Rags To Riches Chapter 207-208

 Chapter 207

"I want to break off the mother-daughter relationship with you!!!"

                Nie Haitang didn't hesitate, it was basically an instinctive reaction, the moment she heard her mother deceive her, she threw a slap across her face.

                Nie Haitang was shaking with anger, she wasn't sick, she had been lied to! Her mother had tampered with her medical report, fabricating a liver cancer out of thin air.

                And she, believing it to be true, listened to her mother's advice, left her most beautiful memories to Qin Ming, let go of her love, broke up with Qin Ming to avoid dragging him down, and foolishly ran to Europe to see a doctor.

                The result turned out to be a flattering big gentry and big families, who rushed a long way to someone's castle for a blind date.

                Pointing at the castle, Nie Haitang cried out tearfully; "No matter what kind of family background the other party has, I, Nie Haitang, don't care. I just want Qin Ming."

                Nie's mother covered her cheek, she was so angry from the beating that she angrily scolded, "Nie Haitang, look at you, you're even breaking off your relationship with your mother for that Qin Ming. Did he teach you that? To get you, you'd go to the lengths of compelling you to antagonise your family, is this kind of man a good man?"

                Nie Haitang breathlessly lifted her long, hanging hair, her eyes hazed with tears of sadness as she cried, "You can sell your daughter for glory, can't I break off my relationship with you? What's wrong with Qin Ming being poor? Does being poor make you guilty? He's very motivated, he's going to get ahead in the future."

                Nie's mother shouted, "Being poor is a sin! The future? Who doesn't have a future? But how many people can have a future? Huh?"

                "If he's poor, he can't covet the jewel in my family's crown, Haitang, my daughter, you've been spoilt since you were a child, and your parents have always left you the best. How can you be so degraded as to fall in love with a poor boy?"

                "Do you know how humiliated I was that day at the Century Mansion party when he held your hand and made your relationship public? The entire party's celebrity broads were laughing at me, and overnight our Nie family was reduced to the laughing stock of Guangzhou's high society, you know?"

                "You should stop believing in unrealistic fairy tales, Cinderella marrying a prince? But Cinderella is also the daughter of a count's family, what is he, Qin Ming?"

                "This Qin Ming, generations of poor farmers, the family only earns 40,000 to 50,000 yuan a year, such a family has 'no good', 'unworthy', 'waste' written in their genes ', that's life."

                "Where do you not want money to live now? No money he wants to prostitute himself for nothing, toad eating swan's meat poor? Pan Jun? Hing? Buck ah!

                Nie Haitang said angrily, "I want to go back, I want to go back to my country right away."

                Nie's mother suddenly became calm and said, "You are penniless, how can you go back? Don't be silly, my dear daughter, you don't even have the money to take a taxi to the airport."

                Nie Haitang's steps stopped as she felt her pockets, she really didn't have any money.

                Nie's mother continued, "Haitang, it's my mother's fault for spoiling you too much in the past. You gave whatever you wanted, which gave you the wrong view of love, always loving to read those fairy tales as beautiful, no one ever told you that there was never so much as a fairy tale love, that material things were what mattered, that a comfortable life was what mattered most."

                After scolding her, Nie's mother stood up straight, with the stance that I will sanction you if you are capricious again, and said, "If you are not convinced, then fine, just try living a life without money. See how many days you can survive?"

                Nie Haitang opened her phone as she walked away, she was going to call Qin Ming immediately.

                "Hello, your account is in arrears and has been shut down, please top up promptly." All that came back to her was an icy cold system tone.

                With a winning stance, Nie's mother said, "See, in this society, everything needs money. Calling also costs money, money is the only thing."

                At this time, Guang City, a restaurant private room.

                Qin Ming's Huawei thousand-dollar phone was taken away and he was asked to turn it off.

                The person sitting in front of him turned out to be Mu Hao, the owner of the Mu family, whom they had met only the night before, and Qin Ming had offended everyone in the Mu family.

                Mu Hao smiled lightly, "I don't want our call today to be monitored, so turning off the phone is a must. After all, it's not easy to say whether you promise or not."

                Qin Ming didn't hesitate too much: "I promise, what exactly do you want me to do, just say it."

                Mu Hao said, "Good, cool. Something has happened to our Mu family recently, and Zhang Zhen Zhen said that we need a happy shower to dissolve it. All we need to do is to find someone whose birth sign matches my family's children to get married, and then we can achieve the purpose of healing and dissolve the trouble. Therefore, I need you to be the son-in-law of our Mu family."

                "Boom froze," Qin Ming suddenly stood up and hammered his fist into the tabletop, shaking the tea cups on the countertop and spilling them.

                He stood up and scolded, "Boss Mu, have you lost your wits? You even believe in such things?"

                Mu Hao spread both hands and calmly asked rhetorically, "If you don't believe in Zhang Zhen Zhen, then what did you come to me for?"

                Qin Ming sat back down again, with this statement from Mu Hao, he found that he could not refute it.

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and asked, "You are willing to give your precious daughter, to marry me? A person you have only met twice, and only had a big fight with your daughter last time, how could she agree?"

                Mu Hao smoked a cigarette and said indifferently, "That's my youngest daughter, Mu Sichen, I'm talking about my eldest daughter, Mu Xiaoqiao."

                Qin Ming laughed in speechless embarrassment and said, "Then your daughter must have flipped out with you? How can you be a father like that?"

                Mu Hao said proudly, "She agrees, she listens to me very well, if I want her to marry, she will marry. Besides, this is a wedding, the fate of our Mu family is at stake, and she is a woman who understands the importance of sacrifice."

                Qin Ming's head was in a muddle, what was this?

                You are a big boss of a powerful family, what are you doing being so superstitious?

                He asked, "Don't you have anything else for me to do? Other than this, anything else is fine."

                Mu Hao said categorically, "No, just this. Your eight characters are compatible with my daughter's, and only if you get married and have a wedding can my Mu family's troubles be dissolved."

                Qin Ming was a little annoyed, but he was also very shaken by what the godly man, Old Man Zhang, had said yesterday, and he had let Old Man Zhang's calculations be right about many things.

                But he had wanted to be with Nie Haitang, but it had turned out to be a marriage with another woman? Wasn't this putting the cart before the horse?

                He asked, "Do you have that old man Zhang's contact information? I want to speak to him."

                Mu Hao seemed to have great respect and trust in the divine rod, Old Man Zhang, and said, "The real Zhang's whereabouts are so erratic that it's not easy to meet him once, and it took me a long time to find him. To meet him once is also a matter of fate."

                Qin Ming got up and said, "Fate, my ass, it's not easy for me to find him? I don't agree. I'm leaving."

                Mu Hao said, "Qin Ming, are you letting go of your girlfriend Nie Haitang? She is indeed such an excellent woman with great charm. Although I don't know what it is that you are begging Zhang Zhen Zhen for, but Zhang Zhen Zhen has pointed out a clear path, and you have no other way but this one to dissolve the deadly knot in your fate."

                Qin Ming said, "That is also impossible, if I promise you, my deadly knot will be even more impossible to dissolve."

                Mu Hao smiled faintly, "Zhang Zhen Zhen has never miscalculated a thing, the next time you come to me, you won't be so qualified to negotiate terms with me."

                Qin Ming walked out of the teahouse and immediately contacted Qi Minghui, saying, "Qi Minghui, go and find someone for me immediately, he is an old man who tells fortunes on the street, called Dream Interpretation Zhang Zhenxian, he is within the city of Guang, give you one day."

                Qi Minghui promised, "Don't worry, Young Master, I will find him."

Chapter 208

Qi Minghui went to look for someone, but after searching for a day, he could not find the old godly man.

                Qi Minghui could only run to Qin Ming and confess his guilt.

                Qin Ming didn't blame him too much, he just told him to keep looking, if they couldn't find the Old Godly Man, then it means that the Old Godly Man has some skills.

                And at the same time, the report submitted by Song Ying, the subordinates of the eu branch, had initially investigated all the regular hospitals in the European countries, screened all the personnel lists, and there was no information about Nie Haitang attending any of them.

                This was what Qin Ming didn't quite understand, could it be that Nie Haitang had gone to a special doctor, a partial prescription treatment? Or had she not started treatment yet?

                He told Song Ying to continue to send someone to find out where Nie Haitang was being treated, and then he could go there.

                After a long day of classes, Qin Ming went back to the school dormitory when Zhao Liniu suddenly came over with his mobile phone and asked, "Xiao Ming, Nie Haitang has cancer?"

                Qin Ming was surprised and said, "How do you know?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "Someone posted the report from Fortune Magazine on the forum, which ...... she seems fine. Why is it suddenly ......"

                Qin Ming took his phone and it turned out to be a gossip report from Fortune magazine with a picture of Nie Haitang and her mother at the airport, which was quoted by someone from the school on the school website's forum.

                The Nie family is considered to be a prominent one in Guangzhou City, and Nie Haitang is really popular within the school, so there are quite a lot of people discussing her.

                There were also people posting on the forum asking if Qin Ming and Nie Haitang had broken up over this content, which Qin Ming didn't even bother to read.

                Qin Ming said sadly, "It's true, her mother took her she has gone to Europe for medical treatment."

                The three brothers in the dormitory all said to Qin Ming, "This ...... look on the bright side, nowadays medical treatment is very advanced, both chemotherapy, targeted drugs, and various other advanced therapies, there is no problem."

                Qin Ming said, "She didn't tell me, his brother told me. She didn't want to drag me down and deliberately left the country for treatment without telling me. She deliberately avoided me."

                Sun Zhipeng was surprised, "Is this her breaking up with you?"

                Qin Ming immediately denied, "No, we will still be together after she has recovered from her treatment."

                Zhao Liniu and the three men looked at each other, they could all see that Qin Ming was now very sad and grieving, Nie Haitang had suddenly gotten an incurable disease and had quietly gone abroad for treatment in order not to drag Qin Ming down, and their relationship might have been separated because of this.

                Liang Shaoyong suddenly changed the subject and said: "Xiao Ming, come to plate lol not? You haven't played for a long time either, relax and release your pressure, I'll solo with you."

                Qin Ming knew Liang Shaoyong's good intentions and shook his head, "Thanks, you guys play, I'll go to the library to revise later."

                The library was always particularly crowded at night, so Qin Ming took a seat, only to run into Chen Mulin again.

                Chen Mulin seemed to be a gossipy person too, and when she saw Qin Ming, she came up to him and asked, "Hey, Qin Ming, is it true that Nie Haitang is sick as mentioned on the school website forum?"

                Qin Ming dwelled on it and said, "Technically, she didn't say it to me personally. I also heard it back, and you have the same sources as I do."

                Chen Mulin said, "Aren't you her boyfriend? Aren't you going to stay by her side?"

                Qin Ming also wanted to, but that was Nie Haitang who had left without saying goodbye.

                Qin Ming hesitated to say, "I ......"

                Chen Mulin suddenly asked, "You're not abandoning her just because you see she's sick, are you? How can you be such a person? When a girl is sick, it's the time when she needs company the most, so since you're her boyfriend, you should stay by her side."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes speechlessly, he was already in a bad mood, and when Chen Mulin said so, he was even more lazy to say anything, so misunderstand if you like.

                He was already used to the world misunderstanding him, no one cared about the truth anyway, and it was better to criticise people with a condescending attitude than to know the truth.

                Chen Mulin asked, "Isn't that so? What do you have to explain? I'm listening."

                Qin Ming lamented, "I don't have any explanation, just say whatever you want."

                Chen Mulin looked disgusted, "Qin Ming, you actually admitted it, how can you be so thick-skinned to this extent? I didn't expect you to dislike Nie Haitang just because she's sick, thanks to that I thought you were actually a man of great love and care. I don't sit with bastards like you."

                After saying that, Chen Mulin hugged her books and went to sit elsewhere.

                Qin Ming didn't think much of it, as long as he got Nie Haitang back, all the rumours about him would be shattered. As for Chen Mulin, Qin Ming figured out that this woman was too simple, and as the saying goes, her head was missing a tendon.

                Nie Haitang's illness soon spread throughout the school, and many people lamented the fact that such a beautiful young girl had a serious illness at such a young age.

                The most discussed topic on the school network was not Nie Haitang, but Qin Ming, her boyfriend.

                Some say that Qin Ming was dumped because he was seen eating alone in the school canteen, eating very plainly, and that he had lost Nie Haitang's financial support and had become a poor man.

                Others said that Qin Ming had abandoned Nie Haitang, who was seriously ill, and had gone to pick up Bai Yuchun, the commoner school girl.

                Others say that Nie Haitang abandoned Qin Ming, and that his illness was an excuse, and that Qin Ming, as a poor? The story is that he was a poor man. The story is that the man who was the first to be killed in the war was the one who had to be killed. Forgiveness

                In short, there are all kinds of conspiracy theories, but the result of the forum water posting is unanimous, that is, Qin Ming broke up with Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming looked at those comments and for a moment he wondered if those people were conspirators, coming up with all sorts of nonsense logic.

                However, the next day a report in the entertainment section of Nie's house thrust Qin Ming into the limelight again.

                Nie Jianmin said he did not know that Qin Ming and Nie Haitang had ever been in a relationship and told the media that the two were just very good friends, while Nie Haitang was currently receiving treatment abroad, and that Qin Ming had not given Nie Haitang any help or care after she fell ill.

                This has put Qin Ming in a passive position and the school's online discussion is growing, describing Qin Ming as a toad who wants to eat the flesh of a swan, and that from start to finish it is Qin Ming alone who is the demon.

                As for Nie Haitang's once public expression of their romantic relationship, it was also twisted into something that had to be done to help Qin Ming not make a fool of himself.

                Nie Haitang became a good girl with a beautiful heart, while Qin Ming was a poor man. Pan Ken humerus yageo rotten cow? The Northwest Territories is a place where you can find a lot of people who are not only beautiful but also good. The 15-room house is a good place to start. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. That? Pan Jun

                The face of one-sided public opinion pressure, Qin Ming completely ignored, he simply do not want to pay attention to these outsiders nonsense, should do what to do.

                Finally, after the third day, day and night looking for people to find Qi Minghui, whose eyes were full of red blood, found the godly man, old man Zhang.

                The old man had been drunk for three days in a shed, without the air of a great master of divine calculation, just like a drunkard.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the shed, he opened the door and said, "It's not easy to find you."

                Old man Zhang said, "You didn't find me, I made your friend find me, because our fate is not yet over."

                Qin Ming said, "Blow, you keep blowing. What is wrong with you? Didn't you say you were accurate in your calculations? Didn't you say you could help me dissolve the deadly knot in my destiny?"

                Old man Zhang said, "I told you, and you don't believe me, and you want me to tell you, so I'm having a hard time."

                Qin Ming said in annoyance, "Letting me join the Mu family, if Nie Haitang finds out about this, can we still be together? Wouldn't it piss her off alive?"

                Old man Zhang said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, little friend Qin Ming, is that a human brain or a pig brain on your neck? It's a society based on the rule of law now, you joined the Mu family and helped the Mu family resolve their calamity, you can get a divorce."

                Old man Zhang said, "It's not that I think badly of you, Miss Mu doesn't even see you as you are now. It's a hard job, but when a great task comes to a man, he must first suffer his heart and mind, toil his muscles and bones, starve his body, empty his body, and do what he can, so move his heart and endure his nature, and gain what he can't. You are a scholar, you know what I mean, right?"

                Qin Ming froze on the spot, yes, there was such a thing as divorce, he had forgotten about it.

                He had forgotten that there was such a thing as divorce. In his mind, Qin Ming thought that marriage was a lifelong affair, and he was repelled by divorce.

                Old man Zhang counted on his fingers and said, "Believe me, you are right. Since Boss Mu is your first nobleman, the two of you will benefit from each other's good fortune. The only thing you have to do is to explain to her clearly that there is a time limit for you to join the family, and then you will have one heart to follow forever."

                The magician, old man Zhang, suddenly paused and stretched his accent: "Unless ......"

                Qin Ming said nervously, "Unless what?"

                Old man Zhang suddenly showed a mocking expression, "Unless you are afraid, afraid that you can't stand this time of joining the Mu family."

                After hearing this, Qin Ming said resoundingly, "As long as I can really punch the happiness to dissolve the deadly knot in my fate and can grow old with Haitang again, I am not afraid of any more hardships, any more blank stares and ridicule, any more pressure. Just do it!"