more easily.

                The bearded man shouted, "Brothers, come together."

                Qin Ming also shouted, "Everyone run to the other carriage, don't get caught as hostages."

                As soon as the passengers heard this, they all scrambled to run, lest they be taken hostage if they were too slow.

                All of them ran, but Qin Ming did not leave, and stayed where he was, worried that Bi Yuan and the others would make a mistake, and wondering if he should help.

                However, Qin Ming's fears were superfluous. Although Bi Yuan was not as powerful as Ah Long, his strength was no match for him, and even three of these ordinary robbers were no match for Bi Yuan, and after ten moves, Bi Yuan took down the other three robbers.

                After subduing the robbers, Bi Yuan hurried over and said in astonishment, "Young master, are you injured? My subordinate has failed in his duty, I am sorry."

                When the robbers heard that Bi Yuan, who was so skilled, had called Qin Ming "Young Master", they all understood, and their hearts were ashes.

                Qin Ming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said indifferently, "It's nothing, it was that muscle man who beat him up."

                The old man was struck by electricity and scared out of his wits, and the look in Bi Yuan's eyes was to eat him.

                The old man's wrist bones were shattered, and the old man screamed in pain and fainted.

                After the train arrived at the station, the police, who had heard the news, immediately put the gang of criminals in a pot, which can be said to be very efficient.

                Subsequently the carriage passengers also got back the cash taken, but has transferred the money, it will take some time to recover.

                The train journey was delayed for a long time because of the incident, but when he was leaving, a captain expressed his gratitude to Qin Ming, without whom the gang would have escaped.

                Qin Ming said that the police and the people had cooperated well.

                When Qin Ming returned to the carriage, a thunderous applause came roaring in.

                "Young man, that's awesome."

                "Beauty, your boyfriend is too fierce, the robbers are subdued."

                "Where are you from, handsome boy? Thank you for helping me save my losses."

                "Slap, slap, slap."

                "Tired, young man? I've got a Red Bull here to buy you a drink."

                "Big hero, can you give me a short interview?"

                Qin Ming looked at the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered around him and was embarrassed, where was Bi Yuan? They also had a part to play in subduing the thugs, how come no one was in sight?

                Qin Ming said goodbye to all of them, but in the end it was the steward who said that the company had specially upgraded Qin Ming's seat to a special compartment, so he avoided all this trouble.

                The special seats are for big leaders who are away on official business, but today there were no leaders, and Qin Ming helped with the uniforms and helped save the high speed rail from damage and reputation, so this small reward was no big deal.

                The special carriage is very big and the whole carriage is particularly luxurious, just like those VIP cabins in aeroplanes, with whatever you want.

                Zhang Xiaoyan pulled Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, this is the first time I've sat in a special seat, so this is a way to rub it in your face."

                Qin Ming smiled, "It's nothing, the train still has to go, you can sleep first."

                Zhang Xiaoyan nodded and said, "Okay, you should also rest early, we will arrive at my home in the morning."

                Qin Ming was also quite tired, so when he saw Zhang Xiaoyan falling asleep, he also laid down to sleep, snoring like thunder.

                But all of a sudden, Zhang Xiaoyan suddenly raised her head, her eyes flashed with a hint of nervousness as she walked over to Qin Ming, looking at his sleeping form, and suddenly smiled, "Sleeping really hard."

                Zhang Xiaoyan lay beside Qin Ming and looked at him curiously, muttering, "Qin Ming you are so brave, I was scared out of my wits just now."

                Hullo, hullo ...... Qin Ming, who was asleep, could not hear Zhang Xiaoyan's words at all.

                Zhang Xiaoyan smiled and poked Qin Ming's face, flattening her mouth and said, "You don't shave either, how unkempt."

                As she said this, Zhang Xiaoyan reached into her trouser pocket to feel for Qin Ming's mobile phone.

                She felt it left and right and suddenly felt a hard object, which made her cheeks flush and she hurriedly retracted her hand, looking at Qin Ming in a very odd manner and pouted, "I, I didn't mean to do that, don't blame me."

                But Qin Ming was asleep, so how could he react?

                Zhang Xiaoyan felt in her coat pocket again and finally found Qin Ming's mobile phone.

                Qin Ming's phone did not have a password on it, so she opened it easily.

                Zhang Xiaoyan found the software of the seafood live streaming platform, and when she opened it, she saw the user name 'Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor', and Zhang Xiaoyan shook her body in excitement.

                She bit her lips, and her eyes involuntarily moistened.

                "Sure enough, it's you." Zhang Xiaoyan's eyes hazed with a tear of gratitude, and as she looked towards Qin Ming, her heart thumped inside as she muttered to herself, "You've been protecting me all this time, but you didn't say anything, what a big bad guy."

                Zhang Xiaoyan wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and confirmed once again that the internet id on Qin Ming's phone, 'Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor', the person who would show up to save her whenever she was in trouble, was Qin Ming himself.

                She looked at Qin Ming with more and more tender and fiery eyes, her live stream was originally only very average, although a little popular, but could not get up at all.

                But after Qin Ming's several violent bounties, she was noticed by the platform and felt that she had the ability to attract money so she did a lot of publicity and promotion, and slowly her popularity climbed and there were many tycoons who rewarded her, but the most tycoon was Qin Ming.

                Zhang Xiaoyan knew very well that she was able to start her own live broadcast thanks to Qin Ming's help and support over the past month, otherwise she might still be a small anchor.

                After she discovered Qin Ming's secret, she smiled beautifully and carefully put the phone back into Qin Ming's coat pocket.

                "Begonia ......" Suddenly, the sleeping Qin Ming muttered, reaching out and flipping his hand over just in time to grab Zhang Xiaoyan.

                "Yah!" Zhang Xiaoyan was startled, how come Qin Ming still had the habit of moving around in his sleep?

                "No walking." Qin Ming muttered under his breath as he firmly hugged Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Zhang Xiaoyan tried to break free, but was completely lacking in strength, and that's not to mention that Qin Ming he actually buried his head into her chest.

                "Wooing ......" Zhang Xiaoyan felt the sensitive touch, Qin Ming's big, strong hands hugged her small waist, and the beard of her cheek rubbed against her delicate skin, causing her to haze her cheeks in shyness.

                It took a while for Qin Ming to stop hugging her, and Zhang Xiaoyan slowly got up, her mind in turmoil.

                If she tried to break free, she would wake up Qin Ming, but if she didn't move away, she would be held by him all night long?

Chapter 226

"Hmm?" Early the next morning, when Qin Ming woke up, he felt a soft woman lying on top of him, he moved his hand and touched a head of dark hair, before he realized how Zhang Xiaoyan had fallen asleep in his arms?

                Zhang Xiaoyan's sleeping face was very cute, her hands hugged Qin Ming's shoulders, as if she was a cat and even rubbed against him, opened her eyes to see that it was Qin Ming, and seemed very relieved, and closed her eyes again to continue sleeping.

                "Ya!" Zhang Xiaoyan suddenly felt something hard against her and immediately woke up, then seeing Qin Ming looking at her, she quickly got up shyly and said in some panic, "I, you, you, Qin Ming why are you running to my side."

                Qin Ming was slightly embarrassed, he couldn't be blamed for having a physical reaction early in the morning, could he?

                He scratched his head and responded, "I slept here last night."

                Zhang Xiaoyan knew that it was none of Qin Ming's business, she secretly glanced at Qin Ming's crotch, which had just been pushed up against it, and she said shyly, "Then, then what did you secretly grab me over there in the middle of the night for."

                Qin Ming was really crying and laughing, he hadn't woken up in the middle of the night, right?

                But the two of them didn't delve into this issue, and after washing their faces the train arrived at the station.

                When Qin Ming got off the train, he received a call from Bi Yuan: "Young master, the car is ready. The local guard network has also been deployed, so young master can travel without worry."

                "Hmm, hard work." Qin Ming casually responded, "I don't necessarily take the car you guys have arranged."

                When Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan left the station, Wen Qian and Yang Wei quickly caught up with them.

                Wen Qian said with great enthusiasm, "Hey hey hey, Xiaoyan, Qin Ming, let's go together, let's go together, we're all from the same town."

                Yang Wei, however, was unusually cold and a little hard to please.

                Qin Ming's hard-hearted performance yesterday had put him down, and he could feel that his girlfriend, Wen Qian, had changed her attitude towards him.

                And the mysterious black card Qin Ming took out yesterday had also confused his identity, and he was scared, scared to be poor all the time? Pan Kang Na Marco Sole? PingΨ矫婊嵬蝗懷? The plagiarism? alliance? ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎå

                Zhang Xiaoyan was annoyed, she said, "Wen Qian, how did you treat me yesterday? How dare you come over and get close today?"

                "Xiaoyan, I was wrong." Wen Qian immediately cried out and begged pitifully, "Can you forgive me? We are old folks, and our two families are neighbours. At that time I was already scared out of my wits, I didn't know what to do at all, and Yang Wei he didn't save me, I, I had no choice, I know I was wrong."

                Yang Wei's face turned even uglier as he listened.

                Qin Ming did understand Wen Qian, a girl was already scared to death when she met the robbers, and at that time she had to be dragged to the bathroom to be violated, so I was afraid she could not care about that much anymore.

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at Qin Ming like she was asking for help, wanting him to help her make up her mind.

                Seeing this, Wen Qian immediately stepped forward and grabbed Qin Ming's hand, saying: "Qin Ming, please, it was my bad attitude yesterday. I'm sorry. In fact, I was jealous that you were too good, so I deliberately belittled you, please don't mind, please forgive me, okay? Why don't my friend drive to pick me up later, I'll take you back to town with me and buy you lunch at noon to make amends, okay?"

                Qin Ming said flatly, "We still have things to do, let's talk about this later, let's go, Xiaoyan."

                Qin Ming's meaning was obvious, cut off friendship.

                Zhang Xiaoyan also nodded, "We're going to attend the wedding of Boss Qin Ming's friend, he's got serious business to do. He has no time for you now."

                Wen Qian was stunned, "Qin Ming's boss? Has he joined the workforce already?"

                Qin Ming casually coped, "Just an internship."

                Yang Wei's heart stirred and he asked curiously, "That mysterious black card of yours belongs to your boss, right?"

                Qin Ming smiled playfully, "Of course it's my boss's. He asked me to buy something for a gift, and I have to pay for the gift later, so I don't have time to mess around with you guys."

                Yang Wei pursued, "No, you mean, that mysterious black card, your boss asked you to come here to Fengyang on business and temporarily gave it to you to hold?"

                Qin Ming said, "Sort of."

                Wen Qian was stunned and very disappointed, she had thought Qin Ming was a hidden tycoon, but it turned out that he was a part-time errand boy?

                She immediately let go of Qin Ming's hand and asked, "That card is not yours? You're a part-time worker?"

                Qin Ming said, "I've just said what I should have said."

                But Yang Wei's spirit was relieved, as if all the pressure on her body was gone, Qin Ming was still the same Qin Ming, poor? What about the goblet? And? The only thing I can say is that I'm not sure what I'm talking about. The beard ammonia poor? choose

                He had a bit of joy on his face and said happily, "That's also very impressive, following such a powerful boss, tsk, Qin Ming, working so hard, there is a future."

                Wen Qian suddenly became arrogant and said disgustedly, "Cut, what, I thought you had some great background, but it turns out that you are just a fox, relying on the boss's mysterious black card to pick up girls, just a part-time errand boy. I said, you are too dishonest, right? You and are cheating on me, our Xiaoyan's feelings."

                Zhang Xiaoyan rolled both eyes and hugged Qin Ming's arm, saying, "What do you care?"

                Wen Qian immediately put on a stern face and said, "Zhang Xiaoyan, I'm helping you with good intentions to save you from being cheated. Look at this Qin Ming, the clothes were given to him by someone else, he is still lying to you when he is out on official business, those who don't know think he is keen to accompany you back home, but he ends up pretending to be a pussy with his boss's black card, tsk, this person is not honest and hypocritical, why don't you just listen?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so angry that she was speechless and said, "You are not allowed to insult Qin Ming, you are not worthy."

                Yang Wei persuaded, "Forget it Wen Qian, people are willing to do what they want, it's out of your hands. They have to work, they are not here to play."

                Wen Qian said, "Ugh, it's really a dog biting the heart of a good person. Forget it, forget it, let's have a meal together at noon."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "I said we have something to do."

                Wen Qian rolled her eyes and said, "How long can we delay a meal? It's not like you have to pay for it, you're really stingy. If you don't come, Xiaoyan will come again? Although we can't get Wei's money back for the time being, his family has remitted money to him, so a meal is nothing. Zhang Xiaoyan, we're all friends from high school later on, you're not giving us face?"

                Yang Wei also said, "Qin Ming, let's go together, there's no delay, I also want to take advantage of what happened before and reconcile. Li Meng and I have also split up, there's no need for you to still hold on to the past, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan crossed her arms and said with a puff of anger, "Yang Wei, you really dare to say that. Don't give shame."

                "Snort ......"

                As the four of them were talking, a BMW car came whistling by and braked sharply to stop at the roadside.

                The car door opened and a sexy dressed beauty stepped out on her lap, holding a camera pole, and came out of the car with the live feed on, with a female assistant holding an umbrella next to her.

                The woman propped up the phone and said: "Here we are, here we are, today with the former sisters reunion, back in the day, but my school's school girl oh, or two, we will know later when we meet. Today there are many beautiful women, so you will be dazzled."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan saw the visitor, she frowned and said to Qin Ming, "Her name is Wang Yuxiu, she was my former tablemate, she was quite close, but then ...... now seems to be the anchor of our seafood station as well, but she is signed with some company. However, we haven't been in touch for three years."

                Qin Ming asked, "Is the relationship bad?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan frowned, "We used to be quite close, but then I did something wrong to her and she ignored me."

                Qin Ming said, "Forget it then, my boss's car is just over there, let's go."

                Zhang Xiaoyan snickered in her heart, "It's your car, isn't it? So dishonest, huh, I'll see how long you can fool me."

                The two of them were going to walk, not in the same direction originally, but that Wang Yuxiu walked over in big strides with a surprised look on her face, "Xiaoyan, is that you? It's been a long time since I've seen you, where are you rushing off to? You're not still avoiding me, are you?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was stunned, not expecting the other party to come straight to her.

                Wang Yuxiu looked at Qin Ming next to her and smiled playfully, "You're not afraid that I'll scare your boyfriend away by talking about what happened before, are you?"