Rags To Riches Chapter 219-220

 Chapter 219

"Ah!" Bai Yuchun was startled by Qin Ming who suddenly came over to her, her cheeks flushed scarlet as she said, "You, didn't you leave?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Ha, I know you have something to say just by looking at you, what's wrong today? Why are you stammering so much today? Tell me straight, is there some more bad comments about me at school?"

                Bai Yuchun thought about it and said, "Well, it seems that there is a joint request from the students to expel you from school."

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, he had only been a little busy these past few days and had only skipped a few classes, how come he had to be asked to withdraw from school?

                Bai Yuchun explained, "But the school didn't accept it, it seems to be because those people deliberately caused trouble, saying that your private life is chaotic and affecting the school's reputation."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, how could he suddenly have a chaotic private life?

                However, if the matter of him being the son-in-law of the Mu family was stirred up, then it would really be a bit confusing.

                But there was no way out, the pit he had dug for himself had to be buried even if it was painful and tiring.

                Qin Ming said, "Don't care, they're all just hilarious, the exams are coming up soon and the heat will soon pass."

                Bai Yuchun nodded and couldn't help but ask again, "So, is Miss Nie really sick?"

                Qin Ming grinned and said, "We're not completely sure yet, she's still being treated in a foreign country. I'm sure she'll be fine."

                Bai Yuchun grabbed her hand and asked again, "Then, then you broke up? Is it true? I saw on the school internet, someone posted some reports from an entertainment magazine."

                Technically speaking, Qin Ming had indeed been dumped.

                But Qin Ming felt that as long as Nie Haitang wasn't sick, they could still be together without any problems.

                It was just that right now he hadn't received any messages or calls from Nie Haitang, and the subordinates of the eu branch of the Huan Yu Century Group, had yet to find Nie Haitang's whereabouts.

                So he didn't know what to say.

                Seeing Qin Ming's silence, Bai Yuchun thought that it was really like that, and she hurriedly said, "Right, sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I, I just wanted to make sure. I think it must be because Miss Nie didn't want to drag you into this, so she endured the pain and broke up with you. After all, cancer is hard to cure."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, not expecting Bai Yuchun to be so kind and placate him instead.

                He touched his trouser pocket and took out the letter Nie Haitang had left behind that day and said, "You guessed it right. Although she left me because she came in sick. But actually ......"

                Once Bai Yuchun saw the content of the letter Nie Haitang left, her big watery eyes burst out with a glow of hope, and she couldn't listen to Qin Ming's later words at all.

                Nie Haitang had broken up with Qin Ming, so hadn't her chance come?

                This was the biggest piece of information she had received so far, and the question she had always wanted to ask.

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and looked at Qin Ming, thinking, "Although I sympathise with Miss Nie's illness, this is the only chance I have. Now that Qin Ming is at a sad time, will he be more likely to notice me?"

                She mulled it over in her mind, "I'm so earthy ...... his two girlfriends are city girls, should I trade the money I've earned from my recent part-time job for some clothes?"

                She frowned hard in chagrin, "What bad luck today, let him see my unlucky look again, my hands are all dirty with the motor oil from the bike chain, ah ...... have to deliver the takeaway later, can't talk to Qin Ming for a few more minutes."

                Qin Ming said a bunch of, feel Bai Yu pure expression more and more anxious anxious, did not listen to him speak it.

                He suddenly remembered that people were working to deliver takeaways, and he was in the way of her work by coming over and stopping them from talking.

                Qin Ming thought of this layer and could not help but blame himself.

                Qin Ming said: "Your hands are all greasy, go wash them, or send them to the takeaway people don't want them. I'll deliver it for you. I know my way around anyway."

                Bai Yuchun hurriedly said, "Eh? That's not possible. You've already fixed my bike, how can I bother you."

                Qin Ming took the bike and said, "Come on, who are you and me? Don't worry about these small details. Wait for me here too, I'll finish the delivery soon."

                Qin Ming rode his bike and flew off to deliver the takeaway.

                Six takeaways, three from the boys' dormitory and three from the girls' dormitory, was not too many.

                However, coincidentally, the first three portions were for Yang Wei, Zhao Fu Gui and Ma Fei, who were in Qin Ming's class and also from the same village.

                When Qin Ming arrived at their dormitory, he put the takeaway down straight away and said, "Twenty-five dollars."

                Yang Wei, who was watching a pornographic movie, was stunned and immediately laughed: "Hahaha, Qin Ming, you're delivering takeaways again, huh?"

                Zhao Fugui, who had been taught a lesson by Qin Ming at the charity gala last time, didn't say anything, just didn't shrug it off and muttered, "Heh, without Nie Haitang and the Nie family to back him up, back to his original form."

                Ma Fei flung the money away and said disdainfully, "Some people are destined to be poor, and a moment of petty ambition won't change their fate as a delivery boy."

                Qin Ming didn't bother to explain, took the money and left.

                Qin Ming thought it was just a small accident, but when he arrived at the door of the girls' dormitory with the takeaway, he was depressed.

                He had to feel that this world was really small.

                He ran into Chen Mulin and Zhao Menghua at the entrance of the girls' dormitory, both from the same school, so it was really easy to run into each other.

                Zhao Meng Hua was surprised and asked, "Tsk, how come you're delivering takeout again? Qin Ming, gossip quietly, did you abandon Nie Haitang or not?"

                Qin Ming said breathlessly, "Sister Zhao, it's all just gossip on the school net forum."

                Chen Mulin held her chin high and arrogantly said, "Tsk, you're a thief, aren't you? What else do you have to explain when a girl is sick and you're not by her side? I don't want the takeaway sent by a negative-hearted, big scum."

                Zhao Meng Hua was a bit more gentle, took her own takeaway and said, "Why don't you go and explain yourself properly. Nie Haitang is so popular and has so many people paying attention, so there are even more people who misunderstand you."

                Qin Ming licked his lips and didn't know how to explain, so he could only say, "Miss Zhao, thank you for your trust. But sometimes it's useless to explain. Those who are clear are clear."

                Chen Mulin said disgustedly, "Sister Hua, look at him, he doesn't even bother to explain, and he still says that the clearer is clearer, isn't that fooling people? Now that he doesn't have Nie Haitang as his backer, he has no money and is back to delivering takeaways. I thought I had misunderstood you, but I trusted you so much. It seems I didn't misunderstand you."

                Zhao Meng Hua persuaded, "Qin Ming, we are all friends. Mu Ling, she is just saying what she wants to say. She actually believed you at first, but the rumours on the internet are getting more and more mysterious, saying that you are looking for rich girls to fall in love with for money and cheating on them professionally. She actually just wanted you to explain it clearly, but wouldn't say it, so it turned into scolding you."

                Qin Ming didn't get angry when he heard Zhao Menghua say that.

                He said with a straight face, "We'll know when Haitang comes back later, I didn't do anything wrong to her, I have a clear conscience."

                Chen Mulin nodded and said, "Forget it, because you are so serious, I will believe you once more. Bring the takeaway, how much is it?"

                "Eighteen yuan in total."

                Qin Ming collected the money and was about to leave, but it was Bai Yuchun who rushed in.

                She hurried up and said, "Qin Ming, you've already finished delivering? That's a big help, so I'll just do the rest myself. How can I be so kind as to bother you with my work?"

                Chen Mulin at the door of the dormitory had a dark look on his face. He had just finished saying that he believed that Qin Ming was not a slag who had started a mess, and the next moment he was hooking up with another girl.

                This wasn't him delivering takeaways, it was helping Bai Yuchun who was working part-time, what was this if not picking up girls?

                Chen Mulin said in exasperation, "Scumbag. Ah, I've been cheated again. It's a shame I had a little expectation of him before, I'm so blind."

                Zhao Meng Hua was stunned and said with a playful smile, "Ah, so you were expecting Qin Ming, Mu Ling? I always thought you weren't fond of him."

                Chen Mulin snorted in disgust, "I was simple before. He is not good enough for me. Only a girl from a poor village like Bai Yuchun can be easily fooled."

                Zhao Meng Hua couldn't even say anything more for Qin Ming, his ex had just gotten very sick and he was immediately showing affection to other girls, really making a fool of himself and not blaming others for misunderstanding him.

                Chen Mulin said angrily, "That Bai Yuchun so many people chase, why only like Qin Ming a poor? The Pan kowu kang is therefore embedded? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not interested in the same thing. The training brain? The small 2 indistinct school? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are in love with you. Nucleus mountain range? The city's main attractions include The city's main attractions are Forgiveness!

Chapter 220

Qin Ming couldn't argue with Bai Yuchun, so he could only return the car, said a few words and left.

                But as soon as he left, Chen Mulin walked up and pulled Bai Yuchun, who was about to deliver a takeaway, to her.

                She asked, "Bai Yuchun, I heard that Cao Jingcheng is courting you. He is a decent person, his family is rich and I heard that he is related to the powerful Cao family. You don't want such a good man, but a scum like Qin Ming who is ungrateful and unfaithful?"

                Bai Yuchun felt baffled, although she was from the same college and had met Chen Mulin, she knew she was a beautiful woman and a popular student, but she didn't know her well.

                She said, "Qin Ming is very nice, he helped me a lot when I was in the most difficult time, you don't know him, please don't smear him with your own clouds."

                Chen Mulin said, "Heh, how come I don't know him? I know him very well, and his brothers also play in the same circle as us. He used to chase me too. I'm just trying to warn you so that you can stay away from scum and avoid harm. And you still don't appreciate it?"

                Bai Yuchun shook her head and said, "Qin Ming is very nice, he's almost the perfect person."

                At these words, Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua were stunned, Qin Ming actually had such a high rating in Bai Yu Chun's heart?

                Chen Mulin shook her head with emotion, "Crazy, crazy, is it really true that if a man is not bad, a woman does not love him."

                Zhao Meng Hua said, "Forget it, if we are simply talking about friends, Qin Ming is still quite nice."

                Chen Mulin, however, seriously disagreed and said, "If you can't be a good person, then you can't be anything. This Qin Ming is a jerk, poor another girl being cheated by him, it's just abominable, I just can't stand to look at it."

                Bai Yuchun beamed angrily and went to deliver the takeaway, she muttered, "Really, you people, you don't know anything about Qin Ming, you misunderstand him, can't you see the sadness in his eyes? He must really like Miss Nie, but she has cancer, so there's no way out, they've already broken up. Qin Ming is already sad, and you guys still talk about friends and don't enlighten him properly."

                As she grumbled, Bai Yu Chun suddenly ran into a man holding flowers in front of her.

                She clenched her brow, knowing that the man had come again.

                Cao Jingcheng, a second generation rich man, was related to the Cao family, a powerful family in Guangcheng.

                This Cao Jingcheng was not bad, very gentle and polite, and had been pursuing her, it was when Wang Chenghu was running rampant in the school before that he was scared away by Wang Chenghu.

                Now that Wang Chenghu has been screwed down by Qin Ming and everyone in the school is shouting at him, Cao Jingcheng has come to pursue her again.

                Bai Yucheng is not interested at all, but what she has in mind is the hero who saved her from Wang Chenghu's siege and ate a fast food box lunch with her by the Wiming Lake.

                Cao Jingcheng stopped Bai Yuchun and said, "Xiaochun, this flower is for you."

                Bai Yuchun looked embarrassed and frowned, "Senior Cao, actually you don't have to do this, I can't accept your flowers."

                Cao Jingcheng said, "Just accept this flower, flowers with a beautiful woman, how suitable for you."

                Bai Yuchun was still craning her neck in embarrassment, she shook her head and said, "Senior Cao, it's impossible between us, you're very nice, you should go find a better girl."

                Cao Jingcheng said, "You are the best girl in our school, although you dress in dirt, that's because you don't dress up and don't have good clothes, but even if you're covered in ground-breaking clothes, you can't hide your beauty, you're more beautiful than all the other girls. Although you are poor, your out of the mud aura is even more so that I can't take my eyes off you."

                Cao Jingcheng said while forcing the flowers over , saying, "Xiaochun, I am true to you. You're supposed to be a princess, how come you're doing such a lowly job as a delivery boy? I can help you, make you more beautiful, make your life easier, and change you from surviving hard to enjoying life."

                Cao Jingcheng played it cool and stuck his hands in his pockets, saying, "I know, you must think that because Wang Chenghu threatened me before and told me to leave you, and I did, you think I'm not in charge? Actually, no, the reason why Wang Chenghu fell was all because I got someone to clean him up."

                Bai Yuchun rolled her eyes, she was the one involved, she still didn't know who did it at that time?

                That was Qin Ming's boss, a super rich tycoon, although she had never met him, but that tycoon's secretary was a great beauty, there was not much of a shelf, that was all because Qin Ming had found that tycoon boss to step in and set things right.

                Cao Jingcheng said to himself, "My cousin Cao Xiangliang is the second son of the famous Cao family in Guangzhou, and he knows a lot of people in both black and white. I told him about Wang Chenghu's nuisance to you, and then my cousin immediately found someone to clean up Wang Chenghu."

                Cao Jingcheng continued to boast, "I was also present when Wang Chenghu was beaten up, and I beat him up like a bitch, which was a good way to take the heat off you. Later on, the police were brought in, but our Cao family has deep ties, so there was no problem at all. If you want to take it out on him again, I can bring Wang Chenghu in again."

                Bai Yuchun rolled her eyes darkly at how ugly this man was when he lied.

                She thought to herself, "If I hadn't known the truth, I would have been fooled. Qin Ming has saved my life so many times and never asked me for anything, nor did he claim credit. It's really shameless of you to try to take credit for his work when he's so low key."

                Still shaking her head, she said, "Senior Cao, I still have a takeaway to deliver, please don't get in my way."

                Cao Jingcheng said, "What more takeaway delivery? Are you short of money to spend? As long as you are willing to be my girlfriend, I can help you out, I have around 100,000 yuan a month in pocket money, I can satisfy you with whatever you like, and I can give you whatever kind of life you want."

                Bai Yuchun's heart twitched, she did want to change her current life, but what kind of life did she want?

                Truth be told, Cao Jingcheng's offer was very tempting, it would allow her to change her destiny and turn from an ugly duckling into a white swan, just by promising to be his girlfriend.

                There were many people who offered her such a promise, but Bai Yucheng never pretended.

                She refused, "I'm sorry, I have someone I like. I, I'm going to work."

                Bai Yuchun bowed her head, handed back the flowers and rode off on her bike.

                Cao Jingcheng grimaced and casually discarded the roses on the ground, gritting his teeth and frowning as he said, "Why is this happening? Since when did she have a favourite? Who has she been getting close to lately, we need to find out."

                That said, after Qin Ming went back to the dormitory, he thought about what he would prepare for Ah Long's wedding congratulations to fit his status as the boss.

                He thought it would be too boring to go alone and wanted to get the three brothers to go with him.

                Zhao Liniu said, "No way, I've got a date with a girl and I'll pick her up soon."

                Liang Shaoyong also said, "I can't either, I'm going to get a room with my girlfriend the day after tomorrow."

                Sun Zhipeng also gave an awkward laugh, "Xiao Ming, I can't either, I met a girl at the last party, she's very much to my liking, I'm about to take her down."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and cursed, "You bunch of animals, you have the opposite sex but not humanity."

                The three of them burst into laughter, "Who let you be single. Why don't we introduce you to another one? If you don't like Chen Mulin, there are other girls. Hey, don't you know Zhang Xiaoyan quite well? Of all the boys in the class, you're the only one who gets along with her? Why don't you go to her? If she says yes to you, she'll be giving you a hint, so you can take her by the hand."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Xiao Yan? I do know her well, but she's concentrating on her live-streaming career now, so why would she go to a friend's wedding with me? If her fans found out, they'd be up in arms, and they'd have to flesh me out. Don't you guys mess around?"

                Zhao Li Niu patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Ahhh, the brothers are really worried about your lifelong event. If you have a chance, take it, if you don't have a chance, create one."

                Liang Shaoyong said, "Tsk, if you don't ask, I'll ask you. I whispered to her in the class group ...... to see la, she returned the message in seconds."

                Qin Ming listened and was also a little curious, how did Zhang Xiaoyan answer?