Rags To Riches Chapter 21-22

 Chapter 21

Qin Ming carried that black plastic bag with 88,000 back to school, he did not want to go to the get-together that Zhao Liniu said, those women are good-looking, but they are all snakes and scorpions, completely despise him, not to mention now fallen like a chicken.

Qin Ming would like to go back to the Cloud Peak Villa to stay, but he still has to attend classes tomorrow, and he can't be too extravagant.

"Hey? Xiao Ming you're here?"

At the entrance of the school, Qin Ming ran into Zhao Liniu, Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng head-on, with a man and four women on the side.

Qin Ming had a black face, this is not late or early, it just so happens that they ran into each other when they were going out to the bass bar, what a shitty fate.

Zhao Li Niu happily walked forward, reached out to Qin Ming's shoulders, said "Ha, quite timely. Ah? Why are you all wet?"

The crowd saw Qin Ming, but now Qin Ming was soaked to the skin.

A girl laughed and said, "It was just a thunderstorm, so you couldn't have heard that you could go to the bar with Ling Ling, so you rode your bike back, right? Tsk, Ling Ling, you are really charming."

"Pfft hahaha." Except for the three brothers in Qin Ming's dormitory, everyone else burst into laughter.

Liang Shaoyong's girlfriend Zhao Menghua was also angry and said "This Qin Ming is too competitive, right? A Yong, I have pulled down my face for your brother to ask Ling Ling out, look, what is he doing?"

Liang Shaoyong is also depressed, went up and said "Xiao Ming ah, what happened to you? Chen Mulin chase a lot of people, she also happens to want to fall in love, today there is a rich generation hard to follow, but that rich generation Chen Mulin do not like too much, so you want to create an opportunity to show."

Sun Zhipeng also came forward and asked "Xiao Ming, the opportunity of a lifetime ah. Chen Mulin is better than that Li Meng in every way. If you can woo her, you won't have to suffer from Li Meng's anger in class."

Qin Ming wanted to say, he does not care about you Chen Mulin.

But facing the dormitory three brothers, they have done so much for themselves, but also want him to get out of the shadow of love sooner, Qin Ming words stuck in his throat, can not say.

Can not let the brothers cold heart ah.

A man came up, arrogant attitude, nostrils to the sky, said "Hey, you are the toad want to eat the swan's meat Qin Ming? I also heard that you don't have money to cure the library to steal Ling Ling's breakfast. Are you still your man? Dating also do not dress better?"

A girl next to Chen Mulin said, "Yes, Luo Shao, it's him. Really, how can our Ling Ling look at him? Our Ling Ling family is rich and beautiful, a dress is worth his monthly salary."

Zhao Li Niu said discontentedly, "Our Xiaoming has excellent grades and will earn big money after graduation."

Luo Shao disdainfully smiled "Is that so? So Qin Shao is a high school student, really impressive. It's a pity that I'm just a rich kid who doesn't learn anything and waits all day to inherit his father's business. It just so happens that my father's company recently lacked a regional manager, a monthly salary of 28,000, why don't I tell my father, Qin Shao is my brother, my father may be directly arranged on. In the future, Qin Shao will have money ah. Well, slightly can rival me a little, how to say I have 50,000 a month pocket money."

"Haha, Luo Shao you are too kind, right? Not yet graduated to give twenty-eight thousand salary is too generous. But then, no matter how good he is, he is still working for you."

"Wow, Luo Shao is so rich, Luo Shao likes me just fine, Ling Ling you are so happy, Luo Shao likes you so much."

"Luo Shao such is our girls' dream man."

"That stinky silk has nothing to say, right, tsk, this fallen chicken look still come to Ling Ling, really a demented man."

"He actually has the cheek to be here? Do not be ashamed ah this person."

The few girls around Chen Mulin, talking to each other to bury Qin Ming, in fact, are Luo Shao early to spend money to buy through, today is to help Luo Shao's favor to pick up girls.

These few girls see Qin Ming so silk down and out, all without the role of Luo Shao's money, since the are laughing at Qin Ming.

Qin Ming this look, not to mention the pursuit of Chen Mulin, the pursuit of them, they are also not willing to accept ah.

Zhao Li Niu asked anxiously "Xiao Ming, why don't you go back and change a set of clothes first."

Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Forget it, Brother Niu, I appreciate the kindness of the brothers. But now my appearance is really a bit shameful, I'd better go back. I won't bother you guys anymore."

Luo Shao heard Qin Ming wise to go away, secretly nodded his head, the man who knows the time is handsome, not with him Luo Shao grab women is the right choice.

At this time Qin Ming looked at Chen Mulin, he had little interest in Chen Mulin, and did not want to cause her trouble, he wanted to refuse once more, Zhao Li Niu they will not introduce Chen Mulin in the future, right.

Chen Mulin has been silent, she actually has no good feeling about Qin Ming, but can not stand the good girlfriend Zhao Menghua as a lobbyist, and Qin Ming is also really powerful reading, will say not allowed to get ahead.

But then powerful, can have Luo Shao kind of rich second generation strong?

But Luo Shao is known as a philandering carrot, university years, girlfriend changed more than a dozen, including the university city other school girls, sleep tired of dumping, so bottomless life style, really let Chen Mulin hate, she has not been in love, naturally want to make a good character of the boy, of course, must also be handsome.

Zhao Menghua said, "Mulin, you say something. This Qin Ming should be working part-time, heard you also went out to the bar, it is estimated that the rain rushed back, want to go back to the dormitory to change a set of clothes and then come out, coincidentally bumped into it. Although he is a little poor, too shabby, but at least more attentive to you."

Although Zhao Menghua also dislikes Qin Ming in his heart, but his boyfriend is Liang Shaoyong, or to the boyfriend.

Chen Mulin nodded and said, "Yes, I don't want that Luo Danan to follow me like a fly all day. The first use of Qin Ming dumped Luo Danan and then let's say."

Chen Mulin said, "Qin Ming, you are my invitation, last time in the Man Fu restaurant said something excessive, this time is a special invitation to drink you to make amends. You do not appreciate the face?"

Qin Ming was stunned, it was actually for him to admit his mistake?

In an instant, Qin Ming's perception of Chen Mulin improved a lot, this girl is very proud, but can admit her mistake in public, and also invite him to drink to apologize, is not too bad.

Qin Ming said, "Since the beautiful Chen has said so. I also respectfully submit to the order."

However, the girl next to Chen Mulin was dissatisfied and said, "Oh, Ling Ling, why do you want to be with such a poor man? And soaking wet silk man."

"That's right, what is our status, he can afford it? Even I can't afford it, let alone you."

"He is also too shameless, Luo young are so give face to him, he still do not know the time."

Listening to these sneers, Qin Ming really got angry, although he had always been very low profile, but what happened today made him feel that it was necessary to show his financial power and hit these gold-digging women hard in the face.

He raised the black plastic bag in his hand and said angrily "Who said I don't have money? I have plenty of money. Here is eighty-eight thousand, I just earned from the stock market."

A girl made a disdainful face, "Oh, still earned from the stock market, just stuff a few bricks."

Qin Ming directly took out a stack of money and said "Is this money a brick?"

The crowd took a look and then laughed out loud.

Qin Ming was stunned, they laughed at what? Looked down at the money held in his hands, grass! What happened?

The money in Qin Ming's hand is not real money, is the bank to practice counting money with "practice bills", he took back, forgot to confirm once, so it made such a mess.

Chapter 22

"Hahahaha, laughing my ass off, I can't, hahaha."

"That's a practice bill, hahaha."

"Eighty-eight thousand earned in the stock market, hahaha."

"And a fucking high school student, a brainy high school student, right?"

"My first time, the first time I see people who take fake bills as real money, hahaha, actually, hahaha ......"

Qin Ming so embarrassed, how crazy these people laugh, he was more embarrassed, cheeks on fire, this is too embarrassing ah.

He opened the plastic bag to see the bills inside, they were all fake, he was cheated by the girl who begged.

But Qin Ming was confused again, at that time her eyes did not look like a fake.

Moreover, he began by donating money, sent out ah.

If the girl is a fraud, she has no need to come back ah, what happened in the middle?

Qin Ming did not have time to investigate the truth, and now has made a fool of himself.

Zhao Li Niu three people have completely shut themselves up, they despite the heart to Qin Ming, but Qin Ming repeatedly, repeatedly make a joke, they are also very difficult to do.

Zhao Menghua even covered her eyes speechlessly, she regretted saying good things for Qin Ming all the time.

Luo Danan is laughing back and forth "Mu Ling, I hahaha ...... I swear, my money must be real money, hahaha ...... at least not like this kid hahaha, real money fake money can not tell, hahaha. "

Chen Mulin face covered with frost, she is one meter seven height, pavilion, standing in the crowd looks like she has excellent posture, she is proud, in the spirit of giving Qin Ming a chance, or let her avoid the pursuit of Luo Danan.

The result is good, Qin Ming directly snapped her face, so that she also followed the ridicule.

Chen Mulin was so angry that she stomped her foot and said, "Luo Danan, where is your car? Didn't you say you would take me for a ride?"

Luo Danan's spirit was shaken, he knew his chance had come, Chen Mulin chose him in anger, so tonight, driving, eating, watching the show, hotel all in one, successfully took the business school's beautiful Chen Mulin's first blood.

Luo Danan also "grateful" looked at Qin Ming, said "brother, thank you. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

A short while later, a red convertible coupe Ferrari docked in front of the crowd, Luo Danan personally opened the door for Chen Mulin, Chen Mulin was so angry that he sat directly in, and did not care about Zhao Meng Hua them.

As for the other girls, they were paid by Luo Danan to help as lobbyists, so naturally they won't be light bulbs.

Luo Danan sat in the driver's seat, a wave of the hand said "kid, no money to go home and watch the film jerk, do not play a fat face, experience the night on the road 300 yards and passion? You have no chance to experience in this life, you guys are really a tease, haha."

"Boom boom boom~!" Ferrari out of the money roar, in the blink of an eye, the red rear lights are left.

Zhao Meng Hua angry directly away "Liang Shaoyong you again please me this, I will break up with you."

Liang Shaoyong anxiously, rushed to catch up "wife, this is a misunderstanding, wife wait for me."

Sun Zhipeng and Zhao Liniu patted Qin Ming, said "Xiao Ming, what's wrong with you? You used to be with Li Meng, it's not so bad to get into this ah."

Qin Ming cried and laughed "I said there are a lot of misunderstandings, do you believe me?"

Zhao Li Niu helplessly shook his head, said "We believe you useless ah. Forget it, you are also tired, go back first."

Qin Ming really can not explain, an explanation will have to start from his encounter with Li Meng today, how long will it take to say ah?

Qin Ming simply do not explain, go back to the dormitory.

However, Qin Ming just showered and changed clothes, Liang Shaoyong came to the phone "Qin Ming, hurry to the city hospital, something happened. Chen Mulin had a car accident, hospitalization money is not enough, you help me to bring my wallet under the pillow."

Qin Ming did not think that only half an hour after the accident, it is too unlucky.

This time he felt that he could not lose face again because of the money problem, he called Song Ying and said, "Song Ying, come pick me up and take me to the city hospital."

Within a few moments, a long Rolls Royce drove to the entrance of the school, and Song Ying thoughtfully opened the door for Qin Ming.

Song Ying said "Young master has a friend hospitalized? City hospital actually also belongs to your industry, subordinate to the Guang city industry management group of Hou Qing is responsible for management, as long as the young master informed, the young master's friend can get the fastest and best treatment."

Qin Ming actually did not understand what the situation, just said "no hurry, go see first."

Qin Ming came to the emergency room, there are quite a lot of people here, he saw Ling Shaoyong and Zhao Menghua and other people, is surrounded by a bed to calm Chen Mulin, and Chen Mulin sprained the neck, forehead some bruises, other basic no big deal.

But no Luo Danan ah.

Liang Shaoyong saw Qin Ming came, took his wallet, said "you guys wait, I go first to pay for the medicine."

Qin Ming asked while walking "What's going on?"

Liang Shaoyong whispered "something big, that Luo Danan is a madman, racing on the road to 300 yards, the result is not good control, emergency brake, but still rear-ended, Chen Mulin has a seat belt, and airbag protection, only a sprain and a slight concussion. That Luo Danan did not buckle the seat belt, was thrown out of the car, head-on by a funeral home car to hit, has been sent to the morgue."

"......" Qin Ming is speechless about this, this girl soak, this forced to pretend, to their lives are hitched in ah, the ups and downs of life is really too exciting.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

She was tugging at a doctor's sleeve, begging "doctor, please, isn't the surgery all arranged? Can't the surgery be done first? It's important to save lives."

But that doctor also helplessly shook his head "surgery is arranged by the hospital, I have five or six operations every day, not to do your mother's surgery, there are other people's surgery, I can not do over. You'd better hurry up and pay the money, I thought you could prepare enough money, but it turned out to be some fake money, you're not making a joke?"

"I don't know why, oooh ......" Bai Yu Chun covered her face and cried, very sad "obviously it's all real money, I borrowed it from the lending company, why, why."

The doctor said, "Girl, the hospital is not a charity, we doctors and nurses do not charge you money, with the instruments, materials, blood packets, drugs, utilities are to be paid ah. The money is not available, we are really difficult to do. You think of another way."

Bai Yuchun sat helplessly on the ground, her eyes revealed despair, tears could not stop falling.

When she heard the phone ringing, she hurriedly took out an old machine with a button and said, "Hello? Brother? Where are you and your sister-in-law? I, I lost Mom's life-saving money, I'm really too useless, ooh ...... Sh, what? You took it? When did you ...... you used fake money to replace all the real money, brother, you, you ...... brother you really watch mom die? Brother! Brother! Hello, hello?"

Qin Ming watched quietly aside, that Bai Yuchun finished the phone call, more desperate, with her as the center around a radius of three meters are a gray, the corridor of nurses and patients' families have a tacit agreement not to approach the past.

Qin Ming listened to her phone call and figured out why his 88,000 was fake money, it was stolen and replaced by the girl's brother, who took his mother's life-saving money for his own enjoyment.

The same children, treating their parents, really have different attitudes.

Qin Ming suddenly did not want to blame her for giving herself a bunch of fake money, she is also a poor person.

Qin Ming waved to Song Ying not far away, Song Ying immediately walked up and said softly "Young master, what's the matter?"

Qin Ming pointed to the girl sitting on the ground in front of him and said, "You tell the hospital to operate on her mother immediately, and if she asks who helped her, you can say that Global Fortune helped her."

Song Ying answered and went up and patted Bai Yu Chun's shoulder.

On the other hand, Qin Ming saw Liang Shaoyong paid the fee, also silently followed him to the emergency room to visit Chen Mulin, but just returned to the emergency room, saw the black pressure of a group of big men, will Chen Mulin they surrounded.

A noble woman pointed at Chen Mulin in a stern voice and cursed "You calamity, I want you to pay for my son's life, tonight, you, must, die."