Rags To Riches Chapter 209-210

 Chapter 209

"To be a son-in-law, you must live with the woman's family."

                "Any work needs to be at the disposal of the arrangement, and the Mu family will give the necessary living expenses every month."

                "The male partner is not allowed to inflict any violence on the female partner, including cold violence."

                "Wherever possible, the male partner has to behave like a son-in-law of the family and must not disgrace the female partner, otherwise living expenses will be deducted."

                "The male partner may only ask for a divorce after the female partner's family troubles are resolved and the family is kept prosperous."

                "The male party cannot violate any of the above agreements, or he will be in the family for life and at the disposal of the female party."

                Qin Ming's face was expressionless as he listened to these overbearing clauses, he truly did not want to sign this agreement, signing it would be similar to losing his power and humiliating his country.

                But if he didn't sign it, he would have a short relationship with the husband and wife and a long relationship with the children, and he would suffer for the rest of his life.

                Before Qin Ming signed, he asked, "My marriage to Mu Xiaoqiao is for show, to help your Mu family resolve the calamity, and once the calamity is resolved, we can get a divorce, right?"

                Mu Hao nodded and said, "Yes, my daughter actually has someone she likes, and although she agreed to my arrangement, she actually holds a big opinion of you, after all, your reputation in your school ...... is known to everyone."

                Qin Ming inwardly slandered: "Damn, not yet married, first a cuckold? But it doesn't matter, I don't like any Mu Xiaoqiao either. I'm in it to change my fate."

                Mu Hao persuaded again, "These agreements are to avoid us from losing out. We won't restrict your freedom after the marriage, you can continue to go to university, even if I pay your tuition fees for you. There is 10,000 for daily living expenses, which is enough for you to spend. You will respect each other after the marriage, and you will not be condescended to."

                Qin Ming grunted in his heart, "I believe the hell you do. It won't last anyway. I'll suffer for a while and feel good for the rest of my life. Your daughter can't blame me for losing her reputation."

                Qin Ming signed a prenuptial agreement and a property division agreement to avoid a divorce later on, when Qin Ming shared a large amount of property.

                After signing the prenuptial agreement, Mu Hao began to discuss with Qin Ming how to organize the wedding and how to get a marriage certificate.

                His daughter, Mu Xiaoqiao, who is 23 years old, is currently running a luxury clothing brand on her own, which is quite famous in China, but Qin Ming couldn't understand it anyway, and he wasn't interested.

                From the beginning to the end, Mu Xiaoqiao did not come out to meet with Qin Ming.

                The wedding will not be a big banquet, but a simple celebration like a birthday party at the Mu family's luxurious estate.

                It was a low-key affair, which was in line with what Qin Ming had in mind, as it would be bad if too many people knew about it.

                It would be best to end the affair without most people knowing, so that he could explain to Nie Haitang.

                The marriage between Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao was scheduled for a day later.

                That night, Qin Ming came to the Cloud Peak Villa Manor and called all his men over, while Hou Qing also resumed his original position and was transferred back to Guang City.

                Qi Yundong said, "Young master, this Zhang Zhen Zhen, I have actually heard of him, he is very famous in the north, my eldest son, Qi Mingxun, has also sought his fortune telling and gained a lot."

                Hou Qing also said, "I heard that he is the one who came out of Dragon Tiger Mountain, he is good at face reading and dream interpretation, fifty years ago, he once predicted the rise of the Mu family, and since his prediction, the Mu family has always been a big and powerful family in Guang City."

                Qi Minghui, however, disagreed and said, "You are old and confused, these are superstitions, Mu Hao father and son that are both a talent, the previous division of the family in the fight to dominate, have a wrist, a large family properly managed, to have today's great family of giants."

                Hou Qing disagreed and said, "But some are destined, you have to believe in them, everything has a destiny, that's the truth. Just like me, Hou Qing, there is a limit to how hard I can work. The young master is different, he is our young master straight away."

                Qi Minghui was speechless at once.

                He retorted, "Can this be compared? The Young Master's relationship with Elder Chang, it's meant to be."

                Hou Qing laughed, "Look, you also said it was destined, isn't it fate? When people have the ability, Zhang Zhen Zhen can point the way and change the fate against the sky. Don't you believe it, that guy Mu Hao, just trust it 100%, he Mu Hao is the hoi polloi."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Alright, don't argue, I came to you guys to let you know about this, I will be over at the Mu family for a while, and when it passes, I will naturally break away from the Mu family. Everything on the group's side will be fine as usual."

                The people under his command nodded their heads, they couldn't say anything more about what Qin Ming had already decided.

                However, Song Ying was worried, "Young master, I'm just afraid that if you go to the Mu family as a member of the family, you will suffer a lot of unfair treatment. Although it is said that it is to change your fate, but to have you suffer, this ......"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm a big living person, I'm not a paper mache, a little suffering is nothing. I will look for you if I need to. Just as well, isn't Ah Long getting married soon? Let's give him a long vacation and go on a honeymoon."

                Ah Long grinned and said, "Thank you, young master, but I still want to invite young master to drink my wedding wine, my father has been nagging me for a long time, saying please make sure you come."

                Qin Ming said, "It depends."

                Qin Ming got married and the world's richest man gave the Mu family his son-in-law, but not many people knew about it, and those who did wouldn't talk about it.

                It sounded very absurd because of the words of the fortune teller, Qin Ming had entered into a marriage with the Mu family, just to change his fate against the heavens.

                Qin Ming, like the ancients, only met his "wife" Mu Xiaoqiao on the night of the wedding.

                At the Mu family's home, Qin Ming was sent back to his room after dinner, as he was a superfluous son-in-law.

                Although he didn't mind, he felt that everyone in the Mu family, except for Mu Hao who treated him with respect and class, was hostile, which put him under a lot of pressure.

                At ten o'clock in the evening, Mu Xiaoqiao returned, and this was the first time Qin Ming saw his "wife", who was honestly quite pretty and had a good figure.

                She was wearing a simple and ordinary wedding dress and a pearl phoenix crown headdress, sitting in front of the dressing table with her legs crossed, not happy or sad, as if she and Qin Ming were an old married couple of many years.

                She said as she unhooked her earrings, "I don't think I need to say anything, do I? My dad has said everything that needs to be said."

                Qin Ming said, "I know that you have to sleep in the same room on the first night of marriage. So, I'll hit the floor tonight and tomorrow I'll sleep in the next room."

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked back at Qin Ming and said, "You are quite sensible, don't presume to have any intentions towards me. You are a worthless, poor man who joined the family for money? Pan Jun? You're a poor man who's in it for the money? A Hori Mei Shu Li eh blowing food and drink Lang Lang thin!

                The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. The night of the wedding, he was warned by his "wife"?

                The first thing you can do is to get a warning from your wife on your wedding night?

                But in order to change the deadly knot in his fate, he had to accept it. As the old gods and goddesses said well, when a great task comes to a man from heaven, he must first suffer his heart and mind, toil his muscles and bones, and starve his body and skin ......

                "Gu Gu ......" Qin Ming was really a bit hungry, but he was used to it before and laid the ground to sleep.

                Suddenly, Mu Xiaoqiao, who had changed into her pajamas, asked, "Have you slept with Nie Haitang?"

                Qin Ming returned, "No, why?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao laughed mockingly twice, "Nothing, huh."

                Qin Ming was so depressed, this was too much, was this a deliberate attempt to mock him?

                Qin Ming was about to retort twice to prove that he wasn't a virgin when his phone suddenly rang, he raised his eyebrows, a letter from Nie Haitang!

Chapter 210

"Here's your three days' pay, you're fired, you can't work at all, damn it, three days on the job, smashing thirty of my plates and losing eighteen spoons, this place is not for a grand lady like you to experience life."

                Somewhere in Germany, Europe, Nie Haitang was wearing a waitress's uniform and was being herded out of the back door of a restaurant.

                The restaurant supervisor rudely threw Nie Haitang out, disdainfully throwing two hundred euros at her and scattering them on the floor.

                Nie Haitang pleaded in English, "Miss Helen, please give me another chance."

                But the supervisor pushed Nie Haitang away roughly and cursed, "NO WAY."

                Nie Haitang endured and bent low to pick up the two hundred euros on the floor, she had nothing to say in retort, at least she was paid for her work and she held on to the two hundred euros, lest they be snatched away.

                This was the first time she had worked since she was so old, the first time she had earned it with her own efforts.

                She held out her hands and looked at them, dirty and cut in many places because she was not used to rough work.

                It was the first time in her life that she had ever worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and after only a few days, she had made so many mistakes that she couldn't do it properly.

                Her mother's words came back to her mind: "As long as you agree to go on a blind date, mum will give you whatever you want and as much money as you want. If you don't say yes, then you'll get a taste of what it's like to have nothing."

                "Is that what it's like to have nothing?" Nie Haitang bit her lips tightly and took a deep breath to adjust her emotions to avoid crying out in a fit of emotion, how humiliating.

                There were endless dishes to wash in the kitchen, endless tables to wipe in the dining room, and the occasional scolding from the unfriendly supervisor, who would deduct money if she didn't do a good job.

                Nie Haitang leaned against the door wall and said, "Qin Ming, he used to be like this, he must have had a hard time before. What's he doing now? That Bai Yuchun seems to be quite interested in her, are they together? Will he forget about me?"

                Nie Haitang hurriedly topped up her mobile phone first, and the moment her phone regained its function, she was happy as a child, finally able to contact Qin Ming face to face

                But then Nie Haitang was torn, how could she contact him?

                Tell him she had lied to him? Tease him? Wasn't that treating their relationship like a game?

                Nie Haitang tinkled with her phone and muttered, "Qin Ming must be very sad that I left without saying goodbye. Hmmmm ...... I'll be honest, he'll forgive me, right?"

                Nie Haitang worriedly searched, "No no no, or a small lie to him, it's a beautiful lie."

                After thinking for a long time, Nie Haitang scratched her head and had a bright idea, saying, "Right, just say that there was an error in the medical examination at home and that the diagnosis needs to be confirmed over here, then apologize to him, he has to be angry and go back to coax him."

                Nie Haitang grinned and sent a message to Qin Ming with a joyful heart, "Qin Ming."

                Nie Haitang had just sent the message when her phone immediately vibrated, she saw that it was Qin Ming calling, and inwardly she felt a burst of sweetness: "Is Qin Ming guarding his phone, waiting for my message?"

                The call was answered and both parties were uncharacteristically silent.

                "Haitang, is that you?" In the end, it was Qin Ming who spoke first, his voice both excited and happy, and at the same time evasive in feeling.

                "Oooh ......" Nie Haitang hadn't heard Qin Ming but voice for a long time, this moment finally couldn't hold back, whimpered and cried, the whole person squatted on the roadside without regard for propriety: "Qin Ming, I miss you. "

                Qin Ming said emotionally: "I miss you too, how is your illness?"

                Nie Haitang hurriedly said, "Qin Ming you listen to me, I ...... my domestic medical examination report may have gone wrong, this side re-examination found, found it seems not that."

                Bang bang, bang bang. Heart beating wildly with joy.

                Qin Ming, who was in the Mu family, was stunned at this moment when he heard these words from Nie Haitang.

                He remembered at this moment the words of the old godly man, Old Man Zhang, that if he completed what Old Man Zhang had arranged, he would be able to break the deadly knot in his fate, and that was really the case?

                He had married Mu Xiaoqiao that night and immediately contacted Nie Haitang, whose illness was surprisingly also a careless mistake by the hospital in China, and it was probably not cancer ah.

                Qin Ming's face could not repress his joy, and it was clear that this "happy ending" was simply divine.

                Qin Ming said, "Haitang, it's great, you'll be fine. Where are you? I'm going to look for you."

                If Qin Ming came to her right away, he would know that she was not sick and her lie would not be broken.

                Nie Haitang said in a slight panic, "I don't know, my mother has arranged it and I will go back in a while. I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me, uh huh, hoo ......"

                In order not to let Qin Ming worry, Nie Haitang could only tell a small lie.

                And when Qin Ming heard Nie Haitang say that her situation was better, he was relieved and said, "Alright then, I'll wait for you to come back."

                Qin Ming thought about how he had now become the Mu family's son-in-law and was a little torn about how to explain this clearly to Nie Haitang.

                This was something he had no choice but to do, because his birth date matched Mu Xiaoqiao's and could help the Mu family to avoid calamities.

                Nie Haitang on the other end of the phone was also torn as to how to take back what she had said before about breaking up.

                At that time, Nie Haitang really thought she was dying of cancer and was so desperate, but it turned out to be a lie.

                Qin Ming thought about it and asked, "Haitang, do you trust me? Will you always believe in me?"

                Without thinking, Nie Haitang said, "Well, I will always believe in you."

                Qin Ming was delighted and said, "That's good, I have something to explain to you ......"

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang exclaimed, "Ah! My phone!"


                "Stand still."

                "...... beep beep."

                Qin Ming was speechless, he heard it out, Nie Haitang's phone had been snatched.

                But he hadn't even asked where Nie Haitang was yet, and he couldn't help, but listening to Nie Haitang, it was highly likely that her illness was a mistake, so the chances were high that she would be fine.

                Because Nie Haitang wasn't telling the truth, Qin Ming became less worried and thought to himself, "She's with her mother, she shouldn't have to worry about her living expenses, and she should still come to contact me when she gets a new phone."

                Qin Ming collected the phone and was in a good mood.

                He moved to go back to the house, as he had to answer the phone, he had just walked out into the courtyard to talk on the phone.

                But when Qin Ming was about to go back, it was when he saw someone standing at the door, barely his sister-in-law, Mu Sichen.

                From the second Qin Ming came in, she had never given Qin Ming a good look and had been black-faced.

                Qin Ming asked, "What are you doing?"

                Mu Si Chun clasped her hands to her chest, with a smug face ang this down, stood on the threshold step and said, "You shameless trash, I don't know what method you used to join our Mu family, but this girl is very unhappy with you. The trash that Nie Haitang doesn't want, our Mu family doesn't want either."

                After saying that, with a bang, Mu Si Chun closed the door, shutting Qin Ming out of the door.

                Qin Ming frowned, what the hell are you up to here?

                It was already late at night and everyone else in the Mu family had already gone to bed, so this was telling him to sleep in the garden tonight?

                Qin Ming cursed and said, "Damn, although it is said to be a fake marriage, this is too pitiful, right? I've at least come to transit your Mu family and resolve the trouble."

                The Mu family's large house was very lavishly finished, with a total of three buildings spelling out an estate, and Qin Ming looked towards the side door which should be open.

                But he thought too much, the entire Mu family's door was locked by Mu Sichen.

                Although Qin Ming was annoyed, the godly man, old man Zhang, had said that he had to stay at Mu's house on this first night of the wedding, and had to share a room with Mu Xiaoqiao, otherwise it would not work.

                He had just taken a call from Nie Haitang and things had just gotten a bit better, he didn't want to spoil things because of that.

                He started climbing the house as he muttered 'Heaven is descending on us', as his room was on the first floor and the window happened to be open.

                Qin Ming carefully climbed up to the first floor and had just reached the bed when he suddenly heard a startled cry from inside, "Who?"

                Qin Ming said in no good humour, "Who else, your cheap husband! Eh? How did you ......"