Rags To Riches Chapter 215-216

 Chapter 215

Mu Xiaoqiao drove his car and rushed to the Nanshan Sanatorium in a breeze.

                It was a property under Qin Ming's name, right next to Nanshan Manor, with the best medical team and medical equipment at home and abroad. Many military bigwigs and high ranking political officials who were sick did not go to the city hospital, but came here first.

                It's not just a matter of money, you have to have connections to see a doctor here.

                If you can hook up with Hou Qing or Qi Yundong, you can come in for treatment.

                But Qi Yundong was in charge of business in the whole of South China and was often away from Guangzhou, so most people approached Hou Qing for gifts, which was another way for Hou Qing to earn income.

                After rushing in, Mu Xiaoqiao also kept wiping her palms with hand towels, all of which were red.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "The flesh washes clean, but the memories can never be washed away."

                Mu Xiaoqiao cursed in annoyance, "You're still laughing? Don't give me the chance, I'll cut off your plaything while you're sleeping. I've never been so aggravated in all my life, it's so dirty and disgusting."

                Qin Ming sneered indifferently, "Yes, my chicken is disgusting to death, other people's chicken smells good, such as that boss Zhu."

                At these words, Mu Xiaoqiao was dumbfounded.

                Qin Ming was reminding her that if Qin Ming hadn't stepped in, she would probably have been played by Zhu Shengwen by now.

                "Humph." Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't fight and didn't want to say thank you, so with an annoyed twist of her head, she tossed her long black hair and walked into the sanatorium.

                The sanatorium was overcrowded in a certain ward in a certain building.

                There were those wearing military uniforms, those wearing suits, those wearing police uniforms, those wearing Tang suits, in short, everyone was dressed, no matter what they wore, they all wore a kind of temperament, the temperament of those who have been in high places for a long time.

                As they walked to the door, Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly took Qin Ming's hand.

                Qin Ming immediately broke free and asked in return, "What are you doing? You want to mooch off me?"

                "Wipe your sister! The calluses on your hands are thicker than my maid's, why should I mooch?" Mu Xiaoqiao was furious and scolded, "Can't you even make a show of it? Now that my grandfather has finally woken up, the people visiting him are all bigwigs from the military or political circles. They are also all business tycoons, and they still have to wait in line to see my grandfather."

                Qin Ming understood that the Mu family had asked him to be their son-in-law, so it was for Master Mu's "wedding".

                Mu Xiaoqiao reached out to grab Qin Ming again and said, "Don't make trouble here, promise me that you will behave well, even if it's an act. If you behave well, I won't blame you for what happened in the hospital."

                Qin Ming frowned and instead of grabbing Mu Xiaoqiao's hand, he hugged her small waist and held his head high as he said, "Since you are sincerely begging me, it's not impossible to act as a good grandson-in-law in front of the old master."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's torso trembled, wanting to break free but fearing that Qin Ming would simply turn his head and walk away, she had to submit to his lustful authority and gritted her teeth, "You! Don't you dare take advantage of me."

                He didn't wait for Mu Xiaoqiao to get angry and said, "If you are honest with your mouth, I will be honest with you. Don't take yourself so seriously, I don't always eat it when it's delivered to me. Sometimes punishing you is just simply educating you for your father."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was furious, having her bottom touched and her waist wrapped around her, and being lectured by him in an old-fashioned way, she felt she was being eaten to death.

                The two of them arrived late, Master Mu had basically finished meeting the other guests before Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao entered.

                There was no one else in the ward, just the Mu family's direct relatives and siblings from the side.

                There were three brothers and one sister.

                Mu Hao was the first in line, second uncle Mu Cambridge and third uncle Mu Jianxiong.

                Mu Hao was born to the old man's original wife, and the remaining two were illegitimate children born to his second wife.

                The younger aunt, Mu Shuyun, was born to Master Mu's third wife. Mu Shuyun has always been single, works as a charity worker and seems to treat people very friendly, but is a strong woman.

                Because the original wife had killed her second wife, the brothers Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong had no one to turn to, and they did not compete with Mu Hao for the family fortune, so the three Mu Hao brothers usually had very bad feelings.

                The old man's third wife had not been killed, but had instead become good sisters with the original spouse, so Mu Hao and his sister Mu Shuyun were still on good terms.

                There were two pampered old women looking after Master Mu by the hospital bed, and Qin Ming guessed that they should be Master Mu's original spouse and third wife.

                When Mu Hao saw that Mu Xiaoqiao and Qin Ming had arrived, he was busy pulling them forward to introduce them and said, "Dad, look, Xiaoqiao is here. Listening to Zhang Zhen Zhen's method, he found Qin Ming, whose birth date was a perfect match for Xiao Qiao. As soon as they met, they also fell in love at first sight, and only yesterday they arranged a wedding, and today you woke up from your coma. Zhang Zhen Zhen is really divine."

                Qin Ming just wanted to laugh inside, thinking, "Blind date? Love at first sight? You're lying, Mu Hao, you're talking nonsense with a straight face, you're at least a big boss, how can your father believe this?"

                But to my surprise, Master Mu nodded with approval and said, "It's good that you found Zhang Zhen Zhen. With Real Zhang's help, this old life of mine will be saved, and our Mu family's troubles should be solved in response."

                "?" Qin Ming's entire body was black with question marks.

                Old man, are you sick and crazy? Don't you first thank the entire doctors and nurses of the Nanshan Sanatorium under Laozi's name for their efforts?

                Although that godly man, old man Zhang, was somewhat capable, but you don't really believe that "happy showering" will get rid of your illness, do you?

                Mu Hao said happily, "Yes, what Zhang Zhen Zhen says is never wrong. He has never failed to solve any of his predicaments, and it is not too much to say that he is an immortal, but he is too hard to find, and his movements are erratic."

                As Qin Ming listened, he felt that their perception of the godly old man Zhang was completely different from his own.

                Moreover, what was with these two fathers and sons? They were both extraordinarily superstitious.

                Indeed, Qin Ming had also been superstitious when he had agreed to join the family at home.

                But at that time, Qin Ming had lost his mind, was being lulled by the godly man, and was very desperate to change his 'deadly knot in his fate', as well as trying to find Nie Haitang.

                He felt that he was halfway fooled at the time.

                Later, he looked up some psychology books, and people are easily fooled when they are pessimistic and lost, and he thought back to that night when he was pessimistic and lost.

                As time went on, Qin Ming felt that it was all a coincidence, that it happened that Nie Haitang's medical report was wrong, that it happened that he came across the godly man, Old Man Zhang, telling the fortune of the Mu family to break it, that it happened that he was fooled, and that it happened that Old Man Zhang woke up after the doctor's efforts.

                These were all coincidences, the butterfly effect.

                So many coincidences had led to the Mu family's father and son being so superstitious.

                Qin Ming did not trust Old Man Zhang, the godly man, one hundred percent, which was why he silently spat in his heart when he saw the two Mu Hao fathers and sons so convinced .

                Master Mu grabbed Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao's hands and said, "Good, you're both good kids. It's a pity that you didn't get to watch your wedding."

                Qin Ming sighed in his heart, "A wedding with three surrounding dining tables and I, the groom, not allowed to show my face, so you don't have to watch it, old man."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was quite excited and with tears in her eyes, she said, "Grandpa, you'll be fine, you'll be discharged from the hospital soon and you'll be able to go back."

                Master Mu said with a smile, "Good boy, I will. I, a bad old man, still can't let go of this flowery world and want to hold my grandson, granddaughter and grandson-in-law, you have to work hard and let me hold my grandson sooner."

                Qin Ming continued to murmur in his heart, "Don't even think about it, old man, when you get out of hospital, I guess I'll have to divorce her. Li Meng wants to marry into a rich family so badly, she will probably get pregnant even sooner."

                Qin Ming thought this would be enough to meet, but he didn't expect his second uncle Mu's daughter-in-law to speak up, "Oh, why didn't you inform us when Xiaoqiao got married? This young man is not bad looking, which young master of a rich family is he? He's willing to be a son-in-law for us?"

                A young man at the side said, "Mom, I know him, I read about him in Fortune magazine just a few days ago, he seems to be a poor man. Pan Jun!

                At this remark, the atmosphere in the ward changed.

Chapter 216

"Fortune magazine?" Mu Cambridge's daughter-in-law was startled and said, "To be in Fortune magazine, that's rich. How can they be poor? Pan Jun is afraid of seizing? How can they be poor? And what about the fact that they are not in the magazine? What are the reasons for this? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I don't care about their family's business, but I can't stand to see them cheat on grandpa. Grandpa is already old and he still has to be cheated by them."

                Third Uncle Mu Jianxiong played dumb and asked, "What are you talking about, Zhijun, you child? Is there something wrong with what your eldest uncle just said?"

                Mu Zhijun said, "This man's name is Qin Ming, he appeared at the Huayi Night Blue Sky Foundation Gala before, I believe we all look a bit familiar with him, right? He was Nie Haitang's boyfriend who was later dumped by Nie Haitang, how come he's fallen in love with his cousin in the blink of an eye? If it's love at first sight, I think he fell in love with his cousin's money at first sight."

                This was said in such a way that it did not leave any room for manoeuvre, which made Qin Ming lose face.

                But he couldn't say, "I've signed a prenuptial agreement, so I can't take your Mu family's money, right?

                Wouldn't that make this seemingly amicable marriage even more of a mistake? It would only make things more troublesome.

                Master Mu suddenly covered his head in pain, and the eldest and youngest wives on the side glared at Mu Zhijun and chided, "How did you teach your son, Mu Cambridge? Have you come to be angry with the old man today? Your father has only just woken up."

                Mu Cambridge said, "Zhijun, stop it. You can't say anything about the couple's business. Poor or rich, it's good that the shoe fits. Oh, congratulations to your niece for marrying a good man, hehehehe."

                Mu Cambridge's daughter-in-law sneered, "Yes, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, it's the character that counts. Xiao Yun and Xiao Ling, from now on you should learn from your cousin's lesson, you should look for a man with eyes to see who he is, don't bring me a poor man. What do you think? The first thing you need to do is to find a man.

                Mu Jianxiong's wife echoed, "Yun'er, you should also watch out and learn a lesson."

                Mu Cambridge and Mu Jianxiong's daughter were also on the sidelines, spitting out their tongues in a quirky manner and saying in unison, "Got it. We're not going to find a man as scummy and classless as our cousin's husband."

                This wave of cynicism and sarcasm was clearly congratulatory, but in reality they all kinds of despised Qin Ming, while also gloating that Mu Xiaoqiao had married the wrong man.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was ridiculed by this family, making her look extremely ugly.

                Mu Hao was also upset by his brothers' double-crossing, and his father's face was also greatly affected by whether his daughter married well.

                The purpose of this sudden marriage, which was also secret, was to protect Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Because Qin Ming's identity is really a bit embarrassing, Nie Haitang dumped the man, poor? Pan Jun? The palpitation suppression palm? 7缙兰? stop? The provisions of the Sterling Provisions? The spade is a good example of how to make a difference. The overlap?

                Such a son-in-law, Mu Hao is also embarrassed to tell his relatives about it.

                Qin Ming was indeed in a good frame of mind, he wasn't angry at all.

                If these people don't understand him, they don't understand him, so why should he explain to them? Wouldn't it be better if he completed his task in a low profile?

                Elder Mu coughed uncomfortably, "Cough cough cough ...... all shut up, all day's bickering, take me for a dead man, don't you?"

                Elder Mu took a sip of water, smoothed out his breath, and said, "This is Zhang Zhen Zhen's kindness to our Mu family. His arrangement, that's the best arrangement, Real Zhang is never wrong, don't interrupt if you don't understand."

                The people around them, except for Mu Hao, all rolled their eyes, and even the elder and younger wives of Master Mu sighed, they were all helpless at Master Mu's superstition, and looked at Mu Xiaoqiao with more or less a feeling of "child, pity you, I'm sorry for you".

                A few of the younger generation looked at Mu Xiaoqiao with sarcasm and gloating, thinking that Mu Xiaoqiao had found a loser man and would be finished for life, and that they would be the butt of their jokes after dinner.

                After all, the second and third houses had always been suppressed by Mu Hao's eldest house.

                The second and third houses were often compared to Mu Xiaoqiao's peers, and they were all ashamed of themselves and could not compete with her.

                However, today, she finally got the chance to announce her marriage, and it was clear from the first glance that Mu Hao had arranged it by force, and she obeyed. What's the point? The target is? The wedding was announced by a man who was a poor man. The man is a poor, unknown man. The molasses is a very good choice.

                "If I were her, I'd be dead."

                "The actual fact that there are still people who are so superstitious these days, it's only right that they have a father like that."

                "Tsk, they are superficially in love, right? I don't believe in love at first sight."

                "How did they spend their wedding night? Did they sleep together?"

                "Oh, you think too much? I don't believe that a toad caught as a son-in-law can sleep with a princess."

                "In my opinion, let's wait for the entertainment reporters to reveal when our cousin will cheat on us, hahaha."

                "It will be very explosive then."

                A few juniors stood in a corner of the ward, chattering away, their voices not too loud, but someone could still hear them.

                His own brother, Mu Zhaoyang, who had not spoken all along, was even spitting fire from his eyes, wanting to tear Qin Ming apart, wasn't it all because of Qin Ming, the trash, that his sister had suffered such a disgrace?

                If only he had some background or ability, why would his sister have been ridiculed by the second and third houses like this?

                If it wasn't for Xu Shulan, who was pulling him back, he would have gone berserk.

                Qin Ming was so depressed, if he hadn't promised the Mu family that he had to wait for them to resolve the trouble before he could get a divorce, he wouldn't have given a damn about these people and suffered this shit for nothing.

                Qin Ming's expression was flat, and he did not take these people's ridicule to heart at all, saying: "Those who misunderstand will misunderstand, and those who ridicule will ridicule. Let them be, there is no need to explain anything to them. Later on, when I have completely inherited my righteous father's legacy and I can announce my identity, you guys don't come begging me in tears. Well, first, write down your names one by one in a small book."

                Master Mu had also heard the gossip and felt that he was being ridiculed for making Qin Ming his son-in-law in order to "celebrate his wedding".

                Master Mu added: "Qin Ming, you two couples are newlyweds and I regret that I could not attend your wedding. I have a small four-and-a-half-storey house with a parking space, a garden, a private swimming pool and a tennis court in a property near the university city, and I'm giving it to you as a wedding present. Let's put your name on the property deed as Qin Ming's."

                Qin Ming was forced to take the keys, this old man was too generous, right?

                This meet and greet gift was in a first-tier city, where the common house price broke 30,000 per square foot, and the top quality houses broke 50,000 per square foot in Guang City, and directly gave a small house in the best, hottest property near the university city?

                Master Mu said, "This is my personal gift, no one is allowed to have a problem with it, from now on this house will belong to you, Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming said, "Old Master, I am ashamed to accept this."

                Old Master Mu smiled, "You can't ask me, Mu Hai Ran, to take back the gift I gave you, can you? Aren't you slapping me, the old man, in the face? A mere villa of forty to fifty million dollars is nothing."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, it was also true, for rich people, a house was a gift, it was nothing.

                He then graciously accepted it, "Then I won't be pretentious, thanks a lot old master."

                Because all the Mu family's properties were occupied by Mu Hao, the second house, Mu Cambridge, and the third house, Mu Jianxiong, were completely inferior to their elder brother, Mu Hao, in terms of family power, so Mu Zhijun, who was on the side, was also looking at them with jealousy.

                Mu Zhijun said in an odd tone, "It's good to be a son-in-law, to give up face and dignity and not be a man, to have money and a house. This is life."

                Mu Tianzhi from the third house also said, "How dare you have the cheek to accept it, so worthy of being poor? What a poor man! The third house's Mu Tianzhi also said, "How dare you take it? The third house's Mu Tianzhi also said, "How dare you take it? The weevils in the media are very happy. The first thing you need to do is to take the money. The third house's Mu Yun said disdainfully.

                The third house's Mu Yun said disdainfully, "No way, your cousin is stupid and rich, and loves to marry to the waste, the old man must be painful anyhow."

                The second house's Mu Xiaoyun said in disgust, "My boyfriend wants a poor man like him? The second house's Mu Xiaoyun said in disgust, "My boyfriend wants a poor man like him? The second house's Mu Xiaoyun said disgustedly, "My boyfriend wants a poor man like him? The second room's Mu Xiaoyun said in disgust, "My boyfriend wants a poor man like him? The company's main business is to provide a service to the public.

                Qin Ming is very upset, these people are really endless, taunting and attacking him, Mu Xiaoqiao will be heartbroken?

                No, she has no feelings for Qin Ming at all.

                However, courtesy was a must, Qin Ming pointed to the sign by the bed and said, "Old Master, this medical service of yours is a level two service, right?"

                Master Mu nodded his head and said, "Well, this is also a condition that Mu Hao had to ask for a lot of connections and put in a lot of effort to get, normally if you give a gift, it would be a level three service. But level two medical service is already the top in all of Asia, better than even Japan's medical level. If the level one medical service is the top in the world, it will have the top doctors and specialists from Europe and America come over, take care of the whole process and only let go when they are cured. Oh, this level one medical service has been rumoured a lot, and I have never experienced it."

                Qin Ming said with a smile, "Old Master you gave me a house, I have nothing to give in return, I'll let them upgrade the specifications and level of treatment for you, upgrade the level two medical service to level one medical service."

                As soon as Qin Ming spoke, the people around him looked at Qin Ming suspiciously, was this kid bragging big time?

                Or had he lost his wits? Thinking that spending money would do the trick?

                Mu Zhijun laughed loudly and said, "Brother-in-law, you are poor, don't talk blindly if you don't see anything, it's not the cousin's family who will look bad if you lose face? Do you think the medical services here can be bought with money? You can upgrade the treatment specifications for the old man? If you do, I'll give you my head as a chair."

                Qin Ming smiled faintly and did not say anything as he turned around and went out.

                When Qin Ming left without saying a word, Mu Zhijun was bored and whined, "This man is so rude. He talks big and leaves without permission. Cousin, you have to educate brother-in-law properly, such quality makes our Mu family lose face."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was choked speechless, she already had an iceberg face, now her face was even colder, the three steps around her were so cold that ice was forming.

                Mu Hai Ran's original wife said with a frown, "You've been out for a while, are you delayed by something urgent? You guys go back first, your dad is also tired ......"

                It is at this time that the head of the South Mountain Sanatorium Medical walked in.