Rags To Riches Chapter 223-224

 Chapter 223

"That Wen Qian and you are old friends, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan said with her chin resting, unhappy, "What old friend, old rival is more like it. A high school, but not in the same class, she also has good grades, sings well and is good looking, I'm about the same, so I often get compared to her in school. It used to be an awkward conversation when we met."

                Qin Ming drifted off, it seemed that Zhang Xiaoyan used to be a school flower level, a popular figure at school.

                After all, when beautiful women were around, there was always a variety of topics to talk about, and with comparisons, then there would definitely be less enmity and grudges.

                Qin Ming said, "No wonder she was so prickly just now, I thought you were good friends at first."

                Zhang Xiaoyan flattened her small mouth and said, "No, now that I'm in college, do I still care about the little things from high school? I didn't want to be nosy, but she was just aggressive. I'm sorry, Qin Ming, you've been dragged into this by me."

                "I'm fine, it's not on my mind at all." Qin Ming said, but secretly kept his eyes open, this hairdresser was indeed a bit too much.

                As the train continued to move, Zhang Xiaoyan unknowingly fell asleep, her head tilted and she leaned on Qin Ming's shoulder.

                Qin Ming twisted his head and saw Zhang Xiaoyan sleeping soundly, like a couple pillowing her shoulder, his eyes shifted down to see Zhang Xiaoyan's collar open, full chest, a touch of snow white and delicate especially conspicuous.

                Qin Ming didn't dare to move, but it wasn't a big sin to take advantage of a few more glances, right?

                However, halfway through her sleep, Zhang Xiaoyan simply burrowed her whole body into Qin Ming's arms, because it was a special class seat, the seat was a soft bench, her body tilted, her head rested on Qin Ming and she fell asleep.

                Qin Ming smelled Zhang Xiaoyan's body fragrance, and seeing that no one was around, he couldn't help but gently poke her face, it was so soft, full of collagen, really a child's face.

                The skin texture is like that of a middle school student.

                Qin Ming yawned and realised that it was already after 11pm, everyone on the train was asleep, but there were a few grim-faced men walking around.

                A man with a full beard suddenly pushed Yang Wei and shouted in a low voice, "Get over there, hurry up, if you go slow you'll be ruined."

                Qin Ming frowned, Yang Wei was in trouble? Why were these men so fierce and fierce?

                However, Qin Ming then saw a dozen more special class passengers being herded over, and then the aisles in front and behind this carriage were guarded and the curtains were pulled down.

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling that this carriage was being isolated.

                Soon, all the other travellers were woken up.

                "What's going on?"

                "What are you guys doing over here?"

                "What time is it, what's going on? I have a meeting back at the office tomorrow."

                "A robbery, take out the money!"

                "What robbery? Go elsewhere to shoot the jitterbug, young man, be mature."

                "With a snap, a muscular man swung his knife hilt and smashed it across the room. The middle-aged, gentle man who had spoken was hit with a bloody nose and a dumbfounded face.

                The muscular man put the knife against the other man's neck and cursed, "Shoot your mother's jitterbug, robbery! Take out all the money."

                The big bearded man in front who was driving people away twisted his tiger's head and said in a deep voice, "Are you crazy, Oldest? Are you shouting so loudly? We're almost at the station, so hurry up."

                The six men were holding real knives, some with blood on them.

                The bearded man woke everyone up and waved the knives in front of everyone, scaring them bloodless: "If you don't want to die, take out all your money, quick!"

                A working man cried out and begged for mercy, "Brother, I really don't have any money, I'm just a working man."

                "The robber slapped him across the face and cursed, "No money to sit in your mother's special class seat? Watch, necklace, card, I have a poss machine here, swipe it for me, quick. WeChat sweep is fine, so is Alipay."

                The working youth was really in tears: "Do all robbers carry so many tools these days?"

                The others were also coerced one after another to hand over all the valuable things they had on them, and their bank cards had to be swiped and transferred, so it was really professional.

                Yang Wei and Wen Qian were both pushed over and stood right next to Qin Ming.

                Yang Wei looked at Zhang Xiaoyan awakening in Qin Ming's arms, his heart was a little jealous, although he had Wen Qian as a girlfriend now, but Wen Qian is poor breast ah, only b cup.

                He was sour in his heart, "What kind of luck did Qin Ming get? Pretty girlfriends one after another?"

                However, the bandits' knives made Yang Wei not dare to think anything more.

                A pockmarked-faced bandit threatened, "You guys, take out all the money. Tsk, the beauty is quite pretty."

                When the pockmarked face finished, he grabbed Wen Qian's buttocks with a big hand.

                "Ah!" Wen Qian aggrieved and frightened, looking at the snow shaking knife, not daring to speak, tears in her eyes straight, to her boyfriend Yang Wei for help.

                Naive Yang Wei more fear, simply dare not move, lest the knife in his neck wipe a knife.

                Wen Qian saw Yang Wei so weak, leaving tears of despair, and silently endured the bandits' hands all over her body, especially the pockmarked-faced bandit who also stuck out his tongue to lick her face, saliva flowing down his neck and into his collar.

                Wen Qian cried, her body shaking uncontrollably: "Oooh ......"

                The pockmarked face took advantage while taking Wen Qian's designer bag and cash, and forced her to transfer money.

                Once the pockmarked face saw the amount of money transferred, he cursed, "Grass, only three thousand, dressed in pretty clothes, it turns out to be a poor pussy."

                Yang Wei was so scared that he took out a full set of 5,000 cash and a gold watch, and his card was forcibly swiped with another 20,000 yuan.

                Yang Wei said with trepidation, "No, it's gone, look, the bank text message is indicating that there is no balance left."

                After confirming this, Pocky Face patted Yang Wei's face with his knife and said, "Tsk, kid, your girlfriend has a nice ass. It's just that the powder on her face is a bit thick, bah bah ......"

                Yang Wei's face stiffened, despite this insult, but he could do nothing ah, if the white knife into the red knife out, he was finished.

                The pockmarked face touched the body is hot, said: "grass, slutty old me all over the fire, with the old me to the side of the cool."

                Wen Qian listened and resisted desperately, constantly screaming, "Ah Wei, save me, save me."

                But Yang Wei didn't dare to move, the knife in the pockmarked face's hand scared him so much that his legs went numb.

                The pockmarked face smacked Wen Qian's mouth with his big hand and cursed angrily, "Be honest with me, save your mother. Yang Wei? I think he is impotent, a wimp, what else can he do but contribute money to spend and girlfriend grass to Laozi?"

                "Oooh, don't, don't." Wen Qian lost her voice and cried out in pain as she was dragged by her hair towards the washroom to the side.

                Suddenly, she saw her fellow countryman Zhang Xiaoyan, and as if she had caught a lifeline, she shouted, "Big brother, big brother, I have small breasts, I have an ugly face, I just put on a lot of powder, and I'm still having my period. That, my hairdresser, she's pretty, she's got money, she's a beauty queen, a lot? What's wrong with her? mu rhyme hydra? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job. The first time I saw her, she was a beautiful girl.

                "Eh?" The pockmarked face followed Wen Qian's hand and looked towards Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Zhang Xiaoyan had just woken up and was still in a state of confusion. When she suddenly saw the robbery happening in the carriage, she was also so scared that she shrank in Qin Ming's arms and didn't dare to move around.

                Now she heard that Wen Qian had betrayed her in order to protect herself.

                "Wen Qian, you! Shameless."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was shocked and angry, but did not make a sound: "Qin Ming, what should we do? What to do?"

                Wen Qian saw that the pockmarked face was somewhat intent, her face twisted in ecstasy and said, "Big brother, really, look she can still have a loli voice, it will be very melodious when she screams later. Zhang Xiaoyan, I'm sorry, I can't help it, just serve this big brother well for my sake."

                As soon as Pocky Face saw Zhang Xiaoyan, he was stunned, and he licked his lips lecherously, "Kid, take out the money. Sister, so well developed, let uncle feel if the boobs are real."

                The pockmarked face then reached out and grabbed towards Zhang Xiaoyan's chest.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so frightened that she was at a loss for words, and just held onto Qin Ming for dear life, her heart praying that Qin Ming would save her.

                Sure enough, the moment the robber's hand reached over, Qin Ming grabbed it firmly.

                The crowd was shocked, how dare Qin Ming make a move? Had he gone mad?

                In the next instant, the right hand of the pockmarked face led to a stab towards Qin Ming, and those around saw it screamed in terror and covered their eyes, not daring to look.

                But the knife stopped an inch in front of Qin Ming's eyes, and Qin Ming didn't even blink, a playful smile appearing on his face.

                Qin Ming did not panic and said, "She is my person, you cannot move."

                Although it was just a very ordinary sentence, but at this moment, the atmosphere in this carriage, this high pressure under Qin Ming's mouth, but it gave a person an unclimbable aura, as if the one in front of him was not an ordinary man, but a mountain.

Chapter 224

"Let go!" Pocky Face was furious, he didn't expect his attempted stab to not scare Qin Ming.

                Instead, it was Qin Ming's aura that then exploded and scared Pocky Face.

                He tried to pull back his hand, but found that he could not, Qin Ming's strength was quite strong.

                Instead of letting go, Qin Ming said, "If you dare to touch a single hair on her head, I will make you regret coming into this world."

                The pockmarked face angrily rebuked, "Who the hell are you to threaten my brother Pockmarked. Are you still a student? You're not even hairy enough to scare me?"

                The people around them who had been robbed of their money were all holding their heads and looking at Qin Ming's side in fear.

                The people in this carriage basically all obediently gave money, but only Qin Ming resisted, they all looked at Qin Ming like a dead man, give money to live, do not give money not to die or cripple, this group of robbers can do anything ah.

                "Although he has a backbone, he lost his life because of it."

                "My boyfriend back then, if he had protected me like he did, I wouldn't have broken up with him."

                "Good man, but to lose his life ah."

                "Good man but too stupid to give money to accompany a smile, lose your dignity, and not live?"

                "It's not for nothing that the saying "to die to save face, to live to lose face" is true."

                The surrounding travellers all looked at Qin Ming sympathetically, thinking he was dead.

                "Pocky, what's going on?" The leader of the group, a bearded man, walked over with a bloodied knife and asked, "Just bleed him a little, this kind of little kid, he can't be scared."

                Qin Ming stood up and shielded Zhang Xiaoyan, he pointed to his chest and said, "Here, stab a knife here, no stabbing is not a man."

                The crowd was shocked, was Qin Ming really looking for death? How dare he taunt this group of robbers? Is he tired of living?

                However, Pocky Face went cowardly, he took a step back with the knife, looking at the domineering and overbearing Qin Ming, he did not dare to stab.

                "Heh heh heh." It was not clear which person in the carriage laughed.

                The others looked at Pocky Face with more than a hint of ridicule, so this was a goon.

                Thanks to them, they had just been bluffed into being a human being.

                Pocky Face was embarrassed and awkward. Although he was the one who robbed, he was humiliated by Qin Ming in such a way that he was so weak that he was not as good as a beggar.

                At this moment, the muscle-bound fierce man, Oldest, came over and punched Qin Ming, cursing, "Brat, you're very cross, aren't you?"

                "Ah!" The crowd could not help but let out a shriek.

                Qin Ming was punched and blood fell from the corner of his mouth, but Qin Ming didn't move his feet a bit and remained standing steadily, yet again the people in the carriage were shocked.

                What a tough man, he was so handsome even after being hit.

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and he sneered evilly as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his finger and said, "No strength at all, just like a pussy."

                "You seek death."

                The muscle-bound youngest completely exploded and grabbed his knife to stab at Qin Ming.

                At this moment, Qin Ming said indifferently, "How much money do you want?"

                The bearded man immediately stopped the youngest and asked, "Youngest, wait, kid, what do you mean by that?"

                Qin Ming said, "Aren't you guys just after money? I have money, but I'm afraid you guys won't dare to take it."

                "Heh heh."

                The gang of robbers laughed, thinking that Qin Ming's remark was a big joke, there was still money they didn't dare to take? Being a robber was all about money.

                One of the robbers scolded, "Kid, you really have a big mouth, do you still have a few million? We dare to take even a few million."

                Qin Ming said, "A few million? You underestimate me too much. Tens of billions or hundreds of billions are fine, but the question is, do you dare to take them? Once you take it, I'm afraid you won't see the sun tomorrow."

                With that, Qin Ming took out that one gold-edged black card of the World Bank Supreme Authority that he hadn't swiped much, also rumoured to be the Knight Card and Emperor Card.

                Qin Ming took the card and handed it to a few robbers, saying, "Do you know this card? Feel free to swipe it, it's no problem to swipe the World Bank. This money, do you dare to take it?"

                The air in the carriage suddenly became quiet, terribly quiet.

                Yang Wei was shocked, how could a fellow student he had known for so long have that kind of card? Qin Ming was redelivering takeaways again yesterday, and he was just a poor? Panchan

                He categorically could not accept the fact that Qin Ming was super rich.

                Yang Wei thought viciously in his heart, "Don't believe him, just stab him and be done with it. As long as Qin Ming lives, my dignity will hurt and I will be outclassed by him, and only when he dies will my wimpiness be covered up."

                And that Wen Qian was even more stunned, this poor man whom she despised? Pan Jun? Knock from the star? kang so pretty embarrassed Lagenaria 5 ha food gluttony use moss deceive a gram? You can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on this. The Tokyo office is a place where you can find a lot of people. The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public.

                The actual fact is that he is a hidden super rich man?

                Wen Qian thought jealously in her heart, "Whether he is rich or not, he has protected Zhang Xiaoyan. tsk, Zhang Xiaoyan ...... Why wouldn't she be unlucky? Yang Wei, that punk, can't protect me at all, except for giving me money to spend and trying to sleep with me, it's useless at all."

                Zhang Xiaoyan even exaggeratedly covered her mouth, the first thing that came to her mind was that Qin Ming had this infinitely swiped World Bank Black Card, so would the person who supported her and rewarded her in her live stream before be Qin Ming, who just didn't admit it earlier.

                The people at the scene had their own thoughts, but none of them cast the most admiring glance at Qin Ming, young in age, but with a commitment and financial strength that is not in keeping with his age.

                This young man faced a number of extremely dangerous robbers, but he remained calm in the face of danger, and even bluffed them into a daze.

                Perhaps he couldn't stand the atmosphere, but the muscular youngest grabbed the black card, looked at it and said disdainfully, "Are you fucking fooling me? This card is unlimited? I can bankrupt the bank."

                With a jerk, the bearded man in the lead pulled the youngest by the hand and said, "Don't move, give the card back."

                "What?" The crowd was shocked and looked at the bearded man in unison, asking, "Why, big brother? It's not a scam? Don't believe this kid's bullshit."

                The bearded man frowned and said, "This card is a real card with unlimited swipes, and the identities of those who have this card are not simple. If we really take it, the reprisals that will follow will be impossible to resist, and we will be worse off than dead."

                The other robber boys were silent, their big brother had seen a lot of things and would not be wrong.

                Qin Ming even said deliberately, "You guys take it instead, you can swipe as much money as you want."

                The bearded man's face was grim as he said, "Give the card back, this man can't be touched, he'll be at the station soon, get ready to leave."


                Everyone else in the carriage exploded, Qin Ming was not even bothered, a card scared off all the robbers.

                "So handsome." One young woman's eyes were mesmerised and she couldn't wait to jump into Qin Ming's arms.

                "He has a background."

                "Tsk, what kind of power does that card have? So dangling?"

                "If only I were his girlfriend, handsome, rich and with a backbone, the perfect man."

                The more the people around him bragged about Qin Ming, the more embarrassed Yang Wei on the side was, how could he have ever thought that Qin Ming was so rich and had such a background, he couldn't understand Qin Ming at all.

                Wen Qian swallowed her saliva, so this Qin Ming was so dangling, she felt that she had missed her eyes ah, she was very jealous of Zhang Xiaoyan at this moment, she could not wait for the two of them to swap their identities.

                In the end, the robbers did not dare to take Qin Ming's black card, the train immediately arrived at the transit station and they were ready to flee quickly.

                However, at that moment, Qin Ming spoke up and said, "Wait a minute, did I let you go?"