Rags To Riches Chapter 221-222

 Chapter 221

Liang Shaoyong held up his phone and said, "Look, she agreed."

                Qin Ming looked at the content in Liang Shaoyong's mobile phone chat box.

                "Xiaoyan, Qin Ming is looking for someone to go to his friend's wedding, the three of us in the dorm are too busy, he wants to find you but is too embarrassed to ask, will you accompany him?"

                "Sure, dilly-dallying is my favorite."

                Although it was Liang Shaoyong who forced the contact, Qin Ming was very happy to see Zhang Xiaoyan's reply, as he was a good friend who trusted him and was not affected at all by the recent events on the school internet.

                Liang Shaoyong patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Brother, I can only help you so far, hold on tight. Zhang Xiaoyan is our class flower, the main attribute is good, her doll face, loli voice, those boobs, that waist, those legs. You know how much the boys in our class think about her, but she's not attracted to anyone. Since you know her well, you have to hold on to her."

                Qin Ming was really crying and laughing, but he still had Nie Haitang in mind.

                He could only say, "Fine, fine, I'll bear in mind the kindness of the brothers. Tonight's late-night jerk-off is on me."

                Drip, soon Zhang Xiaoyan sent a message to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming looked at Zhang Xiaoyan's message, "Which one of your friends is getting married so early?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "My boss's very important friend, the time is the day after tomorrow, in Fengyang town in Fu Province, the journey is a bit far, you may have to take the high speed train to the city and then transfer to the township."

                Zhang Xiaoyan quickly sent another surprise emoji, while replying, "Fengyang town? That's my old home."

                Qin Ming unexpectedly nudged his mouth, such a coincidence.

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "Then let's go together, why don't we go a day earlier? I'll also go home on the way. It's better to arrive early than to rush, so why don't we take the high speed train back tomorrow night?"

                "That's fine." Qin Ming replied.

                He didn't think much of it, one more person going and having a companion was less boring.

                Qin Ming had thought about asking Song Ying and Qi Minghui to accompany him, but the two were currently handling the group's business within the whole of China, and also dovetailing with the business of the entire Asian countries, involving oil, transportation, aviation, non-ferrous metals, finance and other industries.

                The reports submitted by the various branches alone are enough to last for several months, and Song Ying is so busy that Qin Ming, the hands-off boss, does not call on her.

                As for Qi Minghui, the relationship between master and servant was too obvious and he felt it was too meaningless, it was more comfortable to be friends on an equal footing.

                After class the next day, Qin Ming packed his backpack and waited for Zhang Xiaoyan at the entrance of the school.

                Suddenly, a hand stretched out behind him, covering his eyes, something soft and fleshy squeezed his back, and because it was summer and he was wearing thin clothes, the touch was still obvious, and then he caught a faint smell of perfume.

                A whisper came to his ears, "Guess who I am?"

                Qin Ming couldn't help but swallow, these breasts, they really deserved the name of childlike breasts, even through the clothes, it was just too stressful.

                And Qin Ming couldn't be more familiar with this voice, he laughed and said, "Xiaoyan stop it, I knew it was you as soon as I heard it."

                Zhang Xiaoyan let go of her hand and giggled, "Is that so? My voice is indeed a bit childish, it's too recognisable."

                When Qin Ming saw Zhang Xiaoyan, he couldn't help but be amazed at the Chinese costume she was wearing, after all, the retro style was more popular among young people nowadays, and it was nice and convenient to change the big cuffs and the foot-dragging skirt.

                The Chinese costume especially highlighted her small waist and big breasts, and with her baby face, she really looked like a middle school student, and her childish face and huge breasts were not blown out of proportion.

                She also looked at Qin Ming carefully, wearing the same designer suit from the last party, and was in good spirits, praising, "Yo, you're dressed formally enough today. You're a little handsome in better clothes too. Aren't you rich now? Why are you still wearing the usual ground-floor stuff?"

                Qin Ming laughed: "The ones you gave me as a share? Save it, a million or so is not enough to buy a house in Guangzhou, and with the high consumption nowadays, a million or so is not much use."

                Zhang Xiaoyan nodded with deep understanding, "That's right, it's not good to spend money carelessly after suddenly becoming rich. Sure enough, he is a high achiever in our class, he won't be easily tempted by money and can keep the bottom line."

                Qin Ming laughed, did he need to keep the bottom line? Today was his slave, he didn't care about money or not.

                The two hailed a drop and set off for the high speed train.

                As the journey was quite far and they would basically have to sit overnight, Qin Ming booked the comfortable special class seat.

                On the way, Qin Ming habitually asked the group's subordinates in the eu branch if they had found Nie Haitang, and at the same time tried to contact her.

                But Nie Haitang's number still didn't get through.

                Qin Ming was puzzled, this phone had been stolen and no longer sold one? Or is it in the treatment stage?

                Zhang Xiaoyan at the side saw Qin Ming was preoccupied after getting into the car and asked, "What's wrong? Still immersed in a lost love?"

                Qin Ming crooked his lips awkwardly and all: "Why do I get the impression that many people know about me?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan slurped her lips with certainty and said, "The whole school should know, right? Nie Haitang is one of our school's top three school girls after all, and her popularity is overwhelming. It was shocking enough that she was your girlfriend, and before those people had time to digest it, it was revealed that she was sick and broke up with you, so many people on the school internet dug up your previous affairs."

                Qin Ming asked, "Do you believe that?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head, "I believe you. We've known each other for three years."

                Qin Ming smiled, "Thank you."

                For Qin Ming, he was used to being ridiculed and did not feel uncomfortable, but rather it allowed him to tell who was a friend and who was an enemy in this environment.

                After all, these days, there are many people who share wealth and prosperity, but only a few who share hardship.

                When he was down and out, he was still surrounded by people who believed in him and supported him, so he cherished his friends and helped out when he could.

                The journey was a bit long and the two of them were chatting about some interesting things in their lives.

                Suddenly a fashionable girl walked by and stared back at Zhang Xiaoyan again, exclaiming, "Zhang Xiaoyan, is it really you? I haven't seen much of you since high school either. You still look the same."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was stunned, and when she found the person who spoke, her brow furrowed and she politely said, "Wen Qian, it's you."

                Wen Qian exaggeratedly patted Zhang Xiaoyan's shoulder and said, "Aiya, long time no see, tsk tsk, this is your boyfriend, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked back at Qin Ming with slight embarrassment, not knowing how to answer.

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "I'm a good friend of his."

                Wen Qian said, "Tsk, this is the train back home, back home to meet the parents, can't find a boyfriend so find a friend to fill the bill? Still a single dog? Tsk, that's all you can do. I've got a boyfriend who's very obedient to me and buys me everything."

                Qin Ming frowned, this woman, she didn't know anything, what was she guessing here? Wouldn't this make Zhang Xiaoyan even more embarrassed?

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming still had to give Zhang Xiaoyan face and said, "I am pursuing her, but she hasn't said yes yet, I followed her with deadly reluctance. Don't make wild guesses if you don't know."

                Zhang Xiaoyan suddenly laughed and looked at Qin Ming oddly, she naturally knew that Qin Ming had helped her to save face, but Qin Ming's comment that he had followed her with deadly reluctance made her feel very funny.

                Seeing Qin Ming contradict herself, Wen Qian was very upset and said, "Really? When my boyfriend comes, I'll let you guys get to know him too. Oh, here it is, this side of Ah Wei."

Chapter 222

"Is that you?"

                "It's you guys?"

                Wen Qian's boyfriend came, Zhang Xiaoyan and Qin Ming both frowned at once, wasn't this the same class Yang Wei?

                Yang Wei also looked surprised, this could even be met, this was really a small world.

                Wen Qian asked curiously, "You guys know each other?"

                Yang Wei smiled, "How can you not know each other? Zhang Xiaoyan and Qin Ming, they are all from the same class. Qin Ming is also my hometown."

                The two men exchanged glances, both feeling a little strange.

                Qin Ming had fallen out with Yang Wei, actually because of Li Meng.

                Originally, although their relationship had faded, they would still gossip when they met. Although Yang Wei despised Qin Ming's family for being poor and working as a handyman, he would not show it too much and would leave Qin Ming a little face.

                But later, after a complete standoff because of Li Meng, all sorts of harsh words came out, hating to trample Qin Ming into the ground.

                But he failed, and instead of gaining a sense of superiority over Qin Ming, he was mocked as a "second-hand man" and ended up spending a lot of money on Li Meng, who he still couldn't sleep with.

                Now Li Meng has found a rich boyfriend and often scolds him in the class group, making Yang Wei lose face.

                Yang Wei later thought that people in the school had an impression of him and defined him as a slag, so he looked in other schools and found Wen Qian in the music college next door.

                Yang Wei family environment is good, waist to often hang a Audi car keys, wearing a variety of trendy clothes, soon attracted Wen Qian, this is not, also followed Wen Qian back home.

                 How is he? Xiaoyan is my high school classmate, I have to keep an eye on the men around her."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, who are you? Zhang Xiaoyan hadn't even said anything yet.

                Zhang Xiaoyan hadn't been oiled to speak and still looked stressed, Qin Ming's heart twitched, was this a fear of being misunderstood by Yang Wei? After all, it was more familiar.

                He immediately said, "I've said it all, it was me who pursued Xiaoyan. She didn't say yes, so don't meddle in our affairs willy-nilly."

                Wen Qian said discontentedly, "Tsk, I'm from the same village as Xiao Yan, we studied together, I'm also half her sister, what's wrong with me keeping watch for him? You want a good man, and you're still afraid of being questioned? A Wei, you say, he your hometown, what is the family background?"

                Yang Wei hesitated and said, "His family ...... is okay, I guess. Working class."

                Qin Ming laughed, this Yang Wei actually gave so much face? The working class description of Qin Ming's family was already very dignified, because their family was very poor, poor and peasant is the accurate description.

                Wen Qian said with great disgust, "Huh, so poor? Then this suit is also a fake, right?"

                Yang Wei rolled his eyes, "How should I know? Qin Ming is quite a good student and gets scholarships every year. He usually works hard too, and I saw him delivering part-time yesterday."

                "So he's a delivery boy." Wen Qian listened as if she had discovered some secret, and after the surprise, she immediately showed a disgusted expression and said disdainfully, "Scholarship is useless, it's not as much as your pocket money. Besides, if you study well and go out, you're still working? You're a businessman, that's what you're good at."

                Yang Wei felt very dignified and said with his head held high, "That's right, as the saying goes, if you don't get a job, you will never get a job. Our family's business is getting bigger and bigger now, and it's not unusual to make 500,000 or 600,000 a month."

                Wen Qian said with great admiration, "Ah Wei, you are great, you are worthy of being a senior student of Huagong."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, if he wanted to be great, it was Uncle Yang who was great, right? What did Yang Wei have to do with it? What else did he do but spend money?

                Wen Qian said proudly, "Xiao Yan, look, I've found a good boyfriend, right? Although there were a lot of wild bees harassing our Wei in the past, he has kept his boundaries."

                The corners of Zhang Xiaoyan's mouth twitched, she knew Yang Wei very well, what kind of person was he?

                However, she thought of a classmate, so she said, "I know Yang Wei is very good, congratulations, Wen Qian."

                Wen Qian was unusually happy and had a lecturing tone, "Luckily you are not with this Qin Ming yet. I'm telling you, men nowadays are so bad that they can't give us girls anything, just like white whoring, cheating when they get tired of playing. You have to watch out, he's even followed you back home, he's got thick enough skin."

                "If you want a different type, you can look for me, I know a lot of rich guys, they're all very nice."

                Zhang Xiaoyan that was rolling her eyes, did not want to talk at all, politely put on a smiley face.

                When Wen Qian saw that she was not interested in chatting either, she became even more energetic: "Hey, don't believe me. I'm not afraid to offend him either, look at him, a delivery guy, not looking at his spending power, buying such an expensive suit just to follow you home and leave a good impression, it's called hypocrisy."

                Qin Ming was really exasperated and laughed, he knew nothing about others and still looked old-fashioned, this Wen Qian was really impolite.

                Off to the side, Yang Wei even nodded along in approval, saying, "You have to behave according to your ability, how big your head is, how big your hat is."

                Qin Ming said, "The suit was given to me by someone else."

                Wen Qian was surprised, "No way, you can't even afford a decent suit? And you need a gift? You want someone else's worn suit? You're really shameless. Xiaoyan, you have to keep your eyes open. Are you keeping him?"

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this person was really odd, what he bought was hypocritical, what others gave him was shameless, so he was wrong for wearing it formally?

                How could it be Qin Ming's fault?

                He added slyly, "When others flattered me, they gave it to me, brand new."

                Wen Qian pretended not to hear, and when she saw that Zhang Xiaoyan wasn't paying much attention to her either, her expression grew more and more irritated.

                Qin Ming didn't even know what she wanted to do? Nor did she go back to her place.

                Wen Qian suddenly saw the mobile phone Qin Ming was clutching and said, "Aiya, what kind of phone are you using? It's not, is it? Huawei thousand yuan machine? This is a low model. It's the latest Apple max, which Wei gave me."

                Yang Wei said proudly, "A mere phone is nothing. But Qin Ming, you've been using your phone for three years, and you still don't want to change it?"

                Although he didn't openly ridicule it, Yang Wei was also sarcastic about Qin Ming.

                Wen Qian exclaimed with a shock, "My God, a phone that takes three years to use? I get a new phone a year, otherwise how can I keep up with the trends of society? Even if you dress nicely, you still can't hide your? Panko? Pick up!

                Zhang Xiaoyan got angry and grunted: "Enough, what are you doing? Come over to see Qin Ming laugh? Please go back to your places, it's a long journey, I need to rest for a while."

                Wen Qian discussed the boredom and pulled Yang Wei's hand and walked away.

                As she walked away, she said, "Hmph, what a laugh, this Zhang Xiaoyan used to be the school flower of our high school, but ended up finding a poor? Pan Jun 0.? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The glittering riddles bed rui? Simply pry? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet. rout? You can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of the school. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. The game? The first thing you need to do is to get a job. Iridium murder? generously!

                Yang Wei put his arm around Wen Qian and said, "Zhang Xiaoyan is mixing quite well, but Qin Ming, tsk, is really getting degenerate. He's actually ......"

                The first time Yang Wei told him about Qin Ming's school, Wen Qian even laughed out loud, "So he's a soft-earned punk who got dumped after climbing on a thousand-year-old lady and is looking for Zhang Xiaoyan again. Tsk, you mean Zhang Xiaoyan live are those pure love? The Pan Knock School K? The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. Jun

                Yang Wei said, "Yes, otherwise how can there be so many brain-dead fans?"

                Wen Qian suddenly had a plan and said, "Just in time, I also know a female anchor of the seafood station in my hometown, let her come and give this high school classmate of mine a good live broadcast, pretending to be innocent, pretending to be single, deceiving fans, secretly hooking up with men long ago, I'll see how she can still do live broadcasts in the future."