Rags To Riches Chapter 213-214

 Chapter 213

It didn't take long for Qi Minghui to get his hands on the information of Zhu Shengwen, the owner of a show that specialises in running luxury brand fashion shows and has powerful resources to promote them.

                At the same time, Qi Minghui took some of Zhu Shengwen's black history, such as video evidence of threatening some wild models to subvert, evidence of accepting bribes when he was a judge, and a shady case of finding someone to take the blame after a drink and drive accident and escape.

                Qin Ming secretly sighed that Qi Minghui was quite efficient, but he didn't need so much content, he just took it just in case.

                By noon, Qin Ming followed Mu Xiaoqiao to a small restaurant with a unique style and a quiet environment.

                The driver, Ah Long, said, "Young master, I know this place, there is no public seating, it's all private rooms, often some businessmen talk about business, and as they talk there are one man and one woman left in the room, the room is Japanese tatami style, pushing open the dining table is very spacious, it's also soundproof and can be locked."

                Qin Ming smiled, "It's obvious that the boss, Zhu, doesn't want to talk business. Mu Xiaoqiao is really stupid, knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain."

                Ah Long said slyly, "Young master, not everyone is like you, the business is so big that it's easy to do anything."

                Qin Ming said, "She is backed by the Mu family, how difficult can it be?"

                Ah Long explained, "When Secretary Song was investigating the Mu family's information, I also read it in passing. People who are not familiar with it, still don't know that this is Mu Xiao Qiao is the thousand-year-old young lady of the Mu family."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, he didn't expect Mu Xiaoqiao to be a low-key person too.

                However, what did this have to do with him? He would meet with Mu Xiao Qiao's sweetheart later and use it as blackmail to tell her to know in future who was the grand master and that he was not a bully.

                However, when Qin Ming saw that Mu Xiaoqiao's car had stopped, she was the only one who had come out and there was no one else.

                What was going on here? Qin Ming was puzzled in his heart, knowing that Boss Zhu was not easy to deal with, and he still came to the banquet alone? Isn't that lighting a lantern in the toilet, looking for shit (death)?

                Qin Ming still couldn't stand it, so he hurried out of the car, walked up and called out to Mu Xiaoqiao, saying, "You came alone?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was equally surprised, didn't Qin Ming say he wasn't coming?

                She asked back with a cold frost on her face and no emotion, "What's the problem? I'm talking business, don't get in the way, you haven't graduated from university yet, you know how to talk business at a dinner table? How can you help?"

                Qin Ming said, "This Zhu Shengwen is not a good person, he often submarines some models, this restaurant is also a bit special, the rooms inside can be locked and soundproofed, you don't want her to put 'special medicine' in the food."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said impatiently, "You forget it? Do you know him well? Or have you read too many online novels? Do you think all bosses are horny bad guys? Don't get in my way, this is just a small deal of two million dollars, but it has a big impact on my company, if you mess it up, you're dead."

                Mu Xiaoqiao didn't listen regardless and walked straight into the private room.

                Qin Ming wanted to persuade her, so that she wouldn't get into any trouble and his cheap husband wouldn't have another cuckold.

                But when he reached the door, two cold men in suits immediately stopped Qin Ming and said, "Who are you, kid? Our boss wants to talk business with Boss Mu, don't get in the way."

                Qin Ming was also angry, this woman was really uncouth, she was so kind, let her suffer.

                Qin Ming went back to the car, Ah Long didn't hear the order to leave, he smiled at once: "Young master is still a very good man. Although it's only a fake couple, he still cares quite a bit about Miss Mu."

                Qin Ming said, "After all, Mu Hao is not bad to me. We'll be spending time together in the future, and we don't want everyone to lose face too much."

                Qin Ming had only waited for less than five minutes when his mobile phone rang, surprisingly it was Mu Xiao Qiao's calling.

                However, Qin Ming did not answer it directly, but pressed the speakerphone.

                He heard Mu Xiaoqiao say, "Boss Zhu, is there something wrong with the food here? I've only had a couple of drinks, why do I feel wrong in the head?"

                Zhu Shengwen smiled and said, "Tsk, Miss Mu, what's the problem? I've had a drink too, nothing wrong with it? Come on, try the salmon here, it's particularly fresh."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's voice gradually became odd and she said dizzily, "No, no, Qin Ming, Qin Ming, you come quickly."

                "Who, which Qin Ming?" Zhu Shengwen smiled and said, "Miss Mu you came alone, I saw it all, so you don't have to scam me. I often tell my peers that I admire Miss Mu, a woman who can obviously live by her face but has to rely on her skills. Come on, I'll drink to you again."

                Suddenly there was a sound of a stool toppling over the table and Mu Xiaoqiao shouted, "Boss Zhu, what are you doing? Please let go of my hand and show some respect."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he couldn't help himself, he had expected this, and he led Ah Long to rush to the private room immediately.

                The two bouncers at the door saw Qin Ming and said disdainfully, "It's you again kid, get lost, I won't say it again."

                Qin Ming waved his hand at Ah Long, who went forward in his slippers. The two bodyguards raised their eyebrows, feeling that Ah Long looked slovenly and casual, but had a stern aura that they could not ignore, when they tried to defend themselves.

                Bang Bang!

                Ah Lung threw a swift punch, really quick as lightning, and struck the two bodyguards in the abdomen. The two spat jaundiced water on the spot and fell to their knees with their feet limp, unable to utter a word.

                Lung kicked again and the door lock broke straight away, kicking the door to the room open before he made a gesture of invitation.

                The more Qin Ming looked at Ah Long, the better he looked. It was really too good to have picked up such a personal soldier king in the first place.

                Qin Ming swaggered into the private room and saw Mu Xiaoqiao with an odd expression, her legs tightly together, rubbing incessantly, her hands clutching her collar in a death grip, her chest rising and falling from gasping for air as she shrank into a corner of the room.

                Zhu Shengwen, however, sat on the other side, the smile on his face turning sharply to gloom as he silently sipped a glass of wine.

                He casually swept a glance at the two bodyguards who were kneeling at the door and vomiting incessantly, and cursed angrily, "Rubbish things, can't even watch the door properly."

                Qin Ming walked over to Mu Xiaoqiao, who only seemed relieved, but still chided, "Why are you so slow? He, he made a move on the food, I'm weak and hot after a glass of wine, I feel weird, I'm dying feeling."

                Qin Ming grunted, "Who was it who didn't listen to advice? Now you've suffered a loss, haven't you?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said in shame, "I'm not at a disadvantage."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Of course I know, I didn't mean physically, why are you so nervous to clarify?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's cheeks blushed and her fists clenched as she stood up first, but her legs were too weak to stand up.

                She really regretted it and at the same time overestimated her ability to cope with the meal, and ended up making a big fool of herself and having to let Qin Ming, whom she hated, come to her rescue and end up being mocked by Qin Ming.

                Zhu Shengwen looked at Qin Ming, dressed in ordinary clothes, wearing a broken back force and no patches, shabby enough, but was able to take down his two bodyguards, guessing that he might be more capable of fighting, he had some calculations in mind, took out three stacks of money from his bag and said, "Young man, here's 30,000 yuan, don't mind your own business."

                Qin Ming turned back to Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "You see, in his eyes, you are worth 30,000 yuan, not as much as the wild models out there, and a wild model costs more than 100,000 yuan."

                When she heard Qin Ming's contemptuous and humiliating words, she was even more breathless and said in shame; "You! Shut up and take me away now."

                Zhu Shengwen frowned and said, "Young man, what is your relationship with her? I, Old Zhu, also know many dignitaries in Guang City, I can say that I can kill both black and white, how about you sell me face today and you take the money?"

                Qin Ming frowned, was this a threat to him?

                He smilingly turned around and asked Mu Xiaoqiao, saying, "They are asking you, what is my relationship with you?"

                "You! You! You're going to piss me off, aren't you?" Mu Xiao Qiao's eyes rolled up, she really wanted to strangle this bastard Qin Ming, wasn't he deliberately angry with her?

                But who let her be in danger now? She was really afraid that Qin Ming would not save her from death, she bit her lip in shame and said, "You are my ...... me ......"

Chapter 214

"You are my, my ...... husband."

                Mu Xiaoqiao knew that Qin Ming was playing her, but now she was a fish on the chopping block and had to give in to Qin Ming and acknowledge the false relationship they had on the surface.

                Qin Ming grinned in triumph, let you be arrogant, let you be an iceberg, let you look down on me, now you admit to being a coward, right?

                The moment Qin Ming saw Mu Xiaoqiao bow her head, he was in a comfortable mood, and felt the pleasure of conquering this arrogant woman.

                Of course, he didn't think Mu Xiaoqiao was convinced in her heart, and he didn't care, he just wanted to take some verbal advantage.

                Qin Ming said to Zhu Shengwen, who had been pretending to be calm, "Boss Zhu, you heard it too. You gave my wife this glass of wine, right? Ah Long come in, this is physical evidence. Oh, did you call the police?"

                Ah Long said, "The police were called, the police will be here soon."

                Zhu Shengwen smiled, very cunningly and gloomily.

                "Ho-ho, husband? I haven't heard that Miss Mu is even married." Zhu Shengwen suddenly took Mu Xiaoqiao's used chopsticks, wiped them with a cloth and said smugly, "But the medicine isn't in the wine, it's on the chopsticks, heh heh. The evidence is gone."

                "You, you ......" Being told by Open Ming that the medicine had been administered, Mu Xiao Qiao was so angry that her body trembled, she was weak, but had to rely on Qin Ming's support, otherwise she could not stand on her two legs.

                Zhu Shengwen said, "Miss Mu, you can't drink so much, can you? You can't stand it after just two glasses, so we'd better not sign the contract, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao gritted her teeth, this Zhu Shengwen was threatening her with a contract to appear in the fashion show, if she wanted to be able to participate in the top fashion show in China and make a name for herself, then she had to wipe the slate clean and eat this dumb loss for nothing.

                Zhu Shengwen laughed calmly and calmly: "Heh heh, no evidence, no proof, what can you do with me?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "What can I do? I can beat you up, what?"


                Qin Ming slapped him across the face, knocking away Zhu Shengwen's calmness and composure.

                Zhu Shengwen's glasses were knocked out of shape, and this slap knocked his temperament out of him, so he got up and cursed, "Kid, don't think you're great just because you can fight? This is a society governed by the rule of law, do you think you can get away with it? Try punching me again, I want you to not see the sun tomorrow."

                Qin Ming laughed, it wasn't the first time he heard someone begging for a punch, he flew up and kicked Zhu Shengwen right in the lower part of his body, sending him sprawling to the ground.

                This is not to mention that Qin Ming rode up and gave a "Heavenly Horse Meteor Fist" plus "Lushan Shenglong Ba", hitting people in the face, and in a short while Zhu Shengwen's face was red and swollen, with a mouthful of blood and a big tooth missing.

                "Ah, don't hit, ah, hitting people without hitting their faces, ah."

                "What's your name? Don't you dare give your name, you're dead."

                "Do you know who I am?"

                "Fifty thousand, give you fifty thousand to let me go."

                "One hundred thousand, ah, my balls, one hundred thousand is always enough, right?"

                Qin Ming couldn't care less about a few dollars, if he didn't teach this kind of person a good lesson, there would be women to be killed in the future.

                After Qin Ming had beaten him for a full five minutes, that Zhu Shengwen could no longer stand up, his legs were weak, his face was covered in blood, and pieces of his glasses were scattered all over the floor, Qin Ming shook off his fist.

                He stood beside Zhu Shengwen and said, "Now I'm giving you a chance, that is to sign a contract with me, Mu Xiaoqiao, since it's a fashion walk, then the clothes designed by Mu Xiaoqiao's company must be c-suited with the best models. I'll say it once, if you don't agree, if something happens in the future, don't say anything."

                Qin Ming patted Zhu Shengwen's face and smiled hideously, scaring Zhu Shengwen into shrinking in fear, this young kid, how could he be so ruthless? Was he still human?

                What has happened to education nowadays? What is wrong with education nowadays? He should be beaten to death.

                After collecting Zhu Shengwen, Qin Ming helped Mu Xiaoqiao, who was already in a daze, to go to the hospital, after all, he didn't know what kind of medicine he had taken and had to go to the hospital, otherwise he wouldn't be able to explain to his family if something happened.

                It was only on the way to the hospital that Mu Xiaoqiao was no longer able to make it.

                Her legs were tighter together and she kept wriggling and rubbing, she ripped open her collar to reveal a patch of snow-white skin and cried out in one fluid motion that she was hot.

                She leaned towards Qin Ming and cupped his cheeks, saying, "Husband ...... I, I want it."

                The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The drug and then the wave? Who is not listening to advice, really deserve you to make a fool of yourself.

                Qin Ming punched Mu Xiaoqiao, knocking her unconscious and slamming her to the side, showing no mercy.

                Qin Ming swept a glance at the fainted Mu Xiaoqiao and said indifferently, "I'm not your husband."

                After rushing to the hospital and entering the emergency room, hanging the medicine, Mu Xiao Qiao gradually returned to normal after the medicine had receded, but she didn't say a word, and her face became even colder.

                Apparently, she had a memory.

                She clearly remembered that she couldn't stand the effects of the medicine, her mind was out of whack, she looked at Qin Ming and felt her eyebrows were clear, her hormones and sexual desire exploded at the same time, she wanted to do it with him, and then she was knocked out by Qin Ming's fist.

                The back of her head still hurts now!

                Mu Xiaoqiao was really mad, not to mention being laughed at by Qin Ming all day, but he even disliked her?

                Wasn't she good looking? Wasn't her body hot? Wasn't she young?

                If Qin Ming had really taken advantage of the opportunity to possess her, Mu Xiao Qiao really had no good excuse to accuse Qin Ming, but Qin Ming didn't even touch her, and he even inflicted violence on her, which was simply excessive.

                This was so much for a beautiful woman that Mu Xiao Qiao was beginning to doubt her own charm.

                No, Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head, not going to admit in her heart that she was not charming, then the problem had been with Qin Ming.

                When she saw Qin Ming pay her fee and come over to the bed to look at her, she couldn't help but ask, "Qin Ming, are you not lifting?"

                Poof, Qin Ming who was drinking water violently spurted out a mouthful of water, what the fcuk? What kind of question is that? Suddenly driving?

                Mu Xiaoqiao said coldly, "Nie Haitang is so beautiful, you are his boyfriend, but you have not slept with her, you are still sitting on your arms and willow?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "I slept with her, but I didn't touch her. Not all men are that nasty."

                Mu Xiaoqiao rolled her eyes, seemingly confirming her own suspicions, and said, "There is no cat in the world that doesn't cheat on its wife? Who are you fooling? So you just don't lift a finger?"

                Qin Ming was annoyed, thinking to himself, "What is wrong with you, woman? You saved his life and you're still laughing at him?

                I really fucking regret saving you.

                Qin Ming suddenly grabbed Mu Xiaoqiao's hand. Although Mu Xiaoqiao had almost recovered from the hanging bottle, her body still had little strength and she could not resist even if Qin Ming grabbed her hand.

                Qin Ming then took Mu Xiaoqiao's hand and put it into his crotch.

                "Ah! What are you doing?" Mu Xiaoqiao screamed in fear, but it just so happened that there was no one else in the emergency room today!

                Mu Xiaoqiao was ashamed and annoyed, no, this was a great shame.

                She had no strength to resist, and Qin Ming was still enjoying himself, so she was going mad at the sight.

                At this time, a nurse came in and saw Mu Xiao Qiao's hand on Qin Ming's crotch, the nurse was stunned.

                Mu Xiaoqiao wanted to dig a hole and go in, this was too shameless, she bit her lips and cursed, "Qin Ming you scum, let go of me. You, you ......"

                The latter words she could no longer say, because she felt Qin Ming's toughness.

                In this moment, Qin Ming's crotch was propped up in a tent before he pulled Mu Xiaoqiao's hand out and deliberately said, "Wife, it's not good for you to be so impatient, the hospital is a public place, go home and blow me again."

                After saying that Qin Ming also made a teasing tongue licking lips flirtatious action.

                The little nurse who was about to change the medicine at the side, shook her head in disgust: "You couples pay attention to the impact, this is a hospital."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was so angry that her blood pressure shot up and she had a heart attack, saying, "You, you. I, I didn't. Qin Ming you bitch, bastard, brute."

                Qin Ming hadn't taken a few steps when his phone rang, but it was Mu Hao calling.

                "Qin Ming, I can't get through to Xiao Qiao's phone, she's with you, right?"

                "Hmm, something wrong?" Qin Ming glanced back at Mu Xiaoqiao who was frantically wiping her palms.

                "It's urgent, come to Nanshan Sanatorium right away."