Rags To Riches Chapter 211-212

 Chapter 211

Qin Ming had just climbed up to the first floor window when he saw a scene of spring and said, "Uh, Mu Xiaoqiao why aren't you wearing any clothes?"

                Qin Ming's eyes flashed and he looked at her for a few more moments before moving away, the delicate figure, the white skin, the rather well-developed breasts, the slender waist with less than a grip and the long, slender white legs, all made him lick his lips, the excitement came so suddenly that he almost spurted a nosebleed again.

                She thought Qin Ming couldn't stand the humiliation of sleeping on the floor on his first day of marriage and had gone to sleep in the next room, but this guy climbed up the wall without saying a word? What a bitch.

                Mu Xiaoqiao angrily rebuked, "You, you scum, you deliberately peeped at me?"

                Hearing this indiscriminate insult, Qin Ming immediately retorted, "Ask your good sister, she deliberately locked all the doors, how could I get in? Did I wake everyone up by banging on the doors? What else could I do but climb up myself?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao hugged the bedding to cover her body and said, "But you can't peek either."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "Are you reasonable, you woman? What the hell do you know about climbing up and seeing you undress? You like to sleep naked, why didn't you say so earlier?

                He deliberately said, "What's wrong with me looking? I'm at least your husband, I've taken the wedding photos, got the marriage certificate, your parents' son-in-law's tea, worshipped heaven and earth, and had the banquet. I can't even look at my own wife? Or are you kicking me out? Is this wedding still a good idea? It's not my fault if the Mu family is going to be unlucky."

                When it came to the matter of the wedding, Mu Xiaoqiao's face sank.

                She held back, biting her lip in shame, grabbed her pajamas and went to the bathroom to put them on, then went to bed without saying a word.

                Qin Ming continued to sleep on the floor, but if he really wanted to go to bed, he was afraid that he would have to suffer heavily when he fell asleep tonight, because he saw that Mu Xiao Qiao was sleeping with a wolf-proof stick in her hand and was really wary.

                The night went on without a word, but in fact Qin Ming did not sleep well all night, and when he woke up the next day, Mu Xiaoqiao had disappeared.

                He didn't sleep well because he was the son-in-law of the Mu family, but because he hadn't waited for Nie Haitang's second call last night.

                Qin Ming was afraid that he would miss it if he fell asleep, so he kept holding on to it, but ended up waiting all night for no more messages or calls.

                When he called, his phone was switched off.

                Even if Nie Haitang's phone had been stolen, he could have bought another one.

                Qin Ming didn't think too much about it: "Shouldn't it be for some blood test? Forget it, keep asking the men in the eu branch to look for it."

                Qin Ming shuffled downstairs and found that the only people in the living room were his cheap mother-in-law Xu Shu Lan and his cheap sister-in-law Mu Si Chun.

                The cheap wife was not there, presumably she had gone to work.

                Sister Fang, the maid, said, "Auntie, I have prepared your breakfast. Your washing and changing clothes will be fine in the bathroom, I will go and wash them later."

                Xu Shulan didn't have a chance to get angry yesterday on her wedding night, but today she couldn't help it and angrily rebuked, "What aunt? Ah Fang, do you know how to speak? He's just a poor? He is a poor man? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. 觥w∥一業模? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. about dry sac road? The basis of the story!

                Qin Ming was not surprised by Xu Shulan's attitude.

                Last time, he humiliated Xu Shulan, Mu Sichen and Mu Zhaoyang in front of the celebrities in Guangcheng.

                Mu Sichen said angrily, "Mom, why? Why must Dad want this Qin Ming to be his sister's husband? I can't even face meeting my friends when I have such a loser brother-in-law."

                Xu Shu Lan sighed and said, "Your father said that his birth date and your sister's birth date were compatible, that they were a match made in heaven and could remove bad luck and bring good luck to our family. If I were to say so, your father must have been blinded by lard, or else he was smitten by someone and lost his wits. Alas, my poor daughter ......"

                Mu Sichen wrinkled her brow in disgust: "When did dad become so superstitious? I don't usually see him burning incense and worshipping Buddha. Could it be that this Qin Ming has used some kind of conspiracy and trickery?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, these two mothers and daughters were really poisonous.

                He didn't eat any more breakfast either, and went straight to school.

                "Hey, wait a minute." Suddenly, Xu Shu Lan called out to him and said, "I forgot to take Xiao Qiao's briefcase, it contains her company's latest product design, you take it to her, remember not to lose it, otherwise you can't even afford to pay for it if you sell it."

                Qin Ming said, "Why don't we just let the maid go?"

                Xu Shulan immediately scolded, "They get paid for their work, you get 10,000 yuan a month from my family for pocket money, can you not work? If you dare to talk back to me, deduct a thousand."


                Qin Ming took the briefcase, not because he cared about the so-called pocket money, but because he was curious about what Mu Xiaoqiao's company was like, and the address seemed to be not far from the university town, so let's say it was on the way.

                When she saw that Qin Ming had gone out, she asked, "Mom, that's a very important document for my sister, isn't it? Today, she has to negotiate with a client for the most famous Springbok fashion show in China. You're letting that loser Qin Ming go?"

                Xu Shulan smiled wickedly and said, "He doesn't have a car, so if he goes late and delays things, he will be scolded by your sister. This is a very important business, if he messes up, he'll suffer."

                Mu Si Chun had a flash of inspiration and immediately ran out.

                She caught up with Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, do you know that this document is very important to my sister and if you deliver it late, you will delay a big deal."

                Qin Ming said, "I can always take a taxi, right?"

                Mu Sichen said, "That's late too, tsk, take my car, I'll take you there."

                Mu Si Chun drove out in her Porsche, and Qin Ming didn't think badly of it, so he got in.

                She sped along, driving the family car like a racing car, however Qin Ming found something wrong, the road was not right.

                Qin Ming asked, "I say, sister-in-law, where are you going here?"

                Mu Si Chun said, "A drive."

                Qin Ming frowned: "You pitched me? You said that the document was important to your sister, and you took a detour on purpose?"

                Mu Sichen laughed, "Hahahaha, you just found out? You're really stupid, why should I help you? This is a deal worth over two million dollars, you're dead if you mess it up."

                Qin Ming laughed instead of being angry and said, "I thought you would care about your sister, but it turns out that you are also a plastic sister."

                Mu Si Chun frowned, right oh, she had screwed Qin Ming, hadn't she screwed her sister's business as well?

                Snorting, Mu Si Chun braked sharply and said with a stern face, "Well, it's even further away from my sister's business now, you can take a taxi. If you dare to say anything about me, you're not a man, grin~"

                Mu Si Chun even made a tongue-tied face, very proud of the success of her ruse.

                Qin Ming shook his head speechlessly, this woman was almost possessed in order to fix him.

                Qin Ming was forced to get out of the car, which was even further away from Mu Xiaoqiao's company.

                He was worried that he didn't know how to get there when his phone rang, it was a call from Mu Xiao Qiao, or a stranger status.

                Qin Ming said curiously, "How did you get my number?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao on the other end of the line said coldly, "Is it hard to get the phone number of an ordinary person like you? My mother said you took my file packet and gave you ten minutes to send it over, otherwise you are responsible for all damages."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone a little fretful, from the map navigation, it would take thirty minutes.

                Qin Ming gritted his teeth and cursed, "Damn, this joining the family is really not a good job. But in order to change my fate against the odds, I can't just back out like this. However, you have Zhang Liang's plan and I have a ladder over the wall, do you really think I am a poor man with no plan? Pan Junjun

Chapter 212

At the entrance of Qiao Zheng Fashion Clothing Co., Mu Xiao Qiao, dressed in a long fashionable professional dress, paced back and forth, looking at her Cartier watch every now and then, time was running out, the guests were already waiting impatiently, and Qin Ming had not yet arrived.

                "That punk." A blush of anger surfaced on Mu Xiao Qiao's white and tender cheeks.

                At this time, Mu Xiaoqiao's mobile phone rang, it was her mother Xu Shu Lan calling, asking, "Hey, daughter, the briefcase has been delivered, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was furious and said, "Not yet, mum, why did you let him do this. This man ...... you've heard from brother's girlfriend Li Meng, not only is he a scumbag who starts and ends things, he's also a nerd who only reads, he used to be a delivery boy and a dishwasher, he's probably not thinking of running all the way over here to save some taxi money? Isn't this delaying my work?"

                Xu Shulan said, "Oh, baby girl, don't panic, there's still another deal to be made. If this business goes bad, you will scold him to death and humiliate him, this punk can't do anything right, he needs to be tortured."


                Suddenly, Mu Xiaoqiao looked up and saw a Mercedes sedan speeding across the road, there were quite a few cars on the road at this time of the year, but it was like it was in no man's land, not only was it fast, it twisted and dodged vehicles even faster, the last one fluttered and drifted, accelerating around the bend, leaving a long trail of worn tyres, but the whole Mercedes came to a steady stop right in front of Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Inside the car, Ah Long said triumphantly, "Thirty minutes of driving, took eight, didn't make you late young master, did it?"

                Qin Ming patted Ah Long's shoulder and said, "Not bad."

                He got out of the car and saw his cheap wife standing in the doorway with her hands clasped over her chest, staring at him in a very unfriendly manner.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was curious, "Where did the car come from?"

                Qin Ming said, "A drop car, I'm not late, am I?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao took his briefcase and hummed, "Alright, you can go now."

                But Qin Ming didn't leave, saying, "I came to see my wife's workplace, it's always okay, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao immediately stopped in her tracks and turned around and angrily scolded, "What are you doing? Don't forget you signed an agreement on what to do and what not to do. , or you won't get a single penny in the future when the divorce comes."

                Qin Ming responded back, "How could I forget? No matter where you are, the man has to behave like a son-in-law at home and not disgrace the woman, have I disgraced you now?"

                "You!" Mu Xiaoqiao said in annoyance, "Your presence has disgraced me. You don't even ask around about my reputation in Guang City, how much ridicule I will suffer if outsiders know that I have a loser husband like you at home. You don't want your face, I still want it."

                Qin Ming smiled wryly and said, "If you don't give me respect, how can I give you face? It seems like your Mu family is the one who wants to take me to 'wash the wedding', so let's get a divorce and promise not to appear in front of you in the future, go ahead."

                "You!" Mu Xiaoqiao was so angry that she stomped her foot and said angrily, "Are you a man? All day long you threaten me with this. You're happy that my grandfather is dead, aren't you?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, what did this have to do with her grandfather?

                But Qin Ming would not let go of this opportunity. It was true that he had joined the Mu family to dissolve the deadly knot in his fate and change his fate against the heavens, but he was not easy to bully, and being eyed and ridiculed all day long was not what he wanted.

                Even Qin Ming felt that it was supposed to be mutually beneficial and he deserved the minimum respect.

                It was a pity that Mu Hao hadn't told the rest of the Mu family the whole truth, but Mu Xiaoqiao knew about the "wedding", so she shouldn't have discriminated against Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said, "Now that you know, you should behave like a wife, even if it's just for show, instead of treating me like a father's killer all the time. It seems that it was your Mu family that sought me out."

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip, her willow brows locked, why did she feel that this Qin Ming was a bit difficult to deal with?

                She thought to herself, "Li Meng says he's just a soft-earned loser, and now it's rumoured that Nie Haitang dumped him in Guangcheng. But I do think he has quite a heart."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "This is not the time to talk to you, so feel free to visit my company if you want. But I'm telling you, no outsiders are allowed to know about our relationship, except at home."

                He didn't want to be misunderstood as being married either.

                Anyway, this joining the Mu family should be over soon.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked one of the receptionist girls to receive him and show him around.

                Qin Ming was brought in by the boss himself and was carrying important documents that the boss had left at home. The receptionist lady had a good eye and mind and immediately guessed, was this man the boss's brother?

                "Hello, my name is Xiao Li, what is the name of the gentleman?"

                "Qin Ming."

                "Oh. At the risk of asking, what is your relationship with our boss? Why are you holding her important documents?" The receptionist lady frowned, what was the relationship if this wasn't the same surname as the boss and not her brother?

                Qin Ming said, "No relationship, just an errand boy."

                The receptionist immediately rolled her eyes, a servant? She wasted her expression.

                She said, "This is our lobby, here is the lift, you can just walk around, I have to be busy there."

                Qin Ming's head tilted, this receptionist job was too easy to do, right? A casual introduction and that's it?

                The building had eight floors in total, and the whole building was owned by Mu Xiaoqiao. Qin Ming was visiting all sorts of strange fashions and creations that he couldn't understand, when he unknowingly walked to the top eight floors.

                There were a lot of people here, and everyone was very busy, drawing pictures, handing out documents, and no one paid any attention to Qin Ming.

                When Qin Ming finished his tour, he felt that there was nothing interesting and was about to leave, when he happened to walk into the meeting room, he heard Mu Xiaoqiao inside exclaim: "Zhu Shengwen, what do you mean? It's still several hours before noon, and you're about to eat?"

                A man's arrogantly smug voice was then heard.

                "Miss Mu, this is a big deal for me. If you work with me, your company's clothes will be able to walk on the most high-end catwalk in China, and there are not many places left."

                "Moreover, although this luxury brand of yours has made it, the growth of consumer users has long since reached its limit, relying on online marketing to just have visibility but not sales will not work."

                "There's no other way but to attend the top fashion shows. I have the resources and opportunities at hand, don't you just accompany me for a lunchtime meal alone, how hard can it be?"

                Qin Ming peeked inside close to the doorway, Mu Xiaoqiao was sitting on one side, a stack of drawings and documents untouched on the middle counter, opposite a svelte, middle-aged uncle wearing glasses, Zhu Shengwen.

                He had a victorious smile on the corner of his mouth, and the reflection of the lenses of his glasses caused him to give off a gloomy feeling.

                Mu Xiaoqiao hesitated for a long time, but was finally forced by the pressure of running the company to nod, "If it's simply to have a meal together, then fine, but I'll have my driver take me there."

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Tsk, subterfuge, eating alone equals getting drunk, getting drunk equals getting fucked, getting fucked equals negotiating business."

                He shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "None of my business, I'll dodge."

                But Qin Ming hadn't even stepped out of the building when Mu Xiaoqiao's call came, saying, "You haven't left yet, have you? Stay at the office, drive for me later and accompany me to dinner."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "Aren't you going to have dinner and sign a contract with someone? Am I not going to disturb you? We're just a dewy couple."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said in annoyance, "Qin Ming you bastard, you eavesdropped on my meeting? You you eat my food, live in my house and use my money, what's a favour? Also, we are legally married, accompany me to have a lunch, are you going?"

                Qin Ming was annoyed, there was such an attitude of begging?

                He said decisively, "Your father said, don't you have someone you like? Why don't you just ask the one you like to come and help? Don't talk about husband and wife, do you take me for your husband? There's no minimum respect. I didn't bring you this document, you didn't even get to talk about it, you said a word of thanks to me?"

                There was silence on the other end of the line, and only after a long time did Mu Xiaoqiao say, "Even if you don't help, do you really think you're so important? You're just a pussy poor? Pan Jun!

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, but couldn't resist calling Qi Minghui again and instructed, "Minghui you check for me, a man named Zhu Shengwen, find some people to follow his whereabouts."

                After doing this, Qin Ming raised the corners of his mouth in triumph: "Now we should be able to see who Mu Xiao Qiao's so-called favorite person is, and then use this marriage blackmail, Mu Xiao Qiao will have to give me a proper attitude in the future and treat me like a grandfather. Hm hm hm, I'm such a genius."